Adnan Rajeh – Preparing for Ramadan #11

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of a "barrier" within the Arabic language, which is a barrier between men and women. The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding sexual behavior and the need for people to avoid "the" of their partner. The speaker also mentions a video about a "medicals who are trying to avoid "the" of their partner and suggests avoiding "the" of their partner's behavior.
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Nothing a collection of Imam Bukhari anyone Muslim within authentic generation in there so here right to us by umbrella of the Allahu Anhu where the provider you saw Sam says and this hadith is still within the theme of Ramadan preparation so we'll continue to narrate a hadith about Ramadan and the feeling of Ramadan and the beauty of Ramadan insha Allah and the Sunnah and of Ramadan May Allah grant us the blessing of reaching the shahada of Ramadan and living through it and be granted the beauty of their His forgiveness and his and his freedom of punishment Subhanallah without alarm I mean, and until until until Saturday night, and this hadith here I think I've narrated before in

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other settings by Allah is a very nice one I think it's worth getting its own little section and figure maybe to try and do it for your colleagues awesome LCM Juna fan gonna have to consult human philosophers when I agile

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for inside, but who hadn't Oh, shutdown, failure call in you saw him in the sign. So I set out a slight twist on this video cmo Jonah.

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Jonah, meaning it's a barrier. It's a barrier,

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which is why gender I called Gen because they believe exists behind a barrier. Because the concept of barrier is, is that like genuine losing your mind is because it's a barrier in your mind you cancer as it's the same concept that is just repeated in different ways within with it within the Arabic language. And if you learn if you're if you're not interested in the inside of an Arabic language, what you find is that the Arabic language is extremely, extremely logical language. And the root of any word has a specific meaning that is just used in different ways which causes all of the different usages and derivatives that we have within within the language. So joining me is a

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barrier. You'll see I'm agenda mean it's a barrier between you and haram. So he's trying to explain it his swatters, and it's been buried between you and bad things. It's like it's pushing you farther away. So it's a barrier between you and doing anything bad. So if that guy now had to come saw him and so if one of you was fasting on a day, by now you're what I had refers is any sexual gestures of any sort. Halal meat, may they be halal or haram mostly used to describe halal, but don't do anything. Just put your sexuality away, just hang it up on the door when you leave the house. Because your saw him that day. It's just you have no use for it. There's no use for it at all.

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There's no if there's no huddle use for it, and there's no use for it either. Right? Sometimes the male mind fails and discriminating between we're distinguishing between when it's hard and sometimes not male mind has that problem. So when you thought him, you just hang it up, there's no one office, where else do you not have this problem. Or forgive me this practice, you have this practice as well and hedge, right and hydrocodone Malou mat for my fellow Buffy in that fight our office went out for Sukkot lodge in Dallas Niger heights, you put your sexuality away in every form or manner, every form and manner you don't have any relation with your wife, and then you're there with a couple of

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million people, half of them are going to be women, you shouldn't have any sexuality at all. But you shouldn't be thinking about this at all. We're going to walk through with the left staring at the sisters around you because they don't have been I've seen this I've seen people I've seen people do is one of the worst things in the world. But this is the concept that you just, you leave that piece out just I know that that's a part an important part of our existence. But for this, but if casted for the purpose of hydrogen, and for the purpose of a day of Ramadan, when you're fasting, it's put it aside for that offense. But if what he had is don't enter into an ignorant conversation is

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literally what it means. This is literally what this word actually means. And Jamelia is ignorance and the known poetry of the hammer. In Kulsoom, the poet who murdered the king, I'm robbing him that deadly and then he basically

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improvised. One of them were Alacati right then and there. And he said that he had an agenda for projectile, Joe Healy and no one be ignorant with us, we will be 10 times ignorant than they are ignorant. And I felt that there was some reason to be proud of that, that your ability to be extra ignorant, but later, just don't get into a into an ignorant conversation where you say something you'll regret, or you do something that is unkind or, you know, just stay away from that it's a barrier, stay away from them. So if someone does that to you and sat back who had an OSHA trauma, if someone curses you out or mistreat you or speaks failure in the saw, and when you saw him say I am

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passing, I will not respond to this, I will not engage in this because I'm fasting, I have a barrier between me and ignorant behavior. Hopefully that will continue after your CRM. But even if it doesn't, at least during your CRM, you have that barrier where you'll say I'm fasting, it's like you're explained to the person in front of you. It's not a weakness or a fear of you. I'm not going to engage in this because I'm fasting today. And I'm not I'm not going to engage in that behavior that will ruin my fasting, because it's not just fasting from food and drink is also fasting from these types of behaviors that are that are frowned upon. I hope that's a benefit to you.

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Yahweh che Han, aka Ali Hickman Hadith, EB Harada Radi Allahu Anhu and then maybe your Salah Allah Allah who earlier Salah makan LCM will join Veda and Hadoken for me even further, when he had friends who had an OSHA failure in his in his arm so of course, so Allah,

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Allah Allah Allah wa salam

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