Faaik Gamieldien – 153 – Jumuah

Faaik Gamieldien
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111 I do understand you know in the future when we hear you want to talk early, when I will be learning in Cerulean phocoena

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Malina Baya de la philomel de la la

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la la,

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la la la la la la la la la sharika wanna shadow under Mohammed Abu rasuluh salvaterra behaviors Allahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa what he learned within a Medina brothers and sisters in Islam are Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Aloha, Natalia speaks to us in her love for an

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in a surah

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about which Imam Shafi I said, If Allah had only revealed this one surah it would have been enough for the world to be guided to the true path, just this one surah and the surah is no no the surah Allah, Allah says will also

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in an insane Luffy Hussain

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Illa, levena amanu, Kwame lasala had what also will have what are also the sub.

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Now, I am sure that you have

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read this verse and you understand the verse as you understand the verse.

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But the Quran is such an amazing book.

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I find it to be an amazing book.

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That from time to time when you go back to the show tours of the whole opera, because one takes it for granted was a short tour or you just read it and you just pass it by we're more interested in the baccharis and highly amraams and no reason so for themselves.

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So I've

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gone back to the surah

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and tried to

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reinterpret will extend on the interpretation of the surah.

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To understand why Imam Shafi was so set upon declaring this surah to be such

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a pivotal surah in the life of a Muslim

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are going to read the interpretation

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as we normally have the interpretation.

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And we say by time,

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eventually men is in a loss of man is at a loss. Except those who believe

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and those who do good.

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And those who encourage each other with the truth.

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And those who encourage each other with

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suburbs patients.

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the title of the surah it's called sort of the last.

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And the key word of the surah is the word of

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the whole word word, the whole surah revolves around the word of

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not only does it revolve around the word also,

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but also the year is

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in a divine of Allah doesn't say

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a lot of

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the time or assert time, Allah says will have

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the whole year as well we'll come What does it mean? It means it is the world that we use

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to sway by something. For example, say what law he will live by Allah says I swear by Allah or Billa he I swear by Allah, Allah Himself sways and allows for countless ways by offering

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so often must have more than the meaning of time

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to swear by time.

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If I should ask you to explain that to me. It would be difficult to explain it to somebody.

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But certainly after means an epoch, an error, a time and it certainly face first to the times that we live in. It refers to the moment from birth until death. The first of that time every man has been given a time period that he lives on this earth. That is one explanation.

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is not to say that when unless when we say by time it's not an exploit Yes, but it is a limited understanding of the word asked.

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And hopefully today inshallah I'll try and throw some light

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on further explanation of why Allah subhanaw taala uses this word and sways by this word.

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What is so significant about the word? We've heard the first signification of the word it means time.

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It can also mean as some interpreters say, it means late afternoon.

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What does it mean late afternoon, because that is the time of

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the late afternoon the waning or the rather the, the, the the the, the setting of the sun takes place after us. So it's the time when the light fades, and eventually the documents will come back. And we recorded another verse, we explain that part of of the day.

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So it is a time then. It is a time when we stopped work, people come from work.

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It is a time when we take stock of our accomplishments, business people will lock the door of the shop and they'll go to the till the cash register and see how much money is made for the day. And teachers will go back and mark the people generally go home and check on what they've done and accomplish for the day.

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We also contemplate about tomorrow we think about tomorrow, what am I gonna do tomorrow? What am I going to do tomorrow to finish my accomplishment

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or to make my accomplishments so it's a time for thinking it's a time for relaxing? Also, we also look at

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the deeds that we've done for the day.

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And Allah refers to these deeds as well. Amina salejaw, Allah refer to the deeds in the surah as saw the heart, for the heart means good deeds, beneficial deeds, deeds that benefit yourself, with Allah, benefit yourself, with your creation with the creation of Allah, and so forth and so on.

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it is also a time of course for praying is the time to perform that prayer which is called the middle pray that pray about which the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said but Allah talks about in the Quran, about the

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wa Salatu was toward the middle pray. But there is a Hadith of the nerissa salaam that refers to this prayer. What does this say about off? Let me say Salaam says men tend to Salatu la serie cerca de habito.

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Let me say

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the person who misses the salata last

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meaning he makes an optimistic

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person who misses a lot of us

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his whole days deals his old days early heart will be zero

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Takata habita ama

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second man who passes login my days if you pass all your subjects but you failed English or Afrikaans when you fail the exams

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you know those days

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or the grades you know those days matric your fellow English Afrikaans class failed, even if you got 90% in maths and science and all these other subjects. So yeah, again, if you fail the test of awesome if you don't look out for answer,

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then your deeds for that day

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you know, then with no reward for it.

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And as I said, Arthur also means age, it means epoch, it means time.

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Every person

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has his, his Kairos as they call it, the moment in his life, there is a moment in every person's life. When if we look back at his life, he says that was my moment in life, when I married my wife, when I had my first child when I got my first job when I had my house when I went for hydrovane for Amara when I met so and so it changed my life it was a life changing experience. So also can also refer to that particular time that after the first A lot of us after can also referred to that particular time in your life.

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But there is a deeper meaning

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To the actual root meaning of the word in Arabic.

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From what I've said, Now, there is a deeper meaning a meaning which is closer to the Arabic root of the and those of you who've done Arabic will appreciate what I'm going to say now.

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The word after comes from a three letter word in Arabic Apsara azara.

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Those of you

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who have spent some time in the Middle East,

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you didn't have to study Arabic, you would have worked in Dubai or somewhere. Well know that the word RC, RC, which comes from the word azara, RC means

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anybody in the Middle East

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Jews, Mashallah not j AWS, of course, J new ice.

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I'm saying this slowly. And I'm making these relations so that you can remember what I'm saying.

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After all, I've seen the word azara means to press.

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Turn to squeeze if you squeezing an orange, we use the word Hazara.

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We use the word and it makes use that word. So whatever comes from that squeezing and turning and

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whatever we do with it, put it in a juice extractor.

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Whatever comes out, of course, is what is the juice that which we enjoy and we drink it. And the other stuff, what do we do with it, we throw it away discarded, orange fields, whatever, they come out of it, we discarded.

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So the mugdha the verbal known

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Apsara comes with our sorrow. And this of course refers to the as I said, the wrenching in the tooth thing, and transforming the Oh, fruit

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from a whole fruit to something which becomes palatable sweet and something you can take.

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We do a two olives we do two grapes, sugarcane, oranges. And also it's done in life we do that was our lives is in itself, we squeezed this body to its utmost to gain from that body, what ever benefits we want from the body, isn't it, we will keep up with the eyes awake till the middle of the night or we will gain something or we will work the body hard will push ourselves will work night shift and day shift and all kinds of shifts in order to make up for whatever excess is we have to spend. So life is also about life is also about squeezing and arranging and pressing, in order to to gain from that to gain from whatever we can gain. So when Allah says Well,

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in this context, what does it mean? What does it mean when Allah Allah uses the word, they use the word for squeezing something, pressing something, processing something.

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Now I want to just

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deviate a little bit

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away from this, but connected to this

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is it I read in the Muslim view some time ago, somebody wrote an article

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on graves

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and the building of mosques and buildings over graves.

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And this person quoted a verse from the Quran

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to justify and to support his argument that Islam Islam allows us to build tombs of graves, and mosques over graves.

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Very important algum people come with this argument to you. And the verse in surecav, verse 36, of surah calf,

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and what is the first say and he quoted the verse in the Muslim views? He said,

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Do Allah him banyana

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there were two groups. The one group said, Remember the young men of the cave.

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When they were lying there and they were people thought they were dead. While group said let's build a building over them that build something over them.

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Maybe to cover them from the sun and the heat and the other groups have

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Ludacris, Tatiana la de Machida. The other group said, Let us build a budget over them.

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Now there is no indication in the Quran whether they actually built a building over the Oberlin actual place of prayer over the name of this happened 1000s of years before the coming of

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So this person says in the Quran,

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there's a clear verse it says, there was an argument and no two parties wanted to build a building other set bold imagery.

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And that is what Mr. Mousavi II says. It's very dangerous for people who do not understand the sciences of the Quran. To just willy nilly quote from the Quran. You don't know whether this verse has been abrogated.

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You don't know which is another verse which explains his verse. You don't know whether it's a hadith or that Ibiza Salaam, it explains this verse. You can't just take out of the Quran and call it whatever you want to call it and say there is no Quran.

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But I want to, I want to tell you, when you know this,

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there's an Elise Allah, Allah, Allah wa sallam

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had said very explicitly,

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and he just didn't say this. At any random time. When he was dying, he was busy dying.

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He was lying in the arms of Arusha. He was at the last part of his energy as a human being as an insert. What did he say amongst other things,

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he said to those that were they

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do not build most

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over your dead

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as the people before you had done

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that's point number one.

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Point number two is so that those words of the Navy salam, obviously

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abrogates whatever meaning we read into

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and some of them said, Let's build a budget over it.

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I want to quote you, in other words, in which Arthur appears,

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they would

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explain the same phenomenon.

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And you also know the story. The story is about an abuse of Alice Solomon This is found in Surah Yusuf What about there was a particular incident in Natura when abused, was imprisoned.

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And while he was in prison,

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two young men was also imprisoned with him.

00:18:11 --> 00:18:15

One of the and the two of them came with what

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what do they turn abusive?

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Both of them are a dream

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and the one grain and he said to an abusive in the arani siru. Near the word acid indeed, in me arani al siru.

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he says, I dreamt that I was making wine, I'll see that I was squeezing the grapes and making wine.

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It doesn't exist in the Quran. It says really in the portal, you find in the Quran, where Allah says this man made wine.

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Does that mean now

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that you can code this and say they are allowed found the law says that this man made wine and Allah doesn't say in the next verse is haraam. No way does it change what I use that word is Hara.

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Can we save it? Why not? Because Allah, Allah says in another verse of the Quran,

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what does Allah say,

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in Alhambra? Mason, like I mentioned, all it said to correct

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a loss unless it's really wine and gambling, and divination by arrows and so forth and so on these things that will harm their works of shaytaan.

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Halas End of story,

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so if you can't just go to personality or they talks about building a magic over a great show, that's full stop. You can say a lot. So I'm gonna say this young man made wine so

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Why must be hella full stop? No, no, no, no. You have to understand Unfortunately, the person who wrote the article is not an island but he, he writes articles on all kinds of things that he knows zero about. He's a reporter. That what his job is he's a journalist. But he writes all kinds of long articles on all kinds of Paradis narina

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none of the so called

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people are supposed to look off as a day to respond to these things. This man actually accused This allows for harmattan

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that allows that allows us to build messages of graves, which is not the practice of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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So, coming back to our subject matter of your last

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I said that you're after three meanings it means time.

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is what is the other meaning it has.

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It has it has the meaning of,

00:21:13 --> 00:21:14

of screen squeezing, yeah.

00:21:16 --> 00:21:20

Taking out the set of something, what is the third meaning that I gave?

00:21:27 --> 00:21:30

Let me just check if maybe I asked you and I don't know myself.

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Oh, yeah. It means exactly what it says it means late afternoon, with the time of awesome. So there's three meanings, three meanings. One word has three meanings.

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It is like the word in the Quran.

00:21:48 --> 00:21:55

The Quran, Vishnu Arabic mirrabooka levy Holla Holla Holla insane I mean Allah, Allah says read

00:21:57 --> 00:22:08

the Quran, Arabic Allah, Allah in the name of your Lord who created halaqaat inside I mean Allah Who created you from Allah, Allah

00:22:10 --> 00:22:14

rheinland have three letters with also three latest amazing

00:22:15 --> 00:22:21

the most of the words were the were the greatest meaning in the Quran is only three words.

00:22:23 --> 00:22:28

Mashallah, please easily remember this phrase here, but he said,

00:22:32 --> 00:22:47

I've given you no assets. I've given you Allah, Allah means it has three meanings. It means a clot of blood. It means a sperm. It also means in modern terminology is the first to the

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It describes the DNA exactly as in Allah, Allah actually first to the, what do you call that? The helix.

00:23:05 --> 00:23:11

DNA is the foundational structure of, of life of everything on Earth.

00:23:12 --> 00:23:13

I had

00:23:15 --> 00:23:25

to allow a hand allows one refers to himself in the Koran, only once as a head towards a hand. And the word Allah

00:23:26 --> 00:23:46

comes in the Quran, only ones Allah only ones another word Allah is found only once in the poem, I had, of course is found many times but in relation to the oneness of Allah, it only Allah only mentions the word in relation to himself months, and it's only three letters. And if you want to write a thesis on it, you can write a thesis on the word.

00:23:48 --> 00:23:51

I've tried to give you a sense of the

00:23:54 --> 00:24:01

fact that Arabic is not a static language, it's actually expanding. It's like the universe.

00:24:03 --> 00:24:10

It expands and expands and expands all the time in as it expands, it embraces new cultures, new ideas,

00:24:13 --> 00:24:14

new visions.

00:24:16 --> 00:24:23

So, these three meanings are three different dimensions of the same process. And what is that process

00:24:24 --> 00:24:29

that process after refers to while also is a process of refinement,

00:24:31 --> 00:24:32

of purification.

00:24:35 --> 00:24:36

of transformation,

00:24:39 --> 00:24:41

which happens in time.

00:24:43 --> 00:24:51

When the transformation once you did, there is no transformation anymore. You're not transform from flesh, to dust

00:24:55 --> 00:24:59

and nobody else can transform you or refine you

00:25:00 --> 00:25:03

Verify you after your death. That's your job.

00:25:05 --> 00:25:07

And that purification

00:25:08 --> 00:25:09

and transformation

00:25:16 --> 00:25:27

when you go to the remote control for the TV set, whatever they call the remote and for your transformation in my transformation, there is no remote you have to get up and you have to do it.

00:25:33 --> 00:25:41

So now Allah talks about this transformation, the surah goes on olafsson in insert

00:25:44 --> 00:25:46

allows you to target says,

00:25:50 --> 00:25:59

insert is at a loss, Allah who uses a particular word of the many words that refers to human beings. Allah uses the word inside.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:03

And the word insert is

00:26:05 --> 00:26:07

that human being that has developed that is

00:26:09 --> 00:26:10


00:26:12 --> 00:26:16

That knows what he should know allows. There's another word Bashar

00:26:18 --> 00:26:26

and we I read it quite often I use the word card offered. When Elisa Labs is in nama Anna Basha room with Luca

00:26:29 --> 00:26:51

Nafisa Salaam said, Valium I am a basher like you, Allah says in La Salle Muhammad Allah Muslims in Anna in saloon, Allah says in nama Anna Bashar with Luca, I am a Bashar like you what is Bashar mean? Bashar means the human being

00:26:53 --> 00:27:02

in relation to every other being cows, any other creature that allows we are called

00:27:03 --> 00:27:16

al haiwan a notic the animal that can speak, isn't it, but we have all the elements of an animal, go to the bathroom we eat and we die and give birth and so forth and so on.

00:27:18 --> 00:27:24

So when an Ibiza Salamis compared to us it is compared to us in our raw form.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:44

Not in not in a complete form. Because the Navy's SLM was in saddle cabin, the perfect in some not the perfect budget. Now the word insert is your point where you reach we become answerable knowledgeable to allows cuando la casa de la casa linsanity.

00:27:47 --> 00:28:13

Allah uses the word inside and he says, I've created inside in the best form, the most highest form is beautiful form. So when Allah uses the word inside, in the Quran, to refer to somebody, he means that human being that is, that is in a beautiful state, not the low state of the animal state, not just living to eat and to drink. No, in a beautiful state. So Allah says, In in sunlight,

00:28:14 --> 00:28:18

this human being that is in that state, when he looks around him,

00:28:19 --> 00:28:22

he sees spiritual destruction.

00:28:23 --> 00:28:38

He sees how a man is moving backwards. He sees the morality. He sees all these things and he shakes his head, he looks at the world and he says, So hug Allah. Is this what the world has come to? Is this a state of the world

00:28:39 --> 00:28:51

and allows one to respond and Allah says to him in men Lavina Amano, except those who believe and I quoted this verse to you last week, I think a week before last Well, last Pamela says

00:28:54 --> 00:29:02

yeah, you were levina Manu, Aminu. biLlahi. While keytab and levinas Allah

00:29:04 --> 00:29:05

Allah Rasool

00:29:07 --> 00:29:08

Allah He,

00:29:09 --> 00:29:10


00:29:11 --> 00:29:31

Allah says, Oh you will believe believe. Allah says, Oh you will believe full stop believe twice Allah. So Allah says, Allah says this is already addressing the believers Allah says, You believe you think you believe you must believe properly? What is proper belief? Allah gives a definition.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:39

Me no Billa he wore a suit. believe in Allah and His messenger.

00:29:41 --> 00:29:59

In Allah, Allah doesn't say Are we to be like you Avira truly Allah says and believed in Allah and His Messenger, meaning the same belief that you have in allows Mohammed s Illa. As the creator of men, you must believe in Israel.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

As his messenger savior

00:30:04 --> 00:30:16

your believe in Allah God be there and you believe in Mohammed you know you believe in Muhammad must be as you say the kalama La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

00:30:18 --> 00:30:22

So people will say well when allows longer says that he means actually,

00:30:24 --> 00:30:31

you might just be leaving the book of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran of Allah. But Allah says number three is work for an

00:30:33 --> 00:30:34

Allah de Meza lolly

00:30:36 --> 00:30:40

and number three you must believe in the Quran which allows for adolescent

00:30:42 --> 00:30:55

so Allah belief in Allah Mohammed salah and when Allah says Mohammed what is referred to believe in this in the body of Muhammad in the flesh of Muhammad, no, in the student of Mohammed

00:30:57 --> 00:31:02

in the way of life of the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:31:06 --> 00:31:09

Alright, somebody come to me the other day, in fact, last week

00:31:11 --> 00:31:16

I you know, everybody knows that, you know, I speak a lot about the Quran and Sunnah.

00:31:17 --> 00:31:22

I detest VEDA, like the Navy has loved it. Absolutely.

00:31:23 --> 00:31:30

So whenever there is a person who attacked his beta and want to come out of the beta, the first door they knock on his mind

00:31:33 --> 00:31:47

was asking Now how did you get to me? First cruise when people come with us in our shadows, I said, Man, how did you come to me the presidency? Well, you know, you know that's you the first port of call you know after after darkness, you know, the first port of call.

00:31:53 --> 00:31:55

So I sell hungry lions by the fact that I don't have

00:31:58 --> 00:32:02

seminars about these things in meat at

00:32:03 --> 00:32:04

all is a shopping center

00:32:06 --> 00:32:07

with a big function the other day,

00:32:08 --> 00:32:27

our message, the message, and you see you can't you can't stifle the message of Allah. How do you reduce the use of uno de la he beat him while la hometeam uno de la Korean capital allows one that says they wish to extinguish the light of the Quran and the Sunnah

00:32:28 --> 00:32:32

while locomotive mano de mano Korea but our complete is not

00:32:34 --> 00:32:37

likely to be very easy to make make what's

00:32:38 --> 00:32:41

in Makkah, what was the command to NaVi Rahim? What should he make?

00:32:43 --> 00:32:55

He shouldn't make a dad. He was alone with his wife and his child, three people alesi to make a dad. He was shocked. He said yada, yada. There's nobody here who's gonna

00:32:56 --> 00:32:57

tell us exactly your problem.

00:33:00 --> 00:33:07

You just you Your job is to carry out my instruction not to ask my question. It is my job to take that

00:33:09 --> 00:33:10

to the four corners of the world

00:33:12 --> 00:33:14

to the four corners of the world.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:25

And the Quran is taught also that they would stifle the word of Allah subhanaw taala and stifle the life of Muhammad and what it allows also to these messages of wholeness in the world.

00:33:27 --> 00:33:29

So when people come to say yes, you know, these people are taking over

00:33:35 --> 00:33:38

allows for how does the half is of this team, it's his team.

00:33:42 --> 00:34:01

Like I'm doing muttalib said to Abra when he came with his camel and he went to Abra and said, you know, you've taken some of my camels on the way here you know, you've taken some of my camels you know, so are you worried about you cannot achieve have the courage to come to me asked me about camels. I've come here to destroy your cabin to kill all of you.

00:34:03 --> 00:34:04


00:34:05 --> 00:34:29

the cargo you come to that camp, it's got a God looks after it. I got my camels I was Luke often. Don't worry, he will look after his Don't worry. We believe that he will look after his karma, but our cabins that is another that is a clear idea. The head despite the fact that they were courageous. They were jahi loon, we call them the giant Jamelia they knew

00:34:30 --> 00:34:31

who allows Han Solo was

00:34:33 --> 00:34:37

so this young person came and sat in front of me and said to me,

00:34:38 --> 00:34:43

long story about Shiva join the teacher Nia tijjani

00:34:44 --> 00:34:47

deviated Devi deviant sect

00:34:48 --> 00:34:49

and then she

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

made that the journey leader was USA is I think is some leader that came from from Mali.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

She set up an appointment to meet him in the he was staying at the Holiday Inn. The Val drive

00:35:08 --> 00:35:09

is the lady.

00:35:10 --> 00:35:14

And of course, when she came there and she

00:35:15 --> 00:35:18

the TV was playing in the room, there were other people as well.

00:35:20 --> 00:35:31

And time for salatu salam. And they nobody made salah and eventually she and her sister eventually after about an hour, she couldn't anymore. She said, Well, I wanna make Salah now, she made Salah.

00:35:34 --> 00:35:55

The reason she went there was because she had made by she attached itself to this deviant sect whose leader says that the Prophet spoke to him and told him that he's on the right path that he should get everybody to join this particular set. Because we know there are 1000s of *, each one vying for members.

00:35:58 --> 00:36:13

in Cape Town, they come from all over the world. And they come here the Balawi from Yemen and dishpan from Sydney and Dec men from the United States and this man from India and the other men from here, they all come here ha we such a small community. One of these days we'll have no moment members left for for the additional Gemma.

00:36:18 --> 00:36:39

I'm sitting in I'm listening to this young lady. And I said What happened? And she said, You know, I was so filled spiritually. I couldn't find I didn't find myself I couldn't find myself spiritually in so many problems and this and that. And then I heard about the Balawi Jamaat, and they go headquarters is in the not far from here in Ashkelon Street. The leader and headquarters is the mosque and

00:36:42 --> 00:36:54

so she managed to contact this man who was the leader of this other deviant sect, Bala was set to wear this shoe on top of the Fiesta mittens.

00:36:55 --> 00:36:58

sandals they call the sandal of the Prophet sallallahu

00:37:04 --> 00:37:05

alayhi salatu salam

00:37:07 --> 00:37:10

and they believe Of course, who sort of went on the earth with these sandals on

00:37:12 --> 00:37:14

how they know that Allah knows

00:37:15 --> 00:37:16

they must have got the revelation.

00:37:18 --> 00:37:26

So she says and she wanted to join up with us group make via pledge that people pledge

00:37:28 --> 00:37:30

allegiance to Abu Bakr and Omar and so forth and so on.

00:37:32 --> 00:37:35

So they say to Uh, no, this leader is

00:37:36 --> 00:37:48

is on the internet once a week. And if you want to make by him, you have to pledge of allegiance to him. You have to go on the internet on a Thursday night. And then you make allegiance to him.

00:37:49 --> 00:37:59

So she went on the internet and she now to make allegiance to him and she said now I'ma say make allegiance to him. And he said to me there put your hand on the screen of the teeth of the

00:38:00 --> 00:38:05

Put your hand up, put my hand on my screen and you put your hand on your screen.

00:38:07 --> 00:38:08

The whole owner

00:38:12 --> 00:38:15

This is what is happening. The rest of it is

00:38:18 --> 00:38:22

that's all also says in the Quran Rama Ba da ki lapolla

00:38:25 --> 00:38:29

what is the after the truth except misguidance

00:38:31 --> 00:38:38

if Allah has given you the truth in the Quran and Sunnah whatever else you practice is misguidance dollar

00:38:45 --> 00:38:47

and this is what happens Could you imagine

00:38:48 --> 00:38:54

is this is this part of his Canvas every part of the Dean of a law firm ever in any circumstance.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:09

So this

00:39:12 --> 00:39:19

this procedure qualification by which Allah Swayze Allah says lol and this comes over to England levena Amano.

00:39:20 --> 00:39:22

Why don't we look for the heart

00:39:23 --> 00:39:24

to those

00:39:25 --> 00:39:28

who have genuine faith?

00:39:30 --> 00:39:33

What are these deviant six telling us?

00:39:34 --> 00:39:37

What is the message that they give to young people?

00:39:38 --> 00:39:41

that Islam that Muhammad came with is not enough.

00:39:44 --> 00:39:45

The Quran is not enough

00:39:47 --> 00:39:48

that there is not enough

00:39:53 --> 00:39:57

that I am also Yeah, I fill a gap which I couldn't fill Salalah

00:40:00 --> 00:40:02

Bashar, not even insomnia.

00:40:03 --> 00:40:09

Sitting in Cape Town with a big nakota I filled the gaps which Allah and His Messenger could unfold.

00:40:15 --> 00:40:18

When Mohammed Hassan said, I live for you two things.

00:40:21 --> 00:40:34

If you cling to those two things, laptop, the labradar you will never go astray which means if you cling to anything else you I say that only people will not be astray will be these people who cling to the Quran and Sunnah.

00:40:39 --> 00:40:40

And then it says,

00:40:43 --> 00:40:43


00:40:46 --> 00:40:47

philosophy was

00:40:50 --> 00:40:50

this oma,

00:40:51 --> 00:40:58

me, you, everybody and everybody in the world is Muslim. This Omar will be divided into 73 sects.

00:40:59 --> 00:41:06

Not everybody out there the Christians and the no this will be divided into 73 six, this

00:41:07 --> 00:41:20

this La ilaha illa Allah Allah will be divided into 7036 this woman who says La ilaha illAllah prays fast goes for Hajj, this Omar will be divided into 73 cents.

00:41:23 --> 00:41:24


00:41:27 --> 00:41:29

not all of them will go to jail.

00:41:31 --> 00:41:33

In La vida, except what?

00:41:36 --> 00:41:37

To don't say.

00:41:38 --> 00:41:42

I say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad so therefore I'm fine. I can do whatever I want.

00:41:44 --> 00:42:15

Follow wherever I want. Do whatever I want no promises all of them in 72 have been john except one only. And that's curious to know who is that one, the prophet said Ma Li wasabi mana he was having that which I am upon and my companions are upon that group will be the firaga and nurture half they are the only successful group and they are the only group that will go digital

00:42:17 --> 00:42:18

Allahumma scileanna.

00:42:19 --> 00:42:21

It has to be like that.

00:42:23 --> 00:42:37

Because Can you imagine that we include all these deviations in Islam, La hawla wala quwata illa Villa, I personally would want to become Muslim, you will come to me and say I want to become Muslim. Which group as I follow

00:42:41 --> 00:43:02

people have come to me with any non Muslims of different races. So I would like to become a Muslim but I know this there's that group they do that and I've seen it on the TV some groups go to them to the graves and I've seen some people groups do this and some groups do that. Which which group in which group is I follow? And I Dang it, man, my anger.

00:43:04 --> 00:43:08

And I would start right from the beginning to explain to them that this deal is only one

00:43:09 --> 00:43:14

there's only one problem so solemn came with and what his companions lived upon.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:26

So you if you if you then say if you sitting in front of Allah, and the promise of Salah might say this to you,

00:43:27 --> 00:43:29

would you have asked him about the rule?

00:43:32 --> 00:43:34

would you ask him or what about the rule?

00:43:37 --> 00:43:38

Why don't you make raw

00:43:39 --> 00:43:41

city molar? Why don't you make no loot?

00:43:43 --> 00:43:52

all the videos that we do would you have said that to the Nemesis anamudi sad to say rasulillah I would say La La Bahasa, but I want to do these things. I don't care if you don't you did it.

00:43:54 --> 00:43:57

I don't care whether your companions have done it.

00:43:58 --> 00:43:59

This is what I want to do.

00:44:01 --> 00:44:11

Because my mama told me that I can do my chefs and my mama knows and my and my this and my dad told me that these things are fine. They're called

00:44:12 --> 00:44:13

Rasul Allah.

00:44:21 --> 00:44:28

This is what we saying we're not saying that it was an episode but this is what we say. We're not saying it to the face of the prophets of Salaam but this is our This is what we see.

00:44:30 --> 00:44:36

We are placing our Allah Ma Ma shy. People say, if people the people say to me for the shift,

00:44:38 --> 00:44:41

and they shift zero to the Mana sepatu.

00:44:44 --> 00:44:52

If we change the exchanges the nether like Allah talks about the Jews. The rabbis in the Quran, Allah says Allah.

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

Allah, Allah says yes, you believe in your rabbis, you worship your rabbis.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:01

So the Jew is going to Mohammed.

00:45:02 --> 00:45:14

How can your god how can Allah say we worship our rabbis and we believe in our rabbis, we don't believe in our rabbis. We don't worship our rabbis, we believe in God. So Allah revealed the verse, tell them

00:45:15 --> 00:45:18

if the rabbi says, Hello says hello,

00:45:19 --> 00:45:25

hello haram sh Haram, they do not follow what Mota and allow for analysis.

00:45:27 --> 00:45:28

So they cut him

00:45:29 --> 00:45:31

out of the fold of Islam out of the fold of Judaism

00:45:34 --> 00:45:35

is a very serious matter.

00:45:40 --> 00:45:47

In fact, this young lady who came to see me was even sent to Tarim, I think is the name of the place in in Yemen.

00:45:51 --> 00:45:52

To go and learn

00:45:53 --> 00:45:54

this new faith,

00:45:56 --> 00:45:57

this new deviation from Islam,

00:45:59 --> 00:46:00

called the bar Allah.

00:46:06 --> 00:46:09

May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us

00:46:10 --> 00:46:17

from this deviancy May Allah protect our children from we Allah protect this oma from

00:46:18 --> 00:46:22

I have seen the fluctuations in this community in my lifetime.

00:46:28 --> 00:46:32

There was a time in this community when we were truly Sunni Muslim.

00:46:34 --> 00:46:35

I know the time I lived in that time.

00:46:37 --> 00:46:46

And then came the deviancy, we now going into the depth of deviation. And I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that we come out of the depths of deviation.

00:46:50 --> 00:46:53

And we will, and we must

00:46:56 --> 00:46:59

because allows for handle protected by key protects is for our

00:47:04 --> 00:47:07

illa levina monomials those who believe

00:47:09 --> 00:47:14

in Allah and His messenger and the book which are sent to Mohammed salah and do good deeds,

00:47:15 --> 00:47:17

right actions, good actions.

00:47:19 --> 00:47:21

Now, you may say to me,

00:47:23 --> 00:47:27

like many people say to me, in my face directly.

00:47:29 --> 00:47:34

And I repeat this over and over and over and over again, that I

00:47:37 --> 00:47:38

am friends with everybody.

00:47:40 --> 00:47:45

If people raise these kind of matters with me, I stay clear of it. I get up and I walk away.

00:47:53 --> 00:47:57

Despite the fact that we are commanded to order the good and the evil,

00:47:58 --> 00:48:04

despite the fact that you buy one saying one or two words to that person might change that person from john.

00:48:08 --> 00:48:13

Because you don't view that DVD or you can't change somebody's mind. You can only give him a message.

00:48:15 --> 00:48:21

Allah will change him. But if he doesn't get the message from you, He will never know the truth and he will never change.

00:48:26 --> 00:48:27

at the Battle of haber.

00:48:30 --> 00:48:42

It's a great battle against the Jews. They were fortified in a fortification in a in any one of these castles whose doors were so thick. Nobody could get in.

00:48:44 --> 00:48:48

The Muslim army is parked outside this big fortress.

00:48:50 --> 00:48:52

Then one night, the Navy Sallam said

00:48:54 --> 00:48:56

tomorrow I'm going to give this banner

00:48:57 --> 00:49:00

to someone who Allah loves and he loves Allah

00:49:02 --> 00:49:06

hubco very happy to hear this. Everybody thought Oh, I'm the one I'm the one.

00:49:07 --> 00:49:14

So the next morning, everybody gathered now be lifted up the flag and said with Ali

00:49:17 --> 00:49:21

Ali wasn't the only the people who are the eyes. Anybody who is absolutely

00:49:22 --> 00:49:29

happy. They said well, he's got some of his eyes. He's got some infection in his eyes in his resting.

00:49:30 --> 00:49:33

Let me say something said bring the broth in it.

00:49:34 --> 00:49:38

Took some of his spirit and he loved it. Don't think that you can do it.

00:49:42 --> 00:49:43

This is what people think also.

00:49:45 --> 00:49:46

Put in your eyes. No, no, no.

00:49:48 --> 00:49:58

This is what these people say. This is what the Sufi say there's all these studies that say they do all these things and we ask him why do you do it? They say why they did it. How long are you

00:50:01 --> 00:50:01

Are you?

00:50:03 --> 00:50:04

Did Allah tell you that you could do it?

00:50:09 --> 00:50:11

Anyway, so maybe he is healed immediately.

00:50:12 --> 00:50:18

And then I say to him, and of course Ali took those two those are flooded with his hands.

00:50:19 --> 00:50:22

Barack Obama took the doors anyway, before that.

00:50:24 --> 00:50:31

I asked what must I do under this assumption go to them. And when they all gathered together, you offer Islam to them.

00:50:33 --> 00:50:36

This is the enemy. This is offering Islam to them.

00:50:37 --> 00:50:45

And from day one day one, those who accept Islam you leave them those who don't accept Islam, you fight them.

00:50:46 --> 00:50:56

And then the NaVi Sallam said something to say to ollie line yeah the Allahu bhikaji la Hagen Hey Rob, Minotaur pinhoe Marine nine

00:50:57 --> 00:51:03

o rd. If allows for Hydra guides one man through you,

00:51:04 --> 00:51:05

just one man.

00:51:07 --> 00:51:13

It would be the it'll be better for you then what? All the great all the treasures of the studio.

00:51:15 --> 00:51:27

So imagine if you accede to that man, just one word or two words, and he was guided back onto the Serato master key, it will be better for you than all the treasures of this

00:51:29 --> 00:51:34

show we should never shy away of spreading the truth. If a year the to two should spread it.

00:51:35 --> 00:51:36


00:51:37 --> 00:51:41

I have enough for to finish off by what is the problem with me.

00:51:42 --> 00:51:44

Allows rather than finally says

00:51:45 --> 00:52:03

talks about the believers Allah says those will be successful, what will also be stopped whatever so be happy. Whatever super, super tawassul this verb is in the third person, those of you know your, your verbs in Arabic, there are 1212

00:52:05 --> 00:52:14

degrees of the verb is the third degree of the verb. And when this degree is used, it gives you the sense of reciprocal action

00:52:16 --> 00:52:24

katabami to write katabami to correspond for example. So now also with the I live in the middle means

00:52:25 --> 00:52:40

to cooperate with one another, to also to cooperate with one another in finding the truth and spreading the truth. That's what it means with our silverhawk that's what we're doing here today.

00:52:42 --> 00:52:47

We discover the truth in the Quran and Sunnah and we spread that truth Kawasaki

00:52:49 --> 00:52:58

water was always covered and we encourage and cooperate with each other in southern waters sub Armenian Yes, Southern means the deen of Allah.

00:52:59 --> 00:53:01

We have patience

00:53:02 --> 00:53:15

in sticking to the Quran and Sunnah. That is our patience. Patience. Keep on the right path. We keep on the throttle, Mr. P. It's difficult you lose your friends. Even sometimes you lose your enemies.

00:53:21 --> 00:53:28

I saw a person the other day in the street he was walking was getting out of his car and I was looking directly in his face. And he had this cat on with a

00:53:30 --> 00:53:51

thing on his head this sandal thing on his head and I smiled at him and I said Assalamualaikum and he gave me once think looking in he just gave me a look I thought were Han Allah with the love these people are supposed to be loving their own world. He probably knew who I was. He must have known but I felt so terrible just

00:53:53 --> 00:53:57

imagine I now free like that and say well I want everybody to be my friend

00:53:59 --> 00:54:10

and nobody not to greet me. But that is what happens. That is what happened with Mohammed Salah. What do you think they cut open the sheep they took out the interest in the throat herbivore is making Salah in the Haram

00:54:11 --> 00:54:12

and eventually they want to kill him

00:54:13 --> 00:54:15

and eventually all of them became Muslim.

00:54:16 --> 00:54:38

So that is the objective. The objective is that we want everybody again to come under the umbrella of Islam under the umbrella of the true Islam as the umbrella under the umbrella of Quran and Sunnah, that is object, everybody under the same umbrella. So that way I wish for myself agenda. Our last one was given to me in Sharla me and Allah so I'm gonna give it to all of us in sha

00:54:39 --> 00:54:41

Allah Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

153. Aug.26, 2016

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