Ali Hammuda – A Ramadan of change #11 – A medication that most medics don’t prescribe

Ali Hammuda
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Oh Rama

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Murthy merci.

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Welcome Rama.

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the famous scholar of Hadith. Al Hakim a nicer booty has a very well known story about an illness that he battled against for months on end. His face was afflicted with blisters, which he tried treating for for around a year using a variety of techniques without a veil

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and it was on one Friday when he requested Imam Abu Osman a slob wanted to make a prayer a dua for him during the Friday sermon.

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And Imam Abu Usman did just that and people passionately engaged into art for him saying, I mean, I mean,

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the week after a woman came and handed over a letter mentioning that she was actually present during last week's Friday Sermon, and she was heartbroken to hear about what Al Hakim was enduring. So she mentioned in the letter that she actually went home that evening and she supplicated she made dua for Al Hakim. And then she saw that night the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in her dream that evening who said to her, Oh, Loli ABI Abdillah, Yasser Allah, Allah Muslimeen. Tell al Hakim, to provide water for the Muslims.

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So this letter was taken to an Hakim and he read it and he didn't waste any time. He quickly went to the front garden of his he dug a pool of water, he filled it with ice, and then he dedicated it for the free usage of the public veneration says it was only one week that passed after this event. Before his blisters had totally cleared up from his face. They disappeared, his face returned to how it was before and he lived many years afterwards.

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Brothers and sisters this is a medicine that you just heard of that most medics don't prescribe to the ill sadaqa Gerety Sheikh Ali and Fifi the author of The Amazing book and Nicola because you are Allah, He speaks of a friend of his

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who he was making his way to the masjid and then he just realized that the most horrific thing that could happen had just happened he accidentally reversed his car into his two year old niece. He pulled out from the car he was panicking and he managed to drag her from beneath the tire of the car. He carried her racing to the hospital as she was dipping in and out of life. The poor girl was assessed and her family were told that it's an 80% likely rate for her for her death.

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A relative of theirs, contacted a student of knowledge for some advice, some comfort. And that person said to him look, sacrifice an animal and distribute its meat with the intention of her healing. They did just that. And he said Subhanallah by the time it was Dawn failure

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she was discharged from the hospital as a healthy and well child Subhanallah

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and that is why I emailed him he said the following words he said that the in El estado kata see you're on IG been feeders and why Bella you know kind of misogyny only lol him I mean character he said that the effects of charity sadaqa in repelling all types of calamities or extra ordinary. Even if the giver of that charity is a sinner or an oppressor or even if he is a Catholic, a person who has no faith and Imam limoneira We he said that this has been tried by the blessed people. And they found that such spiritual remedies can do what material remedies sometimes failed to do. And nobody rejects this reality he says except those who have been covered from understanding.

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So sadhaka charity repels calamities, it eases pains it diverts misery it yields an inner sense of expanse that cannot be described or quantified. Do it brothers and sisters set aside a sum of wealth for you or for your family? With that intention? Are you are you challenged in your health in any way, set aside a sum of money for a charitable cause with this intention in mind and what better month to start training for life long charity than Ramadan? Abdullah does did he not say that the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam was the most generous of all people and he was the most generous in Ramadan.

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Oh Rama

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Muslim mercy you welcome Rama

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