Reminders Concern For The Unseen

Mirza Yawar Baig


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The speaker discusses the importance of postpone Darba's operation, which is a sign of emotional maturity and willingness to postpone Darba's operation. The speaker also discusses the importance of making investments and being mindful of one's investments. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to postpone Darba's operation and allow them to make investments in the future.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah.

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I want to remind myself and you, my brothers,

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that the thing that distinguishes man from beast

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is concern for the unseen.

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concern for the unseen is what distinguishes a man from beast.

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an antelope will worry about a lion only when he sees it

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when he's not when the lion is not there, the antelope does not think about

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what will happen is a lion comes, it doesn't plan to say how is it that we can avoid being killed by the lion.

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But that's not the case of human beings, or at least it should not be the case human beings. Because what distinguishes us from animals this concern for the unseen

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Islami called the demand build a

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concern for the unseen

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if you have concern for the unseen, there are two things that are required.

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One is the willingness to postpone gratification.

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And that is a sign of emotional maturity. You know, we talk about IQ and EQ. The sign of emotional quotient

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is the willingness to postpone gratification.

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Not chasing immediate gratification for everything not moving from sensation to sensation to sensation. success in life is measured only by sensations.

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So people are chasing sensation from sensations and they eat something and they want to eat more and they want to eat more. One of the things that the Romans used to do

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during the decline of the Roman Empire is to have these drab eating orgies.

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And they would eat

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until they couldn't eat anymore, then they would go out and put a feather down the throat and vomit, then they would come back and eat more.

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So the purpose of eating was not to fill the belly or not to nourish the bodies, the purpose of eating was sensations.

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So also with sports, so also with what we know today as entertainment. So also with every single thing, when the materialistic world, which teaches you that your success in life depends on how or is measured by how many sensations you are had. And if you had one sensation, you know Been there, done that. So now it goes towards a bliss. So been there done that now what you voted on was a bliss. And then you go to the place where you've never been and never done that and that's in your color.

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So, the willingness to postpone gratification is a sign of emotional maturity.

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So, if you are if you have concern for the unseen, then the first thing that we need to do is have the willingness to postpone gratification.

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Ideally, speaking

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purely from a physical sense,

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the sweetest sleep is at this time.

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But then why are by the grace of Allah subhanaw taala Why are we sitting here in the masjid instead of sleeping nicely in our comfortable beds, because of concern for the unseen

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your willingness to postpone the gratification of the sweetest sleep that you can get during the night like coming in

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worshipping Allah subhanaw taala.

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sign of having concern for the unseen is a willingness to make investments.

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The meaning of investment is something which is done with the expectation of reward in the future.

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something which is done with the expectation of reward and that's investment. So, people who are concerned for the unseen are people who are willing to postpone gratification and people who are willing to make investments.

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So, we have concern for the unseen which is which is the pleasure of Allah subhanho data, which is the day of judgment, then we need to be able to do these two things number one, postpone gratification with regard to these words. Things which we know will give us pleasure.

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But we know is just results rather than so we know things which are not necessarily displeasing gunners router for example, you do not wake up in the head Dude, you will not go to Jana. If you don't pray the hazard all your life, it is not a sin.

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Allah will not punish you because you did not pay the hatchet. Allah will punish you. We don't pray the fire Tara. But now I will. There is no punishment. If you don't want to pray even a single novel for your whole life. There is no problem.

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But also there is no good

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Both are equally true. There is no there is no problem. But obviously somebody was waking up in the hatchet. He's getting the benefits, that the one who's not making is not getting.

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So we have asked ourselves, what are my what in my life? Am I postponing gratification in order to make an investment for the future?

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And just like we track our worldly investments, you know, what is my stock portfolio looking like and where have I invested and what is the market going to do and so forth. We need to drag our investments with Allah subhanaw taala. There is, of course, one major benefit and difference which is that with Allah subhanaw taala, the market does not fluctuate

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by the good.

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Today, we know from the world, the best investment in the world market crashes, that's the end of the story is gone. And all these overall blue chip companies or water companies have gone down the drain.

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there is no fluctuation of markets and there's no uncertainty in the investment.

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Despite that surety operator,

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if still as a Muslim, who claims to have concern for the unseen and still as a Muslim who claims to have Eman belaga and even below, anyone believe

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if you are still unwilling to make investments, then you see you have to question our own human

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serious decisions, our own our own selves and question are all human and say that if I say that I have failed in the eyes of others or handled data, then where is the proof of this fit? What is my stock portfolio with Alaska looking like?

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Does it look like a poor charity box or something? Or does it look like a decent stock portfolio that you can show? You know, tell us that on the Day of Judgment without being ashamed?

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I remind myself when you do let us look at our own stock portfolios with Allah subhanaw taala and say what is the investment that I have made with Allah subhanaw taala till date, and then step those up?

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Step those up some of those investments are with regard to physical effort, we mean different kinds of other some of them have to do with spending of money and so forth, whatever be the case, step those up because the time will come when that market will close. And then no more investments are possible. So let us try to make sure that we make those investments in order to get the returns because we have concern for the unseen as I told you, concern for the unseen is what distinguishes man from beast, sal Allahu Allah and we will get involved. He was happy he made the hermetica