A Life with Allah #10 Al-Qarb (The Near)

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The concept of loneliness is discussed, which is a reflection of betrayal and the shyness of men and women. The speaker emphasizes that the concept is not a reflection of weakness or bravery, but rather a reflection of a person being closer to someone. The shyness of high profile people and high profile people who are close to their partner is also discussed, along with the importance of showing one's face during prayer. The speaker provides examples of how people can use their phone number to reach someone and emphasizes the need for attention during prayer.

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Overcoming loneliness is one thing.

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But overcoming loneliness that is the product of betrayal is another experience. Have you ever felt that before? Have you ever felt at odds with those who should be the dearest and nearest of people to you?

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Have you experienced situations that have left you gasping for a pillar to lean on? Or an attentive ear to hear you out? Or a nearby shoulder to weep on perhaps certain thoughts have crossed your mind and thoughts that have crossed all of ours? Before that no one

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seems to have time for me. No one understands my challenges. And even if they did, no one could really help. People are so near yeah, there's so far if, if any of this resonates, then I want you to consider this suggestion to cast aside every weak and helpless mortal, and instead cast your eyes towards the maker of them all the one who has time, the one who understands you better than yourself, the one who was aware of your current dilemma even before it came into existence, and on top of all of this, he has the answers. That description of course, it's none other than Allah Almighty Allah Karim.

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So who is a believer,

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he is the nearest of all with respect to his power over his creation. Nothing stands between him and his will over them.

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And he's also the nearest to his creation. With respect to his knowledge of that nothing veils his hearing, I think, veils his seeing, I think, veils his awareness of their every movement, every thought.

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You're always within his reach, and his knowledge always within his command, fully encompassed by his awareness fully encompassed by His power. No one is nearer to you that Allah Allah Karim.

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But on top of that, he draws even nearer to those who draw near to Him. And whatever steps they take to draw near to Him, He is nearing to them even greater than they are to him. Allow me to demonstrate this by giving you three scenarios of objects that draw nearer to one another.

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The first is when one of the two objects is stationary,

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and the other second object is moving towards it, like your journey towards the Kaaba in Mecca. So they are drawing nearer to one another, but only one object is moving.

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Then you have the second scenario,

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where both of the objects are drawing nearer to one another. Both are moving at an equal pace. Like for example, two people who are walking to a meeting with one another, they're both moving towards each other. And then you have the third scenario,

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when both objects are moving towards one another, but one of them is moving at a quicker pace than the other. One is more eager than the other. Now, would you believe me if I was to tell you that that third scenario applies to the believer and his Lord, when you draw nearer to him, he draws nearer to you at a pace that is faster than yours La Ilaha illa Allah that is Allah Allah Karim. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said that Allah subhanaw taala, he said, either at Aqaba, but Abdul la shibaura Karim to La he the Quran, when a servant of Mine draws near to me a hand span I draw near to Him, and arms back Subhan Allah,

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what either Takara de la vera Anta, corrupted minha and when he draws near to me at arm span, I draw near to Him, a space covered by two arms spans.

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And then he said, What either attorney MC, I tell you to Hawala, and if he comes to me walking, I will go to him running Subhanallah it's not odd for a slave to draw near to his master. What is odd is when the master draws nearer to his slave, that's a lot to be loved a lot to be drawn nearer to. And with all this kindness that he extends his a load

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to be shy of.

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Perhaps you've noticed how people when texting one another, they're quite bold in their tone, but they're a little bit shy, say during a phone call. Right? So people can be very bold during a phone call again, but they're a little bit shy when speaking in person face to face. The idea here is that nearness to someone brings up

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With greater levels of shyness and apprehension and I'm careful treading

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water then of Allah al Karim who hears our words before we even get to them

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and is aware of our thoughts before they even come to us and sees our crimes before we commit them one or the Hala Cornella in Santa Ana hola mama to a Swiss will be enough so who wanna who are Corrado la human habitat worried? Certainly we created man Allah. And we know what his soul whispers to him And We are nearer to him than his jugular vein.

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The immediate fruit of knowing this is a deep sense of higher shyness to be seen crossing the line of Allah, Who is that near?

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When he would set off in travel, after bidding his family farewell. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say his dua Allahumma antas synthesizable for Sephora, while khalifa to fill an O Allah, you are the companion during the travel. And you are the carer of our families who we have left behind La ilaha illAllah.

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A Lord Who is near to both the traveler as he travels the earth, and is simultaneously near to the family, whom the traveler had left behind, is a Lord who deserves the name Al Karim, and is a Lord who deserves of our higher our shyness. I mean, think about the reoccurring scenario when a loosely clad member of the opposite gender walks past as you stand with a friend or a family member.

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That moment, many will first secretly assess their friend's perception as he as he noticed what I've noticed, will my friend, notice the gaze that I really want to extend. He may even wait for a timely cough or sneeze, even a blink from his friend to then catch a treacherous strategic glimpse in a desperate attempt to satisfy his inquisitiveness, so familiar, familiar situation to a lot of people, but only in the life of those who lost sight of just how near al Karim is subhanho wa taala. Time and time again.

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Allah reassures us in the Quran that all what man needs has, in fact been brought near to him, should man choose to access

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what is it that you need? Is it the ram of Allah that you want? In the Rahmatullah Hikari Wamena wasini. It is the Mercy of Allah. He said, Indeed, the Mercy of Allah is near to those who do good, it's near.

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Perhaps it's victory against an enemy. Allah said Allah in the natural light, are you surely the victory of Allah is near its crib?

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Perhaps it's a dua that you want answered. Allah says in rugby or even Mooji My Lord is near and he is answering, sneer.

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The reason why a lot of high profile people don't like giving out their mobile numbers is because they know that it makes them near and if they are near, they're going to be pestered with constant requests. That's what we do when we have access to those who can help us.

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We ask

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so why make Allah an exception, who was not only three of the most capable of them all but he's an EP is the nearest of them all. It's been made so easy ask of him he's accessible ask of him. climbing to the top floor of a building requires the use of stairs. rising to the top of the top floor of a skyscraper requires the use of an elevator.

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Reaching the clouds requires an aeroplane landing on the moon requires a rocket. The idea is that the further the objective is, the more sophisticated and powerful the equipment needs to be in order to reach it. So imagine what must be required to reach Allah Allah, Allah the Most High, whose throne is above the very heavens, in crowds, all creation at the very top. Well, surprisingly, no apparatus is needed at all.

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All What is needed is for you to simply humble your heart, then raise your hands and dua. And behold, you would have arrived at the doorstep of the source of all power Allah with dua, the highest is also the nearest. Allah said, Well, if so allah k by the handy evening or Eve, when My servants ask you concerning me, than I am near

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OG boo Dawa to die either and I respond to the call of the caller when he calls upon me

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And it stands out. So obviously in the Quran that almost every time the nearness of Allah is mentioned, it happens to be in the context of Doha. Subhan. Allah, it's amazing. So Allah Almighty He would say, in Nairobi Caribbean Mujeeb Milo Lord, He is near and answering meaning to have side by side. Allah says, for anybody, og without a doubt I either than I am near I respond to the dua of the supplicant. Subhanallah every time in the Quran, this seems to be the case.

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When in love, we all ask the question, How can I draw nearer? And let's ask the same question to the one whom we love the most. And we know yearn for His nearness, how can we draw near to Him?

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Here's a few ways. The first increase your sujood your prostration Allah subhanho wa Taala instructed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to draw closer to Him through sujood he said was Jude was frustrated drawn? Yeah,

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that's the first and he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say ACARA buena Kunal Abdul neurobehavioral, who was added for Akira dua the nearest person can be to his Lord is during his frustration. So maximize your DUA meaning in that state. The second thing to draw near to Allah is give attention to the obligations of Islam. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said

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that Allah subhanaw taala he said, one at Aqaba, Ilya subdivision in Hebei, Ilya named after to worry that my servant cannot draw closer to me through anything that I love more than the obligations of his app. So fix the holes in your daily Salah my brother, my sister, fix the days of fasting that you've missed this fix your Zika your Hajj. Unfortunately, a lot of people will equate obligation of Islam with basic no according to this hadith you just heard obligation means the dearest to Allah. Then the Hadith continues. Well, yes. ello Abdi at ACARA boo la you have been really hot that will head back. And my servant continues to draw closer to me through the voluntary

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acts of worship, until I love him.

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Allahu Akbar, those voluntary acts of worship, are your elevators to the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala after you've perfected the obligations.

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Number three, how else to draw nearer to the beloved by exerting yourself during the latter part of the night, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that our caribou Maya Kulu or Rambo, Mina Labadi, Fi JioFi Layli the closest that the Lord is to a worshiper is during the last hour of the night. And then he said, for any stata and the Konami man, you have good Allah Hi Fi till Katsa Quinn, he said so if you're able to be of those people, who remember Allah Almighty in that Allah, then be that person