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The history and achievements of Islam, including its cultural significance and impact on women and children, are discussed. There is confusion over whether the Turkish government was responsible for the attack on Iranian citizens, but the speakers emphasize the historical significance of Islam's historical significance to the Church of Islam and its historical significance to the world. The speaker also discusses the use of liberal language and the importance of evidence in scientific research, highlighting the historical significance of Islam's use in academic studies.

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has a maximum

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vegetable and you are mister.

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Based upon what?

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Most of the established achievements.

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What do you what do you what do you what do you believe? What is magnificent to

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you, Tom, you said I don't think Islam history is magnificent. What do you what do you think men if you sent me was

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great, great he was great economically, morally, ethically,

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politically, militarily, Islam what

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does that mean?

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In general, women could be bought and sold. There's a verse in the Quran is a verse in the Quran chapter four verse, verse nine

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was first it was 90

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era after, you know, defeating another army

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I mean, why do you think ISIS? I'm just saying like a lot of the things. Amazingly what happens nowadays, you know, it is very unfair. To bring ISIS into every discussion on Islam. ISIS only came about when?

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No, no less than that. Less than that. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

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I agree that

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what do you have to say 1000 years of

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theology not?

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To send them to hell. I'm saying what do you have to say? About 1000 years of Islamic civilization? Islamic libraries, hospitals, universities, coexistence, peace, justice, protection for Jews and Christians? What do you have to say about that the Ottomans, then then the oh my god, Spain, and then the UB if I remember correctly, when was that? It was not. So you ignored five centuries, and

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you're being very selective. So I'm not being selective. You are.

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I am saying look at Ottoman history from year 1299. From the time it was man, the first year to 1924. And amazingly, have you studied? Have you studied the Armenian Genocide? Have you studied it? No. But is

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responsible for Armenian Genocide? I suppose. Yeah. I mean, you know,

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and that Turkey has gone. Turkish Government. Yeah. And who were the Young Turks? Yeah. Do you know Young Turks? What?

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Do you know? Okay, this is your homework, go and study, go and study and see who Young Turks were, whether they were

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actually Ottomans are not? Because when did when did when did the genocide take place? But 1920

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Okay, during the First World War, okay. And this was amazingly, Bernard Lewis, who is considered to be an authority on on Ottoman history. Bernard Lewis, actually has come out. And he's Jewish, by the way, and he's very close to Israel. That says a lot, by the way. And he is of the opinion that the Turkish government, there is a distinction between Turkish Government and Ottoman government has already gone. Ottomans have gone by the 1900. Ottomans are finished. Okay. You don't have Ottomans. anymore. Okay. Salt, because Ottomans had plenty ample opportunities to massacre the population of lands they conquered. Yeah. Did they do it?

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The fact that the fact that you mentioned Armenians, you obviously have no other examples to give you.

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But what I'm trying to do just because you're saying,

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I'm just saying that, look, Young Turks are a bunch of secular activists who effectively got raised.

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Problem name. Let me let me let me pass on and treat. Young Turks are a bunch of secularist activists who effectively removed the Ottoman caliphate from his place. If anything, Ottomans were the victims, not the aggressor. If and if the blame goes to the Turkish Government, it goes to Young Turks, but Bernard Lewis, even disputes that he was it was not the government policy. It were the people, the Turkish people in the countryside, who started to attack Armenians because the Armenians are siding with Russia. Armenians are siding with Russia. So that's why Armenians are treated that way, which is wrong, which is not a slum policy. Islam does not under any circumstances allow

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indiscriminate killing, even in war, even in war. The Prophet Muhammad and his teachings are very, very clear that even in war do not factories will not careful beehives do not kill animals unless you're going to consume the food. Do not destroy buildings. Do not demolish churches and monasteries. Okay, do not kill women do not kill children.

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Do not kill the elderly do not kill monks and priests who are, who are who are living in the monasteries.

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And then this goes on. And all of this comes from the Prophet, if we have clear cut, if we have clear cut teachings of the Prophet peace be upon him salatu salam so why do we need to bring ISIS up every time we talk about Islam? Not because obviously they believe that we are following the tradition.

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How did the kk k so did the communist communist believe there are atheists right? And they're doing it for atheism? Right communism is an ideology basically.

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Ideology right or wrong.

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Atheism is not an ideology, you know, communism, socialism, they're all ideologies and ideologies. They tend to be

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going one direction. Extremely

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lack of belief in ideology. Oh, yeah, we believe if we just say okay, if there's enough proof solution. So the point is, Islam has a magnificent history. We

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based upon what you are mister,

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based upon what is the most of the external achievements?

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What do you what do you what do you what do you believe? What is magnificent to

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you, Tom, you said, I don't think Islam history is magnificent. What do you what do you think magnificent was?

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Great. Great. He was great economically, morally, ethically, politically, militarily, Islam was great.

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Do you disagree? In terms of charitably, if that's a word very charitably, if that's a word charitably yet in terms of the academics, right, like, what can you?

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Do you know what Islamic academia? What do you know about

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Islamic academia? These guys well, I personally didn't know.

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Who was first you name them.

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Okay, okay. Okay. Let's

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talk about Rumia Wait, wait, really? What the past? Wait, no, we Lumi Rumi was from the Persian. Yes. Wait, wait. Wait. Rumi valses in Afghanistan, exactly. Call it

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Muslim achievement for Persian Iranian. Okay. And we already had the Pol. Wait, wait, we already had a big civilization. Islamic Spain with old Persian was the TV now what do you know about do you know about the translations? And the words written in Spain? It translated Exactly.

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Did you hear me works written in Spain original works written in Spain on science, philosophy, history, you name it, but to poetry. Every single academic

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is making a claim. Now, some people just like to, you know, this, this mark in the proteins that you undertake here. But

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like the Romans did, the Egyptians did.

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You want to ask me that question. What is unique about Islam?

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is Islam. Islam? In the words of Karen Armstrong? Yeah, one person? Yeah, opinion. You wanted to give more names?

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How many?

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20. I can give you carry on? I'm sure you can. Well, one, I just had one.

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now, so you don't want 20 names?

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That's why I mentioned one person, you know, that is my opinion. Okay, there are people not from the house of Islam. And they acknowledge the positive achievements of Islam effectively. But then he'll come across and say, likewise, I can name as many as you do, who can drag your argument but carry on the names. Anyway. He's gonna come across.

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He could bring them Do you have any names?

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And who are you? You might be funny, but why not? Your professor, your professor of history, or your professor of history? Well, I could be okay. Let's continue.

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Yeah, ad hominem.

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But but when you make a point, and it's not based in evidence, or, or sources that it's just like, cameras fart. I'm sorry. Yes.

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In our language

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are you from?

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I'm from my half of my family's from from Punjab. They haven't seen yet. When camel farts? Yeah, it's neither.

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It's neither in the sky nor on the earth. Because it's in the middle.

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So so when you when you make a claim, like camel farts Yeah.

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It's just a camera tripod right so so unless you bring evidence