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Abdul Rahman Chao
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam laws and the signing of the treaty between Muhammad the Mahdi and Islamist leaders. The loss of Muslims from the conflict in Afghanistan and the decision of the Western army to start marching against the pastor's Salem led to the need for a new treaty between Muhammad the Mahdi and Islamist leaders. The Quraysh had planned to march to Mecca, but the operation was overwhelmingly successful, and the goal was to avoid war for 10 years. The speakers stress the importance of knowing one's personality and practicing guidance of Allah's counsel, as well as learning the " commodity of Ish philosophical act" and being mindful of one's actions to avoid negative consequences.
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along with

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a loved one

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there ain't no one iStockphoto without the villa Himanshu rhodium phocoena Amina Yachty I'm Melina many of the Allahu Philomel de la Houma. eutherian fella heard he was head on La ilaha illallah wa who la sharika are shadow on the Muhammad and Abdi hoorah Soto. Yeah, you're Latina. I'm Anna taco la Hapa Ducati Aleta mattina Illa one two Muslim moon. Yeah, you have Nassetta Kurata Kamala the Halacha communists in Wahida bahala Berman has algebra but I mean who Magellan if you don't want me sir what's up hola hola de Luna de he will or ham in Allah who can Alec MerKiVa Yeah, you Hello the Yamuna tequila or Kulu colon city then you select La La como filicudi Nova come Amanita la hora sola

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fortifies 1000 Alima my dad for industrial Hadith economic Allah will say that had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Sharon Ohmori Matata to her 13 are called labradar to Malala Aquila Galera to infinity.

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Towards the end of the sixth year of the Hijiri calendar. The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam saw in a dream that he would enter Mecca performing the lesser pilgrimage known as umbra.

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He saw himself entering Mecca, he saw himself wearing the clothes of a prom, the white, two pieces of cloth that men have to wear.

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And the dreams of prophets

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are not just mere visions, but they are true visions, prophecies, promises from Allah subhanaw taala, just like when Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam saw his dream about his son that he was supposed to sacrifice him.

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But here the Prophet SAW Selim in the sixth year in the repair that

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he saw that he entered Mecca.

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And so he prepared himself.

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He invited the companions and the Bedouins in the surrounding areas of Medina who had become Muslim. Not every one of them were able to join

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but around 1400

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Have them left.

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And so they took with them traveler's swords.

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And they, their intention was to go and perform Amara, and it was purely a peaceful mission. It was not to provoke the Quraysh it was not to create any sort of disharmony, it was to go and perform Umrah.

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And the role that the Quraysh had, was to unfold. First they were the enemies of the Prophet SAW Salem. But number two, they were the historical custodians and guardians of the holy sanctuary in Makkah. So according to the rules of diplomacy back then, even if their enemies were to come to Mecca, they were to be given sanctuary, they were not to be prevented, they were to leave them alone, even if they were the courageous enemies. Why? Because the bait of Allah the Kaaba was for all.

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And this was a rule that that was to be respected.

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So the Vs 70 started marching. And as he got closer and closer to Mecca,

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the Americans got word that the Prophet said it was coming.

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So they discussed it among themselves, and they realize that we will stop Mohamed Salah Salem and the Muslims from entering for the Quraysh they had two difficult decisions,

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or two choices.

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If they allowed the Muslims and the process of them to enter Mecca, it would be an utter additional humiliation because that means that their greatest enemy walked into Mecca unopposed.

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In fact, just the year before, the Quraysh had assembled the largest army of Confederates to come and attack the pastor Salem in Medina, the Battle of Eliza 100.

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And what happened they lost miserably and their reputation sunk. So now their main focus is we cannot let the Muslims come in. So to keep it simple, the province of Sullivan sent ambassadors and emissaries they also sent ambassadors and emissaries. In fact, there was a sudden center of command in our fan to negotiate. And there was even a rumor that Northland was killed under the laws of diplomacy, ambassadors are to be left alone.

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But the towards the very end, the Quraysh sent

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one man

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so hailed number

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to come and negotiate. And he had one deliverable, and that was, we will not we cannot allow the Muslims to come to Fontainebleau. So, as they were writing the treaty, they began the treaty with Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful. So he, he objected. He says Rahman Rahim was most compassionate, Most Merciful. No, we don't know this name for God. So even though he thought it was a scribe, he was not very happy with this change. And so the pastor Sam said, right, Bismillah Allahu Allah, in the name of Allah.

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And then they started writing, this is a treaty between Muhammad the Messenger of Allah, and he objected, no, no, no, no, no messenger of Allah. If we knew you're the Messenger of Allah, we would not have fought you.

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And so Muhammad wa sallam said to Ali erase the claws, Rasul Allah, messenger of just erasing. And even he told him said no, like, he felt that that was disrespectful to the rest of them. So the person sentence had pointed to me show me where the word Rasulullah is, and the necessary lamb with his blessed hands, he

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he erased it. So the Muslims are already feeling that they are getting the short end of the stick. So the terms of the agreement were as follows. There will be no war for 10 years.

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Any tribe that wishes to ally themselves with the Muslims may do so and they will be under this protection of no war for 10 years.

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So the hodza

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and the blue burqa, they one of them joined the coalition, the other one joined the Muslims.

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So the hodza I believe, joined the Muslims and bonobo could join the polish. That was the second one. But perhaps the two most difficult things that they agreed on which many of the Muslims felt that this was unfair,

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was that they were not allowed to perform the Amara. They had to turn back and go back.

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So they could come back the following year, and only stay for 10 for three days.

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that any Muslim who wanted to leave Islam

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and leave Medina and join the Croatian Mecca, they were free to do so. However, if a Muslim left a Mecca to join the Muslims in Medina, they will be prevented from doing so and they will be extradited back to Mecca.

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So for many of the companions, they thought to how how is this fair agreement? This is not fair. They, they get to take their people back but we but we can't we can have our Muslims from Mecca come to us.

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And the prophets of Salem tried to explain to his companions if we have someone in our community that doesn't want to be a part of a community, they want to go and join the McKinney. Good riddance. That's actually very, very smart. Good riddance. Let them go. We don't want them in our ranks.

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In fact, as the treaty was signed,

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up agenda, the son of Brahma, he came, and he had escaped Mecca hoping to join the Muslims. And the process, LM had to turn him back. And he said, Yeah, so like you were going to turn me back to my enemies. But the process hadn't had an agreement. Or even Bob was livid.

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He went to the process settled and he said, You are the messenger of Allah MSSM said, Yes. He says, we are on the truth and they are upon falsehood. Yes. So why are we giving in and compromising the process of themselves? Allah is my Lord, and I will not disobey Him and He will guide me.

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It wasn't until much later, after the Treaty was signed, that the fruits of this treaty came to the forefront. And that we'll see the Meccans thought that if they shut the Muslims down and send them back to Medina, that this was their main goal that this is a victory. No. But because now, the Mexicans were not allowed to harm the Muslims, the prophets and Selim was able to dedicate his entire time on obstructed, unhindered in calling the tribes and the foreign nations Jerusalem. So at that moment, he had 1400.

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But during the conquest of Mecca, three years later, they are numbers swelled to 10,000.

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Brothers and sisters, this story is an excellent example of how sometimes we go through life and we experienced difficulties. And we see just from the outside from the surface, this is not very good. We don't actually think through it and realize that there could be some good from it all over the hotel, but he says that for the rest of his life, he felt such regret

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that he had initially questioned why this treaty was being signed. And he said I would was continuously fasting and praying, to repent, to ask Allah for forgiveness, because he thought that this was a bad deal. But in fact, it was a good deal as Allah subhanaw taala says in Fontana laka tam Albina. Verily, We have given you a great victory, Apollo colorada or Stockholm.

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah, Allah, Allah He also hear about as we go through life, you will find many difficult challenges that come to you. Should we do this? Should we not do this? Should I marry this person? Should I not marry this person? Should I apply for this job? Should I not apply for this job? Should I go ahead with buying this house? Or should I not go ahead buying this house? Should I pull my child out and take them to this other school decisions decisions? Part of part of life of being an adult? Okay, nothing surprising.

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But how do we know when something is actually good for us versus something that might not be good for us? Brothers and sisters, before we talk about how we should deal with it, we have to understand that sometimes we have to sit back and realize that maybe Allah doesn't give us something

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because we're not ready for it. Whether it is our physical strength, or because of our mental capability or even for our own Eman. A Buddha probably Allah Juan asked the professor and Sunlen Yara Sula,

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Allah to start Monday I need you. Can you appoint me to a position so you can use my services for the Muslim community?

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And the province has said and said no. You are a weak individual

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Hear me your personalities weak, not that he was making fun of them. But he was saying for leadership, you have to have a strong personality.

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And so sometimes Allah subhanaw taala doesn't give us certain things, because we're not in a strong position. We're not meant for it, we're not ready for it. Additionally, sometimes brothers and sisters, Allah doesn't give us certain things that we think is good for us, but maybe it's not actually good for us yet, is because we're rushing the process.

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But the vices Selim says in a hadith, that your dramas are all answered, as long as you don't rush.

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As long as you don't say down to a doubt Filum phelim Use the jab Li and it was not answered.

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Brothers and sisters.

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When we look at the life of Musa alayhis, salam, Allah told his mother to put him in a basket and send him down the Nile to protect him from flour.

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On the surface of the little thing, how is putting an infant in a basket down the Nile river, the river that flows very fast, full of crocodiles, how is this actually safe? He's going to drown.

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But Allah subhanaw taala knew that the way to protect Musa is that this basket is going to end up at the palace, and that the wife of frown is going to bring him in.

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And that as you read the life of Musa Musa sutra, as you read it, his upbringing in the palace, and later how he comes back and he confronts for their own

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his foster dad

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to confront him face to face for the crimes that he has done in oppressing the Bani Israel, the children Israel, it was only possible because Allah subhanho Tada placed and prepared Musa alayhis salam in a very special way.

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Brothers and sisters,

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we have to, we have to be able to understand that there are certain things out there that are good for us and certain things that are not good for us.

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And we might not I'm not talking about the halal and haram. That's obvious. But when we have to make a certain decision, how do we know if something is good or not? Number one, you have to have the right mindset that Allah subhanho wa Taala Yalom unto mulata, Allah, Allah knows, and you don't know, you have to submit that to Allah subhanaw taala and number two, you have to think good about Allah subhanaw taala if you're constantly thinking, oh is Allah subhanaw taala going to punish me as others around Allah going to set me into this position where I'm going to fail, or maybe I'm going to not succeed, you have to think good about Allah subhanaw taala as the pastor Selim says,

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in a hadith would see that Allah says I am the way how my servant perceives me to be.

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So if you're in front of a situation where you feel like this is doesn't feel right.

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Ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for help. Think good about Allah subhanaw taala.

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Additionally, brothers and sisters, you look at the good example of this is even pay me out I'm a holla.

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At me, I lived a one on one the scholars of the past a major scholar, and he said a very famous quote, when he was being oppressed by the rulers, etc. What did he say? He said,

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What are my enemies going to do? What are they going to do to me?

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My garden and my paradise is in my heart, wherever I'm I go, this paradise is with me.

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If they exile me then it is a time it is an opportunity for me to travel. If they lock me up, it is Holwell it is a time for me to seek seclusion and worship Allah. And if they decide to execute me, then it is martyrdom.

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So during those difficult times, see the silver lining see the benefits that are there that Allah subhanaw taala has placed in front of you. Finally, brothers and sisters,

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know that Allah subhanaw taala will always give you something that is better, because you don't know where the good is like the story of almost Selma when her husband died after the battle, and she had no one left and she didn't know who else she should marry. She didn't know that the process seven would end up marrying her. In fact, the person Selim taught us or the DA that she used to

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read in that Allahu Allah He Rajon we belong to Allah and to Allah do we return? Oh Allah reward me

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Give me ward for my patients in this calamity that I have and give me something better.

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The last point I would want to instruct all parents and for all individuals to practice is to learn the dua of Ishihara Salah Alyssa Farah,

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this dua the process that and teaches us word for word in Buhari and you can look it up da or Salah to st Hara it means to seek Allah's counsel. In other words, you are seeking Allah's help. So whenever you want to make a decision, what should you do? You should read this too.

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And the wording is, I will keep it short Oh Allah, I seek her counsel, through your knowledge, and I seek your assistance through your mind because erotica was alchemy and fabric I love him and I ask you

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for from your immense favor. So in good weather up there, for you ordain and I do not ordain what to Allah, Allah Allah and I you know, and I don't know when to Allah and you know, all the knowledge of the Unseen Allah if this matter is good for me, in my game, and in my dunya then will it for me and bring it to me.

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And if this thing is not good for me,

00:21:27 --> 00:21:36

in my deen or in my dunya then keep me away from it and keep it away from me and make me pleased

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with whatever you have decreed, and decree for me the goodness or decree for me, goodness, wherever it comes. Practice is da seek Allah's counsel. And so that way you will be able to know how to make difficult decisions in Allahumma Lakatos, saloon Allah, maybe you will let you know Armando Solu Allah He was selling to steamer la masala Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kemah Selita al Abraham Ibrahim in the Kamiya Majeed America Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kuma Baraka alive Rahim Allah al Ibrahim in the Camino Majeed Baba Tina for dunya Hassan fulfill Afra Hasina who Kannada but now Robin Allah to the globe Anna by the iterator no habla Milla dome for Rama in Atlanta, welcome to Salah.

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