Hadith Series – #65 – There are six rights towards a fellow Muslim – 5-6

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The speaker discusses the importance of recognized health and the need for individuals to be supported in their daily lives. They highlight the negative impact of being sick and the need for individuals to see their own well-being. The speaker believes that individuals need to take initiative and check in on their well-being to see how they are doing.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam, he said that one of the things that Muslim is entitled to from another Muslim is that if one of them gets sick, the other visits them. This might seem counterintuitive today, when we think about, oh, I'm afraid of getting sick, or I'm afraid of catching it and these sorts of things. Nobody's asking you to put yourself in a dangerous situation. But the thing is, if it's not a situation that you're afraid for your own health to go into, it's a recognition of the fact that when we get sick, or we get injured, or something happens to us, it can be really lonely. And it's hard, spiritually, psychologically, to go through difficulty alone. Every

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one of us wants someone there wants someone to talk to. And we constantly want to know that other people are thinking about us and caring about us that makes us feel supported, that makes us feel loved. So if somebody's sick, okay, maybe they're, let's say, just with a cold or something like that, and they're kind of shut in their homes, they don't show up to the mosque or the house of worship for a few days, or they don't come to a place where they're normally known as going. It means a lot to that person that somebody notices in the first place that that person is missing. And then secondly, to take the initiative and to come in to check in and see how they're doing. That's

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what is behind this and it's something that makes everybody's life better.