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Post-Isha Khatera


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam and the messages that come out of it. They argue that the message should be a statement of the needs of the society, rather than a statement of individual's individual needs. The speaker also mentions a message from the Prophet Alayson that should be used as a signal of acceptance for people to sleep in the present time.
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Bibi no Muhammad Anwar early he was so happy he urged your man or bad

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elderly my man al Bukhari you are Muslim called on face oh hey he and Abdullah hidden Yama are the Allah who I know called it tonight is a collection of both Bukhari and Muslim. It's very to us by Ibn Omar Abdullah have an arm Bob, arm hop up son, the known Sahabi and the 940. This is one of the shortest ahaadeeth that exists in these collections. It's very short. I don't even know if it qualifies as a hadith like some scholars have argued that this is more of an authority than it is a Hadith but I think there's a hadith I'll tell you why once I once I narrated to you it's very short. This is the theme of significance of massage and

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and I'm just looking at this topic from as many angles as I can possibly look at it from hopefully encouraging you to do the same and hopefully our massage it can transform slowly to what people actually need them to be. There's what he said all the Allahu Akbar and Abdullah have know about it. I know. I know who can Jana Mo. Well, who were Shaban eyes, la Hala, Phil Masjid have invested in the the use of Allah Allah Siva Salam, as it said,

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This generation is that Abu Lahab and Omar used to sleep when he was a young single gentleman who had no family, he didn't have a wife and children, he was still the kind of a young person that he would sleep in the message of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, sometimes you will sleep there you would get you will be out and he goes to sleep at the masjid. Now, I don't necessarily think that we should open our message as any part time motels. That's not what I'm encouraging here. But I what I want to draw your attention to is that the Muslims at the time, were comfortable enough to do this. Like the Muslims of that time were comfortable enough to go and sleep at the mercy of the prophet at

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a slaughterhouse and they didn't feel that was a problem. And the problem is that Allah alayhi wa sallam himself didn't think it was a problem either. That's why this is a Hadith. We call this a hadith because the Prophet Allah you saw this and was aware of that it didn't come out and say I Billa go home, you're not allowed to be here at this hour. He didn't do it. He allows blood and I'm gonna hop up and other Sahaba to sleeping the message of the prophet Ali Asad said when needed. And this is just another example yet another example of how the masjid was whatever people needed it to be during their time. They get served whatever purpose people needed to serve for them. And it was

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there for them in whatever capacity that they required. And that's what Mr. You're supposed to do. They're supposed to reflect the needs of the society. They're supposed to reflect the requirements of a community. What do we need? What do our youth need? What do they want? How How are we going to make sure that this is imagine that a young man is comfortable enough? If he can't go home, it comes to a machine and just lie he's asleep? He's safe enough to do it. He's comfortable enough to do it. And he's welcomed enough to do it. You understand what I'm trying to point out here? These are the points that matter in this story. Not that he slept. I don't think today we should have our

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medallion open for people to sleep in them. I don't I honestly don't. I'm not I'm not encouraging that at all. I'm not dismissing it will not be a place for you to sleep. They won't this for other for other reasons. It's not a requirement. But what does this message what should message actually be? What should they be? The question is what do people require? What are the necessities the needs of this community? That's what it should be at that time. That was one of the services this Masjid the message could offer to people so it offered it

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we can't turn our massage into libraries. We can't turn them into specific we can't make them into what we want them to be they have to be what Allah subhanaw taala designed them to be which is a service area for the community to be in and I love this hadith is so short but it carries within his soul much depth when you actually think about it and I hope that any that's something worthy of and I hope inshallah our youth or our young people are as comfortable and these Messiah you guys have Allah but I'm gonna was in domestic of the prophets of Allah as I've said I'm gonna wait a moment what are you a Muslim couldn't be so he and Abdullah have NO NO and NO who can a normal well who

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were shoved when I was a bladder halala female student that the sort of Allah Allah who only was likely Salam

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salam ala he said Allah Allah he's like Mr Mr McCullough behind because you know Allah you know, he learned to still feel good to break also Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in early MBH manga is located on Baraka lofi calm I hope you have a nice night. We will see you guys next week and sha Allah Allah come on time at 630 So now I'm only gonna highlight autoboca