The Glorious Names of Allah – The All Subduer Al Qahar

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evening I want to

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the name I have chosen for today

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it's different from all the names you've talked about so far. It'll be different from all the names that we'll talk about later.

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Very unique name.

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So names out in sha Allah the goal is that you will walk out tonight today not through hearing about this theme and thinking about it hopefully living with it with one less than in your life one lesson you will leave as soon inshallah today because of this name

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you were to guess based on the verses we decided what would you what would you guess

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was in both Knockout

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is Mala alcohol

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is Mala Hilda hub.

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Now, the word Bahadur in English, Arabic means Sedara

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he controls me compels

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the words of the hunter if you can troll something and then compel it or force it or subdue it to your will. So what was the name of the hub? Means the sub doer or the Compeller Subhana wa Tada who will love the hubba femal key healer who Kulu che Minister Watty Eden mudgeeraba Fela is Raju Ansel until Bonnie he she is the one everything in this is creation submit to him from the atom to the galaxy and beyond. Is all overcome and compelled by him Subhana wa

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and when I say to you a number of AI in the Quran the word go How do you find it six times

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and you'll find her twice.

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So as Bahal and does not have the same basic meaning for however the exaggeration of the of the verb or the action. Now what is the name that you find with baja a lot?

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We will

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listen to diversity poster panel which if

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you're willing to bet that will outdo Ray. It was somewhat what Bella was doing. Here we were hitting for her On the Day when the earth will be substituted by a different earth and soul this heavens in the skies. The Cosmos will be substituted as well. And everyone will be standing there fully exposed to the sub doer and the one and only Subhana wa Tada. Now why is it that you find in my head with a BA have lots because I get as I said it's a unique name. So no one else does this but him Subhana wa Tada. You see other names you can take something and you can call yourself by by that name from a figurative perspective. He is Kareem, you can be Kareem he's a Rahim you can be in a

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Haim he's gonna go forward it could be before as well but he doesn't have to Ha and no one else can be at the helm on him. Subhana wa Tada. You can't keep taking the name. No one can call themselves to hell or call or claim that that is one of their attributes in life. He is the only one that will wash it. The one and only Allah Allah subhana wa Tada. So every time you hear the name before it is the one so you don't think that this is something that you can participate in as well with him Subhana wa Tada yo whom very soon on the day when they're fully exposed and fully exposed. The idea of Allah human O'Shea there is nothing hidden on that day. I need for to Allah subhanaw taala

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another day but that day they feel it. Lima animal Corleone is called upon everyone who is the king today, the sovereignty belongs to whom today and then someone answers and there's an answer. Lilla Hill Hill

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for Allah has been the one subtour no one else

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uses when he was when he entered prison, and they asked him use of give us tell us what are you what are dreams mean? So before I told him the mean of the meaning of the dream, he did a bit of Dawa within the within the prison so what are you amongst what you said? He said yeah, I saw he by usage in our bible motif a repo with a high yield or higher, I mean, who

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are different and new and numbered, lords and and masters better? Or Allah subhanaw taala the one minister of Doer Why did he use that name? You could have used the Rahmani r Rahim. Their visit because when you're in prison and the word in his hudec the word in is forcing us to

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Doing you to His will. So for a moment you may think that the word is of the heart or the person who owns the good No he is not. Yes you're in jail. Yes, you're forced to sit here and to eat the way they want and to sleep when they want and wake up when they want but they are not Takahara Allah has not to have Subhana wa Tada so use that name to remind them of who they are actually is because you're in jail sometimes it can happen when you're in jail.

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Appaloosa Pinewood Isla de la who and your Delphi that well other stuff yeah hello boo Masha suka Han who Allah Who He will call her call up a summer word you will elbow will help you cope with Elena Elena, how are you cool wilin out Eileen, what's the Hora shamsur will come out. If Allah subhanaw taala want to take son take a son for himself. He could have chosen anything he created as a son for himself. He doesn't need to eat a woman for it to make her pregnant and to have a son isn't need that he owns everything he can tell you could have chosen anyone so behind no is beyond that he is the one he has. Everything falls under his wills upon which he doesn't need a sequence of

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events for things to work out in a certain way for you to say this is his son or this is Ha who agenda agenda and daddy but if he wanted to, it was a choice he would make no sequence would be needed

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in a movie theater. Why ma'am in Isla hin il Allah will

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tell them I am just a messenger

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you think I'm powerful and I'm strong and I'm not just a messenger the prophets Allah seven do is tell them to Don't Don't delude them thinking something else. Tell them I'm just a messenger but there is no Lord but the one and only the sub doers upon what time when you say no to this when you refuse this you're not refusing me saying no to me. You're saying no to the house or condo what Todd and I that we've discussed previously in this live call it I'm John Lulu he showed my car hauler Coca Cola de Patricia hello hello are you him? Or did they give a loss of power to other associates and those associates created things and now they're confusing the creations that they're seeing in

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front of them. For the LA Hollywood coalition che se Allah is the Creator of everything while while while he

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is the one and only in this Abdullah Subhana wa Tada

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everything you will see submits to him Subhana wa Tada

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into will lead to Valhalla mu n necom. HaOmer GZ learning is with adobo, Allah subhanaw taala is talking to the machine telling them and if you refuse this message and if you refuse to listen and you will continue to do what you do know that you cannot outrun God, that you cannot beat him that you are not smarter than him that you have no power over him supine to Medina when he wants you He will bring you geologic examples of his copper coloratura, he subdued

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his soil and the soil

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spoke and saw and felt as you and I do every day. Fahad al Hawa he subdue the air and we can see it there and we needed but it's not something that we can touch and hold on to but have a seminar where he went around you subdue the earth and disposable income so Miss della in a summer you are here to find and then Allah subhanaw taala spoke to the to the sky and it was full of full of smoke at the time, Fatah and AHA well around there he said to the sky and to the earth EDL Tawan o

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submit to me and come to me whether by choice whether or against you will fall into Athena, but it will come with our choice we would like to go we'll come to a choosing li

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Pahala subhanho wa Taala bussola and you're served to the I said he has not seen that you didn't Google Apple saw what you did equal Abbasov you will never see him moosari Sam couldn't even see the thing that was witnessing his Majesty Musa restaurant. He blocked out when he witnessed the creation that witnessed His Majesty subhanho wa Taala

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bajada who be our optimal flow party when he took out Abraha How did he subdue that army? How are you that compelled and forced that army out? What did he use? Some huge animals of the desert stampeding over them.

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Was it a

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hurricane? Or was it lightning bolts? No, it was the birds. When was the last time you look at birds and you thought of death?

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When was the last time you saw some birds and you're like oh, I should hide

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kohara home with birds and pebbles.

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I'm pretty sure if they if they had phones back then they were trying to take selfies with the beautiful natural phenomenon Bahadur Hornby out of the muck Locati Baja Usha earlier with the he is subdued elements that

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Do elements that burn? Are the two elements that make water and then you'll milk Yeah, maybe we'll have the water burn against the pie no which way that'd be helpful to Gillette because the elements I submitted to him and he tells them to do what he wants them to do. God I'll go more I'd be I'd see her.

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He makes to the tools on earth. He seduced them to do the opposite of what they were created for. So you've really never forget that it's him who controls and Him who who commands. Ebrahim go and slaughter your son. So he does. McCool Ibrahim, but yeah, I'm accepted. He submitted so he took the knife he put it on the neck of his son and the knife would not cut. Why because Kahala not too though cut knife so the knife doesn't cut.

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They throw Ibrahim into the fire. So he calls upon the fire pulling now ya know who's who calls ya know?

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Who in the universe can look at something and call it by his name and tell it to do something it will stop doing? Oh, fire? Yeah, no. And then now we'll say yes, yes. What is it? Who when he thought that it was gonna be cool and peaceful for Ibrahim? It's cool and peaceful. He was asked later on Ibrahim, what are the best days of your life he said the days I lived in the fire.

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Is Bobo Salem.

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Kahana Ben moats, and he subdued us by death.

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Everything here will die. 100 years from now no one sitting here will be sitting here. If we do our job right and maybe others will be sitting here. If we don't do maybe empty but we're all doing they're all overcome by this photo who Jamil is completed when he compels to pound during subdues is with elegance with beauty see every other thing living in this universe every other thing enjoys being

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overcome by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada everything does SM Allah till they shut you up. And I'm Tara and Allah. Yes, Julia who met in the summer where it were moving out of the washrooms who will ruin new Doom while GBL was a general word. Boo Cathy roominess, you don't need everything prostrates to him, the cosmos and the earth and the trees and the mountains and the animals everything moon in the sun, they're all they all submitted, they're happy to do it. And they do it willingly. Everything is makura everything is forced and compelled to do what Allah wants them to do. Except you and I.

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Just you and I, we don't have to.

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We don't have to. We can if we want to. We don't want to.

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At least we think that that's that's the illusion that we have. As an authority would be slightly further without a sign that goes like this.

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That were just telling us Allah subhanaw taala says the following Yeah, I'd be my servant. And to read you want things what Anna read and I want things for solemnly female read. ote cannot read give me a submit to me what I want from you. And it will give you what you want. We're in them to sell them the female will read and if you refuse to submit to me what I want from you a job took a female to read I will make it very hard for you to get what you want. So Manaia qu il Odede not the end all you'll get his why he wants it for you in the first place. Well, Matt Fisher who

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were compelled by him serpentine. Many aspects of that of labor. We know that we didn't choose where we're born. We don't choose our parents. We don't choose a lot of things. But you think we choose our faith? Correct. We choose whether to worship him or not. And you agree, you will not choose whether we worship Allah subhanaw taala or we don't.

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Not really. We don't really choose whether we worship Allah subhanaw taala or not, we just choose the time. It's not really chosen choosing whether you're going to worship or not, you're going to do it. You're going to be given 50,000 years your will piano to worship Allah subhanaw taala day and night and to make the most sincere do all you ever made it to make the most sincere frustration you ever made. It's just you get to choose when would you like to do it now? Or would you like to do it then the house upon which you're going to worship, you are going to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala all he gave you was the choice of time. You can do it now or you can do it then it's up to you. But

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you're going to do it. It will all worship from Subhana wa Tada. We will all submit to Him. We will take the word of submission. The word submission has no meaning has no meaning in Islam without the name of Allah subhanaw taala alcohol it's meaningless. The point of of submission is that there is someone worthy of submitting to of giving up our will for Israel Subhana wa Tada. That's why submission means it is just dumb. Why is it that you go do an ombre Why do you go to walk around the house seven times and walk between two small mountains seven times. Why do you do Hi

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Can you pick up pebbles and you throw it another rock? Why are you doing these things? Because Allah has Allah and because he said so, in that it's good enough for you and I. And that's why he brought him on Instagram accepted the command of slaughtering his own son. It hit salatu salam, why? Because Allah has Allah because you have to submit submission is the action that is connected to a smaller highly

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rated collection mobile quoting the Prophet sallallahu sallam said

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or what is narrated that happened that one day he got on the member Elisa to the Sahaba all in the messenger you start to give a hello thought Who am I and you decided one after the other hola have Papa D and they did not respect Allah subhanaw taala due respect.

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When Al Bucha me young Pablo to who lpm and the earth on that days in his fists apana with Allah was similar to my Bowie to be a MIDI and the cosmos are folded in his right hand

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figure to be beyond our understanding. So Mahana who what? I'm usually cool when he's exalted upon everyone who associated others with him. The provenance lesson and paused you start to see on that day, fidelity Yamuna dilla al Malik al Moo Kyoko, I am the king where all the kings of earth I know Jabbar al Jabbar Bella

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and then Aziz and Al Kabir career realmuto kept better and animal Haman and alcohol and the prophets lie Selim started counting the names of Allah subhanho wa taala. And as he was counting those names, the member starts to shake. The members shaking under the Prophet sallallahu Sallam could have known or had

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Halal member who Saskatoon Gila us all in.

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Is he going to fall? Remember seems to be even the member who was moved. Even the fish or even the wood was moved when he left the house subhanho wa Taala

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How can you live with your behalf?

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I have three suggestions.

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Akasha number one,

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revere him subhanho wa Taala truly revere him

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it's a beautiful type of reverence.

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Because it's not a reference that is based

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on volume on oppression because the PIO Tyler was who will call hero fellow Kaiba de he will who will hacky will be here is a subtour upon all of his servants, and he is the most wise and he's the one he is the one who knows all that others do not know. So it's not based on oppression is not based on volume. He is Hakeem Subhana wa Taala whereby he will vote on anybody well, you will see two and a half of our height that either

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they were fed to sunnah, or whom you have your own tomorrow, do it Allah himolla Who will help you just have to work on all of His servants. And one day he will send messages to you when the time comes. And they will take your soul and they will not lose it and you'll be returned to him subhanaw taala. Again, revere him. You see the name of alcohol ends those questions. You know those questions that we ask and we get asked, Why did Allah subhanaw taala creep people in the way that he did? Why did Allah subhanaw taala tell us that we cannot commit this sin? Why do I have to wear and dress in this way? Why do I have to have these restrictions and limitations? Why is it this and why is it

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that because Allah has alcohol that's why because he will do what he wants when he wants because he does what he will supine or what to honor and no one is there to question him and no one is allowed to question him. The reason that you could ask that question is because he gave you the ability to do so and he could take that ability away and you will. He will take the ability that you have right now to question him and to object to him and to disobey Him it will be taken away. And you will not speak when you want to speak and you will not move when you want to move you won't even sit when you want to sit. Your Will camera you will stand and he will dare you sit if you can't you can't fit

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because they don't listen to you because they will never yours to begin with. Because he is a house of honor which Isla

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and when your body parts will do the blessed speak up on the day of judgment if you're not willing to live it to accept the sins that you've committed. If you're not willing to accept it in and own it, then your body parts will will speak and you will ask them why are you speak? Why are you admitted as I was doing it to protect you? They will say oh do unbutton Allah who led the unpop Aquila, che, you think we have a choice? You don't have a choice. You will speak when He commands us to speak and we will be silent when He commands us to be silent. So we go around questioning him objecting to him wondering Who are you

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assuming based on what the only reason you have will is because he willed for you to have will no matter shall una Illa Allah or Buddha Allah mean he had the will for you to have a will and He can take that away and he will Subhana wa Tada revere him, revere him to the point where you can stop sinning.

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The name of allah hub is the name that if you use wisely, it will stop you before you make a mistake. It really will try the name

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when you think you will kaha subhanaw taala the only reason I'm allowed to do this sin is because he exempted me for a certain period of time. Everything else has to do exactly what he says. But he gave me a choice just for a certain period of time for 9090 spins around the Sun tops, tops, maybe 100 If you're lucky, and that's the end of it, and then you don't have the will anymore. You don't have the choice and your McCool all over again just like everything else. Number one revere him number two

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familia tema

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find out

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do not subdue anyone else. That is not yours. That is not your ability that's not your attribute, that is not for you to do. We are not allowed and we are not permitted to subdue when it comes to anyone to compel or force anything, especially those who for a moment in this existence are weaker than us. Especially those who for us for a split second within the time of this universe. We seem to be a bit stronger than them do not subdue them because you are not alcohol. You are just another mCore like everything else so do not practice this against others not the club. Do not subdue Do not force do not mistreat that's not us. He's Oka house upon which Allah we accept that and others we

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don't treat like that.

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Can you use the name at all? Yeah, you can use the name.

00:21:57--> 00:21:59

You can use the name once.

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If carnosic a third point.

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So do yourself. This nest that doesn't want to submit to the will of its lord, subdue it.

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Though he's not as it's not going to happen.

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You're going to follow what Allah subhanaw taala said, you're going to do what he will subpoena which is going to objectives it's not it's not gonna happen. There's not a negotiation. And it called Neff sec. If you want to subdue anything that's subdue yourself and make sure it walks the path of Allah subhana wa Tada. So every time you feel like you don't, you are going to go astray where every time you will, you'll feel compelled to make a mistake or to say something you shouldn't say you're academically a certain way or look in a certain direction or listen to something that is haram remind yourself, you are a servant of alcohol and then subdue it to the will of Allah, this

00:22:46--> 00:22:48

Abdullah himself, I know what

00:22:49--> 00:23:04

three things I think we can do. Number one, revere him, reveal the house upon the day will come where this illusion of choice will go, I guarantee it, they will come or this illusion of choice will go. It will be left

00:23:05--> 00:23:27

just be synchronized and harmonized with everything else in this universe, in full submission, totally compelled by Allah subhanaw taala. And we'll look back at the time where we had choices where you weren't being Maclaurin and certain things. And we wish that we that we didn't make those choices, because who will be going against and who are we singing against the Baha himself.

00:23:29--> 00:23:47

Revere him subhanaw taala do not subdue anyone, do not force or compel or mistreat anyone. And if you're going to do anything that subdue yourself to his will supplant it with Allah, I hope that was beneficial satanic log hunting shadow Allah either in the stock field go to Lake wa salam ala Sayidina Muhammad