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Since there's a few things just to point out, I want to point out and show before the end because I forget never become close to a shot. I start getting anxious and I want to get through as many soon as possible. I forget that there's a few things I want to talk about.

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Someone can remind me. So these sores, Jonas, good use of Orion, they come right after this about fluid right after the seven long ones. And each one is over it just aside from the unfurl, which has happened just exactly right. That's kind of the the numbers are sticking around. Remember it? He said I'll do I'll tell the story. It's a continuous, it's a beautiful story of exactly how the faith works. And it goes from one point to the other so that you understand exactly what you're going to do it for students that come after mean, they're called because around 200 verses or a little bit more. And these two are talking about central aspects of central concepts or values within religion,

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that if you are to remove from religion, it doesn't function anymore. Meaning, Islam has a lot of values and principles.

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Some of them if you miss them, it's still work. It still functions like a car. All the parts are important, but some parts if they're not there is not going to not going to move like it's gonna stay is going to stall. Right? If you lose some certain part. Yeah, it will work as well, but it will work. So it's basically what these four students do. They look at four different disciplines within Islam, they look at creed, which is belief system, they look at the message itself, they look at the ethics or the morals of the values or the principles, and they look at the law. So you want to look at creed. And the specific part of creed that it focuses on is about infidelity. Because

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your belief system without that piece doesn't function, you can believe in Allah subhanaw taala, in the manner in the courtroom. And as much as you like, if you don't have a proper understanding, this won't work for you, it will, it will crash eventually. So this piece has to be has to be rock solid. So to two talks about the message of Islam, if you remove from Islam, the message of Islam, if you remove from it, reform Islam, the message doesn't do anything anymore, you need to have a slot. And it's extremely important the moment Islam doesn't perform reform, it doesn't come to a society and reform it and actually start pointing out mistakes and fixing things that Islam is becomes

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meaningless. It's just a couple of cultural rituals that we do when we and that said it doesn't make a difference. It has to have reform in its use of talks about the ethics, the values, the principles, the morals, however, you want to put them all pretty much the same. And specifically consistency. Without consistency. Ethics don't mean anything. If I'm only generous when I have money and I'm not jealous when I don't then that's really not being that's not an ethic. That's not that doesn't qualify as an ethic if I am inclined when I'm when things are good for me. And then I'm not when things aren't when I'm then that doesn't mean I'm kind that's not I can't You can't describe

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that as an ethic that I have consistency is what allows ethics to be ethics with use of explains and then sorta right talks about the laws. The law is not the law is not the laws of jurisprudence, though the laws that govern how Islam actually works. And the main law, which is the law, of unhealth of righteousness, that this this law is not is not debatable, that you always stand by what is right, you always support right justice, regardless of whether it suits you or not, or whether it's something that you you find enjoyable or not, you always stand by what is right. And these are the four students that we're going to be going through today. It's probably tomorrow as well,

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tomorrow we may end up

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yeah, we'll make it to run tomorrow that it actually is done. So today and tomorrow. These are the these are the four stories that we're going to be covering almost exactly. So let's go through some of these is in the sewers. And again, if you're interested to hear more a little bit about the summary of a tsunami understand a bit more how that dynamic works then you can go back to the videos of the sort of summaries that I did over the last four years don't ask me where to find them because I don't even know where to find them but there's somewhere in the there somewhere on the online I don't know where but they're there somewhere so you can actually listen to that if you want to know

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more and I'm going to repeat them probably at some point in the future because they're all scattered I want to get them all in one place. But I don't know when that's gonna happen so let's go to a number 57 of sorts that you will lose or lose will be he mean as shame on your Raji.

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A Johan Sukhadia

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come on wherever to

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become more Shiva, only Matthew. So do they were who don't want to make too little more meaning those who believe indeed what has come to you from your Lord is a reminder of ALA Tamiya Rubicam. And the reason I chose this is because I love this description right after what she felt will limit us to do. This is how he describes the Quran, or those who believe we have given you a remember a reminder a moment ago something to remind you, for Schieffer only Michael, salud Shiva is a cure to that which exists inside the chest. The amount of pseudo is talking Subhana wa taala, obviously about the gifts and the illnesses that dentists carries of arrogance and vanity and ostentation and

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an envy and oblivions and indifference and laziness and lust and, and gluttony and it goes on and on and on. There's a long list of them

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who he thinks upon which I've sent to you. Oh,

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Those who believe a reminder, that's the first thing it's going to remind you of what's good is going to cure. That's what exists inside your hearts inside your news inside your chest, which he felt will lead us to do. Well, who doesn't and guidance? What am I doing an act of, of compassion, an act of mercy to the believers, what I meant to mean, these are the four descriptions, Allah subhanaw taala, made of the Quran and Sunnah. Let's use the reminder. It's a cure.

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It's guidance. And it's an act of empathy and act of compassion.

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I think the piece of cure is really important. If you cannot cure that which you do not acknowledged to be ill get fix something that you don't agree is, is not working possible. The first step in order for us to

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treat or manage an illness, we have to be able to diagnose it, and the person has to acknowledge they have it, they don't believe they have an illness is no there's nothing, nothing, nothing I can say. Elderly people who don't believe in hypertension and diabetes, they wait until they've lost both feet before they start taking it because they don't they don't believe it, they don't acknowledge that you can't treat someone who doesn't agree with the diagnosis. As Muslims if we if we don't understand that the solution, the chests that we have inside and within them, there's enough and this neffs has a lot of problems, a lot of issues that needs that needs us to requires us

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to deal with them appropriately. If you don't, if you don't acknowledge that, then the Quran will not do anything for you to find it, because it's not going to do his job, you have to acknowledge that there's a problem on the inside. And the Quran is the cure. Because if you acknowledge there's a problem, then you start looking for the Cure within the Quran, and you'll find the cure there. But when people don't acknowledge that they have problems, and they read the Quran, they like well, what am I not good? What are you looking for? But why am I not connecting? Yeah, well, what is connecting even me? What does that word mean to you? What are you looking for? Exactly? The word connection is

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a very broad term that actually has no way there's no there's no tangibility to it, you need to actually better define that

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is when you acknowledge that I there, these diseases of the heart existence, I didn't I feel them, I experienced them and I want to cure and then you open the Quran and you look for the Quran in the Quran for a cure, you'll find it that's why it's important that you look for the right thing. Quran is there as a moment. Needless to remind you, to remind you because you're you get distracted and you'll get DVD you'll deviate and you'll feel you just won't feel as as committed or as focused, the prime will redirect you will cure you. The Quran will guide you you have to come to the feeling that you're misguided and you require guidance for it to offer it to you. If you walk into a pharmacy and

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you ask for and you have a stomach ache and then you ask for powdered milk. It's not gonna you have to ask for the right thing. You have to walk into the right place, ask for the right thing to get what you want to what's going to help you you come to the Quran, you open the Quran, what are you looking for, you're looking to be redirected and reminded and focused. You're looking for a cure for problems that exists inside of you acknowledge you're looking for guidance, because you acknowledge that when you're not properly guided yet, and you're looking for a mercy and compassion which is Jonnie the, in the final piece. Let's do

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I am I am confused. Let's do 88 Let's just if you can move towards 88 and we'll go back to the two verses I've assigned a little bit

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more on Musa bene in Naka chi tofield I won't I won't. Who Z and

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Z Xena

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worden Phil hayati dunya, Rob Donnelly will be Lu one Sobey lick. Rod Bunnell pamesa

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Wiley in wash Duda Allah Who beat him fella you mean? You're all Lada early, very, very specific and unique. In the in the in the Quran. You don't have something similar to it. And I'll tell you why. Musa Ali salam after years and years of Dawa after just if you're our homie here after nine consecutive miracles that their own and his people witness from Musa alayhis salam. O Allah Subhana Allah you chemo to Furner well gelada well Pamala Oba Dr. Donna you that's Aside from his stick in his hand and all its I after it found in his people, and they just would not they would not believe they would not accept.

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They continue to oppress, and they continue to enslave. So most artists that I'm after, hey, this went on for a long time and people continue to die. He made this choice a lot better in the data for our Mala who Xena turn white and fit hieratic. Dunya Oh my Lord, You have given him around and those who stand by him, adornments and wealth within this dunya

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Rob banally OB low iron Sibenik and they're using it to go to misguide people from your path. They're using it to get people to believe in the wrong thing and to behave in the wrong way and they're using it as reason. I need to oppress people and transgressing us others when I felt to me is either morally him

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Oh my Lord put no Baraka in the wealth that they have what

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Should Allah Hello be him? And May their hearts harden?

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Fella you know what the euro will either but believe me they not find guidance until they see punishment. It's very out of character of any prophets of Allah subhanaw taala ever.

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Yes, some prophets will make dua against their people of punishment, but no prophet would make dua against people for them not to find guidance, very rare, the only place in the Quran where that happens, but it comes with the context of it, that they continue to have power. And they continue to have wealth, and they continue to oppress and transgress and harm or

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punish them, and may they not find guidance at the end. And it gives the permissibility for someone who is in that that degree of being oppressed and mistreated to make dua against their oppressor in that manner. It gives permissibility for it, but it's very specific. It's very rare, because no one does that. Never. We always make dua that Allah Allah guides people, like the first I explained to us within the Psychedelica continual tabular form and Allahu Allah comfortable you know, you're always hoping this Allah Allah grant someone guidance, but Musa Ali said, I mean it's very specific moment, he returned to Allah subhanaw taala about figure out about some random principles of Iran,

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the worst tyrant of the of the ages, the person who enslaved a complete race of people for hundreds of years he and those who stood by him and he said Alia made dua y'all may not find guidance at the end. But I mean, we had Jana wouldn't either so it's a very scary thought it's a very scary thing is very specific, and it's worthy of contemplation and reflection. Let's do a number 90 sort of

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what was the Benny straw Elan Bahasa at? home field our own what do you do who Belleville young

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aka who love or or coupon

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to know who?

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The ready. Let's be Ben is Elijah.

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Mussolini in the story of Musa and if your own is told in Surah Tunis specifically, in a way we have not told anywhere else in the Quran. Obviously because the theme of the sauna is talking about that central part of creed which is believing in cola and cuddle without the clarity on that you don't go and far in Islam and the example of museflower and here's when Iran came to die. While I wasn't happy Bani Israel I eat Alba Tibet, our home theater, I don't know what to do about it and what either we're not allowed Mussolini's RAM to cross the sea. And if an island and his soldiers would follow Him, follow Him hoping to oppress beliau why they were there. They're both oppressing and

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transgressing. They're trying to kill them to trying to deny them their freedom.

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And of course, the sea would would collapse upon them had either a doll aka hula, just as he was just about to drown. Or he would say, and to and no Hola. Hola. Hola the minute to be here. My name is Ravi. I believe in the oneness of that which you believe in. He doesn't know Allah subhanho wa Taala refused to say the word I don't know. It doesn't matter. But he said La Ilaha illa Allah the minute to be Hebrew is slightly below it's like he believed in Allah. He said La Ilaha illa Allah there is no god but him. When I mean Allah muslim in and I am accepting, I'm accepting I'm submitting. So the answer that would come to him would be

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meaning I learn now. Now as you're drowning now I can work on the outside of Pablo, what couldn't terminal move CD and you spent all those years disobeying in sin and you corrupted the earth and you corrupted people. polyoma Luna Gee G Biba Danica Lita, hakuna Lehmann, Hello. Today, we will save your body, your corpse so that you will continue to be a reminder for people who come after you, but it wasn't accepted from him. And

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why you may ask? I don't know. Could it be the most it could be? I don't know. No one knows. No one can. This is Allah subhanaw taala as decreed as part of the Quran and we don't know. Why is it that the people of Yunus were accepted in the same Surah we have that one example of the people of Yunus bid for odaka that call to get an amen. It's Vanessa Eman, La Palma, you know, Salah, Krishna and formidable fizzy Phil hayati, dunya Medina, Milla in the people of Yunus they are forgiven, even though Allah Subhan decreed that a three days ago he punished

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he was there why? Why were they why were they accepted if it was rejected? You can say well, because Jonas actually left Nikki but you're assuming that's okay. But we don't know. For sure. We don't know. And it's okay not to know. It's okay for us not to know why Allah subhanaw taala chooses one and not two, and three happens or not?

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Four, and B goes through and C doesn't. It's just that Allah Subhanallah as decree as a Muslim, a part of your deen is accepting that it's accepting what Allah subhanaw taala decrees him and taking it dealing with it and moving on, and not questioning because we just don't know. Which is why this verse is so important, because if your own said the word, but it wasn't accepted from him, I don't get to make that decision. That's why I'm telling this verse because we we talked about something similar to within the setup, where Osama killed him after he said it and he will How dare you? Was the respond basically, in so many words? How could you How could you do it? When he said it? Well

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Allah here Yes, Allah, Allah can accept whom he wants and can reject whom he wants to plan to what data not me, not you and not any of us. We have no right. But Allah subhanaw taala can do what He wills and he chose not to accept for our own at the last moment, and he accepted the people of unison SubhanaHu wa jal Luffy Buddha

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let's do it number 29 suited food

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we'll go back and show the what if we get through them.

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Well, Mila, Arun Kumar the HEMA and in Nigeria

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law, one

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the body the lady, man who, in whom moolah Rob Bay, him what King Nee? called human touch you have to learn the words

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of of Houdini, he said I believe no this is the words of new Haile Salam the words of no highly strung within solitude, he would say yeah, follow me to my email. Now I was going to have to talk about one of these verses at some point so I just chose to talk about it here. It comes into crime a lot a lot do you find on the within the Stories of the Prophets that the prophets will turn to their Lord to their people and say my commander him Hola. Hola, como la Hema Allah in Algeria Illa Allah, Allah, I do not ask you for your wealth. I don't want money from you. What I'm offering you is not something that I requires payment for. This is very important. Climate knowledge is not something

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you can pay for. This is so important. I don't know how to emphasize this. If I spent the rest of my life trying to emphasize it for you, I probably won't do my job. There is no

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price tag that became be put on learning the word of Allah subhana, WA, tada, there's nothing. This is beyond money. This is outside of transactions and buying and selling. I'm not saying that teachers cannot be paid. But I'm saying is very important to understand that there is no payoff when it comes to teaching Islamic knowledge. The moment the person who was teaching Islamic knowledge is owned by some group because his money is in their hands, and he's getting paid for it. He loses his autonomy. And the moment he loses autonomy, he cannot speak his mind, he cannot see what he needs to see. And that's how Islam begins to get corrupted, even with small baby steps, like really small

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things. But the moment you allow it, it happens. And that's the scary piece. That's why when you go and you study Islamic history, you look at the great scholars like Abu Hanifa, and Malik and Shafi and Ahmed, and all the other great scholars of Islam before them and after them. These are people who did not live off their Islamic knowledge. They didn't live off it, they refuse to live off it. The one who had no other meanings of life, accepted a life of poverty. Imam Muhammad accepted a life of having very little he lived like that he had very little you know, what he what he did for a living in his family, whenever they were done. harvesting wheat back in the days didn't have the

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great machinery we have today. He would always be some wheat left on the ground, he would go he would contract and he would go and pick it up with you to pick the wheat from the soil that would be left after harvest. And that's how he made a living. Well, the Allahu Allahu Allah. Because he didn't have a craft in his hand. He didn't have some other profession. So he lived with very little and he refused to be paid for what he was doing. Just like you my medical doula, Juan Malik would accept gifts, and then he would have the believers sit down like everyone else. And he would not allow anyone to come in with him. As he said, The Allahu Anhu up on top with a big Imam on his head

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in Honolulu she came in to take off here and I'm gonna sit down on the ground because he brought him a chair none of you sit on the ground like everyone else. I just gave you a gift yesterday take it

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you would take it despite them want to give it to me give it to me give it to me. You're gonna sit exactly going to do exactly what I want. And he was launched on the Allahu Anhu and Abu Hanifa you don't know about Neva story, you don't even know about Hanifa Well, I know people don't even know this gentleman was this gentleman continued to rebel against tyranny all his life and he was killed in this in the prison's of an embassy in

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Joplin Missouri, tried to try to you know, the tidy it all up because people are getting upset. So he came out in his janazah and his will he had written that he will not be buried in the in the in the major cemetery because the major cemetery a piece of it was stolen from people.

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So he couldn't tell which one of the most well could even put him in where he wants to call him and yeah, don't don't even be Hanifa to hire him at this person.

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and will not leave me alone alive or dead. He's always causing problem. Now the Allah I know edge mean, these are the scholars of Islamic history. These are the scholars of Islamic history, you would no one owned them, no one owned their opinion at all, this is no commodity him I don't want your wealth, put your wealth away. If you put your wealth, you're putting it for yourself. You're putting your wealth so you service your own yourself, your service, your message, your service your organizations, you're not giving it to me, I don't want your wealth. This is what this is what Prophet said. And this is those who followed in their footsteps said as well, when that dynamic was

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No one likes this. I know.

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I understand this is not how things work. But I have to say this because this is important. Because this is one of the reasons that we struggle today. Not not in London, I'm talking about the Muslim ummah all across the world. This is a problem when the man was paid by his livelihood was dependent on on his on his Dawa. Now he was given a piece of paper, get to stand up and read the paper because gonna read the paper, he doesn't feed his kids. That's the problem.

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The independence and the autonomy of Muslim speakers has to be has to be protected. If we're going to pay Imams, we have to pay them and we have to make sure that they continuously be protected so they can speak their minds. Because what's the point of learning all this and then you're pressured by a board member or you're pressured by someone who is holding in his hand your livelihood, of course you're human at the end, you're gonna have to cave in, you're gonna give it you have to give in you have to okay compromise something that you wouldn't otherwise compromise and that's so important. It's just so important. And I think it's, let me tell you this, I know this is taking too

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much time. Imam Muhammad in the whole fitna of Halal Khurana wala he the actual issue itself is debatable. The actual issue of the Quran being this or that this is a philosophical debate is not that important. The importance of this story is not that he he protected this one philosophical part about EDA, that no one even understands, I dare you to stand up and explain what the Quran when it's not what that means. And if it's not what it means I dare you, philosophically is extremely difficulty. It's very hard to even come up with the terminology to be able to talk about it. It's not an essential part of Islam, that why did he stand by because he was being told you have to say

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this? And he said, No, I say what I want.

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This is not your domain. Oh, Khalifa, it's not your domain. Your domain is politics. He didn't show that he's mine. You don't get to tell me what I say. I look at the issue. I think about it that I speak my mind. He said, No, you're gonna say this. No, I'm not doing it. Is the issue debatable? Of course, it's debatable, but I'm not going to be strong armed. And he stopped and he stayed in jail for years. And he refused to step down, not because of the importance of the issue, but because of the importance of the concept that scholars have to maintain their autonomy to speak their minds. Because if they're owned by politicians, that it's full, it's full degree corruption all across the

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And if it's not politicians, as someone who owns their livelihood, someone's holding the check. We need this. Yes, yes. And the sheriff was like, I don't want to do this. Well, Sheriff if you don't, okay, fine. No, no, no, no, no. So what do we need to do? We need to change our systems. And we need to raise the next generation of Imams to be independent, to be independent, financially, to have professions to be doctors and engineers and lawyers and teachers and have crafts have a profession where they can make a living so that they no one could so that they don't ask people for money to put it into their project. They put their own money into it. The Prophet Allah is also required

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nothing from anyone.

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Never did he put his hand out and ask for anything. How do you start to actually because he's Rasulullah haram and they use sadaqa he can't give sadaqa

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religiously It's haram for him to eat Salah can all those who descend from him all those who till this day if they know they descend from Mohammed Salah Allah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam they don't eat sadaqa they can take a gift don't take sadaqa there's a there's a concept here that was being taught that is very important. Let's do

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what's the one that we're going to do this before YouTube 42

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where he said God be him female watching Kalyanji body wanna know who I am as Ed wacana Female ZD. Guna yellow come now I know what to

00:24:13--> 00:24:51

feed theory. This is in my opinion, the most heartbreaking verse and all the Quran. This passage is the most heartbreaking passage that exists in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala it is so difficult to even think about this passage I find it hard just thinking about it forget about reciting it, no highlights them. In it. He is going to put it as in the Russell is one of the mighty prophets of Allah subhanaw taala a true strength. And he spent a very long time performing Dawa. Very few people met him and Mr. Who luckily very few people believed in him. It was so few that his own son one of his own children, one of his own sons did not believe in him.

00:24:52--> 00:25:00

And he can only imagine the heartbreak that no holidays time is going through as he sees his son away far away from him not apart who loves a son more

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than the father, who cares about a son more than his own father, no one will. And no holiday Sam is that he said he's a father. He loves his son and his son won't listen. And then if his prophecy came through it he said on the Facbook prophecy came through. And this this ship that sitting on a mountain with no body of water anywhere to be sitting around it, suddenly is the only reason that you can you can you can survive, because water is coming from the sky is coming from under and within a couple of hours you have met waves of water covering the land, and only know and those who got on board with him are actually going to survive. I know how they said what's what he's doing on

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the deck? I don't know. But maybe he's standing on the deck because he can't help it. He's still a father and he wants to say well, yeah KGB him females in Khilji Burg, and as his ship

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is running within, within within water amongst waves as big as mountains.

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He sees his son

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he sees his son, or the odds he saw his son when I was 20. But now who and he calls upon him what kind of female I will put that between Brexit brackets and leave it for a moment.

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Yeah, when he Oh my son, Jakob minor, get on board with me.

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Look, my prophecy is true believe change your mind. Change your mind. Like if you didn't believe me before you should now because I was telling you this was going to happen the whole time believe now get on logical Malka theory. Don't be with the disbelievers please don't be with the disbelievers. Alright, so Oh, Elijah, Belinda Simoni Minalima I know how to swim and I see the mountain over there. It's safe. I'm gonna go there. I'm good. I don't want to get on board with you.

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So oh, we either generally Simoni Minalima I'm gonna go to a mountain that will protect me from the water. So he tries one more time, Paul Allah I'll see milliohm I mean, amarilla my son, there's nothing that will protect you from the word of Allah except the word of Allah. Nothing will protect you from the Command of Allah except following the Command of Allah.

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Learner ramps up those who Allah grants them their mercy.

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And that was the last time you saw his son as the last time he spoke to his son, or her living in a hotel modes, and a large wave came between them. And he never saw him again. Because he had a mobile opinion and he drowned.

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The only thing that knew how they set him on the Day of Judgment will have reservations about is what he did after this. Every on the day of judgment we go to the prophets asking Allah subhanaw taala to start he's up to start judgment because we can't we can't stand anymore. So we go to Adam Adam says I didn't sit again but I eat I know I can't do this. I started this whole thing I eat from the tree. No, no, go somewhere else. You go to Brahim he comes up he said I I didn't lie but I said something that wasn't 100 was I'm not comfortable no go to museum was like through the through the ultra high pulled my brother's here. You go to No.

00:27:53--> 00:28:28

No, it's like I asked my lord about my son. He couldn't help it. Whenever there are no horrible God, I'll be in the Bunnymen, Ernie, when no other can help you won't Jack and Jill Hawkins Oh my lord, my son is my family. You told me you're gonna your your your promises the truth. And your promise was you're gonna save my family, and my sons, my family, and he's not saved. One Doc, I'm gonna hack him and you're the most I need the wise of all rulers. I'm not I'm not questioning your ruling. I'm just saying. I'm just saying you told me and your promises correct that you were saved my family and my sons My family thought it in nowadays. And I think is not your family. He's not your family.

00:28:29--> 00:28:32

After years of disbelief and years of refusing he's no longer your family.

00:28:33--> 00:29:08

I know you feel that but he's not your family and your family are the believers who stood by you for for 100 years and 200 years, not the person who turned his back on you. Blood doesn't mean much when Islam is not in it. But La ilaha illa. Allah isn't inside the red blood cells, it doesn't really mean that much anymore. And this is the pain of new holiday. So don't judge parents who are struggling with their children. Don't judge parents who have their children aren't doing don't judge them. The pain inside of them is enough. They're dealing with enough pain out as it is they don't need your judgment. If you have something to do that is helpful. If you can extend a hand of of

00:29:08--> 00:29:14

somehow helping their child to find their way back. Do that or just hold your tongue? Because I can tell you this.

00:29:15--> 00:29:26

I can tell you this, if none of us are better than know how to you sir. Not one person here is even remotely close to new highlights. And if no, if no highlights that I'm lost his son.

00:29:27--> 00:29:29

If no one couldn't save his son, then

00:29:30--> 00:29:32

then it could happen to the best of us.

00:29:33--> 00:29:54

It could happen to the best of us. And then you go back to that brackets. What kind of female is it? Maybe that was the reason I said he was isolated. Maybe he was isolated when he was in the in the water when he called him maybe that's what it means. But I would like to believe that there's a little bit more symbolism in this one, or kind of he met he was isolated. Don't isolate your children. Don't let your child grow up in isolation from you.

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

Don't let them grow. Don't let them not be a part of your family. Don't push them away. Don't

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

allow them to push themselves away. Don't allow them to push you away.

00:30:05--> 00:30:15

Your child is the person who you have the potential of having the best relationship with in your life. Way better than any relationship you can you can imagine having with your spouse or

00:30:16--> 00:30:54

your child because your child is in 100% Your child is ready to be your best friend at all times. They just want you. They just want you so their relationship isn't working. It's not them. It's you. Because they want you they have no What else did they don't know anything else? What kind of female is it? He was isolated. His son was isolated, whatever that means, whatever that means, but just something to kind of think about. We can't We can't afford to grow up especially in the west where Muslims are minority. We cannot afford to have our children isolated from us or isolated from our communities or isolated from our massage in society. We can't afford it. Because the pain that isn't

00:30:54--> 00:31:13

the heart of Satan, I know how to Instagram is just too much to bear. And it's the type of pain that you do not wish upon your worst enemy. Watch a child of your own, deviate and go away and fall in the wrong on the wrong group. It's Allah subhanaw taala said I'm alone had you ever been Muslim and Allahumma Amin

00:31:14--> 00:31:17

what can we do? Let's do do

00:31:18--> 00:31:22

8788 into eight last one. I think we have a few minutes to do it.

00:31:25--> 00:31:31

Or do we are sure ie boo solder to Moodle gun not true camellia Ambu

00:31:33--> 00:31:37

Nephite Fe M word Manisha

00:31:38--> 00:31:43

in Nicola Holly Mawashi read on

00:31:44--> 00:31:51

a tune in to the unity middle lobby will Rosa County mean Horace Khan has

00:31:54--> 00:32:33

read Holly Falcon ILA and her Kumaun in od do in LA Yes, la Hamas Delta aren't Wi Fi the illa biLlah holiday he won't go to work either. He will so quickly because we're running out of time the people of Schreiber would mock him. They are sure I am your teachings are gonna are gonna make us change the way we live a little bit. It's gonna change the way that we worship and the way that we spend our money. We're okay with your faith, but it can't change anything. Bring us something that's benign that has no effect on behavior, something simple, just, you know, just some rituals, something fun, something cultural. Don't tell us what to do with our worship or with our money

00:32:33--> 00:33:07

because we don't want to change anything. This is what they were telling you. In Nicola unintel Halima Rashid, you're the you're the smart one, you're the patient while you're there, actually, they're actually speaking to him sarcastically there's the only there's one of the few verses in the Quran that talk that have sarcasm minutes, where they're sorry, they're speaking to show it sounds sarcastically tribes answer is so valuable. Especially the last piece is what he says. Well, I'm out what are you doing? Oh Califa Camila and how come on, you will not find me to be someone who tells you to do one thing and does the other what I preach is what I will practice for you being the way I

00:33:07--> 00:33:45

tell you the way I asked you to live is the way I'm going is the standard I'm gonna hold myself to my and that's that's of course its own its own importance. In od do in Siela Miss Potter, Mr. Robot, this is the this is the model as a Muslim is your model. In redo in Islam, Mr. Park All I want is to bring reform to the best of my ability to correct behaviors to fix things to the best of my ability. Well Matt ofili in LaBella and my my success is on the hands of Allah and only Allah Allah He To A Kill to upon him I depend where la he will leave and I will continue to repent to Him just go to those verses that last piece and just

00:33:48--> 00:34:00

put put something on it and read it every day. This is this is the motto of a Muslim in redo in La sala Hamas towpath no matter Amato VP level Allah, Allah whatever kill to LA who in this how we live as most of this our way.

00:34:01--> 00:34:05

I'll end with that a quick reminder before we go for a Salah and sha Allah to Allah.

00:34:08--> 00:34:11

Yes, number one, the water. So

00:34:13--> 00:34:44

the there so take them. And then when you take them, it's yours. It's not ours anymore. All right, the moment is in your hand. It is now It now belongs to you. And it's your problem. You do not make it our problem. Again, if it's not used as our problem, the moment you pick it up now is yours to please take it with you. Because we end up with a lot of water bottles. It's very difficult for us to get rid of all this stuff. We just don't have the facilities to kind of do all that. So please, if you have a water bottle, just take it with you. You should see my car, there's more water bottles and I think there's probably people in my car under the water bottle. So to make sure you have water

00:34:44--> 00:34:59

bottles, take that take them with you, number one. Number two. Don't hold the Quran during Asia. The reason that I have up there taraweeh begins from Iowa something of the surah is that during a shot you shouldn't carry the most half or open the phone. So just standing when it comes to the photo

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

When it comes to the the obligatory action of warship, in Salah is much more strict, we try to adhere to the strictness of the rulings regarding Salah telephone. So we don't, you know, we don't add anything, we don't do anything. That's why the only way we can spray up front during fall is if this place is fully packed in there's nowhere to go that we can pray up front. And so now it's much more open much more much more easy. So even if this place is not full, people can pray up front you can open the Quran you can do too oh well meaning the chef is reading he recites a verse within it it talks about talking about Jana you can say Allah Masonic agenda with a low voice as the chef has

00:35:32--> 00:36:07

been no problem. And finally, don't say a word. You know, aside from maybe reading Fatiha, if the Imam gives you time, and we don't give you time, we don't that we just we're following the guy we go with with the with the Hanafi and the Hanabi to do for this and we don't give time, then you say nothing and it'll be very, very strict and be very, very clear on how to pray Salah to follow and stick to their strictness because it's different and then it's something that's much more open so don't open musclehead during during follow in so now go ahead I actually I personally I encourage it, especially if you don't know the Quran well, especially if out of the Arabic is not your

00:36:08--> 00:36:35

language. And if you're opening and you have a translation beside you're looking at I'm okay with that, I encourage that because this is going to help you inshallah focus more do and so now whatever allows you to be more focused and to connect to Allah subhanaw taala more because that's the point of this dialogue that we're praying. We're praying this through here so that you can find your heart so you can find your connection with Allah subhanaw taala. So allow yourself to do that. So I just wanted to make those two announcements or reminders in Charlottetown is looking to look at what's on Allah who was sending them about a kind of a you know, have you been on Muhammad in early he your

00:36:35--> 00:36:37

son of yours, man, he's looking we're looking at about a couple of people