Adnan Rajeh – Ramadan 2024 – Quranic Reflections #06 Surat Al-Maidah 6 – Surat Al-Al-Anam 9

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the legal framework for Islam, including the recitation of the Exodus of the Bible and the importance of protecting people's bodies and minds. They emphasize the need to preserve people's privacy and their integrity in society, as well as the importance of social media and the use of it to drive behavior. They also discuss the concept of " rotten" behavior and the importance of preserving life and avoiding denying the favor of anyone. The segment emphasizes the need for acceptance and bringing people to their own path, as well as the importance of living in a land where people live for long time and not just on a mattress. The speakers also stress the importance of avoiding misunderstandings of staying in a place and the need for more education for future generations.
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We love him in Estonia. Banyuwangi Kula is the real lobby to work on eBay back, I guess right wing hobby. That law

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will be law Vela TUIfly who was Mila? hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah What are your supplemental Allah you got ahead of ourselves there for a moment. So the today well the recitation is gonna be the majority of it and certain amount you will maybe do like a page or something of certain an arm. So we'll talk about Switzerland tomorrow, because we're going to we're going to kind of be stuck with in Switzerland arm for the majority of tomorrow, all of the data we have will just be a circle and and so we'll talk about in some some depth. So we're gonna mount EDA, within this continuous story of sewers that we're going through the first 10 years of the Quran is the one that

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asks you to sign the contract, it puts the pen in your hand, it puts the pen in your hand, this is what you're agreeing to. You understood your job. As a Khalifa, you understood what Islam is about from a philosophical perspective and said, What is the balance with Bucha? Okay, understood what it's going to take to actually protect it and maintain it from the different challenges external and internal, you're going to say, yeah, you understand what the value system that backs it all up is based on Yes. All right, here's, here's the nitty gritty. here's the here's, here's your the details. Here's what you do, and what you don't do, and everything in between. So the money that

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goes through a lot of these details doesn't cover everything. But it covers a wide spectrum of things. And all you ended up doing is just going through 15, or 16 different

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terminals is the surah that has the most Yeah, you're letting the Amarone the entirety of the Quran. By far, nothing comes even remotely close to it. Why? Because every Yoda is its own paragraph. So if you go back to the breakdown of the of the Surah, you'll find Can you get me back control with the like.

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So if you look at the breakdown, you'll find this just by convention, you tend to Command 11th Command twelves Command 13th Command 14 Command, just what the command is, and how many verses are actually sometimes some of the commands or one verse some of the commands, you'll have maybe 1520 verses that talk about it depending on what the command is talking about. But that's really how this works. So to make this very simple to understand the breakdown of it is not complicated at all. It just gives you the details. Here's what you're going to do you accept regarding everything. That's why he begins with Oh, forbidden food. That's how the story begins. Open your own when it comes to

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your covenants you need to see them through. If you agree, if you sign this contract, that's awkward. Isn't that what the word is used for in Arabic as a contract? It's also a covenant. Yeah, this is the contract you signed it okay. Oh, Phoebe, then you need to see this through till the end. You cannot, you can't you can't sign and then pull back or pull out again, you have to you have to, you have to stick with this to the end. So let's look at this. You may think to almost every time to read the SUTA and this the first time you're like, Okay, that's enough. Quran should have ended right there. That's everything you need. But then tomorrow, we'll talk about anatomy you understand

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why that song is also extremely important than every time you move on. If Oh, they say I did something else. Oh, yesterday, I didn't think about that either. So there's always something more to add. I need some holla within the book of Allah. My children made it's called Surah TelaDoc good is what is called the surah of covenants or contracts because it's all of these in all these callings upon upon believers, and it goes into every aspect of life. You go from, you already know. A common future Common Era denominator junto a la sala de vous zero. You already know me after Deming command, Dini, it goes into the enamel. shahada, Domenico

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wrote it talks about inheritance. And it talks about Lulu and it talks about Jihad and it talks about the poet's political alliances in a ton of talks about your your basic

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obligation towards yourself and your nation. You got to do an AMA no that does anyone actually I talked to or the system of how it's done is going to function in the long run. So all of these verses just they cover the wide spectrum of what Islam does. And of course, there are obviously a lot more that exists in the Quran that will come up. But so to me, that gives you the basic idea. This is what you're agreeing to a bunch of stuff. It's not just there's a buy in to this. There's a buy now, these commands. So it's

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interesting enough, we'll cover the five necessities of our deen right what is the deen what is the purpose of our deen is

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Dean right, we'll have we'll have we'll have the NASA When else will have will have the higher our role is to preserve your your life. So that you don't your life has been respected is to preserve your sobriety so that your intellect is respected is to preserve your dignity so that your integrity within your society is respected is to preserve your wealth so that what you own and and your in your personal space is respected. These are what this is what the Quran talks about to preserve these five things. And so to me that covers all five. And all of the commands in this surah are designed to they're in parallel or they're in keeping with human nature. That's the piece of North

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America that if you read it a little bit more and you focus on it, you'll find that the sewer the sewer

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Law is very much focused on making sure that these commands are in keeping with human nature, meaning, this sutra is acknowledging that you have a specific nature to you, the way I am and the way you are is not it's not something that Allah subhanaw taala is unaware, you know, is how we are, He knows our urges and our desires and what we want, what we don't want, what we need, what we don't need, what works for us, and what doesn't work for us, and where we can get carried away, and where we can get extremely lazy. So all of the commands that you haven't read are designed to help you deal with that. That's why you find stories that talk about Yeah, and you talk about fear or, or

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cowardice is the story of Musa and many ladies, this story that talks about has said about envy, the slip the two sons of Adam, you find that these themes are followed along within a certain amount either, because what he's saying is the power data is the reason that these commands exist. I talked about this a little bit yesterday. And it was it was presented as a value and certainly sat and we talked about it, they only told us to do things that were helpful. Well, now here's the examples. Here are the examples. Everything in this story that that you're being commanded to do is helpful to you. And it's in keeping with your nature, because no one knows your nature as much as the One who

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created you does. He knows what you're like and knows what's going to work for you what doesn't work for you. So listen, and just follow these commands and be and rest assure that you were not told to do anything that was not going to help preserve your nature. The beauty of it at least, right, the beauty of your nature needs to be preserved. There's obviously aspects of of who we are that we don't want to preserve, there is a certain degree of brutality and selfishness, right that we're not interested in growing or strengthening or making or bringing to the surface, we want to control that tainment and want to bring out the good stuff, the bravery and the compassion, and the self and the

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selflessness. And that's what social media does with all of its commands. It's a very beautiful sauna.

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And it's called an MT, which is the table. Because the end of the story, it tells you the story of a Saudi Sudan with his people. And it's like the table, the way that I see it, or the way the symbol in it is a table is basically what Islam has to offer. In terms of all of it, it's the buy in, it's the buy in, here's all the stuff you have to all of this you have to be okay with, here's the table has everything on it, we're gonna put off it's called the table, we use that term a lot in Arabic and English, we put everything, put your cards on the table, everything on the table, meaning just make it very clear. So somebody does explain certain way to explain to you all that what you have to

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do, right? You see it all, here's the buy in either sign or Don't sign it out. You're,

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you're basically alright, I'm good. I mean, I'm in that requires you to do certain things and not do other things. Now the verse that the brother recited to us, for us is number one, I think, what was it number one? Oh, I lost my, my control again.

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Cuz I'm good. I'll put it now here. And you can I don't need to control anymore. We will have these slides for you to go over and out from you too. Okay, so it was 110? Or what was it 100. So I number 100. With tomato cola stir will help you through a pie tube. I love this, I say that they are not equal a hadith. And I'll tell you that which is filthy. And that which is good and helpful. They're not the same. Whatever job Becca can throw to hobbies, even if you're impressed by how abundant hadith is, or how strong it is, or how prevalent this is still not the same. They're still not equal. You see, in Islam, we have mother herb, right, we have different opinions on different

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Those in most situations are so in most situations, similar, you pray based on the Hanafi madhhab or the humbly method with the Maliki with the chef. It's all good. It's all good. It's not a problem. There's nothing is. But not every aspect of life is like that. Not everything in life is like that where yes, there's different ways to do things know certain things in life are by YouTube, meaning they bring on a theme, or Baba or toolbar, which is all these words you find the Quran come from the concept of goodness or benefit beneficiaries, that's where it comes from. And hobbies is something that is rotten. It's rotten. And rot does not exist on the surface of almost anything. Rot is always

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on the inside of things, right? So what he's saying is that they're not the same. Something that is good and beneficial is not equal ever to something that is rotten. Even if you're impressed algebraic, even if you like if you're like wow, you're on, you're in awe of the prevalence, or the abundance of a hadith.

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But Akula Alba de la isla come to flick on. So he says sometimes Oh, you pull it up the ones who have intellect who can comprehend and can contemplate and finger reflect it duckula Be mindful of Allah if you want to be successful, meaning you have to make sure that you're able to differentiate in your life between you and between hobbies. And it's very easy for you for them to decorate the Hadith a little bit. Right, some lights around it. And suddenly it seems like it's much more and you're in you're impressed by it. It's flashy. There's a lot of it is prevalent is strong.

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No, not the same. Let me

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For five have never been the same hobby will be hobbies. The rods will always be rotten forever, no matter who lives by it the water who owns it no matter how big it is, how much of it there is how flashy it is, it's rotten. It'll always be rotten. And you should never be impressed by something rotten, especially when you're young. Do not be impressed by something that is that is filthy. Just because it right now seems like it's cool, or it seems like it's strong or seems like it's prevalent, or it seems like a lot of people seem to agree with it. It doesn't matter.

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Goodness has never been based on how many people support something. Something good has never goodness is not a subjective term. It's not a subjective concept. It's not based on well, how many people think this is good, didn't cares? Goodness and badness are rotten, something that is rotten and something that is beneficial. That is that is judged objectively based on merit, based on merit requires some degree of rationale and logic, something that is not clouded by personal bias or desires or whims. You're some degree of self serving needs. If you can just remove that from your move yourself from that from for a moment, you can easily see what's underneath and what stay in.

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And this has to do something for our for my younger brothers and sisters, you really have to spend time in your life identifying what is bugging and identifying what is cubbies because cubbies a lot of the time will will come off pretty strong upfront, upfront or come out strong. It will seem like it has it has a case. But it's rotten on the inside. If you can see through that then always remember the habido playbar never equal no matter how much you're impressed by the hubby that stays copied and that doesn't change it and by him is something that even if no one else on the on earth but you you're the last person on the planet who sees that and stands by them is still worthy. But

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that requires oil Bob, you have to be someone who's willing to reflect and contemplate upon things. All right. What's our next one? Yeah.

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Yep cool.

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Whatever we

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do now, one best snare him this soon. This is one of a number of verses in the Quran. Talk about that bring up the same idea por lo que le Mala ecotourism, Shona Moto, Nina, Lana, Zelina

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Melaka, couple of Sula.

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And this verse here will Oh John know who Monica. And if we made the profit that we will send to you this is in the midst of a debate or discussion or argument with the disbelievers explained to them. Because they were saying, Well, why why did you send us a guy? Why send us one of Your melodica so that we can believe stronger? So it could be clearer to us. So the answer is always widow Jana who Malika let your Allahu Rajan modular, you will make the man they will let this Marika look like a man. Well, Allah Desna I love him, I will be soon and we haven't dressed like a man as well.

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Because the moment it's America, it's no longer an issue of emotion anymore. There's no emotion involved. There's no belief involved. There's really nothing involved anymore. But us. The moment you see your hand number, you see Jana, the moment you die, and you see the reality of things. It's not Iman anymore. That's not a magic, I don't I don't say I believe this is red.

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I can't say that I believe this is red, it's red. It looks like something wrong with my eyes, it's red, there's no belief involved. So even if it was not here, and you gave me clues, you can get any clues on what it was. And I put those clues together and concluded it was red, then I would say I believe it's red. Because I can you know it's believed something different. So there's no point of this whole story that Allah subhanaw taala has put for us to live, if we are going to see one of them.

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If they are going to come to us, if we're going to have to deal with American, there's no point there's no relationship you have with Allah. So the whole point of you being here is you figuring out your relationship with Allah subhana qualifying you to be with Allah subhanaw taala in a place where you can be rewarded, because if you are created, and you were subjected consciously, to Allah subhanaw taala and his kingdom, then there's no point in this whole test this test is not it's not meaningful anymore, then why would you be rewarded? If the magnetic arts and so many other creations aren't, you are you have the potential for reward and the potential proponent for punishment too,

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but the potential for reward, because for you to to understand Allah to internalize Allah subhanaw taala, the theology of who he is, which is what certain talks about and we'll talk about that tomorrow in depth

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requires adding points up requires looking at all of these arrows in which direction they're going, and then saying, Yeah, that's where it's going, and then accept and then going by your rationale going back by what makes sense to you, because you're a sensible creature that is able of processing logic, and if you don't use it, then what's the point? So that

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why we're here to understand to understand Allah subhanaw taala through what he created and what he put in us and give us time to reflect on that and find in our hearts to do obey Him and then it's not there's nothing there's nothing impressive about obeying Allah if you see Allah everyone yarmulke Yama is peak in their Iman everyone go girl whom Ambia everyone is like profits and their degree of EMA and people will prey on the Day of Judgment all 50,000 years, non stop, no brakes, no idea. No. I said no ladies, nothing. All of those all those disease are cured on the Day of Judgment with one swish

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with one movement of Johanna misfires, all of the keyboard and all of his gone immediately. It's not there's nothing heroic about coming to that conclusion into that clarity on the Day of Judgment, the ideas coming here. So anything that was going to compromise that it's not going to happen to the ask, why don't we have a mela Iike? Well, oh, Jana, who Malacca la Jalna who radula. Even if we sent you a melodica he would look like a man and dress like a man. Because what I'm asking you to do is different.

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And then the rest of the client talks about about the same idea.

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My resident America will bill healthy when I can either mongering it was if if you were to send them a letter again, then there will be no time anymore. It would not give you lifetime to come up with your with your plan to repent and figure things out to learn, and then decide to do something differently. There'll be a point where you're starting America class. That's where all the prophets who asked for the big physical miracles told their people if I bring it and you don't believe that's the end, there's no second chance. So maybe you don't ask for this. No, don't give us you want a big Sheik Mo. She has to be 25 feet, and orange and pregnant and so big that it has drinks from the weld

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for 12 hours straight. You don't have to walk out of the middle of a rock, a boulder in the middle of the nowhere inside it has telling them maybe maybe you don't ask for this because if you ask for this, and he gives it to you and you don't accept it, except Him, you don't He will wipe you out immediately. Because the whole story is not worth any more.

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So they got what they wanted and they got punished. What you have is much more powerful, much more meaningful. But understand this is the this is the cause I'm explaining to you the concept of why Allah subhana explains these things in the Quran. Let's go on what's the next one?

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Sorry, I mean agilely the leaker gets burned. Benny is on Isla and now who mountain courtside NFC. BYD NFC in alpha field R OB fac and nema. But then said Jamie,

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women here Feck and nema.

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Yen Jeremy

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What about

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at home Rosso Luna bien bien de tomb in Kathy one mean home bad news, feed our omega Mussorie fortune. Now this verse talks about the preservation of life. Remember I told you at the beginning, that's what it covers all five preservations is the protection of the five things of their your freedom of religion in your the sanctity of your life and the sanctity of your wealth, and the sanctity of your integrity, and the sanctity of your intellect, those five those five little lots that Islam is here to actually protect. So this is this I talked about preservation of life, the sanctity of the human life.

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After the story of club Eden have been Cain and Abel and I told the story after the individual after post scheduled call out during the year, in some degree of depth, after he murdered his brother out of envy, just out of just out of pure envy. He went back and he didn't really repent from it, but he felt this is a problem. And the problem it is thought to sound would tell us that my magnificent Dr. Lu, Vollmer. Illa Allah evening. Oh, well, we zoom in on Acebo movies.

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You tell us that a sloth was until the Day of Judgment, every person that is killed in justly, the first set of item carries a certain amount of that sin with him. Because when you start something bad, you bank those just like if you start something good, you bank those out as well. So this man when he did that, at the end of that story, that's what the IRS says may add that it is because of this story. Khattab and Isla Bonita slightly we decreed upon Bani Israel. And of course, this decree is upon them and upon all of us after them. But this is the beauty of this decree of of this of this journey of the statement that he makes Subhana wa Tada. This is majestic statement. Moncada and

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Epsom biryani Unison oversight and he who takes the life of another without a life being old to begin with.

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Meaning that person that you took the life of, they had not taken anyone else's life. They are not

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committed, premeditated murder. Oh fuss. I didn't put audible you did it just out of corruption on earth just by spreading terror or horror or harm. I gotta cut that a nurse at Jamia, it's like they murdered all of humankind. Because if you don't respect, this is why I talk to you about values and the fact that values have to be consistent. If you if you look at one person and see that their life is not valuable, you murder them. That means you don't see the sanctity of anyone's life.

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It just, it's just a matter of how far we push you. That's all. Like right now if you're if there's one person that you're willing to take their life, be Ladyhawke, meaning there's no there's no righteousness in doing so. They have not deserved it. And it's just an act of corruption. That means you don't believe in the sanctity of anyone's life. You can say no, no, I believe in everyone except for that. And that doesn't work that way. Either everyone or no one. This is an all in or all out situation. That's what this is. all in or all out. You cannot say no, I believe in the sanctity of all of these people's lives, but not that No, no, no, no, no. The human race is one, either you see

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the sanctity of everyone's life or you this like they have no one's life. And as Muslims, we see the sanctity of every living thing. Every living human being and every living thing as a sacred, you take their lives it must be it must be for a proper purpose, based on whatever they are even animals, even insects, there has to be for the right reason.

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For a human being, is absolutely unacceptable to take a life unless a life is owed. Unless Unless they've done something to deserve to have their life taken, which is the murder of another soul doesn't matter. It's interesting to me that this verse that is universal came in the form of command to be slightly you though he can't help any see the irony in this in this situation. It can't help but notice that even though this verse is speaking to everyone it's for all of us it's a universal concept that the eye itself at the beginning pointed out when he saw it specifically

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that maybe you shouldn't take lives without without good reason for it.

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Maybe you should see the sanctity of life to be equal upon all human beings. Because no one is inferior to anyone. I as no one is superior to anyone else either. As Muslims This is a core the core understanding core concept within our deen that we do not see anyone to be lesser than our than ourselves in terms of the value of their lives nor nor more valuable than our own lives, everyone is the same. And if you murder someone and take their life, that means that you don't see the sanctity of human the human race says if you killed everyone, it says if you kill that woman, and the person who defends life, the person who grants life to those who are being deprived of it, obviously

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figuratively speaking, because the one who grants life is Allah subhanaw taala. Figuratively speaking to grant life, whether that is through defending justice, or defending people who are being oppressed or working within healthcare or, or or offering wealth to people who are starving, but can't hear nurse or Jamia, it's as if you granted life to the entirety of the human race. Because if you see value in preserving and preserving one life, that means you see the value in preserving all of life, at least if you understand the first part of it.

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If you understand the first part, that if you don't see the sanctity of one life, that means you don't see the sanctity of any life. You got, oh, you got over that, okay, good, you got over that you don't see that anymore. All life is valuable. And then you stop. But let's say you take a step forward, and you preserve someone's life, after you've already come to the conclusion that all life is equal, and no one should lose their life unreasonably or without the proper cause for it, you accept that regardless of who they are, even if they're your, your sworn enemy, your sworn enemy, they still if they if there's they still, the sanctity of their lives is equal to yours.

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Without, obviously there's help us different.

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Once you do that, you're you're neutral. But you can take a step forward. And you can do here. And you can grant life, granting life is not just resurrecting he sadly, he still did that with the will of Allah subhanaw taala will do it for us. You're welcome. But there's a lot of other ways to grant life. Someone who can't make ends meet and you help them find a job or you give them something that is granting life. People who are struggling and their life is miserable, and they're depressed and they're anxious. And they're they're not functional within their families. And you go and you've got grant them resources and you work with them. You help them remove themselves from poverty and from

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lack of education, that's granting life.

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You go and you take whatever skill set that you have to help improve people's lives. So they have clean water to drink and they have an education to to look forward to when they can and there'll be training fair that's granting life. You defend someone whose life is not being seen as equal by other oppressors that's granting life from an AHA and if you if you save one life, it's like you saved all of humanity. Because we are one. I love this idea.

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I have absolutely absolutely breathtaking,

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absolutely beautiful. Because Allah Subhan is saying all of human lives are equal. This idea came after Cain and Abel story, the sons of God, going back to the source like this, I came anywhere else. Someone could argue that maybe this is not talking about all people, maybe just Donald or maybe just people who are Muslim, but you can't. This idea came right after the story of of Elan having the sons of Adam. Going back to that. Going back to the source of humanity to Adam and his children. Were all his children, everyone here, we're just one big, lousy family. But that's what we are. We're one big family. We all descend from Adam, and how are they he must salatu salam, and

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there's none of us belong to them more than the other. Like, no, look, I'm gonna say, Well, I look more like them or I have more. No, genetically, we are all equally descendants from them. When we came up with Yama, none of us can say why I'm more of a son to them than you know, we're all exactly the same.

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And that after that verse after the verse that kind of reminded you of that, and told you, if you take a life, if you don't see the sanctity of one life, you don't see the sanctity of all life. And if you grant life to one that's like a graduate life to all of this human race, because we're all one big family. It's a beautiful area, and then at the end of it will offer the job tomorrow soon I will be indeed We have sent our prophets to them with these clarifications. Milbank dome in Nikka Thielen minimum by the radical philosophy that was different than many of them after all of these classifications will go and be excessive on Earth Subhanallah there's something in that area that is

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worthy of a bar contemplation we move on to what's next.

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If you do 18 Sorry.

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82 first, someone voted one more vote.

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So they wouldn't

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let her do you then. Then she was letting you know Leah who then when levena Shaku Walter G then a call robber whom that and in letting you know the you know,

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in our sawed off then you can be on I mean humungous CC you know, oh, then well,

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yes, that could be

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really important for us, for us to understand because I find many people do not comprehend what it's telling us. And what it tells us is actually very important for us. You said Subhan Allah to Allah lethargy done indeed you will find I shut down nasty Ida what a little Edina people will have the most animosity towards the believers are the followers of the Jewish faith and the pagans. And you'll find amongst people who have the closest affinity towards you are those who say that we follow a Sally's sunnah, and then explains, because they are people who have less, we're not arrogant. This verse is commonly used to talk about our animosity with with these two groups,

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whether the pagans, and it's used a lot in the southwest,

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Asian continents and subcontinent of the Indo Pakistani continent, or yahood, is used a lot by Autumn. And these arguments are a little bit flawed, because that's not what the is saying, is not saying very your enemies is saying that you will find them to see you as your enemies, you don't see them that way. But you will find them to see you that way. There's a huge difference between the two. The two descriptions, like a big difference in the description between being told that these are your enemies versus that you will find that they will see you as their enemies, it's not the same thing. It's not even remotely close. The difference is based on the fact that when you're told

00:28:51 --> 00:29:26

that there's a group that will see you as enemies that will make you be a little bit more cautious and how you'll deal with them, versus those who don't see you as their enemy. So you don't have to have your guard as up. You don't have to be as careful with your words, nor do you have to be as as cautious with how you deal with them. If you tell me that Poulin does not like you and finance like full on like, the person who tell him he likes me, I'll be much more chill around them. It's easier because I know that there's an affinity, I have no problem. I like everyone. That's what it's done is supposed to be like, you hate anyone as a Muslim. No good. Oh, my gosh, everyone's good.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:55

Everyone's here to Baraka. And we like all people, we don't care. We're all from the same. We all come from a family history. And we're all really related one way or the other. We want everyone to see the beauty of this book that we have. That's all nothing else really matters to us. We just want to be oppressed. But when I when he tells you supplements out, okay, these two groups won't like you as much. And this group will just tell you, you have a bit of a way of how to deal with them, too. When you speak to this group that the person who doesn't like me, I'll be a bit more careful. I won't joke around too much. I'll be careful to say something that may offend them or bother them or

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

trying to figure out why they don't like me trying to fix it. So I can be friends with them. That's what you would do.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

As a rational, normal human being, that's what you would do. And that's what Muslims should do, how this idea was taken, and then used as if it's evidence that we should hate people, or we shouldn't be enemies with people. It's just, again, it's political. It says, you want to use something politically for your own gain fine. That's what you want to do that you carry that in front of Allah subhanaw taala. That's not That's not my job, to take verses and skew them so that they work for an agenda so people can get more excited about something we're not they're not our enemies. They never were, how can the Jewish faith be will be our enemies, there are cousins. But at least if you those

00:30:34 --> 00:30:48

of you are out there your cousin's your the son of his maid, they're the son of his health, no one on earth is more related to you than them. No one, no one has a creed that is more similar to your creed than them. No one has laws that are more similar to your laws than them.

00:30:49 --> 00:31:20

There have never been two groups on earth that are more similar to each other than these two groups. How can they be never your enemies, but if they see you as your enemies, they see us as that one. That's a good piece of information to have. That's helpful for me, that helps me navigate this relationship moving forward. Oh, the pagans won't like me either. All right. That's also helpful for me to navigate. No, but that follows her of Jesus will like you, that's fine. Good. So I have someone I can build our alliances with quicker, because they won't have a problem with it. They'll appreciate the fact that we love a Saudi instead of we love million, even though we don't believe in

00:31:20 --> 00:31:39

them the same way they do the love that they'll find that very beautiful. There is Allah subhanaw taala divine wisdom in a verse, His divine knowledge ongoing, they could have changed anytime. And because No, this is Oh, no, it's exactly the way he told us. He is exactly the way he told us, you'll find these two groups not to like you as much this group will like you more.

00:31:40 --> 00:31:49

What do we do with this pieces of information? Mostly? I've no idea what do I do with it? Well, you have no idea what to do with it. But I told you, this group likes you more in this group doesn't like you have no change in the way you're going to deal with both of them.

00:31:51 --> 00:32:13

First you do that any rational person would know what to do with this stuff. And we should we are not we don't have people carry animosity towards us. That's their beef, not ours. We don't carry animosity towards anyone, anyone. Absolutely no one on earth is our enemies by by birth or by culture, by race or by belief. There are enemies if they decide that we don't have the right to be Muslim, and they decide that we don't have the right to be

00:32:14 --> 00:32:27

if they say they decide that we don't have the right to be then that doesn't matter what that Muslim people there are more Muslim people who are enemies to US based on that, then there are non Muslims Wallahi. Now you've never you've never

00:32:28 --> 00:33:00

taken a look at the rulers of the Arabic world before. Yeah. Never taken a look at the list. Half of these people don't believe in your that's why you're here. What are you doing here? What are you What are you doing here? This is not your, this is not your land, you are not born here. You don't look like this earth, this earth created a red man. That's his land. He inherited by God Himself was given to him. He was wiped out by some other men. We're just here because we had nowhere else to go. Because no one because the people who were supposed to be there to support us and protect us decided that we didn't have the right to be. And if we were going to be we're going to be under their

00:33:00 --> 00:33:36

military boot. Or we wouldn't. So we decided that we didn't want to do that. So we left. So you're here don't not ever forget that. Do not ever forget why you're here. You're on the land of a man who lost his land. That's where you are. We stand on the land of someone who had it snatched from him he was murdered. That's why he doesn't have it. And we're here because we could not exist in the land that produced our texture. That's why we're here do not ever forget that and make sure your children understand that has nothing to do with disrespecting this No, no, we respect this land respect the people who lived on it and will share it but we do not forget why we're here and who forced us here

00:33:36 --> 00:34:01

the the person who decided that you don't have the right to live in your land, that's your enemy. We don't care where he comes from. We don't care what culture or race or religion or color it makes no difference. It could be the person who was literally a mirror to me and my name doesn't make a difference that's my enemy if they don't believe in my rights and when they do I know Salah because but he's telling us to pounce on it by the way these two groups don't like you as much this one will

00:34:03 --> 00:34:22

plan accordingly that's all plan accordingly. We didn't we didn't we did not plan accordingly and please don't use this high up or hatred because that's not what it's about at all. Let's see the one the one after inshallah we still have time for one more all we move

00:34:23 --> 00:34:25

in then do hola

00:34:27 --> 00:34:29

Bardem movie,

00:34:30 --> 00:34:31

bad habit.

00:34:32 --> 00:35:00

Book fit in Hoonah or into this I am in the Quran is very important to understand because again, it's used politically a lot. And it's really it's not about the politics. We don't need this idea, by the way to understand the rights of the Palestinians who live in Palestine at all. Never use this idea. Never use it. You don't need it. The people of Philistine have been living there for 2000 years and 2000 either living there, no one has the right to remove them. No one has

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

The right to come and say, Hey, I have a book, it says that I shouldn't be living here and you shouldn't write. Yeah, you have to get out. I have a book and says that you shouldn't be here. So get out. This is my land. This book says it.

00:35:10 --> 00:35:45

That's your book. Your problem. You don't get to come and tell people to remove your you don't remove someone from where they're living. They've been living there for a millennium is based on your text. That only means something to you. All right, doesn't say that. In my book. I have a book who doesn't say that at all? Why does your book Trump my book? And when based on what you welcome, I don't want to live here. There's a lot of mountains, go build a hut somewhere live, enjoy yourself, who was go crazy. Have a great time? Why do I have to live based on what this is this you don't need don't make simple arguments complicated. By a lot of jargon. That doesn't mean anything. It's simple

00:35:45 --> 00:35:52

argument. You the people were living there that you don't, don't remove them, you don't remove them. If we went by that, then the world would be very difficult to live in.

00:35:53 --> 00:36:25

If we're gonna go by that, then all of us have to get up and get out of here. For sure, we start by by basically emptying North America altogether. And then we have to go back to the world and start looking go back five to 6000 years and figure out who was Sumerian and who's finishing and who, let's go back. And we have to do well, the DNA people will make a lot of money on that. And then we figured out exactly how it is where we come from, and we go live and we do it. That's how this world works. It's never worked that way. It never worked that way. You want to live somewhere you're welcome to live somewhere. This is talking about a mistake but it's slightly made so we wouldn't

00:36:25 --> 00:37:04

make the same mistake. So please learn from this idea what this idea was designed or what was sent for us to learn when he came to the Gates of Jerusalem and he can sit down with Bani Israel Eid, Allah subhanaw taala told them enter just enter into hola Ali himolla Just pushing the door and go for either the hall to mu if you do that, for in Naka Marleybone I will grant you victory. Well and Allah He put our Kallu in control Mini and just didn't attach them to I couldn't go I'm telling you that you will work out Musa saying this is what I told me. We just go in. Yes, we are outnumbered we're weaker. We're not as well armed but he will grant us victory. So what they said was thought we

00:37:04 --> 00:37:05

are Musa

00:37:07 --> 00:37:23

in London, first of all you told them in the fiasco Mindjet Burdine. When Elena cola had to hold up, they argued with him maybe they leave first then we go with all this other when they were told you need to enter. Their answer was in London at the hula Abba, Madame movie, we will never enter as long as the other group is in there.

00:37:25 --> 00:37:36

You want to fight for the hub and our book. Go take your Lord and fight them. In Nahoon Akbar University in here, let us know when you guys when that will come in.

00:37:37 --> 00:37:45

The action of British law eat here is exactly what I was talking about during Jomar. When I pointed out for you the importance of having an action plan with your dog. It's exactly the same thing.

00:37:47 --> 00:37:49

Allah told them go in and

00:37:51 --> 00:37:57

retrieve your right to live in Jerusalem. So he said Yara retrieve our right to rebut live in Jerusalem.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:20

He told them retrieve your right they live in Jerusalem. So they said you will retrieve our right to live in Jerusalem. We're staying night right here. We're not going anywhere. You can do it. We believe in you. You can do it take most out each time and do it. And then when you're done, let us know we'll come in we'll clean up no problem. We're open. We're open shops and everything.

00:38:22 --> 00:39:01

The problem of Allah subhanaw taala asking you to do something and then you turning to him and asking him to do exactly what he told you to do with no action plan whatsoever is he said of Mala. He said to Durban man, Allah, they were rude that day, when they said that they were disrespectful towards Allah subhana wa That was rude. So they were told, Go get lost for 40 years. For 48 US Senate and Yachty Hoonah followed. For 40 years, they walked the desert aimlessly, they could not find their way back to Jerusalem they wanted to, they changed their mind. They couldn't find their way back. Every time they changed took a right to color found themselves nine days later exactly

00:39:01 --> 00:39:02

where they started.

00:39:03 --> 00:39:40

Until that whole generation that said that died. And another generation rose our generation that had Iman and was taught properly by Musa Musa his son was able to take Musa died by the way in the tea with our own, both of them did a piece of the story that both Musa and Harun they passed away during this period of walking aimlessly around the earth, not knowing where to they couldn't find Jerusalem again. Think about that. They had to prophets with them and they couldn't figure out where Jerusalem was. That's what Allah subhanaw decreed upon them. And both prophets died in the midst of that loss. They died, but they made sure the next generation was properly educated. And when the next

00:39:40 --> 00:39:47

generation came and Rose and the other generation died off, they went and they retrieved Jerusalem again, within the stories that we have, and the stories are many, many,

00:39:49 --> 00:39:59

but that's what happened. When they said that when they said, No, we're not we're not saying that. Not at least that rude, but honestly we are borderlining it now

00:40:00 --> 00:40:35

Well, we're borderlining it. We're not saying exactly like that. We're not saying it's gonna bug you go, but we're kind of coming close to it. We're coming close. Oh, the community needs work. Come on, you do it. You're the guy sitting on the thing here and you will do it. Why is your guys doing a better job? Why are you doing this? Why is this? What are you doing? What are you doing? Why are you asking me? I am I'm doing my part. What was your part? Whereas your part? You have a part? Do you play a part at all? Are you just there to to critique mine? I'm not very good. I know that. But I honestly I don't need more critique. I've been critique since I was 17 years old. I am up to here

00:40:35 --> 00:41:11

with good 25 years. I'm good. I'm good. What about you? Where's your contribution? Where's your participation? is borderline you're not telling me but it's borderline. It's actually a problem. When we say your openness. I sometimes say the door and I feel so bad about it. Like I don't know if I should be I feel bad. I don't know. Do we have a plan? Are we moving on it? Are we actually trying to grant or OMA prevalence and success and prosperity? Are we just are just playing around? Are we on are we doing with are we saying to Allah wa salam al told Musa alayhis salam when they were told to go and pushing the Gates of Jerusalem and it should not be beyond you the irony of the verse that

00:41:11 --> 00:41:30

we're using here and the status that the status that we're in right now may not be lost upon you the the commonalities and similarities between need Mousavi stem and where we are right now. I'll end with that and show some Hunkeler hamdulillah learned and still feel good to be let go. So Allahu wa salam O Allah kind of you know, Muhammad, whatever you want, which means luck, you

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