Ammar Alshukry – How the Quran Explains Suffering and Trials

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of the word "naught" in the Bible and how it refers to negative experiences. They also touch on Islam's success in achieving happiness and wealth, the importance of testing one's ability to achieve these goals, and the potential negative consequences of actions. The segment also touches on protecting oneself and finding one's own mistake, as well as the loss of Hanoi dad's father and rewarding those who show mercy.
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Zach, go ahead him the law. So I said, I'm a lot of study law, why do scientists and MCM cathedral actually lay the head of law who actually, I don't know hammered that I will do a lawsuit. So, to begin, I see here, as far as the website update that we're at 43,000. I just like to encourage everybody, this is very much a fundraiser, I think everybody knows why we're here. We're here to learn. But we're also here to give and to give and to give what we can and to give more than what we thought that we can and to inspire others to give and to message our family and friends, and to invite them together to give as well to be there as best as we can for our brothers and sisters in

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philosophy, and so I have, you know, questions that have been asked to me and people who have confided in me and over the past couple of days, like I'm sure many of us, and that's the question as to why does these things happen? Why do people have Alexa? Why do they have to suffer? And that word suffer was actually very interesting. I think she had an event also spoke about the topic of suffering. And it reminded me of how actually, we started to obey the law Evans from Chicago, he's African American. And he told me once that when he went to Egypt, he said that when he goes to Egypt, and he starts speaking in Arabic with everybody there, he says, My Eman actually increases.

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He says just the shift in language increases my Eman and I, when he said that it got me thinking a lot. And I thought it was very peculiar. But in reality, the words that we use, and the terminologies that we use are very much infused with our theology. And so when a person is speaking in Arabic, they're speaking in a language that is infused with Islamic theology. And so even the word Aquila if Tila, which is what you would translate as suffering actually means to be tested. And so the word itself includes the answer. And so I wanted to talk about how the Quran uses this word, how this word if Tila communicates, why these things happen. And so it's incredibly important

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because when people are asking the question of why do people you know, go through pain or why do people die? Why are people even martyred? That we look and we see what the Quran is saying and what the Quran presents as to the reason. In fact, the Quran tells us way more than that, it goes back to why we're even here in the first place. Allah Subhana Allah data says for example, Tabata can lead the bat hit Mirko who Allah coalition and Kadir blessing is He in Whose Hand is the dominion of everything and He is Able to do all things, a lady HELOC and motor oil Hetalia below a coma Johanna has no I'm the one who created death and life to test you to test you which one of you is best in

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deeds. And so we get the answer even as Allah subhana Dawn dimensions in the first verse, he says that in his hand is the dominion of everything. So in Allah subhana data's houses, the dominion of the United States and the dominion of Saudi Arabia and the dominion of of Palestine and the dominion of China and the dominion of all of these places are who are their condition and clear and He is Able to do all things Allah subhanho wa Taala could make it so that nobody is marked Allah subhanaw taala can make it so that no pain is caused ALLAH SubhanA data can make it so that everybody is protected. He is Able to do all things, but he created death and life why to test you to see which

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one of you is best in deeds. And so we realize from the get go, that this life for us is a test we were not put on here for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We weren't here so that we could try to you maximize our pleasure and to maximize our happiness and to maximize our wealth and to maximize our education and to maximize our family members. These are the things that have been beautified for us because the Quran also says willy nilly, NASA Bucha, Whiteman and ESA it will be no Karatedo mantra as diverse continues in either Emraan Allah says these things have been beautified for people, women and children and, and wealth and all of these things but that's not why

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we're here. Allah Subhana Allah has brought us here to test us. Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in surah Al uncovered right at the beginning, he says Elif la meme? Has he been NASA Utako Yokohama no hula afternoon. Elif la meme? Do the people think that they will be left alone saying that we believe and they will not be tested? Like Does that make sense? If Allah subhana data says that this life is a test? Does it make sense that you're not tested then? Is that reasonable? Like have you ever walked into an examination and they didn't hand you the exam? Has that ever happened? What's the purpose of you being there? Then? Allah Subhana Allah says, I'm happy to mentor Hello, Jana. Do

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you think that you will enter paradise when a magical methodology in Harlem and Kubla Khan, ALLAH SubhanA diocese Do you think that you will enter paradise and you will not be touched by what touched the people before you must set home will sell or was zero they were touched by loss in their wealth and in their, their health and in theirs in their selves was zero and they were shaken at die of cola soda and Adina matassa until the Prophet and the messenger himself they were shaking so severely they were so rattled that the Prophet and those who believed with him

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said when is the hope of Allah subhanaw taala going to come? Allah subhana wa Tada says rarely the help of ALLAH is near. That is the nature of this world. We don't believe in a gospel of prosperity. We don't believe that the more Iman you have, the easier life is going to be and the more wealth you're going to be Allah subhanaw taala criticism he criticizes that in sort of selfish Allah Subhana Allah says for animal inside, either Abdullah Hora Bucha Cramo Anna Amma Felco, Laura agrument, that this person, a human being, that when Allah subhanaw taala tests them if teller same word is used, but it can be for good and it could be for that which we dislike for archroma when

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Allah so Allah Subhana Allah blesses them and honors them and gives them wealth and luxury. He says, My Lord has honored me. There are a lot of people who think that God loves them. And the reason why God loves them is because the cars they have outside and because of the house that they live in and because of the beauty that they enjoy.

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Right? Allah subhanho Dias is what made them up to LA. But the idea here is called Aura behind it and when ALLAH SubhanA died if he tests it by taking away and constricting their wealth, he says My Lord has Dishonored me. Neither is wealth, nor is difficulty indication of Allah subhanaw taala is love, but it is what you do with Allah subhanho wa Taala tests either of prosperity, of gratitude, or of difficulty of patients that will garner you Allah subhana data's love, because even the prophets of Allah Allah who is seldom was tested, Rasul Allah so Allah so Allah says in the Quran, Allah and Allah Allah says, well, Mohammed Mohammed Mohammed de la Rasool Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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salam is nothing but a messenger, Allah subhana wa Tada says, because 100 Min COVID He'll also have a motto cookin and CalOptima Allah Allah. Allah subhana Das is If Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam forget the people of Azusa or this individual or this person that I know or this family member if Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam himself was killed or if he died, I'm caught up to him either I become you're going to turn on your heels. If Rasulullah Mohammed bin Abdullah Salalah alayhi salam is killed Are you going to turn away from the D are you going to turn away when they encourage you by the activate event Ebola hashtag Allah Subhana Allah diocese and whoever turns away on their

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heels, whoever turns away and

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they're not going to harm Allah subhana wa Tada was he loves Shaqiri and the loss of Hanoi dad is going to reward those who show gratitude to Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah promises us because this life is a test. And because we are here, you know, when you understand the purpose of this life, I liken it to a video game. There are a lot of people who play this video game of life and you have no idea what the objective is, which causes incredible frustration, you don't know how to win. But if a person knows what the metrics are, if a person knows what the objective of life is, then you understand how you win, you understand what will give you points, you understand what will let you

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level up, and then you appreciate it when it happens. Allah Subhana Allah data, he says, Kulu they've seen the economic moat, every social taste test called Luna Cinda Ecotile mode, we're in nama to a foreigner who will rock me on a piano. Allah subhana data says, in a matter of fauna, would you like me on piano and you will be given your compensation on the Day of Judgment. This world is not a world of compensation, you're not going to get all of your rewards in this life, and we don't worship Allah subhana data for rewards in this life. We don't worship Allah subhanho data by prayer in this life so that we can, you know, have life facilitated for us and we don't give

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zakat in this life so that our wealth can be increased, we give so that Allah subhanho data can be pleased with us. And finally,

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you know, understanding and a lot can be said, Of course on this topic, but understanding that every difficulty and every challenge that I believe goes through including death, in the path of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, when we shall London, that's what I mean when Allah says, if Allah subhana, Allah had willed, He would have taken vengeance on them, Allah subhanho data would have protected them Allah subhanaw taala would have taken vengeance. Well, I can live up to about a buck but ALLAH SubhanA data says to test some of you with others, what's our response going to be?

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What are we going to do? And Allah says, We're living in a political feasibility life and then you'll be in the unknown and those who are killed in the path of Allah Subhan Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa Tada will never waste their deeds. They will never waste their deeds. He says say I didn't waste her by them. Allah says that he will guide them and he will correct their affairs while your fellow humans Jana, Allah, Allah and He will enter them into paradise. He has made it known to them Yeah, you are living in terms of Mayan circum Oh you who believe. If you show support to Allah Subhana Allah Allah Allah will support you will use a bit academical and Allah subhanaw taala will

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make your feet firm. And the last thing just a quick subtlety in sha Allah with regards to one of the things that we can do also, to support our brothers and sisters is to really really really rein in our own sins, to rein in our own sins after Ramadan and everything's been on

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least and everybody's relapsed and all of that type of stuff. We want to make sure inshallah data that we protect ourselves as best as possible as a means of engagement and support of our brothers and sisters because Allah Subhana Allah data says, well, now Slava couldn't say I think I'm enough sick, whatever

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harm occurs to you, it is from your own cells. And Allah subhanho data says, well, Mao sobre, como si a but if a few markers of an ad group were for Anthea, ALLAH SubhanA data says, and no harm that has afflicted you is, but by your own hands, what your own hands have wrought, and Allah forgives much. And so we recognize that part of what gives our enemies authorities over us is our own sense. And so we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to have mercy on those who have passed away and to forgive us our sins and to make our support that which is registered and connected to our brothers and sisters because the prophets of Allah as Adam said, there will be a group of people around better Noctis who

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will be apparent upon the truth they will not be harmed by those who show enmity them and those who forsake that who seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from being of those who forsake our brothers and sisters, and especially the Aqsa or their surrounding it or someone like this

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