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Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The importance of intention in conversation is linked to weight and health, and fasting is necessary for proper action. Delays in support are necessary to avoid overwhelming expectations. The use of evidence in medicine is essential, and staying away from certain areas is crucial to avoiding overwhelming expectations. In a video of someone fasting and on a phone call with someone, a woman is not in a state of shock or confusion.
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For two pillars, two things. Now we're going to come quickly. I'm not going to go in details into the future. But the most important thing that the common questions also I get two things only I need for Ramadan intention and refrain stay away, hold on not eating or drinking or having sexual * during the day. Intention is the night before. If you start Ramadan by saying from day one, you're Allah, my intention is to fast, the whole Ramadan, that will suffice. But I recommend and I always say is like them fact you're taking support, then this is your intention. You don't have to say it, but you had the intention in it needs this. And of course refraining intention, and

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why intention, this deem the beauty of it why there is so many beauties. But one of the beauty of it is that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not judge us like we judge people Subhanallah we judge people on what we see, or what they say, or what they look, Allah doesn't out of His mercy, Allah judge us what we have here,

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what we have here,

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intention, intention, and the Hadith. Number one, let's put the and this is in surah. Two in vain. They were not ordered to worship Allah but with sincerity. Intention is sincerity only for Allah, I am fasting only for Allah and not fasting, because everybody else is fasting. I am not fasting because it's Ramadan. Of course I have to fast Yes, but I'm fasting because Allah told me, and I have to fast with I have to say, This is my intention, let alone Of course, I'm not fasting to lose weight, or any of the dunya reasons I am fasting because Allah told me to do that. And I have to do this intention. And this is probably I will call it the most famous Hadith that all the books

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whether it's the book of faith, the books of Hadith, this usually comes in as the first the first chapter, the first Hadith, because everything else, depend on this, the Hadith or the narrative by saying that Omar Enamul, Mr. Lubin, yet, verbally, verbally, verbally, actions are judged. Actions are judged by actions are judged by intention, meaning, the correctness of the correctness of the action, the correctness of action will be judged by the intention and the reward will be judged by the intention by the intention in normal animal orbignya Why did I do it? Why did I do it? This is extremely important. So I am fasting fasting, it absolutely needs my Nia the night before you can do

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it every night or you can do one year for the whole Ramadan. What I will need or what will actually not what will

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any negate my fast if I do or what should i abstain from three things no food, no drink and no marital relation. That's it to our can two pillars. Salah has much more pillars for correctness, fasting is only two you need your intention and you need to stay away from these three in that special time. Not anytime that special time. That special time Hamdulillah we all have the the calendar so from dawn to dust from dawn to dusk and we have the calendar you go by Lola all the massages they have it you have it on your phones Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and always and I'm going to touch on it this quickly. It's usually recommended to delay your support but also don't

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delay till the end that it may be too close to your time of insect the time to withhold give yourself a little bit time. So in case there is a your your clock is not on your watch is not accurate. You're on the safe side. So from dawn to dusk.

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And where did this come from? This is the if this isn't sorted Bacara

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work Hulu was horrible. I put it in writing Android work Hulu was horrible. Had Dieter Bay in a coma hiatal abbiamo mental hospital so the mineral fragile tumor to Matsuyama. Elaine, eat and drink till you can see the white from the black line. That's that's a figure of speech. It's usually the real fighter that the time they put for us, right it's still

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Dark but that's the real fragile when it's a start what color was trouble had theater been eaten drink till you know that time too much too much Ciana in a lead, then hold on keep your fast till the night meaning the model so I'm I'm giving you also Where does all come from so we all learn because we this deen is based on evidence any in medicine, we all say what does the

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the study say? And what's the authenticity of this study? So here you are. That's Allah subhanaw taala seeing it and he's seeing it in the Quran, and he's giving me even the time hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and this is also a hadith of Rasul Allah Sato Sarang. And he used to say Kulu, wash Rabu eat and drink till the son of only Maktoum call for Salah, the son of matusadona began.

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So eat and drink to this tool. This is how we know it's still Fajr till the son of Omi Maktoum call for the

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for Salah, because he because he says for Nicola you for in your whole lie you had to apply for God he does not call for Salah unless it is time if it is done. So this is also an evidence from the Sunnah, why we do it this way, why we do it from this time to this time.

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And this is another one also I saw two salaam either acapella lady woman her Hoonah when the night come from this side, while hora bottisham spirit of perasaan if the person who is fasting when the night comes in from this side he was showing him and the sunset, then the person who is fasting can now eat who should fast this is simple basics.

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The person has to be Muslim, adult

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able to fast, healthy, not sick, not a traveler and right state of mind and not in a state of menstruation or after the after having a baby Muslim number one the non Muslims who may or may Allah guide them all your OB Amin who does the past atone with us, may Allah reward them. But this is not the faster form of Allah. Allah will reward them your OB I mean, they will give them here, because they are they are they're doing good deeds to make us feel good. But in general, the obligation you need to tell you need to fast that person who is Muslim adult, meaning that he or she reached the age of maturity. The for the woman actually she had her period. And for the boy, he had the changes,

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if none had happened in general, its age of 1515 years of age, able to fast, able to fast, meaning fasting, healthy, fasting will not make him sick, sick meaning disease or he has a disease, but fasting will not make that disease worse. If that if fasting makes this disease worse, then that person has the concession, the permission not to fast traveller. Same thing. If I am not a traveler, this is an obligation. If I am a traveler, it's my choice will come to this writer state of mind, meaning I am awake. And I am not insane. The person is not insane. They call it in the fucky usually Allah alkenyl I will mostly more valuable than the Muslim adult and in a state of mine and not in a

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state of menstruation. Why is that? Because this hadith, the person who's sleeping not in a state of mind, and the person who is young, not yet adult and the person who's insane. These are three people Allah will not take them accountable. There is no obligation upon them. There is no obligation upon them. These three people sleeping insane, and person who is not an adult

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