Adnan Rajeh – Post Isha Khaterah 20-02-2024

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The lack of information sharing and accountability for breaking rules in modern history has led to the lack of actual accountability and the need for a broader discussion and accountability for those who do or do not do anything. The speaker emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and following guidelines of ethics, acknowledging one's responsibility and not denying their views. The need for accountability and a new course on Islam is also emphasized.
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Earlier he was so happy

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even though the

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topic or the theme that I was covering with the Hadith was a marriage issues of marriage,

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it's becoming increasingly difficult to talk about these things

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with the imaging or the images that are that are emerging from, from Rafa Han from the northern parts of Azusa with starving children or children who are standing with empty,

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empty plates and bowls waiting for something to eat.

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It's just become, I don't think it's something that we've seen in modern history before. Now, don't get me wrong, the stuff like this has happened before. And historically, people have have starved to death. And this is not new. But I don't think there was the availability of information sharing in law in real time as there is with this one,

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people would go through a famine or go through some sort of disaster, and then you people, others would find out about it later, which allowed them to process it in a certain manner when you are literally watching them in real time running,

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running from the sound of gunfire and towards what they think maybe a caravan of food of some sort,

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being treated like animals. It just leaves you with this with in a state of just an

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unprecedented sorrow and sometimes even a little bit of anger, if not a lot of it.

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And I don't know exactly what, like I'm actually dreading this upcoming Friday, because I'm not sure exactly what it is that I'm going to share with people because these pictures, not only are they are they are they continuing to emerge, but they're getting worse. And if anything, it seems like the world is steadfast on moving forward with this, with starving a group of people just starving the strip or until I'm not sure exactly what the what the end game for them is. All I know is that is that was happening today and the Holy Land is is breaking so many rules and as a precedent for so much for so many.

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So many atrocities at the same time is normalizing a certain level of brutality towards our people, that it makes me scared for what's coming in the future.

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A rule is a rule until someone breaks it publicly, and no one says anything. And then it's no longer a rule. It's not a law anymore. The moment is broken, and nothing happens. I mean, there's no retaliation, there's no actual accountability that those who broke break the rule, then that ceases to be a rule. For example, you don't bomb hospitals, or you don't raid hospitals, even if and even if all the terrorists of the world were inside a hospital, you still don't bomb a hospital or raid one. You don't starve people. You don't bomb civilian based structures. You don't you don't you know, these things you just don't do. Because there's a general understanding. There was a code of

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ethics that existed even in during the barbaric times, even during the barbaric times, there was some degree of their agreements, they didn't You didn't kill the messenger. You didn't they did certain things you didn't do. You just didn't do it. You had really people that people liked, sometimes based the basic amount of Rama and ethics in general, but there are certain things they didn't do. And now we're seeing all those things happen

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in real time,

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live, and this just says if it's not, I don't know, are we? Are we the only people who have access to the to this image? Or what is the rest of the world actually looking at? And why is it that this is not?

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Regardless of all of it, the degree of advocacy or the the amount of advocacy that the Muslim ummah has put towards this issue is not is not remotely enough. And as I kind of pointed out at the beginning of this, of this,

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we'll see but back in October, that what they bargained on is time of trying to sizing the issue a little bit of making it just put dragging it out a little bit long enough so that people get bored, and want to go back to their normal lives, we want to think of something different. And at that point, they can just do they can actually escalate the amount of harm, and nothing will occur because people got bored. And that's where we have to kind of revise our strategy and go back and think a little bit that this is not getting, there's not actually being resolved, if anything is actually getting worse. What we're seeing today is the last time I saw this was was in my hometown

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in Syria 20 years ago or less. The last time I saw this one person and that's understandable that it wasn't people didn't move too much towards that was not as international news as this is I mean, this is not something that wasn't covered as as deeply it was not the

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An international tabled topic that everyone was discussing, because there was no support to their agenda was doing it just there was no willing to stop them. So they just did it. But in this situation, the amount of coverage that this is getting, and the number of times this topic is being tabled everywhere. And the amount of support that those who are doing it are getting is extremely concerning. And we have to start thinking a little bit broader in terms of how we want to address this problem. And in terms of accepting our responsibility in the advocacy for, for our brothers and sisters over there. And I'm honestly, on yet loss of words and loss for words and the same time very

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and, sure, what is it what it is that needs to happen at this point, I just don't know. I'm unclear. I don't know if anyone does. But I do know that without these discussions and these conversations without involving those who do or do have an idea of what it is that needs to happen, then then this will continue to occur, because this cannot go on any unchallenged. And it cannot occur without there being accountability for those who sat around and watched, especially those who claim to represent people. I mean, I can't We can't speak on behalf of other countries, but we do live in in Canada. And the officials in our country who decided that this was what was occurring is not

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actually worth their you know, their time or their voice or their advocacy or they're upset or they must they have to understaffed to feel it or they have to hear it and that has to come through our organized efforts in terms of of changing or moving that needle in changing, changing the norm. And I just wanted to share that with you because I don't know what else to talk about. I'm going to forfeit. I'm going to omit the Hadith about marriage today. And just leave you with these thoughts and leave you with the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam generated by Bharani the low salt and Hakim in the masjid like where he says Allah you saw to some read to us by Anna's ma M and OB

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membaca Shavon wa jal who either Jambi hijab Anwar Yalom is the person who goes to sleep at night with a full stomach with his neighbor beside him hungry and he knows about it has not believed in me. mean just cannot claim that they've accepted my my teaching. They can't claim that they've followed me in any formal manner. They just do not. They're not a movement, they can claim that they're a part of my ummah, if that is what they're doing, and I can't think of anybody that's more relevant to what we're seeing today than that one. I hope that was of benefit to you. So pocket 100 Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah wa salam O Allah like it being a Muhammad Ali was like Ah, my name is

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Dr. Murthy. And let me show I think the Halacha or the course of Sheikh Sabah, I believe start starts in a few minutes after sunnah, so please pay your sunnah and then allow for him to start his session. You're welcome to attend it in Sharla if you'd like and learn

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