Yaser Birjas – Q&A Session – Class 16 Ta’Seel Sh.

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The importance of focusing on one's stance during a crisis, not reciting the Hadith for backup, and avoiding the danger of money recycling is discussed. The speakers emphasize the importance of not selling oneself short and finding ways to get out of the river. The conversation also touches on the issue of the OMA and the dangerous nature of the river, as well as the serious consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, including inflation, taxes, and medical bills. The speakers suggest finding ways to collect money for charity and recommend a study on the use of river money for LGBTQ issues.
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Timothy Wrotham

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so when we talked about salah question first about salah when he talks about Salah in regards to making yourself free from any worries or concerns before you start your Salah to focus on for sure. The question is I work in an emergency medical setting and sometimes I'm the only one outside and need to be standby for an emergency with the patient. Is it better for me to delay my prayer after my shift so I can focus better although due to the time I usually pray but due to being cold at any time I have I find myself not focused with proper for sure. What can I do in this situation? Do your best foot of Allah have master data that you only do your best inshallah Tabata Quwata Allah if you

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feel that delaying it until after the shift, while the salah time is still valid, it's not like the time expired. No, you need to pray within the limited time for the salah. But if you're going to delay it after shift and the shift is going to the time slot expired now you pray on time regardless of the quality right now, but do your best inshallah to honor the distributor ability obviously will come to safety and saving people's lives takes a priority even if you are in Salah and there's an emergency you have to break your Salah and go attend that emergency and come back again to do Salah again in shallow water Kotara again you're safe the safety of people takes a priority over here in

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sha Allah azza wa jal

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Is it permissible to close your eyes during Salah if it increases your constitution tremendously. It's not the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam there is not a sunnah of the Prophet Salawat Allah wa salam O Allah but if you do that, it will not invalidate your Salah if you do it did not invalidate Salah Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah Tala, it says that if it increases your for sure, under the circumstances, then you should do that. But don't make this a habit. Like even at home you close your eyes. Now if you're in Imagine for example, kids running around I understand

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if you're free to play outdoors, for instance, when cars are driving, people are walking and then in this case, do your best. But if you're going to be playing at home, or in the middle hamdulillah when no one's there in front of you don't close your eyes focus on your spot as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recommended

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so for those who have no no much time really at work to do their salah, such outdoor would it be better to take more time and afford Salah or to pray the sun and fall but maybe with less for sure. Well, the fourth is more important. There's no doubt about it. But don't sell yourself sell yourself so short. Don't do that. You can still pray the Sunnah and the fourth but instead of reciting Surah for example, your scene and your first Salah result short tours will assure better than than trying to make long sewers in your fourth Salah and you miss in your sunnah I would say prayers are not your forte and Charlotte to the best of your ability.

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If you realize you had no issue on your Salah, should you repeat your Salah? The answer is no. If you do that, I'm afraid the shutdown will take advantage of that and again to

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cause you to start having worse was like obsession with it. And he said keep repeating it again and again and again and then it ruins your life. You would never injure yourself after that.

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When I tried to recite and salah I find difficulty resulting with 13 with my head looking at the surgeon, can I look forward towards the wall or lift my head a little higher in order to beautify my resuscitation? No, looking down as it is more important than the beautification of Yoda citation. As long as you recite proper Tajweed in terms of you know, the pronouncement is correct. It doesn't have to be beautified. So beautification of Salah of recitation is an extra thing. You try to practice this inshallah to Allah while you're looking down as much as possible.

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By the way, some questions I have to skip them because they're relevant to the subject.

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Do you have to do such as the soul for losing focus in Salah? The answer is no.

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But obviously, if you're going to be missing the number of records and you forget which record this is, and if you're sad, Fatiha or not, then your Salah has messed up completely. And so therefore, if you have no recollection how many raka if you're sad, Fatiha or not, that's when you need to start over but this time make it look kosher. And

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what about the Hadith where all actions of a man are for himself except for fasting? Does this contradict the pure nature of sadaqa?

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I'm not understanding the question and how was that contradicting you? As a professor

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Isn't the Hadith Kulu Kulu Amma living Adam Allahu Allah Sangha and only one adds up.

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How is that possible? I don't understand the question if you can surely clarify would be great

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How about people who do Hajj illegally

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means they have no hedge visa, they come a month before hedge and stay until hedge time is starts. So what about their hajima? Is that acceptable or not? What do you guys think of this?

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Please let me let me be one of them at some point there and if I can, no, of course the one we always we always appreciate the people who follow the regulations because it keeps everybody safe really. When you have 100 regulated number of hijab it makes everybody safe. But obviously if someone does that, I can say their hat is not valid. Hat is gonna be valid inshallah that should be fine. Which reminds me one time, and that's a true story. Allama Stan, how unfortunately, unfortunately, how the OMA thinks. Yeah, and we start thinking and give significance to the matters that completely irrelevant or abandon our deen. Like one time a man came to an imam not Nigerians

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another Imam. And that was in a Muslim country in the Gulf country. He asked me i Chef we've been praying behind this imam in this measure for the past 10 years 10 years we pray behind this Imam and then we found out he has no no reason no your karma

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and the chef has asked okay, because it's our Salah accepted although all these 10 years

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and the Imam is just like law

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like it has become one of the truth one of the heroes of Salah and to have any plumber or legal visa, of course there is this completely irrelevant matter.

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So question What do you think about some massage that are built so beautiful, like in some Muslim countries where they have mashallah in depth? The first the face or the face and the Qibla they have beautiful drawings of gardens and waterfalls and like they want you to live in Jana. Busy like you want to visualize Jana. What do you think of that? Obviously, that runs against the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam the beautification of the Messiah too much is not necessarily needed. So it's better to keep just a clean hamdulillah front so that people can focus on the rabada

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Okay, someone's saying here when it comes to time Allah Allah Allah Allah if Allah has pure accept nothing but pure. What do you think of volunteering to pack food to feed the hungry, but while packing the food, everybody's backbiting?

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Like there's a lot of gossip going our backbiting that food would that be accepted? May Allah forgive them for their sin and accept from them their good deeds or a banana? If you want to make it all complete inshallah to Allah make sure while you're doing it have a good fight as well too

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can you give rebar money for people who absolutely need it not expecting a reward for like I want to give it that expected reward for example, if someone doesn't have money for medical bills, or maybe people who are non Muslims and are in extreme poverty again not expected word for it but trying to get rid of that money Allah have you have this much riba money on you to give it away like this? That's extremely dangerous.

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I mean, I'm thinking about having you know, extra money on your savings account like $2 $3 a few pennies here and there. You're talking about hundreds of dollars

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how would you feel safe How do you go to sleep you know, feeling safe that you collect in this much River in your account, regardless of the of the situation and how do you even feel safe with that? When the prophets Allah someone who spoke about riba he says there, hum Riva didn't worry about just one single Durham of river like $1 of Riba is worse than audible Allah is a 10s of Zania. Visit Zina committing Zina 36 Any visit is it sort of like exaggerating the numbers that gets worse and committing Zina? But unfortunately take ribeye lightly these days because it's not doesn't just look tangible in terms of its harm and damage. But Riba is the thing that causing all the misery the

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financial measures people face in this world, they inflation, the prices of taxes, properties, medical bills, insurance, all of that. This goes back again to the same principle of Riba. Unfortunately, it's extremely dangerous. That's why Allah Subhanallah

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In the Quran did not wage war against any crime, any crime in the Quran except riba when he says for the perpetrators, he says call for action will be herberman Allah, you wait because you're waging war against Allah. Because the truly river is waging war against Allah subhanaw taala. So please don't think that way if you have this much money that you collect for river, find a way to get out of it. I don't know what your situation is, but you need to find a way to get out of the river.

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And again, the same question multiple times was mentioned here in terms of the interests of what do we do this money? And sometimes you said like, you're going to buy recycling bags and all this and that look, listen.

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And someone also quoted one website about

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that same dilemma they say basically refer to our website says okay to give the river money to the poor and the needy, and it's okay for them to do so. Look, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran clearly said in the Quran, called Walter yamamo habito many people

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don't go to the evil thing that you have in your hand and you go give it to charity. It's clear

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the Prophet Solomon says in the Hadith

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Allahumma Hadoken Hattah Hibbeler him I have been innocent you are not a true believer until you love for your brothers and sister what you love for yourself Would you like someone to give you money

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or live your standard are so low to that level Allah Mustang but if you if you don't wish to receive rubber money knowing that it's river money, then how would you like it for your brothers and your sisters in the law bla bla bla bla now this opinion of this dilemma comes from the fact that they say look, the sin is on the collector of that of the river, you when you transfer the river money from your hand into the hands of the poor, it was transferred into an act of charity which is acceptable and permissible. So him taken that river is handled for him you collecting it giving it as haram for you. That's understood. That's understood my concern with this fat word is enabling

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people to say well since I'm having my money in a bank account, why haven't you know for free I'll collect the river and give it to the food

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so I moved my money from from a checking account to a savings account and I will take that extra money and give it to the poor this statement and this actually argument I heard from multiple people I heard from multiple districts if I'm putting my money in a bank account they're already making money off of it anyway.

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So why keep it for themselves to recycle that money and their own you know, pull data take the money out of the bank and give it to the poor and if everybody does that you told me when when will you ever abstain from from a revenue because now we have an excuse for it?

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No, there is no excuse for that don't do this please

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there are many many good questions but unfortunately an irrelevant to the subject of our discussion is I have to skip them for the sake of time as well

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when making Should we keep our hands facing down when present ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and then flip them around when starting our da we mentioned that earlier and you don't have to do that if you don't want to that just one of the reports that the professor said um he did that one time

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wearing garments with artwork, that the Hadith about the prophet the Prophet says, I'm giving away the garment with artwork to someone else mean that it's okay for someone to have a garment with artwork and pray with it. The answer is yes. The Professor Sam is a special case he his level of focus and concentration is different than yours. We say that it's permissible for you to wear clothes with designs even you know if you want to pray with that. But it's always better for you to have a plain clothes, planes carpet area. So you reduce the clutter obviously of you know, keep looking around and sometimes it's funny sometimes you pray and imagine much of the carpet down there

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is about o'clock man is a piece of art. You start your Salah, saying Allahu Akbar. And finally after the end of the survey, you'll find your eyes looking at the right side, because you will follow the pattern of this agenda and all the way to the end. So make sure to keep focus on your sweet spot

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Wow, that's a serious question. I have a Muslim friend who consulted with a local Imam and the Imam told him based on understanding of riba now versus Tamil Sahaba it is not haram to work at a bank.

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Allah He led the Imam help him with a day of judgment in shallow tan.

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I mean, what kind of fat was that were you getting that knowledge from I hope that there's a misunderstanding between the Imam and the one who's asking the question

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It's a it's a pure river, there is no question about it. If you don't understand how river works with understand how banks work, that's your problem. But banks are nothing but mediums. They collect cash from you give it to business people who go and invest somewhere to guarantee their return, whatever. So whatever return you get on your bank account, it's pure river, nothing else. So how does that different I don't know what you were talking about.

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so I'm going to questions and find out a question about marriage somehow.

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Now, someone says I owe my old school a textbook, and wanted to donate the amount that the textbook is worth because I can't attend the book physically, but I'm worried that the school might use the money for whatever LGBTQ issues because they are known to promote it heavily. Is it better to donate to the school or somewhere else so that I can recall? It compares for my sin? The answers give it to the school what to do with it, that's not your business anymore. Just give it to the school

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it says enhance for the diet. So no, the answer is yes. I've heard opinion that it isn't well, we've seen that hadith the Prophet says me did that. He mentioned the person, Allah subhanaw taala. He will not let person raise their hands with a DUA and not given them reward to chemo. They asked him for

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example, the first American Rahmatullahi autoworkers foreigner Calamba Hamlet Shadowland stuff autobody

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