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Adnan Rajeh
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He was not amused me too bad.

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So whenever your phone goes off, whether it's a message or a phone call, or even the other end, it's not an issue, you're obligated to turn it off. The question of whether it invalidate my prayer or not doesn't even matter, you you're obligated to turn this off, because you actually restrict people in salon and you're ruining other people's soul. So the question of whether it's invalidates your parent does not even matter, even though it does not invalidate your pair to put your hand in the pocket and make the press the button, that's all fine. But if it was farther away, you actually have to break your Salah to do this, then you break your Salah and you do it. It's actually that

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important because this is an issue of distracting other people. So just to kind of a gentle reminder to everyone regarding that aspect. This issue only comes up during summer for Asia specifically the only time this happens and the reason it happens is because we pray on the 13th point something degree. So a little bit of a couple of minutes before maybe what some of your phones may say unless you adjust your phone to it which you can but otherwise, that's what why this happens because phones are going to go off and they're just gonna keep trying to watch out for that so that we don't you know, have our select Leisha distracted. Yeah, this is I think the 18th or 19th. Heidi's within the

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theme of understanding Iman have a few more to go before I shall move on to something different. I'm going to try to the best of my ability to bring the idea of iman as close to you as possible and grant you the building shell to understand it in the depth that it deserves to be understood. And today's hadith is not not almost never almost never kind of used to talk about Iman, it's used to talk about something different than I'll read the Hadith to you, and you will know it and then you'll see what I mean. So it goes Yahweh ha ha and Mustafa Ali human Hadith, Elisa, Aden and Audrey are the Allahu Anhu called a fellow Nabil salah. aliotta disciples said and how do you think

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collection Bukhari Muslim writers when we say in cordrea Carla Mara I mean come on Quran Valley over a year who be ready for a lamea stellia by BT Cerney in lemmya stellia vehicle will be further lika a bar full EMA. We said Ali Asad was RAM those of you who see something that is monka monka is a social definition of something that is wrong. It's a social definition of wrongness or evil. It's not necessarily even a religious one, even though the religious definition would apply here. But this is a social definition, which means something that is seen as wrong shouldn't be happening. If someone is sabotaging or vandalizing something, that's an anchor, you should try and stop that.

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Does that make sense? Like if we're just talking about someone who was made, for example, drinking publicly alcohol, which is haram Islamic Lee and also, but I'm talking about someone who's vandalizing someone else's car. Now that's an act that's mooncup or someone that is ruining public property, that's monka. Because these are seen as mistakes or wrongdoings from a social perspective, as well. So that's what mongkol is. So if you see a manga, then you're obligated, if you have the ability to change it to change it with your hand meaning to actually physically stop it or to make a difference. You can't, you can't change it with your hand, you don't have the ability, a couple of

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hooligans, vandalizing something to go change it, you're going to end up in the hospital, so you don't go do that. But let me subtract probably 70. So if you're able to say something, if you're not just in terms of speaking, but if you have the, if you have the gift of gab, you can speak or you can write or you can that's meaningful, sometimes there are things are happening over the world that are extremely oppressive, and you don't have the ability to physically go and change them yourself. So at least speak of them. If you have that ability. You may not I grew up in a country where you could neither physically nor verbally do anything about what was going on. Without you're ending up

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dead. But in them yesterday, you can do that you can't even say anything, even speak what is truth or what the truth is, or point out what the truth is, or or advocate for the truth verbally or, or with penmanship. If you can't do that five people will be there at least deep inside, acknowledge that this is wrong, and this is evil. And this should not be and this is not acceptable. And that is the weakest state of emotion, of emotion. It's the weakest state of emotion. We don't think about that piece we talked about the other pieces of needing to change it this way can't change it, change it that we can change. This is about the status, the styluses of iman, the states of ima, and this

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is what this is about. This hadith is explaining that a man has states and this is the weakest state and this is the strongest one, the weakest state is when you can't, you don't have the ability to make changes at all. And that actually changes with the hadith is talking about altogether. I explained to you the Hadith the way you're used to having it explained to you. But that's not what the Hadees was trying to say. The hadith is talking about.

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If your iman is so weak, that you don't have the ability to actually make a difference in the world in a positive way. Because your Eman is weak and your understanding of Islam is weak and you don't even adhere adhere to these rules you know is wrong but you're able to hear to the rules to actually be able to physically change anything. And the change may be something that you need to make about yourself.

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Maybe it's a monkey that you're seeing within yourself but you're you might have so weak you can

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Don't change it with your hand. And it's so weak that you can articulate it because you understand how to articulate it cuz you never learned enough about a man to articulate it properly. But at least at least have enough of Eman to be able to say this is wrong. I'm doing it, but it's wrong. It's happening in front of me. And I don't have the ability to make a difference because I don't really I do it myself. And I don't know how to articulate and don't how to make a difference. And at least at least on the admit, when something's wrong, acknowledge that is strong, because that will keep you alive. That's like, that's like your life support, or your iman, the moment you stop

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acknowledging wrong to being wrong. It's like you're you're pulling the tube, because nothing's left of this. This is talking about strength of email, your email has to be email, and is internalizing a concept where it becomes a part of your consciousness and it reflects on your behavior. But if it's not happening, it's not reflecting on your behavior to the point you can't, your weakness, I can't, I can't make a difference physically. I can't change things. I don't have control. I don't have the ability. I can't even say anything or even how to do it. And at least keep your email and make sure there's enough email inside of you so that you at least acknowledge it's wrong. Let me know how

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you're wrong. We're at a time where that's as far as we can go with some topics. Some issues, we can barely even acknowledging I even wonder if I acknowledged that it's wrong deep inside that they show up and ask me about it. And

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you have to at least acknowledge how wrong for being held on wrong to being for being wrong evil or being evil if you can't make a difference if you don't have the background or the ability or the clarity or the strength or the articulation that at least acknowledged is wrong, because that's how you keep your Eman alive. It's about demand. I think it's very interesting because we never we never look at it from an email perspective. But it's actually he talking about the status of Eman and the importance of your mind staying alive and the weakest state is where all you can do is just acknowledge that it's not correct and I think something worth contemplation Yello ha ha ha ha ha de

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Ibiza eating 100 year old Allah who I know Carl colander do Salah Allahu Allahu Allahu Salah Manuel, I mean, c'mon Colin folio a year who be Eddie he failed me a stealthier. FOBT Cerney he failed them yesterday Fabio will be he was full Iman sadakazu Allah is on Allah Allah. Allah. Allah Allah Allah and

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Allah who was like RNIB you know Muhammad, Allah Allah which means what

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