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You know have you been on Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Hmeymim about your will Imam oneness EU Sunni he be sent out in Hassan and Abdullah him know about the Allahu Anhu.

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But on the legal side of Allah Allah Who early on the eighth in a collection in the city in his sunnah and it has a reasonable generation in terms of authentic authenticity is ready to us by Abdullah bin Omar. And this is within the theme of treating your parents and relatives with excellence.

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And the way I'm going to look at the studies to look at it from the opposite direction. So some of the hadith of some ayat and obviously teachings will encourage people to perform better and there are others that do the opposite until you I mean, they look at it from the opposite side I mean, they reward you from not doing that and the consequences of it and this hadith is very interesting because I don't think there's I don't think there's anything like it and the way that it presents the issue brought about as far as I'm commonly would say, use numbers forgotten this are four things that you'll find like there's actually collection of these a hadith inshallah we'll try and do that.

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And this hadith, the prophet Allah Islam is awesome, says Sarah satin, young guru, Allahu La him yomo piano, and then he counts 333 problems, three, three people, three categories, Allah will not look at them. You're welcome. So Allah subhanaw taala Salam are the worst things you can imagine. And then he says, within that one law, he had to follow religion and three will not enter Jannah and then he comes three. And we don't have another Hadith that he does that were in the same Hadith me the same, the written narrator in the same Hadith, he's actually saying twice, maybe there's something similar to it, but there but at least there'll be different categories and this hadith,

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the two things that the two categories I talking about, start with the same problem.

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So in this hadith, he says Salah to Allah young guru, Allahu La immunochemistry categories, Allah does not look at the normal piano, and AF quality and then to others. And he says, with the data to light crude agenda, and three will not enter Jannah allow pull every day and then to others.

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And he gives it in that form. So Allah Hi CIBJO syndrome,

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of polio ad those who mistreat their parents or those who fail to keep up the least amount or the bare minimum amount of respect and better and appropriateness with their parents. Now only will Allah not look at the normal camera, they have no hope of accessing gender. And this is what he's saying is that Allah is the same How do you do this or that you can go look them up there on the website, I can talk about that. We'll talk about them in another setting, because they're actually they require a lot of explanation, but twice, first to allow Koulibaly they

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don't receive Allah subhanaw taala has listed

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over look at them spinal data, and they will not be granted access agenda. So be very careful of falling into a into a category of where the words are cool, because somewhere in your in your vicinity, or somehow like, somewhere there be very careful of being in a position where that word is going to be used in any form or manner. Watch out for that because it's very scary. Because of the profit as Autozone is pointing at you. They missed, they're not going to do well. They're not getting anything.

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I do want to point out one thing, though,

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as a parent, make sure you know exactly what your rights are. Let's be very clear on them. Not your right to choose the profession of your child. You don't get to tell them what to study in university. You don't get to tell them what type of work to do. You don't get to tell them where they can and cannot live when they get a job. That's not you can't use that you cannot say, oh go by Lake if you go and live in this place, and the person needs to make a living doesn't matter if you say that.

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It doesn't matter if you're a mother, father or mother, you say I love data. If you if you study this and not medicine, it doesn't matter. No matter how good as much as you want. Just it doesn't matter that's empty, because that's not your rights. It's important to understand what your right is. We've established over the last three or four weeks, that bit of validation is not something that we can joke around with that our hope is not some issue that we can afford to fall into or to allow to exist in our vicinity. We've established that this is an issue of extreme importance, but the parent has parents have to know what it is what to what degree they're allowed to. They can't

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this is not a card they can flash every time they don't like something there's not like your secret weapon every time your child says something or thinks something you don't like you take it out and oh but no that's not that's not how this works and for you and for a person to use what the prophet Allah useless I was explaining for personal gain is so corrupt, I can't even begin do not do that. As a parent don't do that. If you understand anything, what Allah subhanaw taala saying anything at all you would never ever even imagine to tell your child and if you do something about it, you will never do that. You would never do that. That's not that's you would never even think of doing that.

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Because you understand how close to Janome you're putting this person for what what is it? What is it that they're doing?

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Honestly, could you and I've had these conversations I've had to sit down and

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Listen to parents and children. And I've had to yell at children. But I also asked after I send the child away, asked the Father, what are you doing? What is it that this person is doing that you're using this terminology? How could it this is not appropriate? Be careful. You love your child? Yes. Be careful when did say things like that? To say that? I like because you're going to do something that's not really within your realm of the availability, there has to be with my roof, they have to be asked to do something. That's That's correct. That's, that's that's appropriate. That is, you'll be less of how the site structure and you're trying to do the opposite. When you're when you're

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choosing between options that are both alive that are both good. You can't use that card upon them. That's not That's not right. That's not right. That pushes people over the edge that makes it difficult is important here. And I give two examples. I have people who are like that he has to study there's no he doesn't know he doesn't he can study wherever he wants. And you can't use better than a book when it when it comes to that. That's not nice. That's not right. That's not your right. You don't have the right to do that. There's an issue here that has to be established appropriately. So know what it is that they owe, you know, what is that you owe them? And know what is that you can

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you can demand? Yes. When it comes to marriage, you have a right as a parent to say this person is not appropriate. It is not a good person, not a good family. And that's better. Yes, for sure. That's for sure. But when they are good, and they are appropriate, and they have good deen and everything, but you don't like where they come from? You don't come from the village within the country. Yes, the right village, you think that's fine. The right village? There from the right, the same country but not from the right village.

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And I feed him in Shinola. And he have mercy upon us Wallahi. rib. This is not you're making something what is good family good person, you have no objection with it. But no, not the right not. Or I'm not going to you want me to go down and tell you what I've heard over the years. He that's just that's not racist, yet. You only hear the racist stuff where it's red. It's just clear, bleak racism. That's what's being said. And you're want your son to listen to you. When you're saying stuff that are your reasoning is racist. I know.

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The reason that I'm saying this is because barrel validate is so important. This is this is a star in the sky of Muslims as the highest star, we we are very respectful of it. We revere it, we take it very seriously. Both parties have to take it very seriously. The children, the parents, this is not a joke. Rather to lie on ballroom dinner, what does that look at them? You know, intergender we can't play with this. We have to know exactly what's appropriate. What's what's, what's acceptable, what the rights are, what you're allowed to do, what you're not allowed to do, you have to ask those questions. You have to know where you're limited. Allah says in the corner we're in too early Alana,

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and whom ibbity of our automatic mill Rebecca told you her to color him cola may soon when you leave them, because you have to go follow the Rama of Allah, can you want to go and work? Because then say something nice to them? It doesn't say that. If they say no, you have to stay?

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Yes, no. And that's not what, that's not what he says.

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There's their boundaries or their limitations or restrictions. I'm not saying I'm gonna I have not explained to you in this one session, all of those restrictions and limitations. But I am pointing out maybe we all need to be mindful when we say certain things and mindfully make decisions so that we're doing the right thing. As a child, we're actually performing better. As a parent, we're not asking for that which is not possible and it's not our right and we're pushing our children over an edge and we're and we're putting them in a position where they're being deprived of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala because of something that is personal and it's not it's not even for the right

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reason. And I want to share that with you because I think it's important tonight hope that we can figure that out because for our sins for the sake of our next generation, a generation of have any pain won't go anywhere. If you have a generation of people who are for performing a Hulk we're not gonna do anything. We had a generation of younger people who are performing better. And I and you need two to tango. It better requires the child to do to make it easy and the parents have to help out as well. We all have to do this together to achieve this beautiful to reach that star. Yahweh Imam wouldn't necessarily up sooner he'd be sent out in Hudson and Abdullah Mohammed Abu Dhabi lobby

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Allahu Anhu Malakal call and maybe your Salah Allah Allah you earlier he was like yo Salam, there are certain young guru Allah who either in your multi Yama and Koulibaly De Waal Marathi Matera Gita toward the youth was

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Jana la Oliva li de him. Well moody mineral camera Wellman.