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AI: Summary © The importance of understanding the Quran for learning about teachings of the Prophet Alayshi is emphasized. Visits to learn the Quran eliminate writing mistakes and harm caused by mistakes. Visits to learn and practicing are key to moving forward, but it is not a complete solution. Visits to learn and practicing are key to moving forward, but it is not a complete solution.
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ended up truly benefiting from them being able to hold on to them and that's why they lose them. That's why I think it's important to always recall that

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Yahweh Imam would know merger you Sunni he was sent within Hassan and Joondalup even Abdullah

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Hadith tonight actually, it's not a hadith it's more of an athame because because it's not something to gender was not going to tell us exactly what the profile is also I'm did he's going to relate to something that happened during the prophets of Allah Allah so I was sent him his life. So it couldn't be seen as a hadith many scholars do. That's why you find it in books of Hadith like synonym and merger, but other scholars may refer to as an ethical and they'll require maybe less restrictive

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rules for his authenticity. But this hadith this thought is treated as a hadith and it's held to that often those strict levels so that's why he's Hasson if it wasn't it could be seen to be much more authentic but regardless, and this is an interesting way you might hear something I'm not sure maybe you've heard that before maybe you haven't. But if you haven't watched we'll talk about in a moment I think is important. Again, this is within the theme of understanding ima and here's a nice little and a pearl for it is what John dub said Alcona and gender women Abdullah is one of the Sahaba that grew up as a child within Medina and kind of grew up with the Prophet alayhi salatu

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Salman family my body has also passed away he was only a young man called Hakuna and the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one afternoon feitian on Haza but laminal Imana Arbella and Natta Allah Al Quran don't matter Alam del Quran Fs D E minor way Allah will Hakim T mustard rocky here and even your Omar he said I didn't Hudson pod

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laminal Imana Kabbalah and Netta Allah mela Khurana Mata alumna Al Quran Fs did Nabi he Iman will enter into Allah Moodle Khurana Kubla Iman, and there's at least three or four more quotes from different Sahaba this dact same thing. So I'll tell you what divergent themselves because it's the same idea and you understand he said, we used to be with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and we were young we were young boys for Tian Hazara, meaning we're all similar age they were all pretty young.

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So we learned the Iman before we learned the Quran and then we learned the Quran and it caused our iman to elevate like it increased our iman

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is what he's saying. If you don't want to said the same thing, then he said then your problem is that you're learning the Quran before the Iman that's what I mean. Um, what actually pointed out to the people at the time, scholars have taken these narrations of the Sahaba and I have talked about them extensively. Trying to understand what exactly is being meant here. And below it this is my understanding of these of these narrations. I don't think the idea here is to discourage kids to memorize the book of Elian, especially when memorization is most appropriate. When you're young. It's hard to memorize when you're older. Your brain is like a sponge when you're younger, it's

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actually but but the idea here is that for you to know the Quran, to memorize the words and know how to recite the words and have no comprehension of what Eman actually is, meaning we're not working on the heart piece on the spiritual piece. We're not working on why it is that you need to memorize the Quran like what why are you doing this? Who whose words are these? What is your relationship with the one who said these words? What's the point of actually knowing his words, without that piece? The Quran doesn't really serve a purpose. And

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and I've seen this so when I learned the Quran growing up whether it was in Saudi when I was really young, or in Syria later on, that all my teachers were very adamant and very clear on making sure I was I was performing Ebola. But outside of knowing the Quran mean we were always being taught some form of Doha or to God or some form of Biscay or we were learning something. We were learning something to allow us to comprehend the Iman. And that's how I understand learning the Quran. The Quran is just the beginning of the process of learning. It's just the beginning you just start out by knowing the core that's the first step on a very long path that will take you to Allah subhanaw

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taala knowing EMA and it's like he says, I find it interesting because he uses the term to eliminate email we learned how do you learn email isn't email just know something is human is is something that can be learned.

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Eman is something that you learn, you learn Iman, because it's a process, you take an idea. And then you understand the idea. You comprehend it in a profound manner, then you internalize it and allow it to reflect in your behavior. That's the process. That's the process. It doesn't happen like that, you know, you're not told an idea and immediately it turns into who you are. No, it's a process. You have to learn something. You have to practice it you have to fail a few times in order for it to work on late to work later on. So I find it interesting that all of the Sahaba that you talked about this issue would use the same wording to eliminate Iman, we learned Eman. They identify Eman as

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something that they learned. Not something that they achieved or said or witnessed or bared witness I've no no. It's something that they learned upon Allah. And what I found the problem and it were my ability to recognize or where I can identify or agree with the Sahaba who are saying that this is an issue comes from

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On the idea that a lot of a lot of the times people learn the Quran they memorize the Quran and that's the end that's it. I run into this problem in the West more than anywhere else right she's the Quran and it's hard to convince the person I'm gonna crystal quantum or anything else that Gabby Oh put that let me let because it's Allah may Allah be no close I know the Quran

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if you don't know these things, the Quran won't go very far with you. The Quran and a heart that has no does give the client a mind that has no iman, the Quran is for a person who has no understanding of filth is actually going to harm that person.

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It causes harm. As the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam says some of the first people were throwing in giant numbers according to honey, the Muslim, one of the first people didn't even go you don't even make it as far as the sort of you don't even make it as far as the books and the and the scales. And also no way before that they're thrown into giant numbers. They're not even darkening. There's no point there's no point because you take something so precious, so valuable, so beautiful, so profound, so pure, and then you don't know how to deal with it. You don't understand why and what to do with it. And then it's a problem, because chatline is going to find a lot of space for

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corruption, because it's not defended. There's no Eman to defend the there's no filter, there's no smoke, there's no desk, there's nothing to defend it. And then you end up under an easy, it's an easy kill. If one has his way, it's simple.

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So I don't necessarily think that they meant it has to happen years before. I just think it should happen, at least simultaneously. That Eman has to be in the picture, learning what it means to believe in La ilaha illa learning the experts of Deen happens as you learn the Quran or at least as a process of learning the Quran. And this is something I've noticed here that I didn't have a problem with in Syria, it was easy to the children who learned continue to learn, they would hear no it's more difficult it can make you have to come in and learn and they don't come and they're less committed and they don't stick to it. How do you have the Quran you have to come with notice that

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you don't understand that if you don't learn this stuff, this is going to be your dad if you're in a very dangerous situation. So we have to make sure that when we push our children to memorize the Quran, which we should, it shouldn't be, this is the accomplishment once you have it, you're good. This is the first step you have taken the first step successfully. Now you move on to step number two and three and four if they're not already happening, which is what we're in Sharla doing are trying to do, but I think it's just an interesting thing that the Sahaba noticed and seven I wanted to kind of share that with you as an email. It's something that they identified is that they learned

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it he learned it wasn't just just like you learn the coin you learn to have email and it's not something that just happens. Yahweh man wouldn't emerge if he suddenly he'd be sent it in Hassan and John Doe, Abdullah Khan, Khan and then the the fall Allahu Allah Who early was confused with urine on Haza. But our laminal Eman parabola and Natalia mal Purana. So Mata alum Nell Khurana de Eman sort of Rasulullah sallallahu Ali Ali's like we saw Mr. McCullough condition Allah Allah, Allah and just told if it were to break also Allahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah and Abby, you know, have you been on Muhammad? Well, I