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AI: Summary © The concept of "harn't be" is discussed, including the importance of achieving the state ofemail through love and understanding a concept. The speaker also touches on the concept of "by the way," which involves not being the person in love with someone. The importance of peace and love in building community is emphasized, and a mention is made of a video about Islam.
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But it kinda maybe you know have you been Mohamed Anwar li he was lucky to be here Jemaine are bad, you're really mad and Muslim. So he I'd be loyal to the Allahu Anhu God call and they'll be your Salah Allah hi to you early he will tell them that it's actually my Muslim Rachel Roya and this is the 13th or 14th Hadith within the

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the theme of understanding Iman and I've talked about this concept from a different number of different angles and I want to over the next maybe few nights offer you another perspective that he that he that he talks about all of your thoughts or some regarding Iman and this hadith tonight, you know, I guarantee that you've heard this hadith many times before, but I want you to listen to it from or listen to it or see it through the lens of EMA like tried to try to comprehend it from the from from the side or the perspective of what Eman actually means and when you do that you'll see that it kind of it'll mean a little bit it'll have a different meaning to you once you do that so

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it's really set out here salatu salam you know the Hadith Carla later the Furuno janitor that took me no one told me no data hub boo hour I don't look on either che in either for Al to Moo hoo to have a bit to to sell Medina come.

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We set out ASR to survive in this hadith that we learn all we learned all in school and we're kids and you heard many times growing up that you will not enter Jannah until you achieve a state of full Iman. That is really what I think we need to take a moment and think about without a state of Eman, you're not going

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to arabo I'm gonna pull them took me we're looking Apolo Islam. Now the Arab the Bedouins when they they came into the Iman, I didn't know don't use that word yet. You don't you accepted Islam a few days ago, you are not even remotely close to being able to say that you can say Islam now meaning we accepted the basis of his time we say we get the orders, and we're going to start praying and I'm in no big deal. To say that No, I now have a profound recognition, acceptance and acknowledgement of the truth of la ilaha illa Allah that will reflect on my behavior to say that that's, that's a big deal. That requires time that requires effort to say that now my I have taken I have internalized

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this principle to the point of profound this, that it exists in my subconscious and will refer to a mirror it in my behavior. This is what a man is. He said you're not entering Jen until that becomes your state. And then He offers us this. I don't like using the word bizarre, but it's so interesting.

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How we're going to do like you're talking about EMA and you're talking about internal internalizing a principal value and understanding a concept.

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By the way, the most difficult relationship in your life is your relationship with Allah.

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And he's asking, Well, why Oh, because how many relationships do you have with non humans or non creations?

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I'm pretty sure you don't have a lot. Every other relationship you have is with a human being or some other creations on pet, maybe the only relationship you have with a die with it with a supreme power that does not exist within the within the realm of time and space is Allah.

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You have 100 years of, of relationships with humans, and we still don't know how to do them. Well, I mess up all my relationships, you don't have a lot of practice. I have a lot of relationships and I still don't seem to know how to get them right. Well, you can't imagine that this relationship you have with Allah subhanaw taala this is gonna work like that. There's gonna be a lot of work put into this.

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And that's what Eman is the man is in. In essence, that's what it is. And when he says Subhana wa Tada, you're not doing gender until you achieve that state of EMA and you want to achieve that state of ima until you love one another.

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Ijebu Allah, this is one of the most, you will not achieve the state of iman until you love one another. You have to have love amongst you. How does that play into any of this yellow? Now I'm completely confused. I'm trying to internalize this very profound concept of law, in the law, soccer reflect on my behavior. And then you throw me this curveball. You're telling me that the only way that I'll achieve that Eman is if I love people. It's not that you love them. No, they have to love you back to Abu in Arabic the usage of this word

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the Fila

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two people are engaged, engaged, both parties have to do it. You guys have to love one another. You have to love them. You have to love you back. Not only do you need to generate enough compassion in your heart to love them, but you have to figure out a way to help them love you have to be lovable

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projects a character that's lovable or because you just love them but you can't seem to get people to act at the hub. You have to love one another. You have to love one another order for you to achieve Iman. Doesn't that just add another dimension to this concept? It really does. It tells you that the amount is more than what we think and or we're led to believe it is slow

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But more than that, more than just

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an abstract belief in something No, no, something much more profound that

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true Eman will come when you learn to love. Why because again, when you internalize that you know in the law, the reflection the mirroring of that the mirroring of that has to be low.

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The consequence of that in your behavior has to come in the form of love. If it comes in the form of anything else, it wasn't it was there's something wrong with it, go back and go back and fix it. Go back and see what you internalized. You must have internalized something wrong. You the input is wrong because the open is wrong. The open has to be love. You have to start loving others and they have to love you but you have to love the OMA you have to love Muslims. You have to love Islam, you love the Quran, you have to love the Prophet Ali's love is what you're projecting and love. So much of it is that and also receiving it because the input was correct. The input of iman was right, but

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in the wrong thing at the wrong

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data hub, our company offers a Saudi salatu salam, do I not tell you? Shall I not tell you if something that if you do, you will start to love one another? They said yes. official said Mr. Boehner come read peace amongst each other. You can you can appropriately translate this into saying sit on Polycom no problem. But really, that's not what it means. It means it does mean that but it means that in the essence of what said I'm on a committee that I'm on equal means that when I do it to you, when I shake your hand, I say Sit down. Well, what I'm saying is that don't worry about me. I'm not going to harm you. You only get peace from me, I won't back bite, I won't stab you in your

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back. I won't lie to you, I won't harm you. Or me worry about other people. For me, it's only peace. So you can you can totally turn your back to me and feel completely safe. Because you're only gonna get peace from me. You'll say Anakin was Saddam, you're saying to me, same here, I will never harm you or hurt you or do anything to work against your best interest only piece from me. That's what it means. So when you say something to someone, and as they walk away here whispering to someone else about them, then you shouldn't say salam alaikum because that's the level of hypocrisy and that is quite dangerous. So I've just said, I'm a beginner, can we spread peace amongst

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me the relationships that exist amongst you be peaceful? Paste? Don't worry about me. The let me let me just one second, let me give you the dimension of this. That's interesting. I rub on their horses in the middle of the desert. If you're on your horse in the middle of the desert, and some other guy is coming in, that's it a showdown. You may not want to fight him. He may want to fight you. But there is no way to establish that this was the case. There was no way to establish that I'm going to keep on going and how about you don't follow me and kill me.

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There's no way to establish that he's saying to say, well, this guy's gonna kill me too. So he's like, I can't trust you. You can't trust me.

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They got your sword. Well, one of us will continue the other one will take the other person stuff. And then steal money from became the thing. So now two people meet in the desert with their swords. And that Armonico my thinking was that we're good.

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I met because a person can be held by their word back in the day. words meant something. So when you're giving your covenant only peace from me, never never betrayal will never betray you will never mistreat you'll never harm you. And it will stay down. Same promise we're good. We can pass a piece of you said on this. Our communities have to be a communities of peace where we have each other's back or we protect one another or only hired comes from one of us to the other no no harm, no harm no backbite we don't spread rumors we don't say but you don't We don't harm we want to love each other so stop harming each other. But peace and the love will love will start to grow and once

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love starts to grow then the reflection of that a man will become strong and a man becomes full and when email is becomes complete and full you'll intergender

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I find I mean it's worth it not worth contemplation. Yeah, we'll email Muslim tea so he and have you heard about the Allahu Anhu called called NW Salah Allah Allah Who early he was happy to send them

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to the following Agenda data to me no one told me no data hub boom our ADO leukomalacia you need to move to the bottom of Jerusalem or being in a concert of Karasuma he said Allah Allah said I'm not gonna be on the show Allah Allah He lands to Lagos Allah who was telling them more about like I don't know Do you know have you been a Muhammad and why early was like, which means like Malala halen robotic Allah