Adnan Rajeh – Surah Summaries Surat Al-Insan (76) & Al-Mursalat (77)

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of reward and social insights in achieving pleasure. The negative impact of speaking about certain issues and the need for people to focus on their own feelings is emphasized. The importance of finding a beauty around oneself and not giving up on promises is emphasized. The segment also discusses various topics related to spirituality of Islam, including history, religion, and the third way to talk about God. The segment uses music to describe three examples of Dawa's "backfires" and "monster" to describe actions and emotions.
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hamdulillah al Amin Allah masala you certainly Mubarak Arabic You know Habib Medina either earlier he

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was on the edge of an email, but

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today inshallah we will talk about two sources combining talk about both el el insert and

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and the reason that I combined them is that the they are paradoxes meaning they both give an example of data but the examples of data that they give are almost the opposite or the two different ways of doing it after Zootopia yesterday explain to us or give us an example of data that is based on addressing the intellect addressing the higher functioning part of the human being the conscious and the ability to,

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to reason and the insight that we have as as as humans, which is the best way to perform Dawa that's definitely the best way to go by and if people are convinced by something if you speak to their upper or higher level of cognition, then you're definitely doing doing it the right way. But there are two other ways that also work for that well that are very meaningful which is talking about reward talking about the desire of pleasure which is what social assign addresses or

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warning from a punishment which is what suits them or senators and they do it in two distinct and distinguished and different ways. So social insight is even though the common knowledge that is But anybody that is it's one of them everything about like everything in the cluster of servers from a molecule monster like all these swords are all of them are early Mikey actually not even just talking about the first six years of his death.

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So Dylan son starts by saying hello there, I'll insert it in a minute. Dairyland. Che Guevara is making a statement in the form of a rhetorical question by saying, was there a time when the human being was not even something that was mentioned? Meaning wasn't even a thought no one even had an idea that the human being was a thing that was ever going to come up at the end? The answer is, of course, yes, there was a time where we weren't a part of any equation that existed or was even projected projected to ever exist. And that's just reminding us that we know we're, you know, we are quite fragile, and we are not the center of the universe. And Allah subhanaw taala is just giving us

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this life as as an opportunity. It's a it's a gift that He's giving us. All of suitability says we talked about reward and gift. It talks about an agenda, but it starts by reminding us of the major one, which is the fact that you're here. The fact that you're alive, there was a time when we weren't not only were you and I Not a thing, the whole race wasn't a thing. Like the concept of the human race wasn't even a thought that was processed.

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In insulin, I mean, you know, I'm sure gene inevitably he hooks me

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in Medina was a de la Shakira, Monica flora in an alien Caffrey. In a Salah, sila of Allah, Allah was in collaboration. In camisa.

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He says, upon which I created the human beings, Michelle, particles that are very small, existing in the groins of the loins of a man and a woman and now basically he putting them to the test the human being as we grow as a human grows within the womb of a lady is put through a lot of tests before it's actually able to come out and be a being that is capable semi of hearing, and seeing.

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And then it talks about the fact that they know who you are told, here's the two paths you're guided to them. Here's what's right here's what wrong if you do what's wrong, then what's waiting for you as punishment. If you do, wait, what's waiting for you is pleasure. And he goes and explains kind and he's eligible haka for Al Shabaab will be a burden law, he's gonna hurt of God. And he starts explaining a little bit about the about the name of a bill, Jana, what you're going to notice is that, in some, even though the focus is going to be talking about that there's going to be reflection upon punishment.

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And when we talk about something, we'll say that in a moment that the focus is on what's going on the punishment as a warning, there's also going to be in a reminder of the name and the pleasure agenda, because it's no because you cannot perform Dawa in one way only, you have to perform that way in both ways. When you give your talk, you're going to emphasize the aim that you have to remind those who you're talking to about about punishment, you're going to emphasize punishment, you have to remind those of you basically imagine it as a as a bird. There's two wings. If you if you if you cut one of them off, the bird can't fly. If you decide that suddenly I'm going to only talk about

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gender. I'm not going to talk about to know that

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This bird won't go very well it's flapping with one wing is gonna fall in the same thing and the opposite in the other way. If all you're going to talk about this young man is not going to, it's not going to make it. I'll tell you a story. So a very, very beautiful soul. Man came to my to my village they lived in

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beautiful soul. This man was was one of the most

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sensitive people I've ever met in my life. And all of His teaching was based on on Jenna and COVID-19. Now, mind you, My village is a village of farmers. We live live in the mountains. I need the

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if you look at the hands and the feet of the people in the masjid, you know that they can easily

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knock you out. If they give a salaam that is a bit too heavy. These are people who have thick mustaches and they wake up everyday at five o'clock, and they're working in the fields. So as there's four guys on the member month, week after week talking about gentleman talking about nine, nothing's happening, he can't get to anybody. And he's getting in remember, he got very, he almost lost hope and continuing to do this. So I remember I sat with him. I told him

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that he's one of my teachers, Will you allow me to offer you just a piece of advice? It's okay.

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These people this doesn't work for them. Yeah, oh, boo, boo, boo boo. They don't listen to this. You I could tell them what's waiting in gentlemen for them. Now, if you get on the Minbari you do that you'll see. So I said, Alright, I that's not my style. But I'll try it. And I remember he did. And he talked, he talked about the description of a nominee below three lines in federal the next morning. And it continued and he continued to have an impact on the village for years to come.

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Because every everyone has a different key, we don't all respond to dealing with the same way. Maybe addressing the intellectual Zootopia is definitely the best of ways. But different people have different require different flavors when you talk to them about Allah subhanaw taala. So it gives you the flavor of naive reminders that talks about talks about punishment. But both tours will have an element of the opposite flavor within it because you can't afford only to talk about things in one way you have to talk about both but you can have an emphasis if it's if it's more beneficial. So we continue to find our data describing those of high caliber you will fall in love in every way a

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half moon a young woman in Ghana shall rule Musa Lila well you'll

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be Mrs. Key you know your team and we'll see you in a minute.

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He learned every domain come

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in and apart from your prop being a human I moved some body hula hoops, legally own

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Rura which is Sabado Jana net.

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And then the verses continue talking about about not evil agenda. But it just described these people those of you phone up in Melbourne when they get when they give their word when they actually make an oath or they give or they sign a covenant then they will see it through till the end.

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And they see a day that is extremely that has extremely evil in it. Again to remind you of Johanna again in the Surah we have

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somebody and they feed people, I hope the healing out of the love of Allah subhana wa Tada they feed Myskina we were to see the needy, the orphan.

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The one held him captive. And they tell him in Nanaimo, claiming that we're only feeding for the sake of Allah. We don't want from up to thank us. We don't want from you to praise us. We need nothing from you. We're just getting doing it for the sake of God. Go on your way Allah Subhan Allah is the one who's going to who's going to reward us

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in the night and a half of your property in a human body. You know, indeed we fear from Allah a day that is that is frowning days. Allah is describing the pm as if it's the person who sent on the body. Someone who's frowning someone who is very mean someone who is not clean.

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So I'll call him Allah, but Allah subhanaw taala protected him from the evil within that day, and he gave them the best of what is to come next with his agenda. And then the verses begin to describe the ENFP Hi,

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Fi Hashem stone Well, hurry, what Danny eternally Lila

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Lila leader, and the first instructor we're talking about those who are reclining in Jannah find their their beds or their sofas, and they're living within an environment where it's not to hold it's not too it's not too cold. It's not too hot, not too cold, and the sun isn't burning and it starts talking about the beauty of what you're going to see and all the fruit is nearby and

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then he says to find out what you

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eat, what you eat. You get to see what's in front of you if you were able to see what the people in Jannah were see or eaten early

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Kirby or you will have seen amazing amounts of pleasure and a huge sovereignties that is at your disposal.

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He describes early on fearless

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boom Shala Bella hoorah

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as they as they exist in gender, they are dressed with the best with silicone and heavy silicone lights.

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And they are wearing jewelry.

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And Allah subhanaw taala only offers them the most here to have drinks for them to drink. And Jana was calling if he can, and he said to her Zen injure de la, vie her to send them salsa de la and he continues to describe for you the liquids that are going to be mixed with the drinks that you're drinking, we are all for Allium will

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either see me tell him, I see

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Tura there are people service running around bringing you things to eat and bring new things to drink.

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This is a description of

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their coat and they're told and when they're in there in the head.

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What can you score it, this is a reward for you. And indeed aside, the effort that you put in your life is very much appreciated. This is where the commandment banana This is for your blessing agenda to be perfect. To be at the highest level Allah subhanaw taala is going to tell you that somehow you deserve this, that somehow you and I are those who in sha Allah who are fortunate enough and blessed enough to go the agenda may or may Allah make us amongst them. So yeah, I mean, if we go there, he's going to try and convince us that somehow we did something to deserve all of that. Because that's just so that you feel good about it. Because we know we didn't deserve any of this. We know it's way

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beyond us. But Allah subhanaw taala doesn't want to remind you that Oh, you're here, but you didn't really deserve it. Is it? No, no, no, no. That would take away from the pleasure. You will stop enjoying it as much though he's gonna tell you no, no.

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You deserve this. And your efforts. Were very much appreciated. We appreciate what you did, so that you can score What did he get from him? We did what we benefited and we reached Allah subhanaw taala from what we did.

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But that's just so that is just to get your nine so your pleasure agenda is full to not feeling guilty about getting something you didn't deserve. He's gonna tell you he deserved it, though. You know, you didn't. And I know we didn't but he actually he'll say no to it. And we don't dare disbelieve Allah stuff out. That was the way he says You deserve it, we'll say

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talks about and it continues to remind us at the end of it, it

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was a bigger book Ratangarh sila Wamena, Li first Jude 11 was just a roulette wheel.

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So if this is something you're looking forward to, if you're looking forward to exist in a place where it's just a beauty that that is surrounding you that the environment that you're seeing around you is of such beauty is of such grace is of such magnificence that it's not even describable by Allah within is that even describable in Quran Allah Subhana Allah Oh please clear description just told us basic stuff. If that's where you want to be, then listen to what he says.

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Engage in remembrance of the Name of your Lord with a bigger booklet and we'll see you in the morning in the evening. Let me know later when it comes at night.

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Make sure you find a moment and prostrate for him to him some time on what was said and exalt Him Leila we believe as long as you can during the night. In

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the other group, you're born and I urge you to their to their incompetence and they're preoccupied by what's happening right in front of them. They can't see beyond their noses. You don't don't see what's coming next. We own our home Yellowman stuff dealer, Nana was shattered and

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to the dealer in a heartbeat.

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Don't worry about those who refuse to see what's coming next. We created them we gave them the strength they can see that they have it will take it away. Just like it was granted to them by Allah subhanaw taala will be taken away from them by ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and this sutra is nothing more than a remembrance a reminder for you in the heat. From that, you know besides those of you who have the will will find your way to God.

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You will find your way to him Subhan Allah Tala he has something prepared is prepared for you. That is your destiny. That's your job. Your job is to be there. That's your destiny. When you talk about well, Are we destined for you Justin do we make choices your destiny your predestined but you're predestined to go there. Now whether you will fulfill that destiny or not is your choice. No one can force you to fulfill the destiny that you were created to fulfill but that's the destiny that was waiting. That is what is waiting. Now whether you decide to make your way find your way back to that or not is going to be something you have to

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do most of that right after it gives the opposite way when you start out.

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But honestly back to when the National Art Fair

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A party federal car.

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Now quickly, I'll explain what I what the, the meaning of these verses are, even though these are probably one of the most debated in the Quran. different schools have different ways of looking at it. I take this position, Allah subhanaw taala is taking oath, and everything, it takes a toothpaste always related to disorder. And he's explaining to us in this, he's taking an oath by women. But here's the here's the catch to this to these verses, well, most set out your order, find the will that was sentence one after the other and abundance was good. It has all good fathers, because a lot of good in it. And the sentence sentence was one after the other. But I actually got to smile when I

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shared it national and there were two things we're going to do. Either they're going to come off super, extremely strong, extremely forceful and cause harm, or they will come now shallaki nationalists reading a lot of faith bringing into bringing bringing rain and bring it in and allowing people to live. Now if the second one was the last one, when national occupational those one failure party FERPA file, multi athletic, and when the goodness comes, it makes a difference. But if it leaves its impact, it leaves a difference for almost a year to decline and leaves you with something to reroute to remind you of what's coming next. It's a reminder, it serves as a reminder.

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Either a reminder that you will take and it'll be over for you your monthly mean, it will allow you to do the right you'll do the right thing based on it. And you'll be able to justify your life your milliamp hour news drop or serve as a warning because you didn't listen to it. And then you're stuck with the mistake that you made.

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The sequence of these verses are they talking about the winning is just reminding us of the following everything that is presented to you in life, you can use in one of two ways. Even the wind, even the wind, when it comes one of two things, either is going to be honestly thought the alpha or it's going to be nasty a lot you want to do things, nothing comes labeled, you label it, things come to you sometimes it will be good. Sometimes it won't sometimes will be dry, sometimes you'll be neutral. And that's going to be your choice of how you're going to take what you're given and what you're going to do with it. And that's the beginning of filming. And then to answer this

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making Oh, supine on

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philosophy in number two I do. Indeed. It's not even indeed because in your minds more exclusively, once you are promised is going to happen as if it was going to be reality, I have to say that everything else is not really a reality. Everything else is just call it what you will call it what you want. The only reality that exists, is that what you were promised by Allah subhanaw taala is going to be there is going to happen 100% everything else is take it take it with a grain of salt, do what you want with it in number two I do.

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And the reason that he made those rules is to say well, here's a piece of information not to I do not know well, what your promises going to be reality. do with it what you mean, this, this promise will either be good or not. This promise will either cause us one day or national, it's really up to you. This either will make a difference for 3040. This will maybe multi day, leave a remembrance that will allow someone to be a better person or it won't. Or it won't. It's totally up to you. None of this is mandated by anyone. It's just it was offered.

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And then he talks about Eden and new Doom Otomi 740 Just what he does, who says like

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Yo man, gee, let's do Memphis on the day when the stars are going to be turned off like as if they're if they're candles,

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when when the mountains are going to be destroyed when the when when the skies are going to be ripped into nothing. When this is when the profits are going to be told wait your turn.

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When the when the profits the messengers are roasted? Given a time wait, you have to hold you accountable. We have to see did you give this message the way you're supposed to? Did you follow what the verses at the beginning of the students said When Mo Salah to you or did you bring it full moons do you do did you do all this or not? Because Allah subhanaw taala to in order for him to hold us accountable. He asked to see first of all if the messengers he sent did their job or not.

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Your mail cam is probably most difficult on the Rasul of Allah subhanaw taala because we literally the XR that the human race depends on whether they did their job or not. Because if they didn't do their job, then what's waiting for them? The ad Yeoman. When was this all? What is the timing for human fossils the day where the difference will be clear and Foster was when is when there's going to be a differentiation when everyone when we're no longer mixed just as a true you know, we're gonna start differentiating this group is gonna go this way and then this group is chose something different will go this way. And then this performance for us the three basic methods of Dawa or

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talking about religion. When you're talking about God, or you're talking about religion. There are three basic sources

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For this discussion to come from, and then of course, that is more based on a personal experience, but the three basic ones number one history, I don't know who he can actually in some manner to be rule three and I

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mean, there'll be not you don't look at history, you're not seeing what happened to the nations before you and how Allah subhanaw taala dealt with them, some of them were punished, some of them work some of them lived on. And that is what happens to those who refused. The second one talks about life. The second way to talk about religion first of all, we have to look at history and history. Has there been evidence of prophets and messengers? Are the prophets of Allah is the only person who picked up a book and said, this is from God? Or has it been the same story for every nation all across the world? times when people in South America and Africa did not communicate but

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still have the same basic ideas of people bringing books talking about Allah, talking about Allah and talking about God himself? So history is there. The second one is local minima in Mahane, by Johanna who feed Murad in McKeel, coddling Malou, funny

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talking about life, How did life come about? Where did life come from him? How did life just spontaneously begin? And if it does spontaneously begin like they see then how did it turn into whatever you see it to be today, how suddenly does this race have the ability to actually conquer nature itself, and bring it to its knees and change the way that nature functions and actually affect the environment that they're living in no other no other teacher can do this for

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you start from from from a small amount of water,

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and a dignified water, start even water that's worth

00:21:44 --> 00:21:54

nothing, but then put it into a womb and it grows with it with the decree of Allah subpoena, which turned into something that is breathing, thinking is eating hearing,

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cognitively conscious. The third one is about what the universe around us. The third way to talk about God, if you want to have if you want to discuss these things with those who don't believe in performing dialogue. That is, it's a form of download, but it's going to use a little bit of a punishment as the reminder. I mean, reminder, when you talk about history, we talked about life, you talked about the world and

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he felt

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was mad.

00:22:27 --> 00:22:45

You're not looking at the Earth, the way that it's created, and the mountains upon it, and the weight and the valleys that you walk in and the and the water that runs within it, you don't see the world, don't you take it? You do not take a look at the globe that you're living in and the universe that surrounds you. Between each of these paragraphs, he says to find out which either way you

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look at the DD, right? Isn't that the most repeated verse? In sorting? We'll say that, that is the most repeated verse and sorting

00:22:56 --> 00:23:00

every, every paragraph, just at the end of them, he says what do we mean?

00:23:02 --> 00:23:05

resort to more syrup and feel the reinforcement of these words?

00:23:06 --> 00:23:15

And feel how is reinforcing what is going on if you come from an Arabic home? You heard this before from your parents many, many times.

00:23:17 --> 00:23:34

This means you're looking for your future does not look very good. It's a grim it's a grim couple of hours to come. Well, you wouldn't just means a warning, a serious warning. Were you serious warning your regarding that day leading up to the deal?

00:23:35 --> 00:24:13

There's a difference between Katherine they're not the same thing. Caffeine is a disbeliever. We don't know why. Caffeine means someone who just believes and we do not know exactly what the reason is. It's the most generic term that exists. And because David is someone who looked at things, it seemed to this person that this is the right way, but they decided no, we're gonna go undergo this way for some for some egocentric meaning cause for some reason that is only known to that person, but because it means that that individual when they assessed the actual situation, what seemed to them to be the right way to go by things is the way of Allah subhana wa says no, there are a few

00:24:13 --> 00:24:32

scattered doesn't necessarily mean that there could be someone who just doesn't believe for any random reasons, and it wasn't presented to them properly. It wasn't presented to them properly. So they didn't believe in because we have you know, as to be someone who was presented properly, it seemed to them that this is the right way. But they said no anyways, when we met Ed lynnium Okay.

00:24:33 --> 00:24:35

So here's the problem with for us.

00:24:37 --> 00:24:59

You and I already know what the right thing is. And we already know what the right path is. We already know which path takes us to Allah subhanaw taala. So the moment that we stop walking that path, the moment that we stop committing to it and adhering to it. It's a form of technique, even though it may not be verbal, even though you may not be saying it with your tongue. But if your actions seem to be

00:25:00 --> 00:25:17

splaining that actions speak louder than words ever will. Allah he'll know Pm is not interested in what you have to say. Everyone your little piano comes with La ilaha illAllah. Everyone, every living human being on the human standing there are screaming at the top of their lungs, if they're allowed.

00:25:18 --> 00:25:20

They're told to be quiet. But

00:25:21 --> 00:25:25

you're not allowed to raise your voice, but they come forcefully with the concept of law.

00:25:27 --> 00:25:47

But Allah is not interesting what you say let's, let's open the book and see if your actions speak of law in the law or not. Let's see if I can, if I would guess that you believe in that ilaha IL Allah based on your actions, and if your actions don't seem to endorse that in the law, then your words mean very little to them. Unfortunately, that's why were you doing your

00:25:48 --> 00:25:52

time and time again, and disorder repeating itself. Why are you doing your

00:25:53 --> 00:26:03

warning to those who come on that day, and they disbelieved in US knowingly, knowingly. That was the right thing, but they didn't do it anyways. You know, polyanthus

00:26:04 --> 00:26:34

to be to the moon. Whoo, Eli, Lilly Lindsay tallassee. Show, love and healing what you will need a minute in the hotel room maybe shattering colossal can lead to suffer. They're called upon human cameraman, the ones who perform take a deep Go, go. Walk towards that same thing that you disbelieved all of your life and go go take a look at it. Go to a place where there are three flames.

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You will find no shade there. You will find nothing to protect you from these flames. Jahannam throws a spark that is as big as a castle. A shout out if you you know the old

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when you have a lighter and it doesn't work. You have a little spark coming out of it. The spark of Johanna and when a young fella is as big as a castle can know who Gmail. Gmail is basically a caravan of camels. It says it's as long as for the Arabs. This was meaningful because a caravan of camels is yellow like a spark. And it's long, it says long as a caravan of candles. Kind of

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this sort of continues, and it talks about

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it talks about what is awaiting and Johanna and Linda. Yeah.

00:27:21 --> 00:27:24

But at the end of it it also reminds us of what's waiting in Jana in

00:27:25 --> 00:27:32

theory early on what are you with our key harmony my ushja Hoon, kulula shabu honey Bhima.

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never in a surah never is Dawa complete if you talk about only one side of things you have to talk about both you're going to talk about your to emphasize to handle them, you have to remind them that that those who are piety will find a place of great shade, and a lot of water that is pure coming from the ground. And if truth everything that they wanted, and they will told eat and drink whatever you want, wherever you desire, take it enjoy. This is indeed how we how we reward those who showed excellence the first right after it's Kulu. Leland, in moody moon and then it turns back to them because they've been again, in dunya. Eat, eat as much as you want to enjoy the dunya as much as you

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want. You're you're at fault for this. You're at fault. And you'll know pm I will talk about it while you're doing your Lilly McKenzie deal. At the end of the surah. He says to China for ve Hadith in Baghdad, do you mean? And if this is not something that you're going to accept and live by it and tell me what exactly are you looking by telling me what better? What better narrative Do you have? Whatever evidence do you possess, for you to believe to lead to live or to believe in something alternative to this idea? How do you mean by that? And the answer is no.

00:28:48 --> 00:28:49

Now, maybe

00:28:51 --> 00:28:54

Allah hadith is nothing to believe in besides what you said, Yeah, Allah.

00:28:55 --> 00:28:59

And that's the end of June, the 29th cluster.

00:29:01 --> 00:29:02

Before the end cluster of students

00:29:03 --> 00:29:18

talked about Darwin explained the four elements you need for Darwin talked about knowledge, you talked about ethics, it talked about relationship with God. And it talked about behavior. They gave us two examples. An example that didn't really work for know how they said, even though he did everything right, an example that works even with a proper audience,

00:29:19 --> 00:29:50

even know that he was performing Dawa, then it talked about the two principles that you're going to need for Dawa, you're going to need to have some part of it for yourself and Muzammil and piano Leyland and think of that for you just fuel you just strengthen you to to Mudassar how to carry yourself in front of people. And then the last These are three examples of Dawa one that speaks as intellection Zootopia and one that speaks to your desires as a human being what you hope for and it rewards social in such a way that reminds you and warns us all of punishment social Musella and tomorrow shall we start with the

00:29:51 --> 00:29:52

theme so

00:29:54 --> 00:29:58

what's on Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in one liter us here

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