Aarij Anwer – Best of Both Worlds – The Prophet’s Most Frequent Dua

Aarij Anwer
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Okay, we'll learn from the law. So that was Samira Sula, who are early he was having Murat so now what

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I wanted to speak about the ayah from Surah Baqarah imagelist portlaw says woman whom many akula robina attina dunya Santa Clara de hacer una una de ba na,

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the translation of it is and from them are people who say, Our Lord, our master, give us in this world, Hassan and in the next world has an A and save us from the fire of *. I'll talk about what the word hasn't means in a little bit. And that's what that says about these people are ecola hanasi boom mimma castable those folks these people will get what they have earned, Allah who study on herself and Allah is quick towards taking account. This is in particular the context of this ayah is it occurs in the passage of Hajj and the passage of the Quran that is talking about Hutchinson circle Baccarat, about a page and a half of the Quran talks about the rulings of Hajj in that this

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is a tangent, talking about the door that the people who go for Hajj would make. Before this Allah spoke about people who when they went for Hajj before Islam, they would say robina Athena for dunya mama hula karate man holla for them Hajj was just a a business opportunity and opportunity to network. So when they will go for Hajj, even their da was just about the dunya our Lord give us in this world. And Allah says about them when Allah who can ask that even Allah, this person has no share in the effort. But then the correct way to approach do our spirituality. To understand Islam is what this ayah presents, which is a man whom a Yoku Ravana Athena for dunya Hassan Hassan, asking

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for Hashanah, the best in this life, and the best in the next life. And most importantly, will cannot either but not save us from the firehouse. This is the context of the IR and the context of the ayah explains to us that the the way we are supposed to look at this

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particularly the monastic of Hajj, the ritual of Hajj, specifically, en spirituality and worship generally in Islam. The way we're supposed to look at it is it's not meant to be just like an ATM machine. It's not meant to be where I go to the ATM machine machine and draw some cash and then go out my way. It's not like that. It's a relationship of servitude to illustrata Let me give you an example. When I was in university, you know doing undergrad in computer science we had a lot of friends who were Muslims are very few of us would pray unfortunately, okay, we would always invite our fellow students to come and join us for Salah but they're all make some excuse but the only time

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they will always join us for Salah was the Salah right before an exam. I remember this very clearly we're going for an exam right and Mashallah everybody is stressed out. And then me and my friend will be like You know what, we should pray a little harder before we go for exam because it's gonna be a long exam and we don't want to miss her as all the brothers would never prayed the joined us always. And they're making this Dora they're like, Oh Allah, Allah, please help me pass calculus. And and then after that you wouldn't see them. And in the in the congregation again. This attitude is what Allah is highlighting. In the previous if this is the incorrect attitude towards towards

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spirituality, towards the religion, the religion is not meant to be like a way to give us a leg up in the dunya. Okay, it's not just a way for me to get a competitive advantage over my non Muslim colleague. It's not meant to be like that. The religion is meant to be what cleaner rather banal, save us from the fire of * salvation, the ephemera. And the best thing that we can get in this dunya and the author.

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But the key is salvation the author, even if in this dunya we don't get much, or we don't get what we wanted. The key remains this linear, the author of the theorem is the key. Right? That's the attitude. I remember when I was in high school. And I remember this to this day very clearly. I was struggling with physics, like many of us might do in grade 12. And I was like, you know, I read this hadith or I heard that if you send Salawat on the prophets of Salaam, then things become easy for you. That's actually true, right? Like, if you send a lot of followers on the Prophet, then your your, your lung, whatever is bothering you, becomes decreased and your sins are forgiven. This is a

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very beautiful Hadith, we should make a lot of follow up on the prophets Allah. Okay. So I said, You know what, I'm gonna in the physics test

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I'm going to be stressed out and it's going to send a lot of profit. And I'm sitting there and I'm, you know, doing this. And then I realized it's not helping me to solve the equations. It's not helping me to figure out the answer. Of course, it's not because this da insalata nonprofit system is not meant to be like, a competitive advantage. It's not going to replace homework and studying and asking questions and understanding. It's not meant for that purpose. That's not what Dora is meant for. That's not what Islam is meant for. It's not meant to be like here, I am not good. Let me use Islam. And all of a sudden, I'm better at physics. All of a sudden, I'm better in my occupation.

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That's the wrong attitude. The correct attitude is I try my best Robin Arjuna for dunya Hashanah, Allah give us the best in this life. And part of that is, as we'll talk about, you know, an luban s Bab taking the means that are available to us doing all that we can in our in our capacity. And then after that debacle, Allah we trust the last pantalla. But then the most important thing is we don't lose track of this life is short, you know, ups and downs happen. The most important thing is we will ask about the Hassan alcanada banner, give us the best in the next life and save us all up please, from the fire *, that is the most important thing, even if everything went wrong in our

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lives. As long as that goes right Alhamdulillah we're happy. That's the attitude that this door is teaching us. So I wanted to speak a little bit about this in light of balancing the both the worlds and how we're supposed to approach the practice of our feet in in these times.

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Before I begin going into the some of the details. It was said to us earlier one who, la Helena, it was asked of Anna's of Ilan, who they make do art for us. And this is a esteemed companion. And this is the person who, who, honestly, anybody knows what he was very famous for. This.

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Yes, good luck, hello, and very nice. If I had handy I would give you some but I don't.

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He was the servant of the messenger of Allaah falassarna, but not a servant that was purchased or employed, okay. He was not an employee. He was voluntarily serving the prophets of Allah.

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That's a very unique thing, actually. His mother and his mother wrote the law on her, came to the Prophet when the Prophet came to Medina. And she said, jasola here is this young man, he is at your service. And and I spent the next 10 years of his life from ages 11 to 20. So panela growing up in the house of the prophets of Salaam and serving the prophets of Salaam, doing whatever he needed to do, but most importantly, he grew up observing the prophets or psalms practice of Islam

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our understanding of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam habits his rituals his either his o'clock come from primarily on Mahatma meaning and even most prominently our show the law on how we understand a lot of his thunder from her. Okay. And number two, like his sooner inside the house and so not only his practice and habits we get from

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him, we get from Anna's rhodiola one who because he was around the Prophet so much. So it was said to me as he make dua for us for call Aloma to Indonesia Hassan, Hassan Okinawa, he said, Oh, Allah, give us the best in this life and the best in the next life and save us from the fire of *. Paulo, Xena they said oh, and as you know make some more or ask for something more.

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Color metodi una casa la casa el to adonia What is that? What else do you want? I have asked a lot for the world, this world and the next right that's it. He's like this is the most comprehensive door that you could want. A lot of he says Heidi Hill Aya main Java ME I do Allah, Allah Tiamat de nuestra this ayah contains the DA that is extremely comprehensive, and it includes whatever is in the dunya and the Atheros panelo in the Sahih Hadith in Sahih, Bukhari and Sahih Muslim we have an S for the other one who narrating that can occur without directing your ob hanabi salaam Salaam yaku Allahumma attina dunya Hassan, Hassan joaquina Audubon.

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Anna says that the Dora the profit made the most

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you know from what Anna's has observed, is Rabbana Athena Antonia Hassan availa 30 Hassan Okinawa so it's a very beautiful, very powerful

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Blah, it is comprehensive. It is the one the Messenger of Allah is also them would make the most it was the door when someone would ask someone like ns for for da and this will make this door. This is the door. That is the only one that is most known during tawaf en ombre Okay, you know there's the beginning of the web has been the Allahu Akbar. And then there is, you know, some doors that are read on the safa and marwah, but those are just a scar. Hmm. The dua that is to be made is this is the only one that we know the Prophet would make for sure. And that was from the Rockland Yamani to the hospital as well from that corner, that corner of the cargo, when he would pass by that he would

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make this door again to show its value to show how comprehensive and how great this door is. So it is something we should all learn. And we should all ask a lot smarter for whenever we have the opportunity to do so. The Dora talks about three main things number one, add enough Antonia Hashanah number two FL Assa t Hashanah number three will Canada

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add enough in your house Hana.

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This word give us in this life has and what does this mean?

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The meaning of this is many, many scholars have commented on this Qatada who is a great scholar of the field say has another dunya Allah raffia faceva worker fulfillment, okay. He would say that the goodness of life is in having health. Okay, you have well being and health you have no sickness, nothing ails you. And gaffar filmer and you have enough money. Those two things is basically a representation of a good life, isn't it? If you have enough money hamdulillah you can pay your bills, you can buy what you need. You know, of course, assuming things are held Alhamdulillah and you have good health, you don't have anything to worry about. That is the representation of what a

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good life is. So this is what tada explains it that explains it as, and this is not far away, like from what the profitsystem would recommend to people when someone would ask the prophet like, for example, our boss would ask the Prophet, you know, what should I make do offer? Our best is D is who is the uncle the prophet SAW, right? But also not just the uncle, he was very close to the Prophet and his age, they were almost the same age so they're kind of like BFFs growing up, even though Ibis was his uncle, but they were very close and is in the process of love our bus very dearly, even our bus except this time the Prophet was overjoyed. handler to see his uncle and very close friend,

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accept Islam. Okay, so

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our best as the Prophet says, what should I make dua for? The Prophet replied, yeah, best? Yeah, I'm Rasulullah sallallahu sallallahu, ala fwaa, while rfem he said, Oh, bus Oh, I'm called the Prophet, you should ask Allah for good health and well being. That's what you should ask for. So, so heinola This is a very beautiful thing. This is part of Hashanah in this world. Part of the good life is We ask Allah for good health and well being. This is important brothers and sisters, because we understand that when a lot tests us, this is the last test, okay? If Allah tests us with sickness, if he tests us by taking away somebody from us, if he tests us by, you know, putting us in a

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situation where either we're disabled or taking care of somebody who's disabled, these are great tests of Allah. And when a lot has us, we have to be patient. We have to take that as a as a testing from Allah spatola a means for us to get closer to him. A means for us to acquire more agile.

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we don't ask Allah for tests. We don't ask Allah Oh Allah, my life is too easy. make it harder. Okay? we don't we don't do that. Okay. The Prophet said either or the hub Allahu

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Allah when Allah loves a person, he tests that person. Okay. So when we are in a situation of difficulty, remember that's upon Allah, this is the last test and in sha Allah, this is a less sign of love for us. Because there is forgiveness of sins, there is unlimited reward with patience. There is with patience, there is unlimited reward in them are you are for sabudana Jara home, be ready. Hi, sir. There is no accountability. There's no account of the amount of good deeds a person who's patient is getting. At the same time. If a person is not tested, they're very in a very good situation and they're doing

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The things that Allah asked them to do, and they are living the good life that Allah has mandated.

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They're not they were not supposed to say, you know what Allah life is too good. You know, show me some love tests. We're not supposed to do that. We're supposed to ask Allah for goodness. So Allah, Allah, Allah for Allah, as a love for health and well being, but not enough adonia Hassan, Hassan Our Lord, give us the best in this life, give us good health, give us wealth, make us live happily, this is important part, there was a man who became very sick, one of the Sahaba became very, very sick. So the Prophet went to visit him and this man had come so sick that he had began to resemble, like a like a chicken almost right, like he crumpled up and really became become a very shell of

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himself. Okay, so Prophet said, What happened to you? What did you you know, what, what has afflicted you is that I asked, I said to a lot that

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this is something

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you know, like, I don't want any punishment on the asset. So, whatever punishment there is in the Escarra is given to me now,

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the problem is that you are not able to handle that you cannot withstand that. You cannot bear even the slightest of Allah's punishment. Okay, so instead you should ask Allah for what, Robin Athena for dunya Sana, Sana joaquina. Either but not so this is a very important principle. And this hadith some scholars have said it's a you know, this is, you know, they've said some of them said that this is not a very authentic one, but it's in the books of Syrah. It's not like made up and the point is valid, right the point behind the story is valid that we are meant to ask a law for goodness and happiness in this life.

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It is also said like alchemy, for example, said or rather a hustle and bustle he said that Hashanah, in the in this life is alive and well live other. Another aspect he said, goodness in this life is not just health and money, but it is that you are on the path of knowledge. And then you are putting the knowledge into action by worshipping Allah. That's what has an R means. This is also a good thing. Because if you think about the prophets or some saying that

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Milan once failed for somebody, you fucking who've been vanilla once good for somebody, he makes them understand their religion. So the fact that the person is, you know, going and learning and then putting that knowledge into action shows what shows that Allah wants good for them shows that Allah loves them. And that's the hustler of this dunya so all those are good stuff. But hamdulillah

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in order to be successful in the hustler, Nikita artificiality dryer, for whom Otama liquidly has an earthen mineral has an ad Allah Al butter, okay, he says how Santa is general. Last month, I did not qualify what he means by that. That means everything you can assume to be good in this world is included. And that's what makes this so powerful, that it includes all the good that we can imagine. But the explanations of patata and Allison are just mere examples of what goodness in this life represents health, wealth, the ability to understand the religion, ability to implement the religion, that is what the goodness of this life is referring to.

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The point too is Phil here at the Santa Fe Athletic Center. And he says, He says

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has an agenda to bill

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it is an agenda by consensus, there is no like two opinions on the matter. The goodness in the next life is attaining paradise, attaining and entering paradise.

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And the third point of the third part of the averages joaquina either banagher save us from the fire of * Tina, key is a cleaner is actually two words key and now. Like what is this D is a word. D is a command in the context of derive becomes a request and d is save you save and now is us. So t you save now x then comes the word waqia which means to save. Which means which is a protector require that's the same root letter. That is the origin of taqwa.

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That's the same root letter. That's the origin of taqwa protection, because that's what is actually protecting ourselves from sin, from tribulation from falling into it.

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harmful situation. They not either, but now save us from the fire of *. This is the ultimate goal. Brothers and sisters, the ultimate goal of a believers life is salvation and deliverance from the fire.

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If this is achieved, then everything else has been achieved. And if this is compromised, then nothing matters. Nothing matters. That has to become the attitude that we look at life with. Is this relationship I'm about to get into get into? Is this a relationship? That is going to take me down the path that leads the firewall? That's a question, Is this business? Or is this job opportunity? Is this something that is going to lead me down the path of the fire help, sometimes it's not easy to determine. But sometimes the signs are there. And those signs of what we have to look for. If a person for example, just swallow just two days ago, three days ago, there was a family that came to

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me, and they were asking about what they can do with their son. I said, what what's your son said, Oh, his, his girlfriend is pregnant. So I said, Oh, and she's almost as I also

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said, What can you do in this situation? And he's 19. And she's 16. Right? Even when it's like a will save up on will Siva. So, you know, these are relationships very clearly. They're not taking you to the right path. This is not going to take you, you know, it's a moment of pleasure. It's a moment of pleasure.

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And it's a lifetime of regret. And if repentance is not made, corrective action isn't taken, then it's a

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it's an afterlife of regret as well. Not just a lifetime of regret. Now, it's an afterlife of regret as well. These are the kinds of things we have to be careful about when you make decisions. This is a clear example. I'm pretty sure.

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Some examples are not so clear. But this is where a hikmah comes in hikma, right wisdom is taking time, thinking about actions asking Allah guidance. You know, istikhara is a very beautiful bar. It's a very beautiful tool that Allah has given us. It's a blessing from the Sunnah to ask Allah guidance to ask Allah help and support Allah in Ghana. Hello Mr. Henley, Dini, bhamashah activity embryology he was a de facto he was said holy thermobaric Lee. Oh Allah, Allah. If this is good for me in this life and the next, then make it happen for me. Hmm, such a beautiful dog in Canada had

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Chateau de Dyneema Mirage you after you were the embryology diva God first Raytheon who was refining so panela

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if this is not good for me, then our luck take it away from me and take me away from it.

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This is, you know, the beautiful drama that the Prophet son taught us was the harder we make this the harder we do. It's the Shara consulting people who understand consulting people who've been there and done that. Okay, what do you think should I do this? Should I start this should I get in this relationship or not? Ask the people who've been through stuff in life, right and they're in there

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their experiences are very helpful.

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And then after taking all this into account, a person's make this makes the decision and if this process is followed with the law, we will avoid mistakes and we will avoid the ultimate mistake which is falling into the fire help. This is Latina, Davina, this has to become the, the you know the the price This is what becomes everything is determined by that.

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To to make sure that we don't fall into a situation where the fire of * becomes the choice that we have made. This is again, a very beautiful, very comprehensive to

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the to the professor taught us. The others talk to us in the Quran. But Allah, Allah that the Prophet alayhi wa sallam taught us when you make the life around the garba, the dryer that he would make the most, you know, in his, you know, when he was asking a lot for something, and this is minja why May I do this comprehensive dryer that contains the goodness of this life and the next, it also teaches us how to look at life. Not just what to ask in life but how to look at life. A very beautiful dark shall stop here and

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I asked her not to give us that urban Athena feduni sana Sana Hakuna Matata Allah give us the best in this life the best in the next life and save us in the fire * shot Allah will end here Any questions? Maybe we'll do after Salah right? But that was it.

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All right. Oh cushiness

The dua the Prophet (S) would make most frequently is mentioned in Surah Baqarah, ayah 201. This lecture explains the meaning of this dua, what does “hasanah” mean and how we should look at life and spirituality.

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