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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen Rosalie Rosalie mohyla, a shawfield ambia he will mousseline Nabina. Habib in our karate ioannina Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah Allah while he was happy of Belo salatu wa tamata slim a mother.

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We begin this video by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala the almighty the Lord of all worlds the exalted the majestic, we asked him for his help, we asked him for blessings. We asked him for Baraka, and we asked him to send his choices of blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala he will sell me his family members, his companions and all those who trade upon his path with utmost sincerity under the reign of Claremont.

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My dear brothers and sisters.

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For today's video, I'd like to touch on a

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famous narration of the prophets that alone while he rarely resell them, and this particular Hadith is recorded in the book of Imam Al Bukhari Rahim Allah, it is an authentic narration.

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Omar Allah one is the narrator Omar, Omar Abdullah hottub rhodiola one. So he reports that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said okama call Elisa to Salaam

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in mal Malou Binney yet we're in Nirmala equilibria in Managua, famine, Canada he Gerardo Illallah he was calling for hegira to who in a law he was holy woman cannot hirato leetonia you see Buddha are we brought in Yankee who have heyedrate hola mahalo, la la cama holiday salatu salam. So in the ml ml orbignya if you were to translate this Verily, and the innovation goes wrong kinds of these words, verily deeds are only by their intentions are man deeds or by an IAT in NEMA only by a NIAC intentions, what in Mali kolibri MANOVA. And indeed, every person will have only that which he or she has intended, what they intended basically the word use there is now known Wow, yeah, now

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basically. So, interestingly, you have the word. Now word tone in the Arabic language, which can be translated as as seeds, which is also deduced from the same root as Noah. So, one beautiful reflection that can be deduced through this and I shared this on my social media as well is that you can think of your intention, slash intentions as as seeds. So what happens when you plant

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appropriate and good seeds, and you look after those seeds, you water them and you look after them, what happens, you can be eaten Illa, with the permission of a lot, expect a beautiful harvest, plentiful fruits and provision and crops if you will, in abundance, so long as you are careful with your planting and you look after it and then with the help of Allah obviously with you place your trust in Allah azza wa jal and you can expect a good harvest. So similarly, with your intentions, these are like seeds, that you you water you nurture, and then you reap the rewards of the actions that come out through your

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intentions. So this Hadeeth and there are other ahaadeeth as well. Many brothers and sisters that talk about

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living a life of purpose, and this is the life of a believer. maker subhanho wa Taala he says in the normal court on woman Hala puto Gina, while inset Italia we don't, I did not create Jin kind or in mankind, except for worship Ilia Buddha except that they worship So as we can see here there is this this purpose that has been very very clearly outlined by our maker. Now a lot of us we tend to gloss over this we gloss over this idea we gloss over the Hadith that that clearly illustrates that you're supposed to you know your actions are based upon your intentions and that it is it is imperative it is important that you, you you you have the right intentions when it comes to your deeds that you

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live a Purpose Driven Life. Today I want to try and help you understand certain wisdoms behind living the life of purpose behind understanding why intentions are vital, why intentions are so important for us as believers. So point number one that I'd like to highlight many brothers and sisters is that

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This idea

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these ahaadeeth all of these teachings that are in place clearly it clearly illustrate to us clearly tell us, the media brother, media system, it is not about you a luck Akbar, there is not an ounce of ego. If you really understand these teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah

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we are talking about a law's purpose, not your purpose, not my purpose. Today, the bulk of us were living our lives, by slaving from morning to evening from dawn till dusk, to fill to fulfill our own purposes.

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So when we reflect on this is when we reflect on these words of the messenger salallahu alayhi wasalam. And when we ponder, we begin to realize that our lives are not about us, for that matter, everything in our lives, everything in your life, everything in my life,

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goes back to Allah subhanho wa Taala traces back to Allah as a region. So our lives My dear brothers and sisters, make a mental note of this, write this down. Our lives are not about fulfilling our purposes. Our lives are all about fulfilling his purpose

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is that a powerful,

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reflect on that?

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Let that let that settle. Our lives are not about fulfilling our purposes. Our lives are all about fulfilling his purpose.

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Another lesson that can be deduced is that everything that is in place, every person we're all here for a reason. Nothing is by coincidence, the Almighty, the greatest of planners has planned our lives has designed our lives perfectly, so that we fulfill His purposes.

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every aspect of our lives, my dear brothers and sisters, everything, certain things, we might think of them as being subtle or not really important and we might be focusing on important things. But regardless of whether those things are important to you, or not every single thing

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is a blessing from the Almighty and it is part and parcel of his supreme plan.

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So we are all here for a reason. Every single thing this video think about it okay, this video.

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Now as I speak, now, I'm recording it for a reason. It's going to go live on different platforms for a reason. You are watching this video for a reason. And perhaps you will hit the share button. You will like it you will share it and others will watch it for a reason. And this video having an impact on you in your life. There's a reason behind it. And what this will lead you to do in terms of good deeds and in terms of turning back to Allah and bring gratitude unto him, recognizing his favours, his bounties, his boons. All of this is for a reason.

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So this whole idea this Hadeeth and these is that I just read at the beginning well, mahalo okoto General insight lania, Abu enamel, Manu Binya,

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all of these teachings, remind us put a law in the center of your life, put Allah at the center of your life, remove yourself chevonne the devil, he wants us to focus on ourselves is all about me, myself and I with him, you see, what's your plan, it's all about me, myself and I be egoistic I. But the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah teachers that put yourself aside bring a lot to the center.

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The minute this happens, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam

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Subhan Allah, you're now going to experience peace like never before peace, peace. Why you might be wondering, see when you have selfish purposes and when it is all about you. And, you know, feeding your ego. Alright.

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You're driven, almost.

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You know, it's a rat race, where you're running from one thing to the other. Okay, so there's anxiety.

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There's fear, there's pressure, there is stress. Why? Because

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you know, you, you are focused on yourself.

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And throughout, you feel like something's missing. Why? Because, you see, it's almost like, let's say, someone creates something, somebody makes a device, alright. And now this maker, this creator knows what exactly the purpose of this devices. But on the other hand, if that device or if that thing decides to do something else, that it's not supposed to be, or other, if it were to do something that it was not created for.

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That thing is going to feel out of place. And that's exactly what's happening with us. We were created to fulfill the purpose of the Almighty, but on the other hand, we have drifted. So this is why we feel lost. This is why there's anxiety. But the minute we align ourselves, so that's the key thing, the minute you align yourself with the purpose of the Almighty,

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you start experiencing peace, and you feel like you're back home, everything is clicking, and everything is falling into place. And this is the beauty of aligning yourself with the purpose of the Almighty your life becomes simplified.

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Because now you have identified your purpose, which is the purpose of the Almighty, you have aligned yourself, you have not spread yourself too thin, nor have you drifted from this thing to the to a to that thing, your energy, you're not wasting your resources, your energy on things that you're not supposed to be focusing on. But instead, now you're driven. you're focused, and you know exactly what you're supposed to be doing. And now you become effective in that and through that. You're earning the pleasure of the Almighty, and you're attaining peace, that peace that you were craving for that you were yearning for.

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And this adds motivation as well. So you wake up every single day motivated, driven, full of focus. Why? Because you've understood what you're supposed to be doing. You're not walking around like a zombie. See, this is the beauty of of understanding the purpose, and aligning yourself with that purpose.

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Another lesson that can be deduced is that we understand that this life is a test. The minute you align yourself with the purpose of the Almighty, you understand that this life is a test. And everything that you've been given is a blessing. Yes is a bounty yes is a boon Yes, but it comes with responsibilities attached, and you need to fulfill those responsibilities. So So permitting yourself and loving yourself to align yourself with the purpose of the Almighty. This helps you to reframe your perspective, the way you see life, the way you see setbacks, the way you see challenges, the ways you see trials, the way you see tests, the way you see opportunities,

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everything is reframed in this very powerful way.

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But this will only happen if you align yourself with the purpose of the Almighty. It's key you have to understand that

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you need to understand that every single thing is by Him and for Him.

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Law Whoa, man marfy Samajwadi Omar Fernandez Allah says,

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everything belongs to him. So everything is by him almighty. And it is for him the Almighty, every single thing is to demonstrate is to declare his glory is power.

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Is generosity is magnificence.

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So we as his slaves, the ones who believe in Him,

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we have to understand this, this is key.

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So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I hope this short reminder was of benefit to help us understand that it is imperative that it is important, so, so important to live a Purpose Driven Life, to live a life as per the teachings of the Prophet where every single thing that we do we do it with the right intention in Nirmal ma Lubin Nia, and you will get

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according to what you have intended.

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So there are like I said, there are many a hadith that talk about this light right. So say for example, I

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had this is in the Book of Mormon and I say, I know better. So I would not doubt the law. No, he reports the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever comes to his carpet as in his prayer mat, intending to stand for prayer at night.

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Yet his eyes are overcome with sleep until morning. So he doesn't pray he ends up sleeping because he's, you know, bogged down by sleep. His intention

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is recorded for him. His intention is recorded for him and his sleep is charity for him from his Lord Almighty.

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So because he intended to be in Salah that is recorded for him Subhan Allah and him getting to sleep is a bonus is a charity for him from Allah subhanho wa Taala look at the generosity of the Almighty Lord. Look at the generosity of Allah subhana wa haloes Hannah, let's

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look at this, the Hadith that has been recorded the book of Manuel Bukhari Anima Muslim Rahim Allah, Abu huraira, the last one where he mentioned the Rasul Allah terms report Rasul. Allah says to the angels, if my servant intends to do a bad deed, do not record it unless he does it. So if one were to intend to commit a sin, it is not recorded, the angels are on hold until it is done. If it if the individual perpetrated if the individual does it, then it is recorded. So the Prophet goes on to say if he does it recorded as one bad deed, if he leaves it for my sake, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala record for him one good deed Subhan Allah, if you intend to do a bad deed, it is not

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recorded until you actually committed if you committed then one bad deed is recorded. On the other hand, if you change as in if you leave it, if you turn away from the sin, a good deed is recorded for that individual.

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On the other hand, if he intends to do a good deed, and if he does not do it, record for him one good deed. So now if you are intending to do a good deed, and you don't end up doing it, you still rewarded one good deed that particular deed is recorded for you. And if you go on to do it, you'll be intended and now you go on to do it, record for him 10 good deeds like it up to 700 times as much. Look at the generosity, the sheer generosity of Allah subhanho wa Taala you intend to do a good deed and you don't do it you still are rewarded you get the reward of doing it once if you go on to do it after intending then your reward is anywhere from 10 to 700 Subhan Allah many four

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multiplied by the almighty so this is the beauty of our religion marry brothers and sisters in Islam. So I hope this video was of benefit and shout out Allah do share the video so that others can benefit as well. I regularly towards the end of the video I asked you to like the video and share the video because that helps with the algorithms that are in place you know across these platforms, not a craving for the likes and things like that. But if you were to like it, then it will pop up on other people's feeds as well if they have similar interests in sha Allah dialer, and they can benefit they will go on to share and we can spread these beautiful teachings of the Quran of our

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beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam far and wide so do your part. I look forward to talking to you all in another video. Insha Allah Allah is Aquila Hara was mo alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato