According to Time Magazine 60,000 Books Written Against Islam in 150 years

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And today we find

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the international media,

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whether it's the television, satellite channels, whether it be the newspapers, whether it be the magazines,

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you find that Islam is in the firing line.

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Even on the internet, there is virulent propaganda about Islam.

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I personally

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do agree with the statement, or Richard Haines, the Consul General of USA, to Chennai, when he said that the American nation is not against Islam, and I do agree with him. I've been to America several times, the American people as a whole,

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the American people as a whole, I do agree with him, the American people as a whole, they aren't against Islam. And same thing I tell my Indian brothers,

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that the Indian Hindus as a whole, they are against Islam, then

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we have got several in the friends, no problem. It is only a small group of Indians. For the personal gains,

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they may try to mine Islam, it may be a small group of Westerners for the personal gain, they missed it and Islam for the personal reasons, some people because they want to come in power. It's an easy vote bank, to create a tension between two communities, some people to divert the mistakes made by the head of state who divert their attention

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by creating another scenario, making Islam in the firing line. So I do agree that as a whole, the American nation is not against Islam as a whole. The non Muslims of India aren't against Islam, it is only a selected few. And these people, they are controlling the media

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of Our Time Magazine. That article came on the 16th of April

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1979. It said that more than 60,000 books were written against Islam, in a span of 150 years.

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More than 60,000 books written against Islam in a span of 150 years. And if you calculate, according to this article of Time Magazine, more than one book is written against Islam every day,

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every day and the media, I blame the media, and I blame the politicians, the problem that we have today in the world. According to me, the root cause is the media and the politicians. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings. I'm not targeting any particular people. But just just an opinion, that the media to analyze I know there are many journalists out here. So but as I mentioned the morning that the many journalists who are truthful and they really you have a good view, it is then as a majority, it means more than 50%. It doesn't mean all it means more than 50%. And if we analyze

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today selectively

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the Muslim in targeted on the media