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The speakers discuss the importance of understanding one's values and embracing successes in life. They emphasize the need for guidance and rewarding one's successes in order to achieve happiness and fulfillment. The importance of finding one's own successes and working towards the end of one's life is also emphasized.

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guerrilla SWAT was salam ala Rasulillah on early he also having to Manuela so please use the QR code let me let me know that was not working I I made I shrunk it. Brother Walid shrunk a put it over there so that I can move freely in the slides without needing to. But you should if you've if you've used the the mentee once, then technically you should have you should have it. You're able to keep the link on your phone and he just does the same link every night. There's no There's no difference in Sharla. Okay, so tonight we're going to be covering

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the fourth set of data we will be covering who's moving this around. Can I move it around myself? Are you doing it? Yeah, yeah. So we'll be covering with you from Bukhara to 67 Oh, no, no, that's not true. No, that's last night.

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No, it was not listening to me at all.

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Yeah, it's just not working any colors.

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And that's not great. Okay, then go to the fourth. Go. Go ahead. That's fine. Keep on going. Going.

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another name came to mind immediately, but sure, I'll

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just keep on going. Okay, just gonna get taken to the slide that that we need to be and that's fine. If you'd go to that slide.

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Keep on going until we hit the slide where the verses are.

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One more, one more. Right there. Okay. Yeah, we'll get there. Right. So today we will conclude with Alia and one and we will begin soon, Nisa and we'll go maybe through quite a reasonable amount of it.

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So what is what is going on have left for us. So today I'm gonna talk to us about how to maintain and protect this Deen, which is why in Bacara, and earlier number one or 01, they are the two that come your Milcom. And they basically protect you if you memorize them, recited them and lived by them because you learn your job, what methodology you will use to fulfill it and how to protect it and maintain it, which is the majority of what this space of faith is about. So today I want to talk to you about maintaining and protecting our deen from external challenges and internal. The first part that we recited yesterday talked about the external challenges. The debase will have a GitHub,

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the desires and whims that come from outside the intellectual and the temptation or challenges the challenges of identity and tolerance, all that was covered in the first part of the Amazon. The second part, which is what we're going to be doing today from 121, till the end talks about internal challenges, meaning what we do to ourselves, which is by far the more the more problematic piece, and it does that through telling us the story of where the night that horrible failure occurred. And the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam was physically injured, and also spiritually injured by the death of all of the sahaba. And the martyrdom of those who have really loved them, like, like Hamza,

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I'm not gonna call them and most of them are made. And I said in another meeting, and the list goes on, and on and on of Sahaba, who fell on the table had because of mistake a few. And then, of course, this brought all these intellectual challenges that were that came from within the questions of the Sahaba had the mullah Aiko worried about themselves and why, you know, the machete king would win to begin with, if they didn't believe all these questions that they had, that sort of emmalin would go and it would address one by one to help us kind of fix that problem. So then this is the third Surah in this cluster from Bacara to a Toba, the first cluster of suitors and the Quran talks

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about the value system, the value system that we have in Islam, this is not these are not, this is not interested in laws, it's interested in values. That's why any law that you read about uncertainty is really in essence, in essence, a value system that created a law. So we talked about inheritance, and women taking a piece of inheritance, that's really not a law or a ruling, that's a value, the value of men and women being equal in the eyes of Allah, and then both have to inherit. So that's why it's important is that North and South America, for example, because we can make it that we'll talk about laws specifically. So these talks about the value system talks about

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righteousness. It talks about justice, it talks about incorruptibility, and it talks about all of the other ethics and values and principles that we carry within Islam. And it does that through talking about the vulnerable of a society. It's called a new set, because it talks about those who are vulnerable in our society, because at what they were the most vulnerable group in the society back then, women were not treated fairly back at the time when the Prophet alayhi salam was having to reveal to him so suddenly that talks about the values and because values are only only values if you use them at all times towards everyone. It's not a value if you show it to someone who is

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strong, enrich and then not to someone who is poor and weak. It's not a value anymore. That's selectivity. That's nothing. That's nothing that's just bias based on on self self service here.

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You want to serve yourself. So you're using others to get what you want. But and as they can a value is a value if it if it's widespread if everyone is going to be encompassed within it, which is why this sort of talks about the Janya, Nisa, it talks about the orphans, the atonement talks about children and talks about the oppressed, it talks about the persecuted talks about the disabled, they're not equal, obviously. But at that time, they were the vulnerable part of society that were not being treated equally, which is why this sort of came and taught us our value system. It's a beautiful sutra. And it should definitely be properly understood because of the of the value system

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that it contains within it for us to understand and learn. So that's the summary of what these, what we're going to be reading about today is going to be looking like looking at so let's see if we can if we can get through in Charlotte data, some of the verses. So if people are I don't know, anyone. I didn't see any votes at all. So I'm wondering if this is working.

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It wasn't working, the slides are working

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Subhanallah Alright, so let's try some, oh, this doesn't work. It does work. Oh, look at this. Let's go back and see if we can try the main slide.

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Let's try that means let me win and see if it works. We got a few votes in and then we'll then we'll reset the versus

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the importance of understanding the theme based approach to

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to the Quran allows you when you're reciting, when you're reading, when you're listening, or where you're trying to contemplate, it gives you a compass, it gives you direction, so you understand what the surah and generally is trying to say. So when you recite the verses, you're not misled, or misguided or you're not lost reading versus trying to figure out what it is that they're talking about. If giving you a theme just allows you to understand where in general, is this sort of going? What path? Is it taking me down? What is it that I should be thinking about? What is it that I shouldn't be trying to actually get to and that's the point of going through this steam based study

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is allowing that understanding of the Quran that zoomed out, look at the most half where we receive the Quran Surahs as units that talk about specific topics, or cover topics, and that allows us to appreciate a surah for what it is because also be no point of having soon we'll just have it removed those beginnings and endings and just read the Quran as one which you can do, but I don't think you can understand it that way. You can read it that way. But you can understand it that way appropriately. You have to zoom out and you have to see what the actual verses are talking about. Okay.

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I feel like it's probably not working. It's not working. Okay, I

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think that's unfortunate. All right, so I'll just make some random choices and you can go ahead and you can and you can go you can read them.

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And that's fine.

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I just do 142 of it. I'm Ron, if you get to 142 for me.

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Go ahead.

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And being him you know Shane, you're on your Raji an Hirsi a bit on the whole new gen one yeah I'm in

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a common way out then I saw the IDI and so this is an MRI is very similar to the idea in Surah Al Baqarah. Similar to the beginning of Surah uncle boat starts the same way it carries the same meanings. When Allah says I'm happy to you saying or what did you think that it was something else was the truth.

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It's almost chastising you for believing or allowing yourself to think something else was correct. So his M Huseby. Come and tell the whole agenda or did you think that you're honestly honestly thought that you were going to enter Jannah while I'm here hola Mila, who? Lavina Jaha dooming como la mas soybean. And Allah subhanaw taala has yet to know so to know here is not that he doesn't know subhanaw taala know, it's about you proving the concept. It's make making it apparent. He knows depend on what data what it is that you're going to do. But you're not going to accept that you're not going to accept Okay, we're gonna pause the life now. And people are gonna go to Jana and not

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based on things that Allah knows you're not going to be okay with that you want your chance to prove yourself. You want to make your choices and prove yourself. So that's what this is saying. Well Amaya Hola Hola, Dina Jaha domain COMM And it has yet to been proven, it has yet been to be exposed. Those of you who are who, who strived were animals, cyber, even those of you who will show perseverance.

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Without those two things, people cannot hope to go with agenda. The only way you can hope to go to Genosha like we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us the ability to go there alone. I mean, the only way you can do that is that if you are put in positions where you prove your ability to strive for the sake of Allah, and your ability to persevere for the sake of Allah, that's what has to happen. You have to you have to be in positions where that becomes apparent that you are going to strive you're going to work hard, you're going to go against all the odds, you're gonna go you're gonna walk uphill, you're gonna

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swim against the stream, for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and when

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You run into difficulty, you persevere the scholars was commonly, the way they commonly explained this idea is that these two things are what you do. The first one is what you do at times of ease. And the second thing is what you do at times of difficulty, because life is one of two things. Either you're in a time of ease, or you're in a time of difficulty, and you should quickly identify where you are right now, in your life, are you in a time of ease or difficulty, and the majority, the vast majority of us are in times of ease, if not all of us see it, aside from those who have, you know, critical and terminal illnesses or those who are struggling with horrible debt or those

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who have Messiah and biani Baku with their family, the rest of us are in ease. And I know we would like to believe that no, I'm in difficulty but we're most of the time we're not and I think those who think that they're in difficulty just don't know what difficulty actually is. And once they actually run into difficulty, like oh, that actually was that was a walk in the park. I don't know what I was thinking back then that was simple. So identify quickly where you are, and then when you identify if it's a time of ease. May Allah Mila hula de Naja, do women come, show strive. You're in a time of ease strive for the sake of Allah. Get up and go and push as hard as you can to serve

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Allah subhanaw taala deserves his deen and deserve his OMA, whatever it takes of you. Whatever time it takes to do whatever effort it takes of you. I'm going to type of difficulty way I'm gonna solve it and then persevere. Persevere, stand your ground, because sometimes it's hard to continue moving forward when you're in the midst of a storm. Sometime in a storm, all you can do is just stand your ground don't lose your footstep. Don't lose where it is that you stand Don't Don't forget where which direction you're headed. Because sometimes it's all you can do. You don't want the storm to knock you down or not tobacco remove you from your from your place, but you will stand where you are

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supposed to be saying subhanaw taala what you thought you're going to enter agenda. Before I you prove to me before it becomes clear who of you will strive and who of you will persevere and the answer is no, no we're not. Without those two things we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make our striving easy for us and to grant us the ability to persevere when we will hit difficulties because that's what this is saying. All right, let's do it 159 I'm just gonna skip one and just do it that way.

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That'd be my ultimate team Mina law healing teller whom Wall

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fell one Ollie

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fell boom in Holic fell off and one was still Fetullah Moshe we didn't feel that either awesome divert our kallada more in Allah you were able to mute our Kelly Salalah on mo Mohammed Salah ani who early he was salam Fatima Rama team in Allah this MA is extra. It's extra is to emphasize the word that comes next. So the way you will say it without his Fabula met him in Allah. It is with the compassion of Allah, this SMA is just to emphasize the word that comes next. That's all that's Oh, that's the only purpose that it that it serves. And in Arabic, that's a common a common theme. There's a common usage of these propositions. They're there to emphasize ideas or emphasize words or

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or take your attention to something because the normal way to say this would be to be Fabiola Hamilton. So he said Furby ma are often Mateen, it sounds a little bit different. So you're forced to kind of listen a little bit closer, closer. That's what our Arabic was always you put something in there to throw the sentence off a little bit to get the person to pay attention. And then you pay attention to that word, and like, Oh, he's emphasizing something here. He wants you to think about a little bit more deeply Febby mail document in Manila. It was through the compassion of Allah, Lin Tala whom you became tender with them.

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So Allahu Allah, you it was like he was telling them. He was someone who was always smiling. Whenever you ran into him out of his sight to see them outside of war, outside of the universe within minutes, what

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about your will were taboo. Outside of that he was always smiling out of himself. He always when when you met him, he put his hand out for salons first, it wouldn't pull it back until you did. He focused only on you when he spoke to you. He wasn't distracted, didn't look at he never turned this never turned with his head down. I just thought it was seen. He saw that as not respectful enough that he wasn't giving you he wasn't giving the people his full attention. So when he moved, he moved with his chest so that he was always facing people fully. So they knew that he was giving them their his full attention out of his slot to Islam. He found this action here not to be respectful and if

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you'd ever did it, so Allah, it's not saying you shouldn't do it. You're saying that's how we looked at it. That was his that was his. That was his etiquette. He refused to do it because he always wanted to make sure that he was speaking to you or dealing with you that you had all of his attention. You were worthy of his full attention. You weren't just a side thought that he was going to quickly fix him move on some Allahu Allah. He was like, Ah, man. If you made us if you sinned, you went to him out of your salatu salam he asked Allah for forgiveness for you. If you went to him with the problem. He didn't leave that

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You leave his house before he found a solution for you. If you needed money, he would go and take a loan out on himself to give you the wealth so that you can take care of yourself. Hallelujah salatu salam, this idea came right after or hood.

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Now you're wondering how is that important? Oh, is it important? It's very important

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because a couple of gentlemen who ran down that mountain.

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This is talking about them. By the way, when he said lynnderella, whom you were a contender with them. He's referring to the people who made the mistakes. They ran down that mountain. It caused him to almost get killed. It got Hamza, the most beloved person to him killed. It got a lot of other Muslims whom he loved and respected, killed. That was a horrible day for Muslims. They went back on the on the day to Medina brokenhearted, they went back in defeat. That's how they felt. And it would take years for them to shake off. The actual, bad or negative affective often mean, meaning right after Ohio, if you study Sierra, you'll find that there's maybe 15 events that happened as a

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consequence to Ohio, meaning once they lost the bad luck or heard all of the tribes around them that had signed treaties with them felt like they made a mistake. Felt that budget was a fluke,

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felt that the Bible of weather was a fluke, they made a mistake when they left Quraysh. So they started to want to rebuild trust with Quran so they started to be trained Muslims, and they slaughtered altogether 150 Muslims within two years after all because of God. So not only was the day difficult, but everything that happened after that day was difficult. Now that you saw through some knew the consequences of what happened that day. So how did he feel in his heart towards these people who ran down the mountain?

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Maybe a little bit of I told you, because he went up there and explained to them, Do not leave your posts until I call you down personally, I don't care what you see. If you see I need

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vultures eating our corpses. Do not leave until I personally come and tell you to leave or die up here. That's what I explained to them how to heal salatu salam because he and they ran down. A little bit of greed, a little bit of dunya they ran down and chaos broke loose. So something in his heart of course, something in his heart out to his thought was something the heart of all Muslims Furby Mao Rama team in Allah Heelan telecom is through the compassion of Allah that you find kindness towards them to begin with. What Oh, couldn't have felt one. And if you were rude, golly evil kalbi with a hard heart or a hardened heart. Welcome to FL one li Volcom we'll be living felt

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boom and wholecut all of your companions would have left you long time ago, long time ago. It's to the compassion of Allah that you found tenderness to treat them with?

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How do we taken that compassion away from you, you would have become someone who was rude and hard and difficult with them and they would have left you and none of this would have worked. This only works because we granted you our compassion, this what you're saying subhanaw taala. So what's the point five, four and whom, so pardon them? Pardon them, forgive them for what's done with them, and ask Allah to forgive them? First you pardon them? You forgive them yellow suit Allah. So Allah Allah as I was telling him, forgive them for what they did. They didn't they made a mistake. They made a mistake, a heavy mistake. I mistake that not only did they pay for, but the Muslims continued to pay

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for it for years to come with their blood. It's a heavy mistake. He's told that a sauce was on fire for him, pardon them was still a fair level. And ask Allah to forgive them. We're show we're home Phil armor and continue to ask them for their opinions and consult them at the beginning of every battle.

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Because he for a moment there, the thought was, well, I'll forgive them. But maybe we don't do this again. Maybe I don't go around asking people for their advice or there's consultation. You're wondering what does that mean? You said before the Prophet alayhi salatu salam went and said what a Shia are they as he always did? What do I do? Oh people. Him and the elders wanted to stay in Medina and defend Medina, all the young Shabaab that outnumber them were like, No, we go meet them outside.

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So the elders are like, Why are you listening to boys? They don't know what they're talking about saying Medina, the prophet Allah your songs I had no, we did this fair and square. They were they outnumbered us the vote was on their side we leave so they left. What happened they lost. So all of the elders are like

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we told you didn't me listening to boys, or listening to boys, they don't know what they're talking about. Listen to the elders. So the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would find it in his heart to forgive them. But a part of him was like maybe maybe we don't ask people their advice anymore. So the client Quran came and said it's not optional. It's not optional. You follow suit Allah said Allah has been rather hard with a hard life he lived a life with a hard life. What an impossible situation for him to live in. He had to like the number of things he had to get over well, like we can't we a person if you get to a person if they get over their ego once or twice they feel like

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they they're Superman. They feel like they are worthy of Oscars and the Emmys and, and all of their awards. They should be going going around and getting awards for

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Getting over their ego once or twice the profiler you saw to some continuously through his life, how to just get let things go. let things go and move on and continue to do the failures. I can't understand how he did it. Five, four, I know most of them will shower him filmer and continue to ask them for their opinion. It was never optional yellow suit ALLAH asking you that ASCII consulting people in terms of what the next steps are going to be for their well being is not optional, is mandatory? Yes, you consulted them, it didn't work out, you will consult them again. You cannot you're not. It's not optional to say well, hey, we consulted them, they made a mistake. They ruined

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everything. Now they got to be quiet because we have to make it as a no, no, that doesn't work that way. We go back we we forgive and we try again. We learn from the lessons that we we learned the lessons we move on. And we continue to do the same thing for either as I'm done. Once you have the intention to do once it's clear to you what the path is when everyone gives their opinion when the consultation is done. photowalk Allah, Allah Allah,

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put your trust in Allah subhanaw didn't go in Allah, how you win with our kitty, Allah loves those who put their trust in Him. But your rabbit just failed. It's okay. But you think you're going to just go from this time? You think the graph is going to look like that? And to go from a bunch of auto running around in Arabia, mindless and aimlessly, and then suddenly, you're going to be victorious? No, it's going to be one fall after the other. It's going to be one failure after the other and then you get a little bit of success, then you fail a few other times and another little bit of success. The glimmer of light will continue to be given to you and you still have to try

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there's no way around it.

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But you thought it was all going to work out for you the moment you decided to be a good person. I love that. It's the hardest thing to deal with. It's the hardest thing to deal with as someone performance Toba. That entitlement that comes with Toba sometimes. I lost I did Toba. Where's my where's my red carpet? where's the where's the music in the background? I didn't tell him I want Allah subhanaw taala to pave the road for me to glory

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are you talking about the first thing that happens when you do topaz, you fall flat on your face, four or five times until your face is is crooked and broken, if you can't breathe properly anymore, and then you will stand up and you're hit by a couple of tsunamis and may have maybe a few waves and then you drown a little bit. And then maybe you find a moment of hope and you get to the rest of the try again. You keep fighting that's how life is this idea that somehow I repented to you or you owe me No, you he doesn't owe you anything you owe him that you had you had the opportunity to repent you owe him that he gave you the mindset to allow you to repent and find your way you owe Allah

00:22:29--> 00:22:33

subhanaw taala already more than you could ever pay him back it was nothing. It wasn't nothing absolutely nothing.

00:22:34--> 00:22:46

Five one who most of whom were Shall we room filled fader Assumpta fatawa Allah this is a way of life by the way. This idea is a is a complete it's a way of life. You take this I can live by it. You don't need anything else in the Quran.

00:22:47--> 00:22:50

fine linen tele home, keep that compassion, keep that tenderness.

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Don't if you rude and disrespectful people will leave you it doesn't work that way. So forgive people pardon them. And ask Allah to pardon them and continue to keep them a part of your story. And then make a decision to walk in Allah and move close. Now here's here's how to live life. That's a crash course in living life. He was given out of his soul after all Medallia Salatu was Salam. All right, let's do

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let's do 169 I'm Ron.

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170 fees be the law he am more

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Own Are you and Rob be him your example.

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So this one of the most famous verses in the entirety of the Quran is very relevant today. Who are the people livina fortytwo FISA de nila, the people who are martyred in the name of Allah subhanho wa taala, all those

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who not only go out to spread his message, but those who defend, defend righteousness or defend to help in any form, those who are defending themselves and defending their homes and defending their children. Those who go out there to offer people aid or offer them support to offer them medical care. Anyone who is on a journey embarked on a journey to serve Allah subhanaw taala and die it is a martyr and those who do it in a land where it's where it's full of war there, those are dunya as well. You see, if you do it, and you're in a land where there was no war, you're sure he didn't kill you're a merchant on the Day of Judgment, maybe not in this dunya movie, we wash you up and clean

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you up and do it and act as if your milk Gama your Shaheed but if you're in a place of war, if you're in a place of war, than any act of perseverance, any act of service, any form and you can you possibly then you're a Shaheed every person was was passed on because to date is a Shahid and Allah subhanaw taala every person who has fallen young or old man or woman, child or adult, all of them are martyrs in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala because they

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They are people who stood who stayed in their land. They stayed in the land of their ancestors, they lived there, and they chose to stand their ground. And that led to their demise. And because of that, they are martyrs in the, in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa taala. And that is the meaning that needs to be understood. When we watch this, we don't celebrate death as Muslims we never did. It's a weird thing that I see sometimes, and I don't like it. And I have to point it out because it's not true. Correct. shahada is a beautiful thing, whoever is granted that it's a beautiful thing. But we don't celebrate that it's not celebratory.

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Never has Desmond celebratory ever. The private data you saw to some last Sahaba on the on the battlefield. He never celebrated their deaths. He never He never was happy because they died. He didn't ask people to show happiness because they died. No, it was sad. He was sad only you saw towards the end. He was sad for his uncle Hamza who's died as a martyr on the battlefield until the day he died under his law to Islam. He mourned him all his life. All his life, he mourned him. You could never speak up Amazon in front of them either you saw to them without having them tear up without making him feel bad. And he would leave and go home insists we can mourn on his own under

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your slaughter was done. They will say we never saw him ever cry. As we did the day Hamza died. The Hoonah hate. The hate means when he's cries and then he takes a deep breath. This is the amount of sorrow he had on his he loved his song. We never celebrate death. But when when when martyrs passed away, we we are comforted by these verses, we're comforted by these verses, there's a difference between being comforted by something versus celebrating something. We tried to prevent death, with everything we can all of the measures that we have, and the tools are there to prevent death.

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But when death occurs, and when martyrdom occurs, we we are comforted by knowing now like Dr. Bonilla, Dean of photography, so don't think for a moment that the people who die for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala are actually dead. By the HIA. Indeed, on the contrary, they're alive in the rugby him there with their Lord Joseph goon and a state of receiving provision, just like you, you and I receive provision every day, they also receive provision, even though they passed away technically, but Allah saying Don't say that. And don't think that because No, they are more alive than than you are. Because their legacy lives on. Because someone who gave their life so that you

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could live is more alive than you will ever be.

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Someone who gave up their lives to make sure that you could live and others after them can live is more alive than will ever be. And that's what he's trying to explain to us. Here's a pint of autonomy.

00:27:37--> 00:27:45

There are here there's they're alive. This the suburban Ouzoud of this of this area. The reason this idea was revealed was also after often

00:27:46--> 00:27:53

and what happened was a man by the name of Billa had no emerald no haram while the Allahu Anhu Akita Hailong went out on the

00:27:54--> 00:28:03

sahabi who was crazy on Saudi, it was an elderly gentleman. He had nine daughters and the sun. The sun is jiving, I mean, Abdullah, the known Sahabi.

00:28:04--> 00:28:07

On the day of a hijab, he said, I'm going I'm going for the battle,

00:28:09--> 00:28:51

you assume is 2122 His father is 7677. So he's like, I'm going for the battle. And Abdullah says, No, I'm going, you stay. So the argue. So he said, well, then we draw a coin. You flip a coin or draw straw? Can I want to go? So Javid finds it really weird so he draws the straw is his father's so as far as it goes, and he gets dressed, and he gets really upset job. Why are you going you're old? I'm young. They're your daughters are not my daughters. They're my sisters. You should stay I shouldn't go I'm the young one. This makes no sense for Karla Abdullah. Allah yeah Boonie loci that Leila Janah Hala thought to Cuba had been anything aside from Jana. I would have chosen you over

00:28:51--> 00:28:53

myself. But as Jen I have to choose him.

00:28:54--> 00:29:10

And he would go to the low I know he would fight and he'd be martyred. And Javid would cry for his father and mourn his father and the Prophet it is Salatu was Salam Ibuki he, oh, that that key for him as anything Mullah eager to to the loo Manohara germinal, Aldila, Sama, Isabey, Tomeka lemma Hora boo hoo Keifa Hindu and a hijab

00:29:11--> 00:29:46

and then the Prophet alayhi salam tells him that what you cry, you don't cry them and I continued to make a nice little shield for him until he made it to Jana. He made it to the seven sky and then his Lord spoke to him with no hijab between him and him. Between the two of them. There was no there was no hijab between Abdullah and his daughter he spoke to him, which is something that is unheard of. It's never happened before. Why because Abdullah haram in order for him to do this had to have a degree of courage and a degree of selflessness that selflessness is almost impossible. People worry for their families, he would have stayed to because he had daughters. Their children had to take

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

care of them. But he went he gave himself for the sake of Allah anyways. It's very hard to do that. So Allah Subhanallah told him, tell me what you want. He said, Send me back. Send me back. I want to do this again. We're in a fight again. No, I said I'll never send the backs asked me for something else. We'll tell them where I am right now.

00:30:00--> 00:30:13

I tell them the beauty that I am witnessing, tell them the ease that I'm in so what I talked about in the London aquatic uvcb de la heat and water was revealed to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam beautiful verses that are worthy of our of our time to reflect upon. Let's do 188

00:30:14--> 00:30:15

thing at a time

00:30:17--> 00:30:19

from when when it eat

00:30:20--> 00:30:31

81887401 I've been

00:30:32--> 00:30:33

what you've been

00:30:35--> 00:30:38

doing won't be fun know

00:30:39--> 00:30:41


00:30:45--> 00:30:46

B wanna

00:30:47--> 00:31:12

Boone Ernie. So another guy that seven man we've covered a lot today in this in this does that accidental Latina for Hoonah Dima, where you hit buena Yama, dooby Mala Mia follow this is a very scary verse in the Quran, it continues to scare me, and I hope it does the same and scares you as well. Don't think he's really saying I subhanaw taala don't think that the ones who are vain

00:31:14--> 00:31:27

because of what it is that they have in their lives a lot. They allow a vanity to get to them because of what they've achieved or what they have in their lives. And they like to be praised for things that they didn't necessarily do, at least not on their own.

00:31:28--> 00:32:04

Don't think people yearn for a whole Habima ATO, they're very vain, because of the things that they've achieved and that they have in their life, their will their their reputation, their their fame, their status, their accomplishments, their publications, whatever it is that that you think is important to those who feel a bit vain because of what it is that they have, where you were born, and you're from Module B man, I'm your father, they love to be praised for things that they didn't necessarily do on their own. Or it's not really for them to claim credit for. And that almost almost everything in their life in your life. What can you actually claim credit for? Think about it, what

00:32:04--> 00:32:22

can you actually create claim credit for and say this is I did this. I did it. Yeah, maybe you participated, which is, you know, good for you. It's awesome. You participated Baraka Luffy. But to claim credit for it, and you want to be praised as if you did it. You did it. You're the one I'm the one I did.

00:32:23--> 00:32:30

For NASA know whom be my first team. And I don't think that they are going to get away from punishment, they will be punished.

00:32:31--> 00:33:04

Because vanity is punishable. And claiming credit for something that you don't deserve to claim credit for is punishable, be very, very careful in life. Because good news can go to your head with time with time doesn't happen upfront, if you're young, and you're still aware, you can hold you can hold the balance, you can keep the pendulum right in the middle you can hold that you can make sure that you're not gonna allow that vanity to overtake you. But if Allah keeps on dishing out good things for you. You keep on succeeding and doing better and better and better if you're not careful. They can go to your head, and then you can start feeling that No, I did all this. I did it all. Yes,

00:33:04--> 00:33:14

I claimed credit comm asked me how I succeeded. Let me explain to you the steps that I took. Let me tell you why you are failing and I have succeeded. So you can learn from the great one which is me.

00:33:15--> 00:33:39

Do not think that someone who lives like that will be exempted from punishment on the Day of Judgment is a scary area that should all keep that should keep us all in line. That should keep us all in line, do your best in life, do your best. And when Allah either grants you something great, turn your hands up to up to his grace and inform in the most genuine form of gratitude and of sincere gratitude

00:33:40--> 00:34:19

and humbleness that he gave you something that you feel deep down inside you don't deserve but he gave it to you anyway because he's the generous you're gonna use it for what will please him subhanaw taala any other approach will be will be problematic. We'll do one more inshallah Tada. Let's do it. Number 26 are certainly sir. And then run out of time. You really don't long will you be in the air come soon. Anna Latina mume. Polycom WIAA, Tuba Yquem. One long early Moon hockey. I'm lucky today I got all the ones I was hoping to get. I should do this. We should We should make the link not work everyday. You will need Allah who see. So you don't find this a lot in surah in the

00:34:19--> 00:34:55

Quran, by the way, it's there a few times. It's not very often in 604 pages, you would think you would find Allah subhanaw taala saying I want this or this is what Allah subhanaw taala wants. So this is the goal of why Allah subhanaw taala made something he doesn't do that a lot like your island subhanaw taala gamma cathedra doesn't always give you clear objectives of why things are the way they are. But in this part of certain is the sort of that talks about our value system. He had Subhanallah he does a few verses where he explains very clearly what His will is what he wants from this whole story. Because there's no other way for you to accept these values. There's no way for

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

you to actually adhere to these principles in these in these values unless you understand what he's trying to do for you.

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

So this is what he's trying to do for you listen to this. You read Allahu Li You obey in Allah calm while you're here come soon and Alladhina Mian publikum where tuba aleikum wa Allahu Allah even Hakeem wala who you read to on your toolbar, Allah eco, where you need to learn even if you don't wanna Shaohua T and tell me, you know, mela and Alima you read Allah Who are you hot FIFA uncom? Well, holy Collinson, Obi ephah. He talks about four things he wants for you. Number one, he wants to clarify things for you. He wants you to be able to have clarity, because this mind of yours is an amazing tool. There is nothing like it in the universe, this brain you with it within it, there are

00:35:39--> 00:35:56

billions and billions of neurons, neurons synapses, these synapses that continue to allow you to open to see and think and process different information actually the human mind when it's when we have not been able to scratch the surface of understanding how it actually works, nor do we utilize most of it to begin with.

00:35:58--> 00:36:30

But it's an amazing tool. And he wants to grant you clarity. So you can make sense of things you can understand. Because once you understand, you will submit and once you submit, you'll be happy, you'll be fulfilled, and you'll live a life that is worth living. But you have to understand first no one on earth will commit themselves to something they don't understand. So now you get it. Now you know why most people don't commit to anything. And now you know why it is that we struggle as an ummah, because we expect people to commit to something they don't understand properly. They don't have clarity on yet, we're not investing enough time clarifying what it is that Allah subhanaw taala

00:36:30--> 00:37:05

wants and who he is and why it's worth living for and why it's worth dying for as well. Because once that becomes clear, everything just works automatically. It's by default, you can you can lift your head and things will work because people have clarity. So that's what he wants to do. First he wants to grant you clarity. He wants you to be to walk a path where you can see the end of it, you're walking, you're very, you're confident, you know where you're going, you know where your foots landing, you're not walking blindly, just hoping that you don't fall off a cliff. You obey You know, where your idea comes soon. And Aladdin and Cubberley come and he wants to guide you to live the way

00:37:05--> 00:37:06

of the prophets who we sent before you

00:37:08--> 00:37:49

all of the pious people that Allah subhanaw taala sent over history, Adam and Idris and Ibrahim, and his smile in his heart and Yaqoob and Maria, mon ISA and Musa and Harun all of the people who will be sent before you who were guided, he wants to guide you, as he guided them, wants you to have the same level of guidance that they did. Imagine that imagine that you are sitting on a or you are presented with a treasure that has within it the same amount of guidance that the prophets of Allah subhanaw taala were able to attain, and yet we know how to be here. We were willing to spend time doing something different. We're willing to spend a moment of our lives learning or focusing on

00:37:49--> 00:37:59

something aside from that which will grant us the guidance of the people who came before us. The prophets of God who walked this earth were to about a coma he wants to grant you that Toba.

00:38:01--> 00:38:03

You he wants to grant you repentance.

00:38:04--> 00:38:13

He wants he wants to He wants us to be able to repent. See is a really weird thing. But mine is not it's weird until you understand Allah subhanaw taala and it's beautiful.

00:38:14--> 00:38:52

If you hurt me, I am not hoping to grant your repentance or forgiveness. That's not what I'm hoping for. I'm hoping that Yanni I get justice from you. Or somehow you fall hard enough so that I feel that you're healthy is taken care of that you fail bad enough. That's how most people feel. Allah subhanaw taala. When you make a mistake you have to you when you when you regarding his rights, you make a mistake, he wants to get you repentance, and he wants you to fix it and he wants you to be better. That's how a parent feels towards some of their children. Not all the time. But most of the time. Parents want their children to correct their ways. Here. They want to grant them repentance

00:38:52--> 00:39:24

with nothing with no punishment involved. Most parents want their kids to correct their ways but they want a little bit of punishment involved as well. Just to kind of feel better about themselves as to but Allah subhanaw taala does not want the punishment for you. He wants you to have we want you to guide equal Allah who only when Hakeem and he's the omniscient, do the all wise. And then he says that again, will Allah who you read when indeed Allah yeah to valley, he wants to grant you repentance, where you read all the DNA of the owners, shareholders and the people who follow their whims and desires. They want you to enter me you made an alpha Lima they want you to go completely

00:39:24--> 00:39:28

astray. They want you to lose any adherence or affinity you have to this way of life.

00:39:30--> 00:39:55

The fourth one, you read Allah who you have FIFA uncom Allah wants to make it easy for you. The fifth the fifth, is to make it of ease. He doesn't want to make it heavy upon you where you can't carry the burden. No, he wants to make the burden nice and light so that you can go so you can actually carry it and you can excel you can and you can be better than what you ever thought you were capable of. So you can reach your actual true potential and beyond. You need a low on your hook FIFA on

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

your on your coffee you want us to defeat and we have to fast

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

30 days a month, a year that we have to and we have to pray all night and today we wake up tired at work. Oh, I fell asleep on my, in my office today on the chair. I woke up my coworker came and woke me up because I was snoring so loud. This is what this is the sleep where it's just sleep. Why is it that we get most of the joys of this world? We can't have all the Shabaab? Yeah, I can't I can't go to the bars. I can't, I can't drink. I can't do drugs. I can't have girlfriends. I can't where is it? Leaving this? That's exactly what the defeat is. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. If you don't see it. I'm so sorry. If the lens that we put on your eyes makes you think that other things are stuffy?

00:40:37--> 00:41:14

No, this is the fifth living, fasting. Ramadan is the fifth because it teaches you what you actually have. You see now you know how easy you had it when you were working throughout the rest of the year. See now when I go to work. I'm like, what was I worried about? Why wasn't I doing more pm late. I was worried about my sleep. I'm doing this today with no sleep and no food. If you added food, no problem, no problem. No sleep is not a problem anymore. That's the fleece. He's teaching me how easy I had it all along. But I was too self centered. And it was too egocentric and I couldn't see it. So I mean taught is tough. If you think that you follow your whims and desires is defeat. It

00:41:14--> 00:41:32

just takes you down a black hole that never ends. That continues to suck the life out of you until you lose your spirit and you lose your soul and you lose your identity. You don't know who you are anymore. You think that you're having fun but you're not and you know that you're not in the midst of it, you know that you're not in the midst of it. You're anxious and scared about what's gonna happen once the lights go out?

00:41:33--> 00:41:35

Yes, it's tough if this is

00:41:36--> 00:41:40

the beauty of what we get, who's happier you think in this world, someone

00:41:41--> 00:41:54

indulging in all of these desires or someone who's standing until we're listening to the Quran and no one in their mind in their heart aside from Allah subhanaw taala enjoying their connection with him Do you think he's happier? You honestly think that they're happier?

00:41:55--> 00:42:26

Well, I feel bad if you do, because they are not. Because the happiest you'll ever be in your life is if you figured out how to do this properly. If you figured out how to do it properly that will be the the happiness that you will find the fulfillment and satisfaction will be so intriguing and meaningful to you that you will almost never need anything else and you will continue just to embrace that and and that will be the most valuable thing that you have and if you lose it you will feel the moment you lose a little bit in your run back to figure out how to get it back again because it's nothing that comes even remotely close to it. I'll end with that and Joseph Hank will

00:42:26--> 00:42:32

be handing over to Blake was it Allah who was tell him about a kind of you know Muhammad so he's maybe we'll make a shot and and pray I should mention I was lucky lucky

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Allahu Akbar last battle

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