Adnan Rajeh – Tafseer Surat AlKahf #06

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The Surah story highlights the importance of working together to achieve equality and financial support, avoiding confusion, and being a human being. The conversation touches on cultural and political dynamics of Islam, including the importance of showing faith in Islam and avoiding accountability. A gathering is mentioned as part of the discussion, with a focus on showing faith and bringing people into one's own homes.
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production of total curve, and the story of Adolf gather himself. So the actual story that the studio was named after, which is the people of the cave. And then we read the commentary versus up on that, on that story. And now we're in the second story of the Surah, which is the Sunnah of the of the agenda thing of the two of the two gardens with two orchards.

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Now, so to kind of again, is makira It's a middle to late Mackay surah. So it wasn't from the early ones, it was a, it was a bit late into the prophets, some lessons prophecy, there was a settlement as well for it, there was a reason for its revelation. However, it is very unique amongst the soloists because it has a very unique command that is related or attached to it, which is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam telling us to read it once a week. And I don't think there's any other source in the Quran or there is no other Sorrento Quran where you are required or asked or even encouraged to read it on a certain day, every week and the day that you're encouraged to read it on

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his Jumar, which is a very special day. So you weren't encouraged to read it on on Thursday, or Wednesday, or Sunday or anything. It's on Joomla and Joomla is the day where Muslims come together, it's the only day where Muslims are on an obligate obligatory manner have to come together. And they have to sit in one place. And they have to listen to the teachings of their leadership within their community. And they have to be reminded of Allah subhanaw taala and reminded of what is good.

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Now that being said, so it focuses on the elements that are used to build societies or to build to build communities or to build civilizations. What is it that you need, you need four basic elements, right, starting from the last element and going backwards, the last element is power, the one before his knowledge, the one before his wealth, money. And the first one, which is the one that the suit, the suit is named after it's named after the story of life is the idea. You need the proper set of values, you need the proper set of rules, you have to know what is it you stand for? What do you believe in? Why you're going to go and obtain wealth, knowledge and power, what's the point, you

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bring all those things, you put them in front of you, what are you going to do with them, if you don't have a clear set of rules, if you don't believe in something, and you have a very clear set of values and a list of fundamental principles that you live by a direction that within which you walk in, and then a destination that you want to arrive at, then they're not going to be used for much they're going to be I'm not gonna say they're gonna be useless. Of course, it's always benefit from wealth is going to be benefit from money from power, but they will not serve their ultimate purpose. Unless there's an idea, an ideology, right, a way of life that brings them all together brings all

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the strings and ties them and whatnot, and takes them to one place. And that is the theme or the concept of sorts of guff. So it started out with the idea idea, and it told us a story about hookah, it's a very beautiful story is a very meaningful, very deep story. There are many elements of about that story that are worthy of long term thought. And it shows you that it doesn't need you don't need a million people to come up with the idea you don't need three in this era.

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As little as three people were involved in the whole movement of the people of the cave, and yet they were so they were young, they were teens, teenagers, Yet Allah subhanaw taala through their effort and through their sincerity and through the time and planning that they put in, change the destiny of of a kingdom of people of a kingdom. And that tells you that you'll never underestimate yourself. Never underestimate the effort and the impact that you can have. It's just about people needing to come together and agree on what it is that they want to do. As Muslims, we already have 90% of that done for us are already Muslims, and we already have the book. Now the final step is

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just that people started coming together and coming up with with directions for themselves and for the communities and then the rest of it, inshallah won't be as hard. Alright, and then we moved on to the story of agenda D talks about well, now it talks about well, from a number of different angles, and it focuses on a number of different ideas.

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The, the truth of the matter is that money is the biggest deal in the world today, like everything, at the end, if you look at why things are happening, where they're happening, and how they're happening, you come back to just one basic, it's money is money, everything else is you know, has weighed here and there. But at the end, it just comes down to numbers, whether it's war, you know, beginning wars or ending wars, or, you know, people getting into political power or,

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or even the widespread use of medications or weapons or anything, anything at all, it all just comes back to money. It just it's a number, the effect that wealth and money has had on the human race is, is unparalleled by anything else. And it always has, and it probably always will. However, however, Allah subhanho data and sort of guff, breaks it down a bit more and kind of clarifies a few things for us, in case we're not we're not grasping the basic ideas. The first thing is that the story tells us of two people and two orchards, right, two men and two orchards now the normal or or the logical conclusion that you would jump to immediately when you hear that is that oh,

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There's two archers and two people. So each one gets an orchard and everyone's happy. Because it fixes the problem. Why is it that one of them's gonna have to? And the other one's gonna have none? Right? And why is that the reality of life today? where's the where's the fairness and justice? And that? Or maybe, or maybe living here on Earth? We were never told that we were going to find justice on Earth anyway. Maybe the point here is not to find justice. Maybe that's why there's yomo pm and that's where we are going to find justice. Maybe when

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I mentioned that the second one didn't have any. So the I had talks about torture, who are they for? But the talk about the first one, they didn't say whether the second one would be anything. The story would have be meaningless if the other guy had like 15 orchards.

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Like if the story when you when you're telling a story. Yeah, so it wouldn't make if I'm telling a story of it, because that's how the story began. Robert McClelland Giuliani, John earlier had dinner we made for one of them join the team. Now what he made for the other I don't know, he probably had a family probably had a kid or two, he probably had friends. Obviously, I have life. I'm not saying that he was lifeless. But when we talk about wealth, excessive wealth, which is what the two orchards basically represented in this story, no, he did not have the same level of wealth. And it is, it is indicated in the story when he's an actor on income Island was gonna follow. So he tells

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him bluntly, that I have and you do not have as much as me. So the idea here is the comparison, this person has a lot of wealth, and this person doesn't know, I'm not saying this person is, you know, eating dirt poor, you know, he probably doesn't have what the other guy has doesn't have that. That level of wealth that offers you the illusion of financial security, basically, which is what what this story is telling us, right? What else? Because if somebody was going to be out the other side, the other guy had, like 15 orchards, then why are you telling? It doesn't make any sense anymore? Right? So that's the idea here, that and it's just a philosophical one for us to think about. Why is

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it that peep many, some have a lot? And many don't? And does Allah subhanaw taala have the ability to give everyone an equal amount of wealth? Of course he does. So when when we don't find it, what do we understand a mistake has happened, of course, no harsher than what is it? It's a choice. And it's the nature of life, the nature of life is that things aren't going to be equal, and they're not going to be fair, someone's going to have more, or we're going to have less. And that's how Allah subhanaw taala makes us need each other and work with each other. And that's how we achieve equality, we achieve justice, and we achieve social and financial support in our lives, because

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you're given more than I am, right. So you support me, I am probably given more than you. And another thing. And another aspect of it is, right. It's not all, it's all just money. That's why this sort of talks about orchards and talking about well, he didn't talk about a wad of cash, talked about orchards that have a lot of things, its land and his fruit and the number of different things that come into it is preserved in every aspect of life. If everyone was given equal amounts of everything, then there'll be literally no reason for any of us to work together. And there'll be actually no way for us to improve as a race as a human society that we can do. If we were all given

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the exact same level of everything height with looks, intellect, wealth, social support, financial support, background ethnicity, then then really, we're not going to be able to make much progress, we have to have differences in order for us to you know, you're better me than this. And then you'll focus on that feat in the field that you're better at and you'll make the progress needed. But when we talk about money, because that's all nice, you're like, Oh, awesome, yes, if you're good at math and focus on on math, because I'm not good at math, I'd be good at something else. And we're all like just saying, of course. And then we talk about money and everyone takes a step back. But no, no

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money. No, that's my money. It's mine. I worked very hard for it. Or I inherited or my dad worked very hard for me to have it. And then we change all the rules. When when money comes in. Everything else is fine. Right? We're okay if you're tall, go play basketball. If you're short, come play soccer with me. If you're depending on whatever your skill sets you have are new, we have no problem with talking about that as a human race. The moment you say money, everyone takes a step back No money. No, no. No, because you're gonna say okay, then how about we start helping people with money and money? No, no, let's just hold on. Just slow down a bit. Let's talk about that. Let me think let

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me rethink this whole thing then. Because because it's money. And the sutra talks about, you know, these two people who are very more like two guys, friends, very close friends. One of them is very, very wealthy, wealthy, the other one is not. Right. There's the first one think to himself, well, I'm more successful. That's why I'm I work harder. I'm smarter, I have a better skill set than the other guy.

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Does he think that does he? Does he think that having a lot of wealth is an indicator of success, and not having wealth as an indicator of failure? Is that what he's thinking? What about the other guy? You know, the person who has a bit more faith does he does he view that as well? How does he view things? Is he okay with not having wealth? Or does he want to have wealth as well?

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As a Muslim, you're not supposed to want to have welder you're supposed to be poor? Are we supposed to be walking around say I have nothing and I'm happy that I have nothing. That's the indicator of my aim and of course, or is it? It's just questions that sort of brings up all these questions like the story

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Just throwing these ideas, what is it? Because it's important that you understand what wealth is for is? Well, it's there to offer you that financial delusion of financial security that nothing can go wrong. Is there enough money for you to get that? Like, what number? Do you need to have to say? If it is I'm good, me and my kids are going to be fine. I don't care about my grandchildren, because I don't know them yet. And doesn't matter to me, I'm gonna take care of myself and my children, I need a certain what amount is enough? Is there a moment? That is enough? And is there a moment that is there an amount that is immune

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to loss? Or can it all be lost at a certain point, you're going to go away? And is that why you work? You work? Because you want to get financial security? Or do you work and try to get money for a different reason? And if you do have money more than what you need, so you're very, very secure, and you're very, very well off? What do you do with it? You do you accumulate more? Or does it have a different purpose? What function does money serve in the community? And how does the individual view wealth? This is the whole point of the story, because it begins with a very, you could have said, you know, two guys, and then three, Janet, right? Three notes at two orchards, two people, two

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orchards, because ideally, gonna come to your mind, okay, this is perfect two people to work to just give each one one. And we're all happy. We don't need to have this story anymore. So the gun can be two, three pages shorter.

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Because it hadn't been another so it wasn't like that, because it's telling, you know, two people, one was two, one was none.

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No learn. Now watch how they interact, watch how one of them is viewing this wealth. Watch how one of them is watched the perception of the wealthy one of his own wealth, and look at the perception of the one who doesn't have much, but the Muslim with the proper view, and how he's not totally happy or accepting that doesn't have what he wants to have both. Of course, he wants to make money. That's his goal. But he just doesn't have right now. He's easy, easy, accepting of that fact that he tried to work to improve it. So it's an important philosophical debate. Now, the story goes on, explaining to us all the financial aspects of the wealth of the two gentlemen, which is reciting the

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first two, I have the story. And then they show you a conversation, right? The conversation happening between him and his friend. And apparently, they were talking about something interesting, because it came because the end of this conversation was quite, it was a weird one. If you're talking to a friend at the end of this conversation, he goes ahead and he tells you, by the way I am I have more money than you and I have more kids than you and I have more status than you. That's pretty much a deal breaker right there, like our relationship is probably over or if he's not over, you know, our conversation is definitely over. I'm gonna walk away because I was very offensive. You

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know, why would you say that to me? If I'm a friend of yours, and we're conversing. And let's say you do have more wealth, you own more, and you and you're more respected, maybe or more loved by by individuals? You'll how in what situation? Would you land that statement in a conversation with another person? Especially because a friend because it's quite a cool Sahiba? Who is a buddy is a pal? So apparently they were talking about success? They were talking about money and what it's for and what it means to have money? And how much do you need, apparently this what they were talking about. So the difference that a difference of opinion, he was saying no amount of money is probably

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the Muslim guy saying money is there. So Allah subhanaw taala is gift to us, we use it for hire, we take what we need, and then we use the rest of it to help others. That's the point of it. The point of it is that you know, build a society with it, you don't you don't run a monopoly on anything. You take that into us, you make sure that you use it to generate jobs intend to generate wealth for others as well. As long as you're taking care of you take care of those around you. That's the point of having money, we generate it back into the community so that the economy can resell it, you know, money is you know, strength, money is power, money use this money has done I have more because I'm

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smarter. I don't spend as much as you you don't know how to hold you know, the guy you know, when you hear that, like you don't seem to know how to budget yourself properly. If you know how to budget yourself properly, then you wouldn't be you know, in debt all the time or you know, you would have enough to buy the orchards that I bought because I was smart when I was younger used to and then going back and forth and a different opinion and many people do and allowing the world there's a lot of different opinions on on what successes and what wealth represents within the equation of success. Right? It's not everyone agrees to these things as a Muslim, do we have a clear

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understanding of what wealth represents how much we need and where it falls in the equation of success? Right? There should be clarity on it. And the sort of offers a lot of that for us though, this story at least offers us a lot to think about when it comes the longest commentary in this sutra is a still on the is on the story of agenda team. So you'll find two pages of just talking about that those issues and trying to bring light to them and trying to get you to see the difference of opinion. So he entered his gender volume only in FC after he's impressed himself and this suit is a beautiful I love that part of this. He didn't impress his friend. Why his friends you

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knew he knew he knows what successes. He understands with money for you. He's not offended. He doesn't care. So you have no money so why does it hurt me at all? You told me I have more money. I have more friends. I just thought I mean I have more people who support me I have more status than a criminal. Alright 20 under this gentleman he didn't enter. He didn't enter with after oppressing his friend and saying that no, he oppressed himself. He oppressed himself when he misread and misunder

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stood, what wealth represented in his life to begin with that was he did he misplaced wealth, didn't know where to put it, put it in the wrong slot. And that's oppression of his own self and cry is very, very big on explaining to you the situations and moments where you oppress yourself, right? Well, I'm now home when I can go and foster home every morning. It was never, they always oppressed themselves, right? They just did it to themselves. They didn't. It's always about misconceptions and misunderstandings. So he enters and he says four statements that we talked about last time, the four statements are indicators of where he went wrong in his understanding, right? So he made me four

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Miss basic mistakes and understanding things. The first thing he said, My elbow No, and that either Had he ever done. So his whole point of having money, he explained it finally he opened his heart and he said, I have wealth because I need financial security. I need to know that I'll never ever be poor ever again. And then I can sleep knowing that fact and just feeling totally, totally secure, totally happy. No, I'm Muslim, that's not why you have well, that's not how you get grant yourself security. If you want to feel good if you want to feel none if you want to feel happy and calm and at ease, it's not money that can offer you that it's something else. It's a certain it's a

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complexity of rules and of beliefs in Allah subhanho understandings from Allah subhanaw taala will offer you that security with a very clear understanding of what that security actually is. And we'll explain that as we go along. But it's not money it's not a it's not a wad of cash in the back that's going to make you be able to sleep well at night. No, it shouldn't be that's what he used it for my elbow No, I interviewed her the other day I don't think I'll ever use lose it will never go away. Well, my elbow Nusa Takashima right now I'm gonna do what I alluded to earlier on be

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higher on Mina Mukalla. So the second one went out of oneness out Oklahoma. And I don't I'm not sure if there's going to be accountability. So his lack of understanding of there being accountability when you're given something in this life by Allah subhanho wa Taala there is accountability after it here I gave you this right for the show me what you use it for whatever it may be whatever he gave you. Whether, you know wells being the biggest question you're gonna get, because it's, everyone's wants it everyone. You're never going to be you're never going to say no to money. Right. And Kamala Dina folk delu de risk Rahim. Allah America Tina, no, no one in history was given money and said,

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No, I'm good. No, I don't want any money. No, no, no, I'm fine. Just hold on to it. Maybe the prophets of Allah Helene CIBJO. Selim, but that was, that's why he's the Prophet. So you send him because he has those qualities. But besides that money, of course, you'll take money from Allah you're taking from someone else I'm not giving you you're saying no, I have no dignity. No, Allah subhanaw taala only offer you money. You say no, never. So if that's the thing, then you have to understand there's gonna be accountability behind it. So he didn't believe in accountability. Well, I did tweet out of the third one is where he's, he's living NAFTA. Now. He's well off. He has a lot

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of wealth. So he's living the easy life? If he's not sure, maybe I'm gonna go back to my Lord. Maybe not, I don't know. Doesn't matter anymore. Why? Because I'm well off in this life. Because if there is a schema while I'm praying to fight prayer, so I'll go to agenda. And if there isn't, I got tortured. I'm happy, like, I have a lot of money, I can travel and do whatever I want. I'm living the life anyway. So it doesn't make a difference.

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You understand that? That's the way a lot of people that live and a lot of people think maybe maybe think about that for a while, you know, you can be kidding ourselves sometimes. Will you still believe in Allah subhanaw taala Will you still be the same type of person you are in terms of height and doing good deeds and, and trying to serve Allah subhanaw taala even when you're totally broke, even when your cash balance is in the negative? And you kind of see things getting better for yourself or it doesn't seem like it's gonna get any better. Will you still do it? Or because it's easy now it's easy to serve Allah subhanaw taala when everything's going your way, however, it is

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not as easy when things are not rest assure, mark my words, that it will never always be the way it is right now. In life, you just, it's just not how life works. If right now you're at that point, position where you're well off. So serving Allah subhanaw taala is actually not too hard. It's easy, because you already you already have a certain level of security on different in different fields of your life. Mark my words, it doesn't it's just never it never continues. It's just how life is life has ups and downs, there's gonna be a point where you're gonna hit rock bottom, or you're going to lose what a lot of Will you still serve, then? Will you still be as full of higher then will you

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still have the same level of belief then? Right? So this guy has a lot of money. So he's like, what would it do if I go back? I don't know. I don't you know, you're going back.

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I'm not sure to be honest. Ya know, there's a lot of cultures and religions and I don't know, I don't know. I don't know. Of course he's, you know, smoking his pipe and sitting there with his all his wealth behind him, of course easy. It's easy to say that now, after Allah subhanaw already gave you everything you needed. You can question him now because you know you're well off Subhanallah it's a very it's a very poor thing you said you didn't know how you're on minhang caliber off

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find better than I find there. When I go to genuine joy when I die, I'll find something better than I have right now entitlement. The biggest, mostly above all entitlement. Talk about that a bit more.

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Last time didn't have much time to

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talk about it.

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The thing you hate most about your child, if you have a child, if your child shows any signs of entitlement, if your kid says something that you understand from it, that he feels he deserves what he has, that is what bothers you the most as a parent. And that's where all the dads stories come in. Oh, the Father, all the songs, sorrowful, just agonizing father stories where your father and your mothers, you know, studied only a candle and they had to get up in the morning and go feed the horses first. And they have to walk for like 15 kilometers a school and you know, that would be beaten that school and they had to start doing no food at school and make you feel they live like in

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the apocalyptic time when they went when they went to school. Why now maybe there's a lot of truth to it, and maybe there isn't. But the bottom line is what bothers a parent is when they feel that their kid is entitled, when they when a person acts like they, they take what they have for granted, or actually they deserve it, or it's their right to have this you you are owed nothing in this world. Nothing. No one owes you anything, any good. That comes to you to hamdulillah be very, very thankful for it. Things could have gone the other way very easily.

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And those who do Mr. You could have gone unaccounted for it. And it could have not held accountable ever. It's important. And this is something that Allah subhanaw taala explains in the Quran many, many times with a Muslim, every good thing that happens to you, is just a plus on your side that you need to you need to take and be grateful for. Because you're owed nothing, because you offered nothing to begin with.

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When Allah subhanaw taala granted you the consciousness that you have right now that you're a person, that you're someone that you have an identity, you're a living thing, you can see and hear and walk around and think and be someone, you didn't ask for it. And you didn't do anything to deserve it. It was just given to us. We're just here. No one doesn't want to be here. Even those who are suicidal, even those who have mental illnesses, No one hates their consciousness. Sometimes you hate the circumstances, your consciousness is in your heat that you want to get rid of this. So you think that if you kill yourself, you get out of those circumstances. Sometimes people think but no

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one's No one hates being someone. Maybe they hate the nature of their characteristics. They don't like how they think and how they act, but they don't hate being someone. Because that's the only thing we know that what is the alternative? What is the opposite of not being someone that being someone not being someone? How does that even work? You can't even imagine that even when you imagine yourself dead, you imagine yourself floating somewhere in a different dimension watching stuff. You can't imagine not being around, not being around, doesn't work. It's scary. People don't like it. That's why we fear death. Because we there's a little part of us that may fear what happens

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if I disappear. And then I missed out on everything that's going on, I'm just not here anymore. If there was a seat in the theater somewhere in different realm where I could sit around and watch the world, some popcorn and watch what's going on in the world, but I'm not going to be all together. It's scary. Well, it's very scary.

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And the fact that Allah subhanaw taala granted you life. Everything after that is just an addition, life itself is a blessing that you need to you need to thank him subhanaw taala for, but definitely most definitely everything after that needs to be you have to show gratitude for it. You have to show gratitude for it. And that's the whole point. All right. So these are the four mistakes that he made when he walked in. And he showed so now we know why it is that he said what he said to his friend, now they understand exactly why he said it. He has these four ideas. Maybe Maybe we should do is we should think again about ourselves. Do we have any of the four? Do we feel entitled?

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Do we not feel accountability? Are we trying to get money because we want to feel financially secure when and we want money to give us financial security?

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Are we living in efficiently? Are we not too sure. But you know, if it works out, it works out doesn't work out, I had a good time. Or any of those things are part of our characteristics. Because if they are, you need to get rid of them quickly. Because they will be a downfall. You'll see how this sort of this story takes us towards the downfall of this or this individual. So read IHL number 737 of sorts of guff explain the shock as his friend,

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his friend, now he's gonna come back and have another conversation with him just so that we understand what's gonna happen. You may think that his friend would have said, You know what you said that, I mean, I have no interest

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in talking to you anymore. I mean, that was very rude. You shouldn't have said that. And I don't wanna be your friend anymore. But this was a good list of men. It was a man who actually wanted there's a person who cared about his friend and wanted to help him wanting to be a good person. You understood that his friend probably had very a lot of wrong ideas, and you want to be a part of helping even though his friend seemed to have a lot of arrogance and myths and misconceptions. Even though he thought his friends are losing his faith. He has lost his faith in Allah Subhan

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to almost completely with the beliefs that he had but he came back and he had another conversation with him but this time we get to hear what he said right so we've heard about the first guy had to say to his friend and know what he said on his own anyways ideas now they're having that they're gonna have another conversation where the friend the first guy then both the guy tells his friend why he believes what he believes so he's gonna tell him these four things. Basically you're gonna tell I'm going to be honest, this is what I think. I think 1234 This is what I think. So now his friend is going to you know offer him some advice or tell him what he believes or how he sees things

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and if you see a lot of depth and and the friends response so we start from number 37 Be Lahaina che on your body

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all Allahu for Hebrew who were Who are you have

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felt the levy holiday or Kameen tour all the

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mean no offer soon as a workout module

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was trying lacking who Allah would be

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pushy Kobe be had

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the first of their first because the ideas are quite important and then we'll continue because he's not done yet. He's what he's done. He's telling him his narrative the way he understands stuff by the law who saw him Who will you have your wagon they had a conversation Well, how are I going? I said, explain to you when there's different there's different ways of the different three different words there's who out and there is judo and there is Mira Mira is when you're talking with your about nothing important issue of completely there's no importance of this issue whatsoever. It's called me a lot. Do you dal is when there you're talking about issues important. But you have a

00:27:20 --> 00:27:47

point you're trying to prove that point and you're trying to prove the other person's point wrong. Right? He's trying to do the same thing that he does, hey, well, is what we're talking about. We're conversing about important issues. Not necessarily by coming back with debates, not a debate style. It's just a conversation about an interesting issue. I sit with a brother while I'm talking about something of benefit for the Muslims we talk is the conversation he may have different opinions than I but that's a huge Dan is where I know what his opinions are. He knows what my opinions are. I'm gonna come to have a debate on them. Right? It's an important issue we're gonna go in both and you

00:27:47 --> 00:28:22

darlin here are two good things like and they have their settings where they're much needed and they should be used Mira on the other hand is not is not something good Milan were we to sit down and talk about the issues of completely no importance whatsoever. And I don't agree that talking about your personal life or social interactions or going on a trip is not important these are important stuff they do have a certain level of importance to people meaning they mean something to you. You feel you know you feel emotional about you want to express things that's okay I'm talking about when we waste hours conversing over issues that don't help us in any form they're not they're not

00:28:22 --> 00:28:49

offering us anything they're not giving us and we disagree on and we fight so if I see two guys sitting around you know basically disagreeing heavily on whether you know who was the best basketball player of all time was you know, Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan they're really going out I don't understand what why why are you wasting time? Why are you it is not worth it. This is not worth it. I mean, conversing openly is I mean, on one hand I like that sort of because then you can even talk about but to turn it into an issue of importance of turning it into something that means anything that's that's not important that you don't do that's not okay Islamically you're not

00:28:49 --> 00:28:54

supposed to do that that just kind of the words will tell you how we would have why they were conversing again they're just sitting around talking

00:28:55 --> 00:29:30

and he hears from him that you know, what metal will no entity to hide here but I don't think you know, I have total financial because security could have so much money and you don't want my album to start decline. I don't think there's any accountability. I mean, why would there be and I'm not really sure if I'm gonna go back to my Lord again. And if I do I feel entitled to you know, have this and that and so he hears this and he's like, Oh, my friend I know this is no no, I can filter below the hologram into robbing film. I mean, no thin film muscle work or Julia, have you lost your faith in the ones who created you from turabi? It's important here that we underlying that from top

00:29:30 --> 00:29:39

to robbers in salt of the earth, turn them in, notify them from sperm don't miss a workout. And then he brought you to the equilibrium of being a full man, right?

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

Because to be honest, having one of those four problems is if not proven itself. It will lead you later on to a to an understanding of gopher and here we're not talking about whether Okay, will you leave Islam is it in Allah subhanaw taala is divine.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:41

wisdom and knowledge. If you and your heart if you don't have the certainty of accountability or myopia, if you don't have the proper to call upon Allah subhanaw taala plus, you don't need money for financial security, if you feel entitled to what you gave to what you were given, instead of Fi feeling gratitude to what you have, if you are not certain that you're going to return to Allah subhanaw taala and be resurrected again, those four things are going to lead you to a complete status of gopher of disbelief, or they are in themselves a sign of disbelief of losing faith in Allah subhanaw taala. Not having certainty in these issues, not having clarity on them is a big

00:30:41 --> 00:31:01

deal. Now, again, we can't say if someone doesn't have to go, okay, he's a Catholic. No, no, no, no, this is what Allah subhanaw taala views it is the view of Allah subhanaw taala. You know, looking at wealth, as the reason for your security, from a financial point of view, is basically denouncing your faith in him jealous. Because that's the whole point.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:41

The point of having it is that Hamdulillah he rose up and he gave me but just like he gave me can take it away. And my dependents in my heart for what for my future is upon Allah subhanaw taala not upon whatever amount of money I have sitting in my in my bank account that. And then if you take every one of those four statements, you break it down, you find Oh, how is it doesn't sound right? For me to be entitled, is basically walking around acting as if Allah subhanaw taala owes me something. Allah subhanaw taala owes me nothing. In fact, I owe him everything. And I have no way to actually pay him back. So it's a bit of a predicament here because I can't pay him back. There's

00:31:41 --> 00:32:12

nothing that works for him. Like, there's nothing I can give him some high notes that will help them in any way. So really, all I can do is hope to do enough deeds that please Him, because that's how he based it on just please me just do be a good person, just be really good. Here's the rules to be good. And then and even that that's not helping them at all. It's a way of thought it's a whole different way of viewing things to begin with. So I told him a catheter binder the HELOC? Are you losing your faith? Are you this believing in the One who created you? From Torah from the salt of the earth? Now the question would be here, why would he say Tada? Because the person in front of

00:32:12 --> 00:32:29

them was not a dumb money. Right? So it wasn't he wasn't talking to my niece. And I'm to tell him, You created you from Tom, because he wasn't created from so you weren't creative in the salt of the earth directly? Right? You You were a whole different story for us. Right? So he's telling you, how are you losing faith in the One who created from the soil of the earth?

00:32:31 --> 00:32:47

But he didn't, oh, but he's not talking about the fact that you were born. See this man when he was, you know, conversing with his friend. He talked him about creation from its original status. So we're saying, as a person, how could you lose your faith? And it was a philosophical

00:32:48 --> 00:32:49


00:32:51 --> 00:32:56

a biological one, even? How could you lose faith in the one that created you from the soul of the Earth?

00:32:58 --> 00:33:42

To a sperm to a human being? How are you denouncing this? How are you walking around acting like none of that matters. You see, there's a difference when we talk about, you know, the creation from a very simple perspective of just being born. And you're here to know, this man was not talking about that he was talking about the origin of creation to begin with, as a person, you came from, basically, the elements of the earth, this was just a green and blue, you know, round ball of a planet, just you know, spinning around this massive sun. And then life came to me. And then slowly, last life moved on you came, and you're here, you're just the magnificence of creation that went

00:33:42 --> 00:34:22

into that you understand how conflict complicated it all is, and how how delicate all of this is, how long it took for you to be here. It's a big deal. Looking in looking, learning about Allah subhana wa Tada by studying and understanding the elements of the world that we live in looking at the universe, and looking at life and how it came to be is a really important method for your belief in Allah subhanaw taala to become solid, if you want to cement it. If you want your belief to become almost unshakable. You have to look at everything around you. You can't. The simple arguments of what you're born doesn't work because he said, Well, everyone's born like that was like, No, he just

00:34:22 --> 00:35:00

go back to the beginning. At a certain point, there was no life on Earth. Let's go back 600 million years ago, volcanoes and eruptions and it was just it was a very, it looks very different. The atmosphere was different, the earth itself was different. And then things slowly changed until the until the environment was was supportive enough of that first cell and Allah subhanaw taala granted it life during the life and then it moved on and evolved and developed until you and I sit here today with full consciousness and ability to you know, to weigh things and understand and to see and what other creation on the planet can look up to discuss stars and question has Onyx

00:35:00 --> 00:35:31

assistance in question. No one knows the last time you saw Pelican looking up to the stars and asking why you had a long beak knowing that they don't do these things they don't care for that. Tigers don't have philosophical breakdowns, right? There's no midlife crisis for a lion and it doesn't melt down and need us like I did no one no one needs these things. Because they just they're just here just do their thing. They just get married eat you know, kill everything that harms them and then they die and then it keeps on going and then you're here with a whole different set of values and ways and abilities and you can do more and you just sit around and you're questioning

00:35:31 --> 00:36:10

stuff like no other nothing else does that so he's telling him you lost faith is the one that created you from from Earth pick up earth when you walk outside go go pick up some some dirt and look at it and say, you know, at one point I was somewhere in here like my origin came from this slowly Yes, but at the end this is where I came from. And if you don't believe that we'll look where you go back to you go back to it, but you go back to it in a very quick way. You dissolve into it quicker, but you came from it to just to come to this it's a difference of time that's all time is a big deal for Allah subhanaw taala because he created no nothing really for us so 100 years that's a

00:36:10 --> 00:36:15

lifetime Oh my gosh 600 million years old. How does it work? Well you know, it is what it is

00:36:16 --> 00:36:50

Don't get fooled by the know the length of time Stein this time. So he's telling him is relative it's relative anyway, it's relative like when you're sleeping like right now we're feeling every moment those of you who are bored feel every moment like 50 moments you don't want to be here and then this is totally just agony and suffering every second you're here waiting for the looking at the clock clock is not moving for some reason you think other people around the world are sleeping This means nothing to them. They're gonna wake up eight hours from now and feel totally undernourished like that. I just I just lay down you're waking me up it's been eight hours it's

00:36:50 --> 00:37:26

totally relative time is totally religion to begin with. Did you will lose faith and the one that created you from Earth and then you became a sperm a small and then your man How could you then you know columbarium so worker equilibrium of a person meaning you're not you're not just you know a couple it's not like you're put together by an by a blind but no, you look good. You function like you everything about you works. Malkin if everything was totally messed up and there was an eye up here and your hand was on the other side and just really awkward to walk around and hard to function but no even your functioning abilities are perfect. You can do everything you want to do.

00:37:27 --> 00:37:40

How could you lose faith? That's what he's telling him luck in. However for me, who Allah who will be it is Allah subhanaw taala who is my Lord? What else should equal be? Don't be a hater and I will never associate anyone with my Lord

00:37:42 --> 00:37:43

remember at the beginning of the SUTA

00:37:44 --> 00:37:51

at the beginning of it so go back to I guess number four well you Indian lady in a call you

00:37:53 --> 00:38:03

heard Allahu Allah need to bring warning to those who said Allah subhanaw taala had a kid and I talked about something at that point. And I talked about back then for a reason so you can

00:38:04 --> 00:38:05

relate it here.

00:38:06 --> 00:38:09

What is the big deal about you know

00:38:10 --> 00:38:38

why used to hate important to begin with? When you think about it today? The argument that exists is we don't believe why why do you need to hate you don't need to hate to be a good person. Why is to hate the only thing Allah subhanaw taala will not forgive you'll forgive everything else. He's willing to forgive everything just not just don't reach don't hate, at least openly don't do it openly at least that then I'll forgive everything else. Everything else he comes to me, I'll forgive it for you. No problem, but just don't don't breach then. And then you will why why is it such a big deal shouldn't be murder or theft or you know, Ray for some some horrible action that you know, we

00:38:38 --> 00:39:15

all agreed this is just garbage and the person should be punished for it like horribly. Why is it so hate because hate is a way of life, to the opposition of it is believing Allah subhanaw taala has an associate or believing that Allah subhanaw taala has children. Either way, either way that, you know, whatever we're talking about, what you're believing is that Allah subhanaw taala is less diety than he actually is, he's less of a God than he actually is. And that serves a lot of purposes for us as human beings, human beings are have never been and probably never will be content with the relationship they have with God. And they don't like their abilities, because we have the ability to

00:39:15 --> 00:39:48

because our brains are much bigger, our consciousness are much bigger than our bodies way bigger. Like you can think of stuff and imagine things in way more than what you can actually do. Right? That's why we have science and science allows us to do what we can do with our bodies, we can fly now we can go into water, but we couldn't do that with their own body. So your consciousness your mind is much bigger than the prison of this body that you're living in. Right. And the human being has never been happy with that. So he found ways either to for him to become closer to God. You want to be closer to God, you want to be like God doesn't enjoy X Men. And you know, all the superheroes

00:39:48 --> 00:40:00

are fun because it's awesome to think that you can fly one day and shoot laser beams throughout your eyes and it's awesome. But we tried and we haven't there's no evolutionary step where we're gonna get

00:40:00 --> 00:40:17

that done. So the second best thing if you can't win the race, with your own merit with your own strength, maybe trip the guy who's in front of you. Right? If I can find out better than you, maybe I can hold you back a bit. Find a way. So if I can't be a god, I can make God more like me.

00:40:18 --> 00:40:34

Right? Jalla Jalla ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada desafio Allah subhanaw taala. But this is the idea here is why Allah subhanaw taala talking about you make God more like you give him associates, let him have a committee, just like we do in boards,

00:40:35 --> 00:40:39

young children, young children, he'll be a dad even more like me,

00:40:40 --> 00:41:03

a wife, you're gonna have all the problems yet give them something like that. Make him more like a human being. Make them less like a god. Why it levels the playing area bit. levels. It makes everything easier now because now he's no longer the omniscient Subhana wa Tada. All Wise, they're all capable, the Almighty, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious, he's not that he's something less than that a bit. Which means I don't have to listen to him all the time.

00:41:04 --> 00:41:24

When he was like that, when you think about it, would you disobey the omniscient? The all knowing the all wise, the all capable? Could you use a pound? It doesn't make any sense? Why would you do that? But if he's not that great jelajah Allah subhanaw taala, then maybe I don't have to lose everything. He says, maybe I can question him. Maybe I can fight with him. Maybe I can beat him one day.

00:41:25 --> 00:42:07

Subhanallah No, I know, this sounds ugly for a Muslim ear. Because Muslim ears are in surely on immune from thinking of these things. But this is the reality of how people function sometimes. And when I don't have to listen to him on everything he does. And everything. He says, I can come up with my own rules. Now. I don't there is there is no ultimate source of revelation or rulings or values in the universe anymore. Now I am, I can sit with people and come up with my own values. Now, what's Halal and Haram is just a matter of preference. It's just better. You try to do it if you can. But it's not to ultimate. It's not a red line that if you pat, if you cross, then you've just

00:42:07 --> 00:42:43

crossed the almighty supine, overtired and was waiting for you as punishment. It's not when you do what he told you to do, you do it for him. And you know that there is a you know, blissful reward waiting for you. On the other side, the other side is just a matter. It's just guidelines, right? Just guidelines and preferences, and then we come up with the rest of it. And that's why the world today no longer follows any of the values that are basic and fundamental. And religions, all religions, you see Islam and Christianity, Judaism, even Buddhism and Hinduism, everywhere you go, the same set of values the same same, because all these were leads at one point from or another that

00:42:43 --> 00:43:18

a prophet Brian, and they have the same values that people don't like those values, because they're rigid, and they're strict, and they're not fun. And they don't allow us to do what we want to do and enjoy our life and enjoy our time and do what we want. So we find ways to go over them. The easiest of all, make God make the concept of God, less intimidating, less perfect, bring them down a bit so that we can talk because I'm in I'm imperfect, and so are you. So if we can talk about these things, if he's in perfect, diligent on every aspect, then I have no choice but to listen, and to follow through. But if I can make him seem a bit less perfect, then it's easier for me to follow. And that

00:43:18 --> 00:43:32

is the difference between Joe Hayden No, no hate to hate is the belief in the perfection of the Almighty subhanho wa taala? We don't question him, we don't question what he tells us, the values he gives us are absolute, and we stick to them. Others don't have the same view.

00:43:33 --> 00:43:38

It's a good idea. A good example of all this, because it's like a big money.

00:43:39 --> 00:44:12

Good example of this is money. How do you view money? Well, he tells you how to view money SubhanAllah? Are you willing to view it the way he told you to view it? Are you willing to willing to see wealth in the form that he wants you to see wealth, and then deal with golf in the way that he wants you to deal with both? Or are you going to continue to see it as reasons for your financial security, the illusion of being totally secure financially? Or is it a reason? Or do you not see any accountability for what you were given? Or do you lose your faith or you lose belief in Allah subhanaw taala and you just live half and half because you know, I have both I'm having a good time

00:44:12 --> 00:44:49

here. If there's a good if there's anything waiting for me on the other side, I'll pray in and make my way over there. Do you feel entitled to anything these? These are the things he's teaching? subhanaw taala Do you understand wealth as a building brick for for a a blissful and prosperous community? Do you feel that you are given this so they can use it to build to raise your children and to help others do the same for their as a make something out of a society and build a civilization that's how you view wealth is just a mean to a greater cause. It's a mean it's not a goal. It's in its own sense. This is this is what this story is telling us very simply. What is

00:44:49 --> 00:45:00

shidduch have to do with it. That's what she has to do with it. Well, the most difficult thing to follow is his rulings and money give you an example of that, that you know you can even relate with the moment the prophets of Allah Allah Selim de what how

00:45:00 --> 00:45:00


00:45:01 --> 00:45:31

What did the people do? What did they withhold right? Is it a loss no more as we get his money no one wants to know who wants to be told what to do with their money? It's all fun and games until you talk about money or life. Right? It's all easy this is a no problem I can talk and you can all agree and it's all fun and games until your wealth is compromised or your life or well being in life is compromised and then everything becomes like oh hold the sword down this this think about this right? Money. What about that?

00:45:32 --> 00:46:08

Is money? Are there examples in this in life where people valued money more than they valued anything else? Right debits yada right? I really have been what? I will have every reason to accept Islam. He was the uncle of the Prophet. So I said him his sons were engaged to his daughters. He was there that day he was born he knew he was he was honest and he was truthful to what he said he believed in the actual ideas. He was a part of his tribe had every reason to accept Islam yet he didn't because money because he saw it though he compromising his business and his ability to make money he's like No, don't touch my money. Do what you want, do not touch my money. Talk about

00:46:08 --> 00:46:37

anything you want to talk about I'm totally with you just don't ever come near my business and my financial well being well that doesn't work. I'm sorry if you believe in Allah subhanaw taala you believe the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala then wealth turns into something different it's just a means to achieve certain goals to take care of your wife and your children to take care of you know people to take care of yourself those around you that's that's what it's for. You're not supposed to achieve financial security within this there's no such thing anyway. And as soon as going to the store he's going to explain that to us and give an example because he said he thought that's

00:46:37 --> 00:46:49

impossible. I have so much money right now it's impossible that I'll lose everything I can't. I've made so much it's not gonna happen. Oh, it did Subhanallah we continue to show that number 39 Okay, what

00:46:51 --> 00:46:53

is the whole tangent

00:46:55 --> 00:46:56


00:47:04 --> 00:47:04


00:47:06 --> 00:47:08

hola hola hoop

00:47:18 --> 00:47:21

Delaunay Anna upon learning

00:47:30 --> 00:48:01

second example the second piece of advice he told me he gave him well hola is the halter well I will learn Arabic means it would have been better had you done this that's what so basically what hola is a complete sentence in English language. So well Ola is the has the genetic means it would have been way better for you. Have you done this when you entered your genetic code when you entered your orchard? Because when you entered your orchard and you and you said what you said because he told him this is what I said when I after I left you the other day this is what I said they said these things

00:48:04 --> 00:48:45

so I told them no what would have meant it would have would have been better when you enter your orchard. Had you walked in there looked at it and you said Masha Allah La Quwata illa biLlah this is the will of Allah subhanaw taala I am amazed I am awed by the beauty of the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala what I see right now La Quwata illa biLlah there is no strength there is no power there is no ability to gain this to achieve this to own it or for it to exist in the first place except through His will and His power Subhanallah Tada that would have been better in Telangana a Colombian canal and since you see me to be less than you in wealth and in children and social support, like I

00:48:45 --> 00:49:16

don't have the status that you have, I don't have enough I don't have a big family and I have a lot of wealth, if that's what you see if that's how you're viewing it if you're looking at me and that's what you're seeing because you shouldn't see that anyway. But if that's what you see in telephony if that is what you're seeing, if you're looking at me and you see less money less children, then at least when you enter your orchard say Masha Allah La Quwata illa at least you know, I attribute all of that to him. So I don't want that. Because it's an acknowledgment that yes, you have less money than me less you have less children than I do. You have a big family and I have more money and I

00:49:16 --> 00:49:32

have more children but I know that it's all coming from you. So find out what that is of Hanukkah Yolanda came from you, Masha Allah is your will. This is the will of Allah this is your will is what you get is the beauty of your will now quality level, I had no power in achieving this. If it wasn't for you, you ought to at least say that.

00:49:33 --> 00:49:59

Well, you're probably asking why you're saying at least say that what could you have done better? Oh, there's a lot of things you could have said better. You could have never viewed the lack of wealth and children and the other person in front of him as an indicator of of less success. He could have not he could have viewed as money not as a as an indicator of success or strength or or Allah subhanaw has preference than him, but rather he could have viewed it as an opportunity and an accountability, meaning Allah Subhan Allah gave me an opportunity to do good

00:50:00 --> 00:50:31

And there's going to be accountability attached to it. That's how you're supposed to see it. That is what he was supposed to be thinking. That's how you're supposed supposed to think. But he didn't, but he didn't. So I told him at least if you're gonna continue to view that I am less than you. Right and that's how you you understood you comprehending the situation, or at least attribute the beauty of all of this to Allah subhanaw taala and that's the Sunnah. So if you ever walk in, you know, one day you're sitting around, and you see something beautiful in your own home. Well you see, you see your wife and your children or your see your spouse and you know if you're a lady, if you

00:50:31 --> 00:51:07

see your spouse and your children or your family and and it's just for a moment there you just feel this really happy like that moment where you just you're laying in bed and you can hear the kids downstairs and and people are making food and it's just a lot of light and you just feel for a moment. Really happy seeing Masha Allah, this is the beautiful will of Allah subhanaw taala La Quwata illa biLlah there would have been no way for me to achieve this had he not allowed the subpoena without I'll do that immediately. Enjoy it, but make sure that the moment you enjoy that, that the moment you enjoy the wealth and the provision and the and the bliss that Allah subhanaw

00:51:07 --> 00:51:38

taala is offering you in your life, that you attribute it to him subhanaw taala right away, so that inshallah it continues. And so that inshallah because that, I know that it's a word, I know smash out a little quickly, but no, but it's a it's a way of thought you say it, but there's a there's a way of thought in your mind, there's a mentality who's attached to it, that inshallah will continue with you. Because that's if that's how you view things, you will never look at someone who doesn't have it, and think that or less, or think that it's their fault, or think that they did something wrong here. And you know what you're, you're just happy that Allah subhanaw taala blessed you with

00:51:38 --> 00:52:13

this. That's all you either people have different stories. If you can be a force of good for them, then go ahead and if you can't, you have no reason to believe that they are lesser than you in any former marine or you don't even doing the con comparison. Because for you the fact that you have some wealth is just the blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that you are very happy that was offered to you in the first place. So saying, Masha, Allah, Allahu Allah, Allah when you see good things, it's not just a word that we say as Muslims from a cultural perspective, it's, it's a way it's how we view stuff, is how we view wealth is how we view money and provision and, you know, it's how we

00:52:13 --> 00:52:22

view it, we just view it as something that Allah subhanaw taala has built for us, and we're very lucky to have it, there will be no actual way for us to get it, had he not offered it to us subhanaw taala the way he did?

00:52:24 --> 00:52:31

All right, the goal today Inshallah, because if I go on, then I have to explain. There's a lot of coming, I have a lot of explanation

00:52:32 --> 00:53:02

attached to them. So what I'm going to do, and this is what I do every every year when it's hedger time is I recite upon you the heart of the prophets of Allah Hadees. I do sell them during his time in, in his hedge. So all you saw was he made hedge. And during university, I did a paper, I wrote a paper on authenticating all the different things he said slides, and then there's a summary. But I've had this paper with me for 10 years, I carried around. It's been in three countries so far. So four countries, I carried around a fabric from the

00:53:03 --> 00:53:38

authentication of everything he said, So I sent him on that day. Now the reason this is important, because he died literally four months exactly to the day after he said these things. So he said these things. Four months later, he passed away police officer, it was the last big sermon he ever gave meaning after this, he said he talked publicly a few times, but usually 50 100 people maybe tops at this point he was speaking to 100,000. Right? He didn't say it once he said this hope by at least six times as far as I can. I could tell through the research that six times he would say starting from basically, later that Teruya, which is going to be this Wednesday night. And then the

00:53:38 --> 00:54:08

day of alpha the day of Nahata. And it's wrote the days after he would go he gave us hope by one's very in a very large, massive gathering on the day of alpha, then he gave it in different places. Wherever he found groups of people, he would say different parts of this whole bunch of different people. But the concept in the courtroom are pretty much the same. Repeated and that's why it was narrated to us through so many Sahaba through so many people told us that at some point, he said this sort of lies to them. Right and when you put them all together, you understand what was happening he would go and he made sure that his final message his final couple of ideas were related

00:54:08 --> 00:54:44

to everyone and I find there's a lot of value in maybe contemplating and just listening to his final message still life. Imagine imagine yourself being there with him and Hajj Ali Asad salaam when he you know, 23 years into his struggle, right? He stood on Shabbat or suffer 20 years before and he spoke and people shut him up and pull them down. And he was persecuted for at least 10 years after that. Now 20 years later, he's standing on the same mountain. But now there's 103,000 People who are following him to he lost a lot of people on the way a lot of his family members, all of his friends, a lot of Sahaba died for this moment to be, you know, to come. And he knew this was going to be the

00:54:44 --> 00:54:59

beginning of a very long heritage and history of Muslims and that this was just the start that he wouldn't be around for the lesson to see how it all were going to unfold. If you think about it. He never saw the you know the golden age of Islamic civilization. He didn't see it. I saw this and he passed away

00:55:00 --> 00:55:36

Before happened, you know, Bob time is one of the example of when things all came came to know, the Islamic empire had went from Mauritania in the West to parts of China in the east and up to parts of Europe in the in the north and down to mid Africa. So it made it for 30 years after he died, but he didn't live long enough to see it. When you think about it, that's that's its own sorrow like he didn't get you didn't get to see the fruit of what he did, or you saw to us and I'm but he did leave us with a number of ideas, a number of principles that are taken from the Quran, and from the basic teachings of Islam that he expressed in his corpus of Allah Hadees. I will explain to you and Shawn,

00:55:36 --> 00:56:05

I will repeat recite upon you what he said, The Sahaba many of them there as he stood at least, for NASA for Hamid Allah worth now I think he's a Macaulay he praised Allah subhanaw taala. And he showed gratitude. That's how we started everything. And that is how you're supposed to start everything. And that's the part of the story that we're reading sort of is related to that you're supposed to first thing is just show gratitude for everything that exists. And then go ahead and talk about we want to talk about some Are you a nurse is smoke Holy crap, you know, HuFa in Isla de vallila, alcohol can

00:56:06 --> 00:56:18

be heard. And most people listen to me and understand what I'm going to tell you because there's a good chance that I never actually meet you in a similar setting ever again. That's what he said at the beginning of the lesson. There was some understanding that he may not.

00:56:33 --> 00:57:04

Then he goes to listen to old people, and they say in English, only this through the time I might be able to finish it. So oh, people do know what day it is today. And of course, people it was custom that if the province of Eliza was speaking or anyone was giving a holiday that no one would speak. Even there was a question he was it was rhetorical. So he repeated again. Do you know what day it is today? There was quite they said it again. Do you know what day it is today until the Sahaba said to themselves, maybe he wants to change the name of the day cuz it was out of so maybe the point of this. He wants to change the name of the day and but that's what he's asking. So he said he

00:57:05 --> 00:57:19

fucka Hua, Yeoman Haram is a sacred day. So holy thing. Then he asked, you know what month this is? And then three times, same thing. And they said, maybe he wants to change the name of the month? I don't we don't know. The answer. Allah

00:57:20 --> 00:57:55

said who are you? Who are Sharon haram? It is a sacred month. And they said, Then he said, Do know what country this is? Or what piece of land we are on right now. Three times still no answer. They said Womack, color who are better than haram. It's a sacred land. And the Prophet SAW Selim was a master of public speaking. So he would do these things to get people's attention. This is how everyone was like, what what is he doing? What Why is he asking? He's very peculiar. Everyone was listening. But there were so many people that not everyone could hear. So we had two guys on two horses, he would finish a paragraph and then let them run gallop into the into the crowd and repeat

00:57:55 --> 00:58:34

the same stuff a couple of times and come back. So the hobo was done. It took like an hour, the whole itself takes maybe five minutes to read like it doesn't really take that long, but for it to actually happen took an hour because he needed all 100,000 to listen and then to answer some of them have to answer they're gonna be questions were gonna have to answer this stuff. And then he said, In edema, what unwelcome haram on alikhan government to me come here the future honeycomb heard a few biological MHADA Alas, the sanctity of your Muslim of your fellow Muslims blood and wealth property himself in his way he owns the sanctity and the sacredness of your fellow Muslims, blood and wealth

00:58:34 --> 00:58:45

is more sacred than the sanctity of this sacred day in this sacred month on this sacred land. You see, when he talks about where he is, he's like, are you seeing how many?

00:58:46 --> 00:59:16

You see all the holiness in one place? This the holy day is the holy month. It's the Holy Place your earth Rasulullah. So I said to them, right. This is just like there's no Is there anything holier than that? No, that is like the holiest moment now. The sanctity of Muslim blood is holier. That's the whole point of the way he said that. Yeah, you see all the holiness, you see how holy it all is? How sacred all it all is. Yeah, yeah. This is the most sacred thing in the world. Yeah. No, it isn't. The most sacred thing is the is the Muslims. Well, being in wealth that's way more secret. It's way more sacred.

00:59:17 --> 00:59:22

And everyone is quite just like we are quite quiet right now. We think about it.

00:59:23 --> 01:00:00

What have we done with that? Right? Because most of whatever you've done Allah, this is what he does what he said, This is the part of the hotpot that everyone narrated. There's other paragraphs that some people said some people, everyone said this part. He started like this every time telling you, you understand the sanctity of the blood and wealth of your fellow human being beside you. It is more sacred than whatever holy things you can imagine. stacked on top of each other. Yes, a holy day, holy month, a holy place. The Holy Prophet, all of that. Yeah. The sanctity of the the well being of the person beside you know, outranks it, or it's equivalent to it ugly

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01:00:02 --> 01:00:06

and then he said Bella, Jeanne John and I were ready he was

01:00:07 --> 01:00:45

ready he may there'll be no harm from a father to his son or a son to his father just in case you think well during within families, it shouldn't be okay. No, not even with not even within families. Not even within your not even towards your own son. The sanctity even goes towards your family members. Don't say Well, I'm a dad, I have to think think before you act and think before you treat someone even if it's your son, even if it's your mom or your dad. Cool Muslim, Muslim haram demo MaryLu where everything about the Muslim is sacred to do as muslims do his fellow Muslim his his blood, his life, his wealth and and his dignity in them meanwhile, he's continuing last on all

01:00:45 --> 01:00:53

believers are our brothers and you're not allowed to touch the wealth of another Muslim brother unless they give it to you with an open heart mean they wanted you to have it.

01:00:55 --> 01:00:58

help a loved allies have I given the message

01:00:59 --> 01:01:31

and he sent in the people on the on the horses saying the exact same stuff? And of course the crowds are answering Allah Who Manam Yes, Oh Allah, we were witnesses that yes, he is given the message and I'm telling you Allah Allah, Allah Who Munna and then when he came, they came back to him. Somebody said I'm saying that you're not Allah. They're all saying Allahu Manam he turned to the sky. He said Allah whom officiated or Allah be my witness, I told them, I told them that they can't harm each other. I told them that they cannot back by each other, they can't take each other as well, if they can't harm each other anyway, I told them, it's more sacred than anything they can imagine. It's not

01:01:31 --> 01:02:05

it's not on me. When years later they kill each other. And they hate each other and the condescend towards each other and they're racist towards each other. And it's not on me when they start with each other and they don't care about one another's problems. I told them that they're more sacred to each other than anything they can possibly imagine. And he continues to learn something and he said, Are you a nurse or people Allah has everything that is reminiscent of the Joe Healy of all times at the time before Islam is now under my feet I stand on it it is worthless it's behind us everything of the Gehenna yeah every every bad thought every bad message every bad ethic every bad value is

01:02:05 --> 01:02:44

completely behind us from today and I'm going to put down all I'm going to put away all the filter means when there's a revenge and there's blood involved me we're going to end this right now and the first act of revenge I'm going to end right now is the revenge that has been seeked or sought for my for my cousin who was killed as a child by Who the * is over we don't we're not going to fight anymore because we're going to because the idea was a start something new let's let's wipe the slate and just start fresh so we can build something here and all river is over and the first river that I remember that I end right now is the river of my uncle the interest of my uncle. I bet he doesn't no

01:02:44 --> 01:02:47

one owes him anything anymore. And let's end on about

01:02:48 --> 01:03:21

he he ended some nice alum at that moment for everyone staying there everything of Jay Hillier okay, just put it put it behind you. There was a bad time. We weren't thinking straight. We were acting properly put it behind us move forward. The third character are you hitting us in the shape on ESA and you are bad fer leikam heavy Oh, people are last. Satan has no hope of ever being worshipped again, meaning idols in the form of rock and trees will not be worshipped again, but he knows that but he is happy if he can make you

01:03:23 --> 01:03:59

disobey Allah and obey Him and simple stuff that you don't care about your daily actions. If he can get you to hate a bit if he can get you to be lessons here. If he can make you to walk away from Santa if he can get you to mistreat your wife. Maybe if he can get you not to care about the Muslim just something simple stuff. Just be more selfish. Just be a bit less caring. He's happy with that. The rule who I know Danny can be very aware be very aware of him and cautious he is after your faith is actually it was easy to change it for you. He knows you're not going to prostrate to a tree anymore. But he will be happy with less than that. As we you know, oh no clearly in the paragraph

01:03:59 --> 01:04:06

after that, so they said I'm gonna jump a few just so we do not understand. Are you and so people are in the lead Nene said eco Malaika

01:04:07 --> 01:04:14

welcome Allah Anissa koalas, your wives, oh, you rights and you all your wives writes.

01:04:17 --> 01:04:56

For Tapachula, huff and Lisa have piety and faith, a lot of fear of Allah subhanaw taala. When you're dealing with women, we're still sold in Nissa Halen, and I'm giving you the good. My final advice of treating women with the best of manners and behavior that you're capable of fitting the Hoonah r1 indicum laemmli coulomb in Hoonah che and NYADA LIC they are your supporters and spouses in life. They're there to help you. You own nothing of them besides that, because to move in that became Atilla was difficult on Frou Frou Jehan Nydia, dilla factory Who are you honey so you're a nurse. So Colleen, you have to have entered wedlock with you within the name of Allah Subhana Allah

01:04:56 --> 01:04:59

to Allah and he wrote We were allowed access to them with the word and the call

01:05:00 --> 01:05:37

Have an act of Allah subhanho wa taala. So understand all people what I am telling you, I love, I love that have I given the message. And they ran in they said the two three paragraphs, and they came back. And he said, so I said, I'm Allahumma should. One of the final things he said, so I said I'm was regarding women and the rights of women at a time and in a place where women were not treated fairly, and to be honest, still aren't, still aren't and far, far from it's still, but the Prophet slicin His final few words was please understand what I'm telling you. Treat them the best fear Allah subhanaw taala when you're treating with them, Fear Allah subhanaw taala when you're

01:05:37 --> 01:06:15

dealing with them and asking them of anything, and he passed away some of those words echoing in the minds and ears of everyone who listened to him. So I said, Let me still 1400 years later, we haven't achieved it yet. We haven't achieved it yet, as husbands, as fathers, as mothers and as sisters, and we say the rights of women. Women are involved in this as well. Women are involved in it as well. We're all involved in it. We've all we all need to revise the way we view we know we deal with it. One more Okay, one more chapter, one more paragraph. And then he said, oh people, alas, your Lord is one. And your father is one you have all come from the soil of the earth.

01:06:16 --> 01:06:55

And there is no preference for an Arab over an Arab or a non Arab over an Arab. There is no preference of a white person or a black person, or a black person over a red person except through piety and they recited in a chromosome. And Allah at Bagram indeed, the most, the best of you, the highest of you in regards are the ones who have the most piety in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala the only way any of us here is better than any other person here is that if Allah subhanaw taala says so and until Allah Subhana Allah tells you or tells all of us that you or me or anyone who is better now we are all the same. And there's really nothing for us to be preferred over each other.

01:06:55 --> 01:07:18

Yes, some of us may be wealthier, more knowledgeable, they may have more influence the men have done better deeds but at the end to say that you are better or anyone is better than anyone it's only Allah subhanaw taala Allah Allah totally quality Islam view every human being regardless of where you come from what you look like what you have everyone is exactly the same there's no preference whatsoever

01:07:19 --> 01:07:52

have I given the message and they ran in and they came back Aloha my fish had I'll finish with the okay I still have this the second paragraph after them Are you hitting us in the federal to come I'll help well mocha theorem big fella too so we do what he or melty indeed I am waiting for you on the hold he'll milky and I'll be I'll be waiting for you then the prophets Allah Allah never had time in life for for leisure activities and he didn't he didn't participate in many of them, you would ask him Daniela, we have a nice little gathering and eating. He was exactly looking at I have you know, he has worked to do that. But Insha Allah, our meeting is on the hold. You will tell them

01:07:52 --> 01:08:25

fettled talking about how to repeat that a lot. That you know, come to the hold with the good deeds drink and then we enter agenda and then we can I'm all yours you won't take me we can go and eat and drink and do whatever you want to do. But right now I don't have time for it. And neither do you. So go focus and fanatical man, I'm waiting for you on the hold for McCarthyism because I want to show people how many good Muslims there are to bring a lot of good Muslims to the faith. Bring people in have children and do that and bring Muslims and don't make my face turn black yo milky turned dark, Yom Okayama when I see that there's none of people and a lot of you aren't coming to the hole

01:08:25 --> 01:08:36

because it'd be taking away to another destination. Please come and bring everyone with you. And let me be joyful on that day so we can enter some lines. And then the final thing you said Ali is so slow and that the

01:08:37 --> 01:08:46

Falabella Russia hidden in common May the ones who heard this tell the ones who didn't. You never know a person who hears this later may understand it more than a person who hears or right now because that's how life is.

01:08:47 --> 01:08:59

And you will be asked about me or milk pm he's saying so listen them, you're gonna be asked about me fermentum quote you don't What are you going to say? So everyone was quiet? Like what were we going to say? But we will also Allah? What are you going to say about?

01:09:01 --> 01:09:32

What do you mean? What are we going to say about you? He was scarce that Allah Allah salam for his own feet, your Mobium he was scared they didn't do the job properly, or they maybe didn't do it well enough. And he asked people and then people didn't say anything. He insisted No, no, tell me what are you going to say? So they started saying but luckily a man or a data llama you you conveyed the message and you fulfilled the covenant. And you taught them to the best of your ability and you gave us the best of advice and you gave us the best example and the whole 100,000 people started saying the same thing. And the Prophet Simon was in tears as he turned to the skies that Allah whom

01:09:32 --> 01:09:46

efficient Allah whom official Allah we might want to see. I did my job I did it. I did. I didn't withhold anything Sun Allah, Allah who at least have you send them and that was the end of his talk about Shall we only have no time next week. I'm thinking that next week there won't be 100

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