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The speakers discuss the importance of practicing Islam properly to achieve sincerity and achieve their morality. They stress the importance of practice and commitment, organization, honoring their status, and understanding their own abilities. They also mention the importance of understanding the culture of Islam and avoiding labels and deeds. The speakers stress the need for strong character and organization to achieve success and emphasize the importance of practicing Islam properly to avoid confusion and memorizing the Quran.

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pavement hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina habibi. Now Muhammad Ali he also here Jemaine.

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Most likely, there's only a week left of Ramadan probably. Next week like today we'll be

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praying a regular Aisha the late native Eid Allahu Allah Amelia so it's almost over.

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Yeah, men might do that it's very limited number of days and the fly by quicker than you would want them to even even even though you get tired and you're hungry and you know a lot is a lot is off just there's a lot of bollock and these nights that we we all miss the moment they're over

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is definitely a good time a good good time in the month to renew your intention and I will bore you with that and show it tomorrow during July but it'll be a good time to to do that and show up. Alexa from all of us. Okay, so we're going to start a new cluster of sewers today. As we finished with the zoom out, which is the last one from acceptors. Zoomer talks about obedience and submission and following the commands of Allah subhanaw taala. It looks at it from a couple of different angles. There's a lot of talks about doing it through sincerity, which is the you know, kind of the epitome of obedience is sincerity. And by far, there is no worship of the heart. There is no

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practice that is Islamically more important after doe hate than sincerity than across everything we do. We are trying to achieve sincerity. That's why we actually have the concept of intentions, intentions matter, because you're supposed to be trying to make sure that what we're doing is purely and sincerely for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. The following cluster of sutras, spans from lawfare to a path will offer facilite Assura Zakharova. Doohan aljazeera.com, so seven students, and they're called and how I mean, because they all start with Hannah, many of them. And there are a number of similarities. And I explained these similarities back when I did the sort of summary so

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you can go back to them if you want to just kind of see the lines that are the same. But what they talked about

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is they talk about Dawa, they talk about carrying Dawa to others is performing and spreading the message of Allah subhanaw taala carrying back to people, the cluster earlier was not carrying the message was not in terms of Dawa was in taking the responsibility of practicing what Allah subhanaw taala has given us in carrying that to the world in terms of our ethics, our practices, our values, our principles, and Jonnie the rulings, this, this cluster talks about the concept of Dawa of taking Islam to others and explaining it and, and bringing people closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. He's sort of a look at this, again, from a different perspective. sudut author tells us whether you take

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the stars, or obviously the first one, so it talks about the concept of Dawa and being taken to those who don't agree with you, those who do argue in the signs of Allah subhanaw taala those who don't necessarily see eye to eye with you. And doing that in a way of humbleness and full commitment, and reminding yourself that as you do that, your connection with Allah subhanaw taala has to be alive, man, you can't do that. In this connection. You can't take the download to others if you're not yourself practicing the bare minimum of it. And that's what the suit was trying to explain that you can't you can't really expect others to listen to you. Or accept your your Dawa, if

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you are yourself not really connected to Allah subhanho wa taala, which is why the Scholars

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historically have always looked at sort of the life and instead is the is the surah of Dawa. And that's how they used to call it. This sort of dies Dawa and DUA and that's really very accurate because it talks about the, the whole cluster talks about Dawa, but she was alive, he says you must be connected. Take it to those Yuja de Lune. Fei Tila, those who continue to argue against Allah subhanaw taala signs me and they're the ones who benefit from it. But make sure that you do it when you're fully connected to Allah subhanaw taala with the proper amount of humbleness, and, and sincerity, and that's what sort of laughter kind of explains it's very beautiful. And probably the

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longest the longest one in this cluster is by far the the prettiest of them all. So that full sleeve shirt which I explain every show, I'm doing difficile on Saturdays and Sundays during this listed month. It talks about Dawa through character, and how that's much more valuable than any form of Dawa, that you'll ever do. You I sit here and I'll run my mouth for hours upon hours for years. It does very little. When you compare it to someone who performs Dawa through character through their ethics and their morals and how they actually behave around people. It's much more meaningful, when behaviors are performing Dawa. And that's why you should never underestimate your ability to

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influence others and to perform data and that your prefer performance of data does not necessarily require you to memorize all of the things that I've mentioned that sit and talk about, it would require that you're required to do is to practice Islam appropriately, is to make sure you bring the values and principles and ethics of Islam into your life and that's the best form of data that you can possibly perform. So you're not outside of the realm of dalla just because you don't know you don't memorize the Quran or you don't know all the Hadith. You haven't understood all the filter doesn't doesn't mean you are probably more influential than if you're more you are more influential

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than you actually

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You know, and what you can do with your with your, with your character with your practice with where you are in life is more valuable than I can tell you what I'll be doing for the rest of mine.

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So one of the shorter talks about performing Dawa.

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But it looks at it from a little bit of a different perspective. It talks about the ability to perform data

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requests, the requirements that are formed out what you need, what you're going to need, what you're going to need is you're going to need some form of unity and some form of organization, you have to have, you have to be organized, in order for data to work and you have to have some degree of unity, you have to have some way to organize your work, which is what sort of short i talks about, in short, our means,

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go consultation, or asking or what we could You could draw parallels in modern day democracy to a certain degree without, you know, too many. There are glitches, obviously, but the concept is still there, which is you need that you need that togetherness, you need that that joint effort in order for dollar to actually work or doesn't work, meaning that people aren't willing to, to actually perform it in that manner, then it's not going to go very far. So with the Zoho and endocrinal jatheon, they don't talk about what helps you see you've offered falsely that didn't show it I gave it what helps. What helps you is your connection with Allah who would love it, your characters with

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full students and your organization and I need your togetherness to the shura was not going to help is materialism, which is what sort of sort of talks about and explained that last year and on Saturdays and Sundays during Ramadan? So to define delusional thinking, when you don't necessarily know how to judge things, you don't know how to actually understand events in this world, and you either become too emotional or you lack the ability to read the signs. And Javea definitely you cannot perform Dawa. If you have arrogance. Even if you're knowledgeable, if you have arrogance, you can't do it. And that's what God tells us. And so Klokov tells us that no matter what you do, at the

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end, you can't control the outcome performed as much as you want. You can't control the outcome. It's like in Nicoletta demon explained in a sutra

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like that, versus we talked about this with castles versus explained that a full swords with law, you cannot control the outcome. You can't you can you'll try your best but you won't be able to perform your job and make sure you use the points that you need. Use your connection with Allah, you use your good character and you use your organization and you stay away from from materialism and delusional thinking and arrogance. And at the end, you can't control the outcome the outcome will be whatever Allah subhanaw taala destined it to be you just have to do your point your part and you'll be surprised who will respond to you and who won't. And we'll talk about that tomorrow because

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coffee is not actually covered here today, but I'll talk about it tomorrow. So we'll start in shallow with the first let's do 67 absolutism or

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67 rules it will be me in a shape on your regime.

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One called our own law hot buddy he will auto Bucha me although law to who young woman It was too much on we to be meanie. So the Hannah, who?

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You shriek Whoo.

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So these are this is one of the verses that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam once used on the member and I'll tell you the context of when when he used it. And as Salatu was Salam Muhammad was telling us that the Prophet Allah says I'm gonna remember one day

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as he was talking to them about your multi Amma would recite this verse he would say, oh my god, don't Allah help our country he and they did not respect Allah. And they did not give Allah his his due diligence and respect and in status, which which he deserved How did he what he does how he deserved to be respected or how he deserved to be revered. He was not given that

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well are blue, Jimmy and GlobalData who yo Mel piano and Earth and everyone on it in his hand on the day of judgment was some Allah to monopoly yeah to be a meanie, he and the cosmos will be folded in his other hand subhanho wa Taala so by Subhana what I'm usually going Exalted is He an elevated the status of he from what they claim and what they associate with him. Subhana wa Tada

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providea Sato salmagundi member one day and you're talking about yo ml pm and on the member he would recite this verse, Oh my god Allah ha ha ha Padre. He will argue Jamie taboada to who Jamelia Mateos sama tomato via to be a meanie he's ohana. Who what I'm usually Khun audiophile cordial sorry for sorry common this

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woman feel horribly ill insha Allah and then it's blown into the horn and everything that is alive will die. Everything that exists will no longer exist anymore. And on the members understanding will stand there you will say you know your Rob Jalla Jalla Lu and then your Lord will call an Al Malik Aina Mooloolaba in the King were the kings of the earth. I know jump bomb. I'm gonna jump bow rule or

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Jabbar is the one who overpowers others. I'm the one who can overpower all where are the ones

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So we're overpowering others, I know an alcohol and a de Yan and Al Aziz and allow them he starts to call his name SubhanAllah. What to Allah and the ability to call this member Rasulillah. And the member of the Prophet Alia associates, the sheikh. At Khulna, who was people in Rasulullah isn't going to fall over, it looks like the member is not going to carry him anymore is going to fall over. Whether it was the member shaking, or is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, as he said these words, as he imagined or he thought of the day where nothing will exist, but Allah subhana wa Tada, we're an avocado sort of aside, everything is gone. You're awake, and then you're not. You're not,

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it's really, really quick. Everyone's alive and around and talking and looking at each other and speaking and thinking and then nothing's around anymore.

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And then it's only Allah subhanaw taala as it always was, and always will be.

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If you're if you figure out this, this simple truth, life becomes much easier for you. Now only was always only Allah subhana wa Tada. Not only will it always be only Allah subhanaw taala even right now, it's only Allah subhana wa Tada, even with our existence, it's only Allah. We're very simple. We're very, we're very small creation. We don't have a lot of strength, we don't have a lot of pull. We're just floating around on this blue and green planet somewhere in the universe, for a very short period of time.

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It's very small window of time that we've been offered a few, a few spins around the sun, get off the ride and you go home. It's very simple. It's very, it's not Allah subhanaw It's always been Allah, there's no there's nothing else he is the center of all of this. Nothing else matters. No one else. There's no, no one's the hero of any story. It's Allah subhanaw taala. It's not about me or you or anyone else for that matter. It's about Allah. It's always been Malcador, Allah HyperCard really did not respect him the way he should have been respected. He did not do in the status that he deserves to have. But they don't know that the earth will be in his fist and the cosmos are

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folded in his right hand. On the Day of Judgment, that's it. Everything is gone. Yeah, Allah subhanaw taala takes back what he what he made. And he simplifies it to the point where you at that moment, you have nothing. You feel completely helpless. So the question is, that the reality of that helplessness exists right now. It's not different. It's just we're living in illusion that we think we know it's simple. We're just as in need of Him subhanaw taala now as we will be on that moment, where we're everything ceases to exist the way it always had. Whenever you have a soul, and then someone blows into the horn, and everything is gone.

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Everything just doesn't exist anymore. We all go to sleep. Not a dream sleep. No, no. No REM sleep, where you're seeing something you're still a conscious No, no, when you're not there at all. And he calls to ponder what, where are you now?

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Where are you now? Where's where are the kings? Now? Where are the oppressors now, where are the tyrants? Now? Where are the ones who had power and hardware? Where are they? Oh, they're not there anymore. They never were. They never were. They just didn't understand it at the time. The human being is such a such a strong ability to kind of lose that attachment to reality. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us any clarity Aloma? I mean, and these verses are probably some of the most beautiful verses in the entirety of the Quran. Not only should you read that verse, you should read the ones before and after it and take time to actually absorb their meanings. They're very much worth your

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time. Let's do it

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29 OF SWORDS over 29 If you've ever has it

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wisely you

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fine 29

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y'all call me in NEMA her the the higher to do near my downwind theater here that will or or this. This this part of the solid cloth. It tells us the story of movement early for our own movement around the gentleman who was a believer amongst federal owns classy his group is very close group his advisors is ministers whatever you want to call them. He was from Iraq Iran. And this gentleman if you go back to the story initially for most artists that I'm he's the one who told Musa Rajon mean apostolic Medina TSR Kalia Musa in Al Mela, Tim you're gonna be Kaliakra Toluca Raja in Nila Camino Nasir Hain giving children by the way they are contemplating killing you. There's a there's a

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conspiracy going around. They want to kill you. So get out there. He's the one who told me that he's gonna leave before they kill you after the kerfuffle that happened between him and when one of his friends one of the people from out of town and because of that most of them left Egypt and went and he stayed in Meridian. We think it's with Dr. Elisa. There's no actual concrete evidence that it was Dr. But it was a thought wise, a wise and knowledgeable, knowledgeable man of Meridian and that's where he got married and

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That's where he is on his way back got revelation. This is where Mussolini and I became who he who became.

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However, when he came back movement Alpha Ron was still a believer. But he wasn't he didn't have the ability to actually talk about it. He couldn't say it out loud. These verses in secret life that you can recite that will be reciting to me. It shows us the encounter that movement early around, has with the people with his own people. He says, Well, God Allah the Armineh Yeah, follow me. Teddy Rooney. decom Sevilla Russia. He says, while my people follow me, I will guide you to this path of righteousness with the past that will take you to a safe destination of Russia. Yeah, follow me in Namaha V Hill higher to dunya Mata. Indeed, this all this life is all this. This higher to dunya is

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all it is is matar meaning it's just, it's just short, short lived, moments of joy. It's all just short, short lived moments of pleasure, that die off really quickly. And then you forget what they were like, and you can't really go back to them and you can't relive them again. And they don't really and they're not necessary, and they don't last forever, and they don't grant you any fulfillment that you're looking for. That's what Metalla is Madonna is just something that's there that you enjoy for a short period of time. We're in Hirata he Adel rule Kharar. And indeed, the hereafter, is the destination that stays forever thought wrong, meaning you're stuck where you are,

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you're not. This is where you're the most staccato that comes from the same root of karar is the place that you're going to be there permanently is not, it's not a Jonnie, a temporary destination. It's a permanent one.

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And this, and you think about it, movement out of it. And the reason I brought this volume forward, I found didn't really know a lot like he wasn't someone who was extremely knowledgeable, he had only spent with Mossad, Eastern, a very short period of time, he was a believer based on just simple truths. And you don't really require to perform Dawa more than the simple basic truths of existence, you don't really need to know every detail of what the details, you'd have to memorize every aspect of the Quran, in every area, you just have to know the basics. The basics are that this hierarchy of dunya it's really not, it's not long lasting, it doesn't stick around forever. Everything in it is

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short lived. Everything in it ends really quickly. And it's forgotten and moves on.

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coming towards the end of the month,

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I'm losing my voice.

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I don't want to raise my voice when I'm talking. So I would appreciate it if he's not gonna lock it with maybe keep it down. This is very small space. So honestly, if there's two people talking in it, no one it's audible. It's very, very audible. So I would ask Danny kindly if everyone could keep it down just a little bit about a couple a few of them to make it easier for us, especially in this space here. Like if I don't think people just be spot talking in the other space either. If this is going on, I don't think it's appropriate because others want to listen, but definitely in this space, it's hard for me to hear myself and people are talking like Kamala here.

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And what I like about what went early for Alan does in these verses you can listen to when you listen to the the reciting that he doesn't really state any facts that require a deep or profound amount of Islamic knowledge. He's just saying simple stuff that everyone knows when I made a solid handmade decorating our movement. But without the hallucinogen Nathaniel's Hakuna fie had already ASAP if you perform the right deeds whether you're male or female you believe in Allah you enter Jannah well call me Malley. I do come in and majority what are their own and even not why is it that I call you do something that will save you and you're calling me to know you're calling you're

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you're trying to pull me towards something that will that will take me to the hellfire. At the end of these words, at the end of these verses moment if Iran will say first that says guna mount of kulula Khomeini Imams during Juma I will use this at the end instead of in the lie a little bit odd. They'll use the special technical rule when I've told you that you'll remember what I'm telling you one day What Will Ferrell will do Emery Illa and I I put my my matter in the hands of Allah subhanho wa Taala the verses say that Allah subhanaw taala saved it for their own he didn't get killed.

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But that's what the verses

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point out for Waka hula who say tema Makoto. Well, how about the early founders? Because nobody else around when he did this he knew that there was a very high possibility that he was going to be killed after seeing these words, but he said them anyway. Or the Allahu Anhu it yesterday? Let's go to number 60 OF SWORDS last

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we'll call it boom we'll do and Rooney stood up in a column in the you know, you're stuck beautiful on on the in the you know, you're stuck on the side of Hoonah Jehan theory

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He in

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what he this is very appropriate for for these last couple of nights of Ramadan. A follow up book on your Lord says there are only a steady welcome call upon Me supplicate me. And I will respond to you.

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This is a promise that you're getting, you'll call upon me and I will respond to you. I will accept your supplication whatever it may be, you call up you just form your DUA. And I will ask did you block them and I will respond to you.

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This is a beautiful promise that we are offered from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. What you really need to pay attention to when this is the latter, I mean, that last piece of it, the end of it, where he says in Medina, you're stuck be Runa and a bird that he said the whole Luna Johanna muda theory, indeed those are too arrogant to serve me or worship Me, will enter Jahannam in a state of humiliation, that's what he's saying is upon what I know. Now, when you look at the two, the two pieces of this verse, you may wonder, are they even connected? And your Lord says supplicate me, I'll respond to you. Indeed, those who are too arrogant to worship Me will enter Jehan and a state

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of humility, hidden him in a state of humiliation, or they even connected. And the reality is that they're very much connected. You see Allah subhanaw taala sees dua as the central central piece of worship. That's where the Prophet alayhi salatu, ascends Hadith and did immediate necessity and others and girl who was a burden. supplication is the essence of worship of rituals. When you're performing any ritual, the essence of it is the fact that you're given the opportunity to speak to Allah subhanaw taala the design of all acts of war, all the rituals that we have, are there so that you can speak to Allah subhanaw taala performed is the essence the point of it all, when you expect

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for example, prayers, specifically, very simply, the point of it all is that you speak to Allah subhanaw taala. And dua is not just asking for stuff, right? It's any form of conversation you have with Allah subhanaw taala. Technically speaking, reciting the Quran is a form of drop, the spear in vocation is a form of dua, any, anything that you communicate with ALLAH subhanaw taala through is a form of dua. So lokala Bucha, Moroni, your Lord said, Call upon me, and I'll respond to you. And if you choose not to, then the reason that you didn't, is out of arrogance, you were too arrogant to worship. And if that's the case, then the only place that's going to be waiting is genuine. Whether

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you're the biller is when he's saying Subhana, WA Tada. He's comparing the octave of dua with being too arrogant to worship God. He's saying that this is opposite of this. That's what he thinks upon and that is not what I that's how he's putting it delusion. That if I asked you to, because if you think about it is actually quite accurate. So you're saying Allah subhanaw taala Mallacoota MOOC

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is offering you to speak to him and to supplicate him a saying anytime, anytime. Call upon me anytime of the day, and I will respond to you.

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And then you don't

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and then you decide not to. You have someone else that's going to give you what you need. Is there someone else that has the ability to offer you what it is that you hope for? Or protect you from that which you fear besides Allah? And if no, then what is it? What is the reason? Why What would you what would what would possibly be the reason that Allah subhanaw taala is offering you here talk to me speak to me, and I will respond to you. I guarantee it for you. And then you decide not to decide not to. I just it's not understandable. So when he says subhanaw taala in Medina Yes, Corona and Eva de those are too arrogant to worship Me will intergender malaria doula. So not only is he

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giving you a promise, when it makes it comes to do? He promises you you make dua and I'll respond to you. He's also saying if you don't make dua,

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then this is similar to the I will explain from sutra for con, but Maya will be Komarov Biloela. Taka because the bitumen festival for your cool dualism

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guy is not a simple act of worship is the essence of it all. You're commanded to do it, you're promised a response and you're warned if you don't do this and there's nothing there's no connection there's no relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. You can be the best person in the world if you don't have a relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada yo Malkia you'll be quite lost. If you didn't speak to Allah and you weren't in connection or communication with ALLAH SubhanA throughout your life, where you're explaining your intentions of why you're doing what you're doing your milk gamma won't be an easy ride.

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So make sure that you use these nights, these last seven days that we have, if they're even seven.

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Make sure that you use them properly learn the art of making draw, if you haven't done that yet, and if it's not something that you have perfected, it is still something you struggle with, you can get a little bit of into a little bit of it in and then you fall out again learn to do it because the important part of it is that it's continuous. You start it on Ramadan and then you continue making dua until the end of your life. To the day you meet Allah subhanaw taala it's like you start you begin a communication with Allah subhanaw taala that never ends until you're done. And that's what's meaningful. When we pray and when we perform rituals and there's no I'm sure

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communication with Allah subhanaw taala were just, you know, just going through the motions because this is the culture and it's the time for it. That's not That's not what Allah Subhana Allah is looking for. He's looking for a connection. Speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala and use these nights to build that if it hasn't been built already was a proud artist. Okay, let's do we're not going to read the 13 verses with foster that's too many let's do a 33 to 34 suitable seductive someone has the

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woman national Gollum meme and you know Allah, he want me to saw it, or call caller in an amiable and Mussolini. Walter stone has an add to what I say a desirability here action by either lady baby Nicola Boehner, who I don't

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know when he wouldn't have you. So this these verses, I took a good chunk of time and explained during the Saturday and Sunday after photos of SEO sessions that I've done over the last couple of weeks. But I think it's worthy even if we did that, to take a moment and just reflect upon them a little bit towards full senate tells us as this whole cluster talks about Dawa. So it first of all, just points out that Dawa through character is just better, it's just better. Yes, you need to explain things and articulate them. Well, yes, you have to have a you know, you have to have clarity when you talk about anything. And yes, people are required to listen to you, and you're required to

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listen to others as well. And there's punishment attached with people lacking that ability. We don't do that. But at the end, what's best is the data that comes through behaviors that were that comes through practice, and this area and sort of these two verses, and the ones that come after it's posted are very meaningful in that in that sense, woman apps, no code and he says Subhana wa Tada and who is better spoken? Last? No, hold on who speaks who has better things to say? Me Man da Eid Allah than those who call upon a call to the to the path of Allah subhanho wa taala? Well, I mean, I saw your hand and they perform the deeds that Allah subhanaw taala required them or commanded them

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to perform.

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Now the problem with understanding this verses well, he just said, Who's better spoken? He didn't say he was better. If he just said that, then honestly, my argument would be quite weak. Who is better than calls to the path of Allah performance? The good deeds were caught in the Nieminen? Muslimeen? And does that under the umbrella of being a Muslim? But he didn't say woman X? No, I'm Ellen. Or when asked to injure? Who's better? Who's better behaved? Or who's better in general? He said, My National code and who's better spoken? And then he adds to that someone who's doing something physical. And you stand when trying to say, he said, Who's better spoken than someone,

00:27:30--> 00:28:03

Amina Foley and someone who performs the good deeds? That's what he's saying. subhanaw taala? And you're like, well, that's not speech. Yeah, well, it kind of is. It kind of is because actions speak louder than words do. Because your actions have the volume of your actions are higher than your words by far. So he's trying to explain subhanaw taala, that the best spoken person is the one who calls to Allah subhanho wa Taala performs the best deeds, I mean to Saudi, and does that under the umbrella of Islam? And that is what we mean by Dawa through character. It's louder, it goes farther.

00:28:04--> 00:28:26

I think I think they had, they took a took a snippet out of one of the Halacha that I did on this, and they put it online somewhere. And I had point where people are laughing. And I pointed out, I said, Here's what he said. And I'll tell you, I still think it's valuable. I just don't think it was taken, I think reply were taken out of context. What I think what I did what I said do, I actually believe I think that,

00:28:27--> 00:29:01

for example, give me an example example of myself, and maybe a couple of people who are kind of short, small time, that do in small places here and there, that we will talk for years upon years, and we will give hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of lessons and hope and gurus and cooperate and all this stuff. And then And then somebody lands one punch, just one. And he has a better impact than everything we've done. Now I don't even know I don't even watch the sports. I don't even know the guy that well. But I could see the impact that this person had on the OMA not not on the I need the little congregation that I talked to the 1015 guys that I tried to explain to

00:29:01--> 00:29:32

the sisters that I tried to know I'm talking about the OMA and not saying that what we do here is not valuable and that she shouldn't be doing this at him. Of course not this is why do you think I'm doing this? I wouldn't be doing if I didn't think I shouldn't be doing it. But I'm talking about how sometimes just wherever Allah put you where did he put you? What are you doing? Where's your position in life? Where's your piece of the puzzle where he put you here be the best Muslim you can be. And if you do that, then your impact in terms of Dawa is very meaningful. We underestimate we undervalue the dollar you can do just by being the person you're supposed to be to the best of your

00:29:32--> 00:29:53

ability. That is so important. You don't really like Not everybody has to go and become a someone who sits and speaks and has a microphone and a camera and not everyone. And honestly, it's not that it's not that as important as just having one person one good Muslim, one truly good Muslim, who actually practices Islam and excels at whatever it is that they're doing.

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

Under the umbrella of Islam, it has more in fact, it does. And I like the example I gave a selfie it maybe maybe it's not appropriate

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

But there's so many other examples that you can give in this world of Muslims who did a really good job and influenced how people

00:30:07--> 00:30:31

influenced this. There's a study, there's a study, I read this study, I can't remember where it came from, but I will actually put it on on the watsapp group and when I go home and when I find it, so you read it, the study that talks about Islamophobia in the UK, right? Islamophobia is a problem in the UK, and they talk about what influenced get Yanni the declining numbers or rates of Islamophobia in the UK and the attribute that to Muhammad Salah

00:30:33--> 00:31:09

this is what they that he had a higher impact on Islamophobia, then made it all of the organized, because it he was he was wherever he was, he did his job. Well, he just did what he did, he did it well, and he continued to say, and I'm in the Muslim mean, and he performed he practiced Islam, at least to a certain degree that people could that was visible to people. And that's all you need to do. And you'll have more impact than then what other people think you can have, which is what I'm trying to explain. We underestimate we undervalue the the impact of just Dawa through to being the best person you can be. You drive a taxi, you teach a class, what do you do? Whatever it is that you

00:31:09--> 00:31:41

do, just do it excel in it, do it really well, under the umbrella that I'm a Muslim, and I'm doing this because this is Mo salah, this is what Allah Subhan Allah commanded me to do. And that Dawa is no one's better spoken than who does that. That's what he's saying. Subhanallah without and no one's better spoken? What do you mean mean? What about the person who's articulating every single detail and explaining know that person is better spoken, then this person, because that person is actually practicing it. And that's more meaningful for people. But I think it's also it was a man of few words. It was a man of few words on his tomato, so nothing like what I'm doing here. Nothing. I

00:31:41--> 00:32:13

mean, that as long as that I'm chose his words carefully, he spoke for a few short sentences. He repeated them a couple of times for people to remember, memorize and he can stay quiet on the inside. So some people love this planet loved Him through His way of life. He observed him they watched Him they saw the generosity, the humbleness, the selflessness, the loyalty the genuine the Genuity this is what they saw in mid slot with the genuineness they saw that mid slot there was cinnamon, and that's why they followed him. It wasn't it wasn't the amazing Hulk was he gave even though he gave me a coke masala you saw them and no one was more articulate than him it was them by

00:32:13--> 00:32:27

far. But that's that was stuck with them. It's not what stuck with them. I think one of the wisdom of that we don't have all his hook was written down somewhere. Because that's not what stuck with people. He gave all these hooks we don't have I don't have one football written in full. Not one,

00:32:28--> 00:33:01

yet must have given hundreds of Hope battalion slots. I don't even have one fully written from the beginning to end. I think there's a reason for that. Because it wasn't that that that left the impact on people. It was how he lived his life out of your slot to Islam, that people were attracted to. They watched it they saw they saw something real. They saw something real that they didn't have and they wanted it. They craved it. So they so they followed him on his salatu salam. That's where they first after it gives us the example I honestly the ultimate example, but a really powerful one. What about this, though it has to do with a say yeah, and good deeds are bad knees have never ever

00:33:01--> 00:33:39

been a never will be equal. They're not the same. You can't say that behaving well. And not behaving all of the same thing. They're not what that does to me. They're not the same in desirability he hasn't. Once you are when people dish out shoulder to you, when someone gives evil and badness and unkindness. That's what they're projecting towards you push back against that with goodness, push back again, against that ability here and with excellence with that, with the best you've got, what's the best you got? Who's the best person that you can be pushed back against the evil that's being projected upon you with that? Destroy it? What happens if we do that by either lady being like

00:33:39--> 00:33:50

our Boehner who I do, and then suddenly the person that once was your sworn enemy, there was real animosity between the two of you, getting to know who will lead you and having the turn to an intimate, close friend.

00:33:51--> 00:33:56

If you have not done this once in your life, I would totally and completely recommend that you do.

00:33:58--> 00:34:05

Think about someone. And once your neffs tells you, not that person, that's the person.

00:34:07--> 00:34:13

You're thinking about people. And you come to a point where I know what I don't like I'm not I'll do it to anybody, I don't do it to that person. That's the person you try it on.

00:34:14--> 00:34:47

As they dish out something negative to you, as they dish out evil to you. You take out take it all package it and then turn it into something beautiful, and then you give it back again. And if you do that for either lady, it's almost like magic, then very rarely does it ever fail very rarely does it ever fail. The problem is it that is very rarely is this ever practiced. The problem is that this is very rarely practice we we recite this verse and we hear it and we love it and we celebrate the beauty of it but very rarely do we actually practice it because it's hard when someone comes in they give you the worst they've got

00:34:48--> 00:34:59

and they treat you in the worst possible way. It's hard. It's hard for you to actually take all of that and then and then you know reproduce it or or reflect back something that is hired but look at his life said Allah Allah

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

Do Salem look at the people who harmed him?

00:35:03--> 00:35:07

Okay, think of the names that harmed him. I'm gonna block Bob.

00:35:08--> 00:35:48

But it didn't lead. I'm robbing the house. These are names of people who can cool pressed him out of your soul to some physically and socially and financially. Probably Allah Who Jemaine, why do you think I can say that about them right now? Because I know you salatu salam took that evil and he projected goodness back. And he kept on doing that until they submitted until they gave up until they could not continue to be evil anymore. Because the worse you are to him, the Kinder he is to you. And at some point, at some point that human decency will click in. It may be buried under under tons of clutter and problems and diseases of the heart and hatred and bigotry, but it's there

00:35:48--> 00:36:03

somewhere there. And if you're patient enough and they continue to shovel all that garbage your way and you continue to project goodness back at some point it'll click in and they'll realize that this is not and they'll start seeing the light in what you're doing. And that's why they believed in Him it is so to say that he never gave up

00:36:04--> 00:36:35

on what would walk behind him telling people not to listen to him or he'll beat them up. So he and the private audience I would turn to him and say yeah, I'm gonna trakone Legoland. Why don't you don't leave me to here tonight? Leave me alone, and he's walking behind him. And still the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Wa say Allah Allah isn't Islamophobia Heidi Rahmani grande just so with one of the two I'm gonna say he was hoping I would accept it. Somebody did. Why would he help? Why would you? I mean, someone who's treating you that way calling those names, demeaning. Why would you open here this happens, but he did not have as to how to Islam. Why? Because that is so it has to do with

00:36:35--> 00:37:09

a say because good and bad deeds aren't equal, push back against the back with the good. And you'll be surprised what happens later, you'll be very surprised what happens later, it takes that's why the verse after it, well, maybe we'll call her in the Ladino Sabado. Not everyone can do this, though. Only those who are truly perseverant will be given the ability to do this. While Magwood aka Illa to help another human only those who are given a fair share from Allah have good ethics are able to actually practice this. It's not it's not something anyone can do. You have to be truly perseverant and you have to be given by Allah subhanaw taala a good share of good ethics, a generous

00:37:09--> 00:37:15

share of it to be actually to actually be able to project goodness when badness is being channeled and tunneled your way. And

00:37:17--> 00:37:20

then the the Saudis and I was walking one day down the road.

00:37:22--> 00:37:32

And Ali Azar Islam would was probably one of the most known names that were persecuted throughout history. So a man as he was walking down the street would call upon him and call him Oh, son of this.

00:37:34--> 00:37:36

Use a bad word, call them a bastard. Donny Salatu was Salam.

00:37:38--> 00:38:00

So as Ali said, I'm gonna turn to him and he would say, hola, hola. Robotic Allahu Veeck, which is like Elijah and I left a headache. So the Howard he was walking beside the apostle turns to ASINs. Like, I don't think you heard him. He wasn't he wasn't. He was like cursing your mother, basically. So he answered him in this area, this what he told them, he told them, pull on your courage you member and

00:38:01--> 00:38:04

everyone produces that which they have on the inside.

00:38:05--> 00:38:37

Everyone will produce will project what they have on the inside. That's what he has on his inside. This is what I have on my site. I don't have so I'm not going to curse him back. Why? What why that's not what I have on the inside. I have hope that people find guidance, infallibility. He has and that's what we're taught. Please, we have to who's going to practice this stuff? is are we going to designate somebody to do this stuff where we can all try and do it like I don't know. Like I'm a certain person in the Quran have become anthems that are that don't really have anything attached to them. We just we just talk about them and we celebrate them and when a non Muslim comes in, we

00:38:37--> 00:39:08

explain to them this what we are doing next week, but we don't but that's no we don't we're not gonna do it. We can't do it. So maybe you can do it, maybe see if you can try and do it. The verses in the Quran are there for us to contemplate whether we are capable of practicing or not whether we are practicing or not. And if we're not practicing, then that has to become the priority of our practice. And that's the beauty of sweet fossa. You've performed our do it through character and see the implements the consequences of it. I'll end with that and Charlotte, Donna, this is the 29th night 23rd night of Ramadan. A week from now probably be the night of aid it's a good time to renew

00:39:08--> 00:39:20

your intention to strengthen your commitment. I mean Allah subhanaw taala granted status codes Masha Allah in the in the Agile of it, some haggling hundreds of La Isla halen to stop through to break was that Allah who was telling him about a kind of you know, Muhammad Ali he also has many articles

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