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Adnan Rajeh
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Why doesn't he he will slap me as your manual. But before I go through the halted and show them, it's a reminder of during these difficult times to continue to keep their brothers and sisters and Reza Aslan, in general in all places where Muslims are being oppressed in the world in your DUA, instead of just what you start with. And it's what you end with you, you start with making dua for them, and you end with making dua for them. And between those two things you offer all that which you have to offer, whether it may be wealth, whether it may be any moral support, whether it may be advocacy, and on some front, whatever it is that it was within your capacity you offer it,

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everyone's different, and everyone has a different reach. And not everyone is the same in terms of what they're capable of. So evaluate and assess what you can do and make sure that you're doing it to the best of your ability, and with all your capacity and Sheldon and consider this place Yanni msgid Here, I place where you can come and if you're feeling this is obviously a very difficult time. And if you're keeping up with what's going on and you're listening, it's obviously going to affect you heavily one way or the other. So this is a place where you can come and you find the show those who can

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comfort you and that's all you as you as we go through these difficult times and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant them salvation and to grant them protection Allahumma Amin and Yanni. Hopefully in sha Allah, tada, this is the beginning of something quite, even though it's hard to see that in the midst of the storm, that's for sure. And obviously, advocacy on multiple levels is occurring within the community. So it's important to get involved, whether it's Yanni petitions, whether it's sending letters to your MP, or those whom you know, we whether we like it or not, we're a part of the voting of them in and they will be asking for our support very soon. And for our

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voting power, and I think we should be a little bit more stingy with that a little bit more clear on Trump in terms of what we what we what we what we expect in return, which is nothing but basic human decency and some degree of integrity and a little bit of, of justice, which I know is hard for politicians to do, but you know, we can try at least and ask Yahweh Imam Ahmed do female study he'd be sent out there. So Hey, hon. Abdullah Hibiya I'm living in a house well, the Allahu Anhu but but an abuse of Allah, how do you how do you send the Hadith tonight in the collection that you know, Muhammad is the authentic generation, Rachel sweb Allah and the theme is still the Hadith that have

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within at least a minute, it's not within our court, it's not amongst us or it's not in keeping with our core values, or it's not who we are, or whom we are not. And this phrase you use it, it's also 12 times in the Hadith 10 times are authentic to that have some question to them. So I leave those two alternatives and I'm towards the end of narrating these a hadith. I want to finish this series just so that it's a full group. And the Hadith tonight is important and he what he says to you so to sum this hadith for the lay some in mentorship with the journeyman Anissa, William and Tasha had been Nisa, immunology. Well, it's not with in keeping with our core values for men to behave like

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women, or for women to behave like men. And this is important Hadith, especially in the context of time where we're living, because some people don't understand or don't know how to understand or how to interpret it. And this is this hadith. It's not see, the way you think about it, we set our minds go to are the wrong things. If you think about, we start mixing up what is what he's talking about. He's not talking about men being compassionate, and see compassionate, compassion is something that only women do, or somehow it's some form of weakness or, or looking at weakness as being what women are, because that's incorrect. That compassion is something that both men and women are supposed to

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practice at all time. So it's not compassionate. It's not an issue of being agreeable and weak, because women, that's not what they are. That's not how they're seen in this time. So you're not, that's not what I need to say not to be nor the opposite. Nor is the opposite. If a woman is strong, is opinionated, or is strong willed, and that she shouldn't be that because that's what only for men, because it's not only for men, either. This is not what he's talking about. There's no it's actually talking about the problems that we have today, where we mixed up the roles, and we refuse to differentiate in terms of who is doing what's within within the relationships or within raising

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children, or within What is Allah subhanaw taala specified us to be able to do, and we decided that we're going to change the normal but Allah Allah created, this is what this hadith is pointing out is not tuckpointing personality traits, where people are different, and in no way are women seen as weak, nor do we encourage them to be so and nor is strengthen and steadfastness only for men, and no one. Compassion is not something that only women haven't mentioned, continued to be rigid and difficult. This is untrue. That's not how he was at least Allah you saw to Islam. Look at his life. He wasn't like that he was extremely compassionate. He was actually very kind and very tender and

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very easygoing. And he was very agreeable with people around him was the easiest person around, he complained about nothing. He asked almost for nothing. He never actually pointed out anything in his home that he needed to happen on a daily basis from anybody. So this is not what he's talking about in this hadith. He's pointing out specific issues regarding gender behaviors and gender specificities, in terms of the roles that we carry as father and mothers as husbands and wives as men and women. The biological differences that exist in respecting what that looks like and how we're supposed to go about

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Yeah, and that's not difficult for anyone who has a basic understanding of how the world works. It's really weird, that actually have to sit anywhere and talk about something that is so simple and so basic and just so basic, the prophet Allah is awesome has this hadith at a time, where I can't really imagine that a lot of this was happening to begin with, if you look at him for some time, how much of this was occurring? Very little, very little. This wasn't really, when we talked about masculinity and femininity and understanding what they are, these definitions are important. And I've had these discussions with people that I respect and people that I that are intelligent, I

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found that we barely have outside of Islam, even outside of Islam, even a clear definition for either terms, that people don't seem to know what these mean, it just it's something that they come up with, and they tried to force force upon others. So I think it's worth our time to actually have these discussions and make sure you understand Islamically what is masculinity? And what is femininity? Is masculinity control is masculinity being a tyrant and being I need someone who are is that what it is? Or is it protection is it provision is what is femininity? What does that mean? What does it look like? And what are we looking for here? What is exactly the profile that I'm

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trying to make sure that we don't lose? Because if a man loses his masculinity and a woman loses her femininity then what's really left of society and how are you going how are we going to function? Are you going to have children how we're going to raise them properly? How is anything going to work? This is what the techniques of teaching and I find that it was said 1400 years ago, we didn't take the time I think to talk about it properly and now we're stuck and now we're stuck in a position where others are actually questioning the basics and we don't have it ready for a response so this is something in my opinion, that we should talk about a little bit more and educate

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ourselves on a little bit more inshallah we were trying to do that I tried did that I tried to do that throughout the summer, but I don't think I really succeeded much but we're going to try again and show live in the future after I give myself a break and then we'll go back to the show together. We're gonna do a FEMA study he was sent here and Abdullah hidden under the law also the Allahu Anhu Ma and the use of Allah Allah who earlier Saudi Salam, nice Eminem and Tisha Bidri, journeyman and he said, we'll have a nice evening ritual. So the Quran supervisor Allah Allah He was like, oh my god condition Allah Allah starting to really well so Allah wa salam, wa barakaatuh you know how many

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times you like Kamala here Baraka Luffy calm should we please pay your senator swiftly and then allow me to start my lesson? You're welcome to attend it if you'd like but other

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