Trials And Tribulations Of Future Generations

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One simple hadith is a Hadith essence or a Muslim so beautiful Hadith and has a lot of, as with all our Hadith a lot of profound wisdom for us, Abdullah have Nam diviner Arsenal writes that one day we were in a journey, and we scattered some of us were fixing our tents. Some of us were sharpening our arrows. Some of us were taking care of the camels. When we heard a crier call a Salah to Jamia This is how the process and would announced you know, come listen, or have an announcement to make. So we all gathered, and the prophets has stood up and said to us he gave a mini sermon or hold about so something important he wanted to tell them. He said to us that in the Columbia cannot be your ugly,

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there was never a navy that was sent to before me. In Canada, how can it said that it was obligatory on him that he teaches his OMA the good that they should follow. And he warns them against the evil they should be prepared against. In other words, he's setting up what he's about to say, I have to give you this information, I have to tell you that which is going to benefit you and I have to warn you from that which will harm you. And of course from this we understand we derive that our religion is a complete religion, for what we need to know for the era. Our religion tells us everything we need to know about Allah, about morality, about our theta, about rituals, whatever is we need to

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know it it is in the Quran and Sunnah. And if it is not something necessary, well then Allah, you may go and discover it, engineering, medicine, chemistry go and you discover no problem. But what you need to know for your soul, what you need to know for the era, it is in the Shetty out. So the Prophet system said, it is obligatory every prophet, that he must warn his people of the evil and guide them to the good. And then he said, we're in Omata come Javi and ask for this OMA of yours, meaning my OMA for inner fear tahajjud LFV Awatea.

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Its blessing era has been made the earliest part of the era, the earliest part is going to be the better part. In other words, in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there shall be things that are beneficial that are not going to exist later on, for example, Muslim unity. For example, one OMA being combined together. For example, no civil war. All of this did not happen in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then the prophets Assam said, what so you'll see who are Hirahara Bella on what we'll move on to and corona. And as for the later generations, you're going to get trials and tribulations, you will not understand them reject them,

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you're just going to want to reject them, you're not going to recognize this has not happened before. In other words, the prophets ism is getting his OMA prepared, you know, when we send our children out, maybe the weather's bad, Hey, careful, it's bad weather today, quote, you're telling them a bitter fact. Why are you telling them the bitter fact so that they prepare, so they drive more sleep safely, whatever it might be. So the Profit System is telling us a bitter reality, the later parts of the OMA will not enjoy what the earlier parts did. And this is a reality that we can extrapolate, you know, for not just the time of the process. And but beyond this as well. Right now

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we live in a time when we don't have a Muslim empire, we don't have a lot for, for example, right? When we don't have the quantity of scholars, we used to have so many differences we have now that didn't happen in the past. Now, this doesn't mean by the way, that in every single aspect almost going to be more negative. We should not think of it that way. No, in every era, there's going to be positives and negatives. But the trials that later generations will face will be of a different type than the earlier ones. This is what we're being told that and sometimes these trials will be unprecedented. Okay. And again, one of the trials we have begun, let's be honest here, the fitna of

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living as a minority in a majority, you know, land that doesn't have our values. This is a new fitna, and it comes with new challenges, right? Again, the default this is not the case for the bulk of the OMA that, you know, we're trying to protect our morality, our theology, our laws in a land that might be hostile to some of those aspects, right? Again, that's a difficulty we have to face. Where else are we gonna go? And the perks we get from living here, we might not get anywhere else. So we're balancing these like the prophets have said or moved on to in Kiruna hub. Then he told us, whoever wants to make sure that death comes to him in a good state, whoever wants to make sure. I

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mean, by the way, I'm compiling. condensing the hadith is much longer. We don't have time for every phrase, because otherwise that will be much longer hotter. What my point I wanted to leave you with was this, the process of said whoever wants to make sure that death comes to him, and he's gonna

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basically pass right? Filter to here money year two who were who you may know Billahi may make sure that his Eman is strong in Allah subhanho wa Taala make sure that his Iman is not shaken. No matter what happens around your faith has to be strong. And number two, will you will you retired at NASA? Well, while you're at Aden ASIMO, when you attack either he let him treat the people, the way he desires to be treated. These two pieces of advice he left us with, regardless of how bad the world is, regardless of what's happening around, regardless of the trials, two things are in your command. Doesn't matter how bad the situation is, nobody can control your heart. Make sure that he believes

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in Allah firmly. Make sure that your Eman is not affected by the realities going on around you. And nobody can control that except you in your heart. And number two, and let him do unto people his luck, the way he would want people to do unto him, treat people the way you want to be treated. Be nice unto people. And if you do these two things, then Hollis you will get there. Subhan Allah this hadith is a bit terrifying, but it's also comforting. He's warning us things are going to happen. You're going to be shaken. You're going to see trials people haven't seen before you the blessing era is the earlier era, the blessing era when the Sahaba were alive when we had the omegas and the

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buses when we had that's the blessing era when we had to roll them up by every country every land had 1000s of aroma when we had overall o'clock was higher Iman was higher. That's the Blissett era things are going to happen are more in tune Kiruna ha you're gonna not see rejected to incurable here means rejecting is your heart will rejected meaning you won't understand meaning this is this is unprecedented. This is something that I don't know how to deal with new challenges will happen that previous generations did not have. And the prophets have said Look, don't worry. Whatever happens, you stick with these two things, and you're going to be okay, keep your Eman strong, and

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basically keep your cloud good. That's what he told us to do. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to navigate these uncertainties these difficult times with strong Iman and may Allah azza wa jal give us the suburb and give us the fortitude and give us the good manners that were able to live up to those standards and given to people how we ourselves would like to be treated and inshallah we will continue our regular schedule now from tomorrow

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