Islamic Core Value – Incorruptibility – Istiqamah #4

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The Edge manual but

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you're really Mahmoud Buhari you feel so he and Khalifa Terminalia Murni lobby Allahu Anhu

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Well, this hadith tonight is a collection of Korean is by Khalifa it's not a hadith it's a hadith and not really a hadith. Meaning if something or they've said and we have for him specifically on the Allahu anhu, maybe four or five narrations in Bukhari and Muslim as well, where it's really not something that he narrated to us from the Prophet Allah, you saw there was something that he said or explained that the reason and the reason it's there is that there's a belief that he wouldn't have said that had he not heard something from the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam to indicate that that should have been that needs to be set. It's not just him that a few of the Sahaba he has like the

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most of these narrations in the book. And the reason that they give him a little bit more

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attention, or the Allahu Anhu is because the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam entrusted him with certain pieces of information, he told him about who they were not 15 Where and he had to hold on to that for the rest of his life. It'll be Allah Juan, who is that of course was seen that you know, a lot of people to see him in a different light that this is someone that Prophet Allah is awesome, trust not only his confidentiality, but also his judgment and his thought process so so when he said something or the last line who it was, they would take it that they would narrate it from him and then then the the Imam Hadith would actually read those Quotes and Sayings in their books. And this

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is in the collective mind body. And this is what he said and this is only for me and for people who are like me are trying to learn the Quran. And this is the theme is still the theme of is DICOM or anti corruption or incorruptibility or integrity. However you want to take that word and understand it's a beautiful word. It's important not when we're going in composite and composite because why I'm going to talk about it for a couple of nights and then hopefully it at the end, try to bring it bring it to you and Danny, bring all the different pieces for you. He says yeah, mashallah Cora.

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Oh, those who recite the Quran, the Quran are the ones who who will specialize in re citation and learning to read appropriately. And that's the I like to buy DNA, the people memorize it and he stand here and lead prayer and whatnot. So listen to this and even if you don't, it includes everybody because everyone's caught it. Everyone recites the Quran and wins on some capacity even if they're not doing it as an email. They still do it so so it includes everybody but it's specific for a little bit more specific for people who who have memorized and are trying to take the Quran as something that they're going to share. But it is stuck emu for in ACOEM suboxone suboxone by either

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for in our house Damiani in and Oshima Allah for Allah He Aloka Delgado to Eden Bala lambda either. So he said his chemo.

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And again, this is not the same command that the Imam gives for people standing in line is to clean will make your line straight. That's literally stuck anywhere here is figurative. He's talking about the don't allow corruption and don't take the knowledge that Allah subhanaw taala has shown so generously bestowed upon you and then use it somehow to make a living, or use it somehow to pull strings for yourself or put yourself in a position where you're capable of being. Be careful of what it is that you're given. This is sacred, this this knowledge is sacred. It has to be dealt with in that manner has to be respected that way. If you're given knowledge by Allah subhanaw taala you

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don't know how to respect it, you don't know how to deal with it, then you will humiliate it. And in the process you will humiliate yourself as well. Corruption from a common man is one thing corruption from a scholar or for someone who is representing the Quran or reciting the Quran is a whole different level of corruption. That's how the corruption of one person will ruin themselves. Maybe some family members, the corruption of someone who was a part of someone who's taking the Quran to the world is going to is going to have repercussions on everybody on the whole Ummah, the whole Ummah loses pieces of their email when that occurs. So it's very, it's very dangerous. And

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it's something that I need I remind myself first obviously not on anyone else, because this is something that I have to take very seriously. But the moment Allah subhanaw taala nudges you forward with some form of responsibility, you have to respect what that means and what that requires of you as a person. And her they Eva, it says if you know he knew that from the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he was looking at these new people at the time being he's taught you're talking about the second best generation in our in our history is looking at them say Oh Master, look for people who are recite the Quran, who stuck him you must you must not be corrupt. You must not allow corruption into

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your in a conservative subcontinent either. You have gone very far. You're way ahead. You're way ahead but with the Quran that you have found Tomia mean and Oshima if you go right or left when you start to squirm, you start to take shortcuts, cut corners, start to find ways you're not you no longer you're not a straight shooter anymore, not saying what is truthful, you're not doing it the right way. You're, you're compromising you're selling out the $100 to eat them valid and eat and then you have indeed

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basically betrayed yourself

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you're because bla bla when you have the Quran is hard to have and how do you how do you become that is when you're when you're lost how do you how you become lost when you have the Quran it's more than that here's more the concept of betrayal is that's the idea here

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oh and with that inshallah you're really mountable Hurry up so hurry and today for WV Emanuel the Allahu Anhu Quan yeah Masha Al Quran is to Timo for in a company so Dr. Saba can buy either for me me and oh Shiva Allah for Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah to Allah number ADA sada Kurosu Rasulullah. He said Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah wa sallahu wa said