Acceptance of the Decree of Allah #1

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I'd like to talk about one of the main Islamic values. So I talked about two of the core Islamic values, and for the injustice or anti oppression and mystic or anti corruption, talking about a few main Islamic, I think that Islamic values are divided into categories. And there's core and there's main and there's general. I think that's how we look at it. And amongst the main Islamic values, I want to talk about the concept of acceptance or doula

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the concept of acceptance or doula, I think it's a commonly misunderstood one, because it's not used appropriately. In many, in many senses, it's, it's used in a way for us to be content with ourselves or with the amount of work that we are putting in or with the destiny that seems to be was coming our ways and it was was not ideal, but is acceptance that it was not that and I want to take some time to talk about it so that we can understand the the other parts of it

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so that we know what to do. Because some people are caught it's not always a commonly going on and I don't want to generalize or come off as rude. But it's I've seen it use a lot where people decide to limit themselves by using the idea elite because some Atilla Hillier I've accepted a lot of those are given me, but what I'm seeing is really not that I'm seeing someone who has just just lost their

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appetite for ambition, or have lost their ability to hold themselves accountable or have lost a willingness to work hard towards what it is that they should be working hard towards, etc, etc. And becomes just an excuse for us not to do much anymore, or to just kind of sit back and wait and watch and, and that's not what it was about. Hula is specifically specific and has a specific usage, it's really important when you when you have it

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is I don't think you can you can survive as a Muslim in the world without having a certain amount of it. But if it's misused, it can. It can also be debilitating. It can hold you back and it can paralyze you. And it can be used in an extremely passive and negative manner, which is not what I think it should be used for. So I'm gonna take the opportunity to talk a little bit about it and kind of shed light on it in different ways. Michelle, it makes sense to you. There's a beautiful beautiful Hadith it's very it's really short and easy. And you should be able to memorize it if you like what he said about some Allah hottie cyber Salam was thou Cong Baramulla Imani mineralia Billa

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Hiraga Erbil Islam Medina, Dina Wahby Mohamed in rasool Allah Adios, I was always mine. So he said, I saw Zelda, that time that Eman, the person who will taste the sweet nectar of of ima and of internalizing their theology. And we talked about ima and I spent a good like four weeks or so talking about the concept what you might actually mean. So I hope it's clear to you but you Eman is something that you can taste it, there's a joy that comes with it. If you if you experience it appropriately, there's a joy that comes with it. And the product is awesome and figuratively explained to us as if it's something is something you eat, and you find it sweet in your in your

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mouth. But really, there's a joy that's associated with with X practicing Eman appropriately. And he's trying to explain to us all your thoughts and if you want to actually experience the joy and the beauty of Iman and taste it and actually it for it to mean something to you for something for it to be something that you want, that you pursue, not something that is forced upon you that is a burden, but actually something that that you find enjoyable and, and worthy of the time that you're spending to pursue it, then you need to have three things or it's one thing and three different forms, when they're all the habila Helaba those who are who are content and are in a state of

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acceptance of Allah as their Lord right. And that Yanni on its own is Oh ALLAH it's it's not a lecture even it's it's a series of lectures that allows you to understand the real body builder subhanaw taala to just be content that he is your lord and nothing else Hello sees you as my Lord, I'm happy with that. Everything that comes after that is just extra. It's just whatever he wants, whatever he's okay with, I'm okay with whatever he gives me, I will take whatever he deprives of me, I'm happy for him to bribe me with whatever he wants, he will be so I'm happy with it. So Medallia Mila here, Robin, as Rob, as someone who is a caregiver of your affairs, that's what the love means

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and don't be right to raise someone to kick to take care of their affairs. So for you to accept a law or to be in contempt or happy or satisfied with Allah as the or your caregiver or your caretaker or the one who oversees all of your affairs and to be happy. That's what whatever, whatever you fight, I get this I get a I get via get see, I liked them. I don't like them. I know it'll lead to be left. I'm happy with them. So from that from your life perspective, you're happy with Allah about that as your caregiver, a caretaker?

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Well, Islami Dina, and you're satisfied with Islam as your way of life as the laws and the rules that govern your existence, in that you don't want to break loose. You don't want anything else. You're not wishing that you were born in something different or you you're not wishing that maybe the rules are a little bit different or you're hoping

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that you could find some way to compromise some of these values or principles or ideals. you're happier content with what you were given. You're in content with thee with what Allah subhanaw taala has and that's a beautiful thing to have. If you are just Allah either said this is halal or haram I'm happy with that. I don't need further explanation. I'm not and I don't require any more than that. Is that what you said? That's the dean that I'm happy with this I am I'm overjoyed with being given this these parameters as my as my way of life. Let me Mohamed Salah Allah Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam ala SUTA and to be in a state of acceptance and happiness and satisfaction,

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that your idol, your neighbor, your leader, that the person that you try to emulate and follow the one that you walk in His footsteps is Mohamed Salah Holly's IBH mean, you don't you wouldn't want anyone else you're looking for anyone else. If you if you experienced that little boy, if you're happy that I don't want Why would I there's nothing better than this. Right? This pack there's nothing better than this package. If you feel that then you will find you will find the sweet nectar of iman, if you have this package, if you're if you're content with Allah subhanaw taala as your caretaker, if you're happy with Islam as your way of life, and if you're satisfied with Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as your leader and as your Miss messenger Prophet and teacher and Master then then you will find beauty and Iman but you have to be in content with that. It shouldn't be something that you're trying to you're not struggling with it you're trying to change it you're trying to compromise it you're not in combat with it you are you have given you you're happy with it, you're satisfied and that concept of Villa and that's where it really lies. It does have implications obviously in our daily life that I'll talk about inshallah and with that as your email, Mr. Murthy, so he and I basically have the mortality of the Allahu Allah Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, the tama Imani Monrovia Bella Helaba, chlamydia and our buddy of ours who sort of Rasulullah Islam Allah Allah was successful micro transaction Allah Allah.

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Allah was telling him about like, I've been in my home