Isha Khatira – Importance of Being Positive and Optimistic

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We hear that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam can accept an asset of Osama and Marais to add an extra tab. Asuma rasool Allah Azza wa sallam Abdullah Abdullah had is one of the companions. They have not seen anyone who smiled more than the Prophet salallahu Salam.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had a radiant, beautiful smile, that was comforting, and he was always cheerful. But we hear another Hadith that those of you who read your Mediterranean hopefully everybody that Abu Hala said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Kanemoto Rasul Allah, he was off to grieving, or you may actually translate this as continuously grieving, always grieving.

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So, how could you be this cheerful with a radiant smile,

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and continuously grieving? But how could you be continuously grieving at the same time, when you are the Messenger of Allah? When you receive a message from God directly the last divine communication to man was received by you, and Gibreel comes and talks to you, you sit with Jibreel you have ascended to the heavens, you have basically transcended cedrat above cedrat and monta you know, the threshold that no one none of the creations has ever crossed. Before you or our even after you you know, the breed cannot ascend the beyond that point and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam ascended so how could you be in with also that Aslan or continuously grieving? And basically all of those

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reports are true? Certainly the second one about being with acid rather than from an a snap point of view, the chain point of view is controversial is questionable. However, we do see that Allah Subhana Allah says in surah shara, for instance Tahseen Tassi meme tkr to Kitab mov in la la cabeza en la Casa La Hakuna macmini and also known as Rolla him an estimate for the lot on upon la for the

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lambda NAFSA la accoutrement mini for La la la cabeza en NAFSA Carla fit him in La mia Amina, we have a hadith eSFR we see this also inserted calf. So what is lambda one knapsack ally Hakuna mumineen you are about to destroy yourself out of grief, that they are not believers or that they have not accepted faith. You are about to destroy yourself out of grief, because they have not accepted faith. But then I don't know what I was gonna get lovey. coloane we know that it hurts you, it saddens you, it causes you grief that which they say

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will occur then and we know who's gonna Columbia Kowloon. So, then we do have backing from the Qur'an, basically to substantiate that report, which is mozzarella Zahn after grieving, but is it grieving? Is the meaning grieving? Truly, no, it may not be grieving, you know, the better translation would be deeply reflective, deeply reflective, not after grieving. So a believer may experience three layers of emotions simultaneously. At the same time, the believer may have three different layers of emotion, the external layer, the outside layer, it's the outside crust, if you may say, is one of cheerfulness, this is an indication of emotional generosity, you no matter how

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you're feeling inside, no matter how you are feeling inside, you're always basically projecting that image of cheerfulness, confidence, certainty, trust, and so on. That is basically to be generous, to be kind to those who are around you. You see the difference between someone who has like, and I'm not I don't want to basically blame this on the spouse only whether it is the wife or the husband, but the difference between someone who has a negative spouse and a positive spouse or someone a cheerful spouse, or and, you know, otherwise. So anyway, that people who are emotionally generous people who use who tap into their own psychological reserve to make those around them comfortable to

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cheer up those who are around them. This is the best form of generosity. This is better than any form of generosity. I don't care how much money you give to people but if you're in

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about sharing that cheerfulness, a smile with people and you know that care and cheerfulness and and emotional

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softness and with people and intimacy, then that is that is miserliness and that is the worst form of miserliness. People who are who had who have a depressed mood mood all the time and depress everyone around them. That's a very bad form of stinginess and miserliness. So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam of the love Neil Harris, Harris, tells us, Marais to

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accurately assume and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam have not ever seen anyone who smiled more than the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So you see him and he like his face is radiating with this comforting smile. And he makes you hopeful, he makes you cheerful, and so on. But at the same time, at the same time, he's not intoxicated. He's not, you know, there is no detachment from the world and the problems of the world and the world has many problems. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had the greatest and basically the most important mission in the history of humanity. He is the final messenger, he is relaying the final message from God to man, and he had so much burden on his

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shoulders, and he was not the person who would be intoxicated, or we would live in a bubble. He was reacted responding appropriately to the environment responding appropriately to everything around them. So yes, it saddened him what they said. And yes, he was very sad and because of courageous stubbornness and disbelief and rejection and denial of the truth, he was very sad to the point that that Allah had to say to him, you're about to destroy yourself out of grief, don't don't do it. You know, and Allah subhanaw taala said this more than once, in the in the Quran, to comfort to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, for instance, in a password bed that he

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was told about, where every one of the kuffar you know, the chiefs of the major chiefs of Quraysh would drop dead, he was told before the gods were, this is where this person would drop that. So he knew that Allah subhanaw taala would give him victory. But it is amazing that during that has were when the prophets also known as of now best says, saw that the kuffaar are about 1000. And Abner best says that the believers in this particular report he mentioned the believers were 319

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So even our best said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam raised his hands up in supplication invoking Allah subhanaw taala until his mantle fell off his shoulder. So he was raising his hands up like this until his mantle fell off his shoulder, and he kept on crying for his Lord, Allah Houma and his Lima Ohio Attorney, Allah whom ATeam our attorney Allahumma entirely Gabriela sobre la Tarbert Phil are the halberda or La Torre but Phil. So he was basically responding appropriately to the tense situation in the battlefield, he was afraid for his companions he has 319 and this report, it says 319 Maybe 350. But in this reports, there's 319 and the kuffaar are 1000. This prophet Sallallahu

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Sallam naturally allowed his emotions, his spontaneous emotions, basically to manifest his spontaneous emotions are fear and worry for his companions. This is basically you know, they are much less prepared than Christ. So he kept on asking his Lord Oh my Oh, Allah, accomplish what you have promised, accomplishment accomplished for me what you have promised me, oh Allah bring to me what you have promised me, Oh Allah, if this group of people is destroyed today, or vanquished, you will not be worshipped on Earth. So that is a spontaneous, appropriate response to the tense situation in the battlefield, despite the fact that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had complete

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certainty in the promise of his Lord. So that would be now the third layer. So the first layer is that, you know, outer layer of cheerfulness that emotional generosity, spending from your psychological reserve and everyone around you every

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One who sees you sees the smile and gets comforted by being with you by being around you by being in your company. And the second layer is being, you know,

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connected to the reality is is basically having worry being deeply reflective, reflective, having deep concern. So the amount of money they make Rahim Allah when he trends when he tries to interpret Nottawasaga Allah Zan, and he's, you know, he does not address the authenticity of the chain which is controversial, because as we said, there are indications even in the Quran that he used to be sad.

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So when he tried to interpret this, he said, This is not the husband out of personal desires or aversions. This is the worry and concern, worry and concern worry about his own concern for his people. So it's a different type of housing. And that is the second layer deeper down the there is an infinite source of certainty of tranquility, of serenity, infinite, boundless, that is what faith gives you the core, the core is basically boundless source of tranquility and certainty. That is faith. Faith gives you that certainty, that tranquility and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam had complete certainty in the promise of his Lord, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had complete comfort

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his Lord had complete also trust in his companions. And he never had that despair that breaks you. He never had the despair that breaks you. He had the worry and concern he had the appropriate response to, you know the conditions around them, but he always can tap into that infinite source of certainty and confidence, which is faith, his faith in his Lord. So no matter how bad things were, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was always able to uplift his companions. And he was extremely optimistic. He used optimism.

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Like you're the, if you he was the most optimistic person in the history of humanity. The optimism of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was legendary. He even changed names. He changed bad names for good names like he would change people's names. He would change names of places because he liked that fellow Hudson. He said la Artois era or hey boo and fell al Hassan de la MacFarlane, Hassan Khalil Kalamata yerba or Al, Al Karim al Hassan. So he said la terre, there should be no basically contagious transmission of diseases.

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But this is qualified by other Hadith and he said there should be no superstitious omens, bird omens, and I like good omens. He was asked what is a good omen? He said a good word is a good omen. And he always used to reframe things. reframe things, like look at when

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why wife of Ebola have used to say Musa pneumonia abena Widener who Kalina will Amaroo assigner. So she used to say him with a man that this praiseworthy

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we have

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Madame naman we have rejected what Dino Kalina and we despise his Dean. Well, Amaroo who has I in and we disobey His command or we reject His command and the prophets Allah some would say to his companions, Allah Tirana, que vous if Allah Omni ever Quran as

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well see Baba home, yeah, so in Knowmia, Cebu and I'm with a mom, why don't Mohammed so that he would say to his companions, don't you see how Allah subhanaw taala averts the abuse of Croatia from me, they are cursing with a man that this praiseworthy, and I'm not moving them. I'm hammered. So that's called reframing. You know, so he's seeing the he's seeing the favor in the trial. He's seeing Allah's favor in the trial. You know, Winston Churchill said that, you know, the difference between the pessimist and the optimist is that the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty, and the pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. That is true. That's that's

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a true statement, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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Would reframe the negative into positive. They even had him on he was sitting next to him and someone came and complained about banditry and someone came and complained about poverty. The Prophet sallahu wa salam failed to that or they even had them started to feel, you know, is this really a good religion?

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Because it seems that the community that the community is having much difficulties. So one is complaining about banditry. One is complaining complaining about poverty, and the Prophet SAW Salem would uplift at Abraham spirits, spirits immediately and say to him, if you live long enough, you will see a lone woman traveling from here to to Cuba to make the offer around the Kaaba alone, traveling alone from hero to Aqaba. So, he will be telling him that there will be so much security and if you live long, long enough, you will see that the treasure is of Kisara will be overtaken by the Muslims. And then are the details Kisara Eben Hormuz and the prophets of salaam tells him yes

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Kisara abnormals. And then he would tell him if you live long enough, you will see that a man would come out with like a handful of silver or gold to give it away and find no one to take it to know when to receive it. And I'd even hadn't was really not, you know, but he said I lived long enough to see two of these and I'm waiting for the third. I lived long enough to see two of these and I'm waiting for the third. So let us try and there are so many other techniques that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to uplift the spirits of his companions and let us try to stay optimistic and keep our heads up and

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and tap into the infinite source of comfort and serenity and tranquility and strength are facing in Allah subhanaw taala Cody hello I was talking to the lady

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