Adnan Rajeh – Name of Allah Al Ghafur

Adnan Rajeh
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Hey welcome to be learning.

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Loving was suddenly was suddenly medallic identity, you know, Medina early he also be a Gemini about

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today in sha Allah, I will talk about the name of Allah subhana more to hide them

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a lawful is similar, a law for the most forgiving.

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And it's convenient to speak of this name during these lesson nights of mid Ramadan, when our main goal is to obtain Allah subhanaw taala forgiveness

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is a very famous name, very beloved name, name that we live by quite a lot. And it's a big part of our lives as Muslims.

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It's in the Quran in the form of it all 491 times. And it's in the Quran and the formula fall five times as in the Quran in the form of law fit once. It's very convenient. Because often

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that form of the word and Arabic is usually used for once in

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cloth, once in as in the one on ones offer

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is an exaggeration on it. And usually that's for someone who is someone who makes very heavy sins, big mistakes, and have a fool that derivative. For someone who was blue, someone who makes a lot of mistakes, not necessarily big, but just repetitive all the time. And you can see that the frequency of the names correlate perfectly with the, the meaning of each of these forms.

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The most

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essential settle, what double the sun. But what is molecule in Arabic means

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it means to conceal something, to cover it, to preserve it,

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protect it. That's what mouthfeel actually means in America go too into deliberate linguistics and in the history of the usage of the word and an old Arabic before Islam, but that's how they used to use it.

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Whenever they would use with mostly with clothing

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meaning covered in preservative. And then it was used more for forgiveness of mistakes.

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So if you wanted to find the name of Allah subhanaw taala or food or lady, yes to are you because of dunya or you're Lea Yeoman, do we also look

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so the fool was forgiving is the one who conceals your your mistakes and your shortcomings in this life and then covers it up on the day of judgment and preserves you from from being punished. It's more like

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he says how to dye them on the eyes. Ibrahim Ali Salam is speaking of God and the very famous verses and so the show Allah he says well let the Albemarle el Viola de homily at Yeoman Dean is the one who I have had my have high hopes that he will forgive my sins on the day of judgment. He says upon which the yellow field will remain the way

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you will forgive for whomever he wants to forgive, and he will punish whoever he wants to punish.

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He says to Pat Otani diverse that is sometimes looked at in a negative light, but I think it's probably one of the most positive I attend the Quran comes twice he says Subhana wa Taala in Allah, La yo Vu au shorter be wellfield Lika remain Yeshua indeed Allah Subhan does not forgive associating idols with symbols forgive anything else besides that to whomever he wants. It's looked at in a negative light that there's one thing he won't

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He'll forgive everything else.

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When you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala has asked only for one thing.

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Really, he's only asked is His servants. One thing.

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You look at Islam, there's a lot of commands true. But when it comes down to the bare minimum, he's just asking just just at least to this is don't come your maganda look this thing don't come with me. Don't come claiming that there was someone else who made all of this. Don't come claiming that someone else is capable of rewarding you or punishing you don't come with some

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messed up understanding of the reference and source of values, ethics and laws within this universe just come with the with the clear understanding that there's only one is Allah subhanaw taala the bare minimum if you do that, then there's a high chance you'll be forgiven for everything else. And even those who come with you, if you look at the Quran

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The prophets are interested because they know Allah subhanaw taala and how much he loves to forgive, they will say in the womb is what the Saudis are saying about those who were associated him, him and his mother with Allah in do I leave a home for it no me but if you punish them they are Your servants and they're completely deserving of it when dealt with level then again tonight as usual How can you forgive them that no one can ask you you're the infallible you're the unquestioned you're the unparalleled and you're the old wise if anybody says the same thing he said

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that'd be it for him no Mindy, those who follow me they'll be with me. And they're a part of my of my teaching in mind and my creative woman now Salani and those who refuse to listen to me refuse to believe in what I'm explaining and obviously I'm going to give it to them as the father of their hate for for humanity luminosity for in Neko food or for him, and those who refuse to listen to me then you are the most forgiving and the Most Merciful because prophets know Allah subhanaw taala is love to forgive. He made it very clear you won't forgive one thing, but if he does, you'll be

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No one can ask you no question Allah subhanaw taala Why did you forgive for this

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You have no business asking a loss about why he did something and not something else.

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If someone promises reward and doesn't come through with it well that's a that's looked at in a negative light because

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promise a reward as you come through. You should make sure you do but if you promise punishment, and then you forgive and that's that's not negative. So if Allah Subhana Allah forgives everybody, you're gonna be so less apparent and yellow, then he may be asked the Lord to forgive everyone. But then that's his business and no one can question him. So

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it's important that we never lose sight of that he says the pilot was as you will see, to what degree he loves to forgive, bodily livina cathodal II and your valve level Merpati self tell them disbelievers if they stopped doing what they're doing, if they just stop it, stop fighting. Stop fighting you and fighting the dean, you'll find a level to forgive everything before everything that didn't forgive it. He's just the kind of data Yeah, you wouldn't be you wouldn't even be a D, Sr. Er, lemon law, goofy Apollo be compiler, you decompile him, look at them in code, or yell theater.

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Oh Prophet Sal the captives you have after battle. If Allah subhanaw taala sees hiring your hearts, then he will give you more than what was taken away from you the losses that you've suffered, and these words He will give you, you will make it up against you. He will he will replace it for you and dunya and he'll forgive your sins as well.

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When the prophets came to their people, to their nations,

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the Verizon Skarlatos room, as in he shall

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play these similar words. He was in the room in the yellow Leo firelight, Minh Rumiko This is the unified message of all Prophets when they came to speak to their nations. Is there any doubts in Allah, the One who created who started the cosmos in the earth, he calls upon you so he may forgive your sins into the yellow via

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the prophets of Allah Allah was eliminated tells us

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in Abidjan, ASABE Adam

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is a serpent to committed a sin, God

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or something to them and

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say, Oh my Lord, I have sinned. Forgive my sin. The border robber so Allah I didn't answer I live another day. And Allah who robbed

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young filled with them is heavy Abdi kind of offer to lick. My servant knows that he has the Lord forgive sins and get rid of sins. Go my serpentine forgiven you.

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But he wasn't able to

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moderate and offer this servant we'll call it we'll do the sin again.

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I'll do them when you're really committed this thing again. Forgive me for the wrong volume either the analog Walkman. Yeah. No,

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no, but it has the optical authority.

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So Allah, I don't say the same thing. The hadith is if you look at the different variations

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than the servant will do the same thing again. say the same thing again. And Allah subhanaw taala will say the same thing again. And it happens three to four to five times depending on the duration. And last part, the last one we'll see. Here is the part of authority luck, man, I don't have to stop filming. I will continue to forgive you as long as you ask and seek my forgiveness.

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He says something about how you celebrate the need to go to see

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and eat we're providing a service I was telling

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There's something Allah subhanaw taala said there's no Quran, the whole Allah Allah Subhana Allah says

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in the camera Oh 21 Oh Joe 20 Go forward to like I can think of Allah who barely also have Adam. When you call upon me and show interest and hope and my forgiveness I will forgive you regardless of what you have done and it does not bother me and it doesn't reach me in any way negatively. You

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know better than renewal Buka analysis of a thumb was dealt with our attorney referred to them

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instead of Adam if your sins are stacked up as high as the sky, but then you asked me for forgiveness I will grant you forgiveness you have been an

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attorney before ah we are

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the melotti tend to shrink up I tell you to keep your morale behind mouth your alternative Adam if you come to me on the day of judgment with the earth load of sins, but you come with the head you did not commit shook that I will provide you with an earth loaded

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he says Hola, adios, Allah Molesey Minister of our jihad, Allah Hulagu minify Raja bleep and Maharajah the person who commits themselves to asking Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness for every sin that they commit, Allah subhanaw taala will make for them for every difficulty they go through

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an opening of ease and for every misfortune that they that they suffer

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a happy ending. That's basically what the word means. A way out something that will make them feel happy again, couldn't leave him invalid. Leave in Mahajan. He says Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah in me, I took a selfie Allah will add to it easy for you.

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Indeed, I asked Allah subhanaw taala for forgiveness, I repented him in each day, 100 times.

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That's his. That's how he did it, some of it. That's his understanding of how this works. Because

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if you look at the concept, it's we are always we're always sitting, it's just the nature of who we are as human beings. There is no way around. That's why it started, told us the Hadith lowdham Tuesday, boo, the holla let Allah who developed and using a boon for yourself your own level, if you were not sinful creations, and Allah subhanaw they'll replace you with creations that were sinful.

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So they may ask for forgiveness. So he may forgive them somehow now, because it's just, it's just the nature of who we are. As human beings, we are sinful. We make mistakes all the time. Allah subhana wa God is less focused on the Quran on us make not making mistakes, and more on the fact that when you make a mistake, seek forgiveness.

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Because you can't stop what is inevitable, it's inevitable that we're going to make mistakes, we're going to sin is just a part of who we are. This is not to make you feel fine about the city is not to say go ahead, send your head off know, what this means is that

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there is no way for you to be fully sin free when you try to be but there's no way to actually be that we're always going to have shortcomings and the more you know God, the more you understand the loss out there, the closer you draw yourself to Allah and the more that you'll realize that there are a lot of sins that we that you just never paid attention to. And you start to be able to use with a fine comb, you start going through your life and your action, you start to understand what Allah has to offer us and what we are doing in opposition to that, regarding what He offered us needs to be started figuring out that look at all these little things, these are Austin's these are

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all mistakes, these are all actions of, of lack of humility and lack of respect, in life, lack of reverence to Allah subhanho wa taala, we started identifying all these sins. We identify these days, we start figuring out that

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it's impossible to avoid. So we have just just keep on seeking forgiveness, keep on trying to become better, keep on trying to improve ourselves. That's what seeking forgiveness actually begins. The point of seeking forgiveness is that we become better people. It's tough art is an extremely

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building action. It's a concept that helps build individuals and societies and maybe even civilizations, because it's this mindset, where we are continuously identifying shortcomings and we are always trying to fix them. And all comes from understanding the name of Allah subhanaw taala full because if he wasn't over for some harder words, then we will be looking at this from a different angle. We'll be focusing on the fact that we can't say we shouldn't send

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And but that's not how it's going to be. We're always going to be doing things we're avoiding making mistakes. The question is, are you able to go back and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada for forgiveness? He says, Look, I don't

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know how instead of speaking to his people for whom to still feel or have been in a walker number fell I said, ask Allah for your Lord for forgiveness. Indeed, He is the one who loves to forgive, you will see this summer.

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When you did, come be aware of the need where

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Allah says if you ask for forgiveness properly, if you seek forgiveness, then you'll see this. With the origin, there'll be a lot of things coming your way, the sky will, will filled with clouds and you'll have rain to irrigate your earth. And you'll be given wealth and you think you'll be given children, and you will live in paradise and he will see rivers.

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Why is it just mistake is just a loss of how they're granting rewards to those who ask for forgiveness, or is it the natural consequence of doing this right, of identifying that he is a firm, that we are sinful Colonia Mahato. We all make mistakes. And we continuously try to prove ourselves and ask the Lord to give his mother was the point of asking Him to forgive if we have the intention of making the sin again. We have no intention of rectifying our behaviors. We don't make that. So again, there has to be that intention. We have to have incorporated that in our in our act of seeking forgiveness hasn't lost me whenever he was asked, I want more money making stuff out I want

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more children making stuff. I have no money, there's no rain, they cannot afford to do anything you have no other answer.

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The only answer you have. So he recited the verses

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to the last part that I said do just do this right and things will change for you. He says Hi, Natalia Holly Levine, a software either proceeding.

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Matilda Oh my servants, who have become extravagant in the amount of sins that they have committed, do not lose hope at the mercy of Allah in Allah yellow field with no budget me. Indeed Allah subhanaw taala forgive all sins, in the love of food or havens to either use them most forgiving, and the Most Merciful Genda Allah,

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He loved the Subhana wa acidum. He loves to conceal mistakes.

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He hates upon

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those who try and expose others your will be

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if you are fortunate to Allah subhanaw taala has forgiven you. And once you're called upon to be judged by Allah subhanho wa Taala you will find the curtain come down.

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Meaning Allah subhanaw will speak to you in private, and will speak to you about what happened publicly because imagine if it happened publicly. Imagine if you're standing there and everyone's listening. Everyone's attending this, this trial. Everyone's going to hear as Allah subhanaw asks you why did you do that? Read your book, if God forbid if secretly Almighty God has ever read your book, you're the one who was going to judge yourself today based on what you've done. But Allah subhanaw taala fooled if he's forgiven you, then that curtain will come down and no one can hear no one can see.

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And then as a prophet, it is thought to some toddlers, you'll start asking them

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and they will say, you know, but I tell them, how about this and

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they'll go low all

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them back at

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you alone.

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Until the servant who's been asking us these questions, remember this syndrome without sin feels to feel that he's going to be punished. That's it. He's, if this is not going well.

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We'll set out to Ha, Dhoni Allah subhanaw taala I have I concealed it on the day during your life people didn't know about it.

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feel heard and Khalil and I will forgive you today all your sins and other generation. Allah subhanaw Daddo say, I will forgive you today. And I will change all of your sins to

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the hustle that

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you can do to love. So you heard him as an artist forgiveness goes to the point where he flips every bad deed to good deed had to rob Bailey's new lover.

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Although he can never use

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until the servant will say oh my lord is when he sees all his sins being flipped into good deities are saying well, I they're sincere. I don't see the Prophet alayhi salatu salam laughed

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in these mutants of how greedy we are as human beings, he loves Citadel and he hates those who try to expose others. He says not so nice, and I'm going to do much more for him than Bucha Oh

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My own bubble find, will find good status to 1pm except those who expose their sins and expose the sins of others. When the tab bar out industry mean at about one one, I wonder what they have.

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For those who will try to expose the mistakes and flaws of a human of a Muslim or human being, Allah subhanho wa Taala will make sure that his flaws are exposed on the Day of Judgment in front of everybody.

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He loves to forgive the love to conceal, and He does not love those who are exposed. How do we benefit from this name, it's pretty easy. And you don't need me to, to break it down for you.

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The first thing that we need to do is, is to forgive others. If we are truly

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hoping or wanting Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive us, then we have to forgive others as well. Forgiveness is difficult. It's a very difficult thing. It's probably one of the most difficult things you can do in your life, to actually forgive someone for something they've done to you. But it's an exercise that is that is extremely beneficial. It's very helpful. It's very healthy. It's something that we should continuously do in our lives in order for ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to offer it to us. You can't expect the last founder to forgive all of our sins. The one that we want is that we know it wasn't we don't know. And these are the proper audio slides itself and saying, I mean, the

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concept of Mr. Hall and muscular is very widening. I can talk about this for forever. But let's just stay focused to make this make it simple.

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The private audience often would always ask the loss for either to forgive all the sins early since late since being small sins, public sins is concealed sins. But in order for Allah subhanaw taala to offer you all that you have to do what you can Are you able to forgive

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Polly Levine and listen to this Polly Levine

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Yahoo feel it Levine Allah Yong Joon and

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what he thinks of how to tell the believers to show forgiveness to the disbelievers. The ones who don't believe in the Day of Judgment

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isn't so to Javea. Pauline Lavina. Herman yelled fuel. Levine. Hola, yo Joona Yamaha Pohlmann imechanic Excellent. He will take care of reward and punishment and consequences on the Day of Judgment, accountability. But May the believers show the disbelievers forgiveness, maybe show them forgiveness.

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When overcome,

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so difficult, the law has a very difficult moment in his life. And his daughter Aisha was being spoken about in a very negative way. And there was that rumor going around of a for committing capital sin. All workers heart was broken. He was as a man who was broken. I should go to the house and he looked at his father and he just was so upset and he was it was so difficult for him that he could barely speak. What are the nightmare for any father?

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And then when it all kind of got resolved, it was revealed that a man that

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was actually taking care of financials as misbehaved.

00:23:33 --> 00:23:57

misbehave was someone who was distantly related to a local robocall would give him money basically he was too poor he didn't he didn't have a job and Oh welcome gave them a tiny his monthly check to make sure he had enough food that took care of him financially and Mr. Has and other people who spoke an ill matter of Aisha and it became known Oh Booker got extremely upset

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and he withheld His financial aid this gentleman at the Quran

00:24:05 --> 00:24:06

was revealed what I

00:24:07 --> 00:24:10

felt leaving can massage it I used to report

00:24:11 --> 00:24:14

what my psyche you know how God and if he said even though he will yeah for

00:24:15 --> 00:24:29

me the people who have wealth not hold back their their gifts to those who are related to them to the 16th to the 18th all three existent this one person must die and may the pardon and look the other way and forgive.

00:24:30 --> 00:24:59

And then the word after that is what put them back on the low end of the tears to hit buena al lon do not love to have a loss to haunt I'll forgive you for burka have overcome or began to sob and we all do better or headway on your funeral lovely, but a hippo and yellow field. Of course I would love Allah forgive me. And then he pledged to continue to spend his wealth upon Mr. Angela Dimas to her diary night

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If you log on you are the first one, forgive others. Take time today and look back into your past you'll find there are very many unresolved conflicts and disputes in your life where you still haven't forgiven certain people. During these nights if there's any

00:25:19 --> 00:26:04

hope, and a true desire that Allah Subhan Allah forgives us, forgive us, everything we've done over the last many, many years of our lives and the shortcomings, the lack of focus and the lack of commitment and the lack of generosity and the lack of sincerity, and the repeated sins and repeated mistakes and repeated offenses. If we're hoping that Allah subhanaw taala that will forgive us then fine and show your ability to forgive. That's the first second lesson to learn in US conceal people's sins and mistakes, make that as my setup muslimin cetera homography dunya with a person who conceals the flaw must have a loss of how to how to conceal his flaws and the day of judgment that

00:26:04 --> 00:26:18

was dragged him center to beautiful things integral lives beautiful. You go through life and you continue to enjoy the blessing of symptom of not being exposed and having any your dirty laundry out there for everyone to see.

00:26:19 --> 00:27:01

When someone falls under your hand, and you have the ability to expose them to conceal, conceal, conceal it, you're doing that you're doing a good deed that inshallah you will find the baraka have in your life. Third thing, he says, I don't want to Alec and the youth Hibben say yet, indeed good deeds will make bad deeds go away. Make sure you have been good deeds, make sure you do very good deeds, because Allah Subhana Allah will look you on the piano for any reason to forgive you. It's not the opposite, is looking for reasons to forgive Subhanallah try to give them a good reason. Give them a good reason, given them a big hassle now,

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as a Prophet alayhi salatu salam would say after saying none of man spent most of his wealth preparing the army of Jason masala and they are wonder waited to book towards the end of his life on the list of optimistic people. It was a very bad year if people did not have money that was a really horrible time of the year is just before crops were right. It just It was no there was no financial abilities. And they needed to prepare an army the act of march up north sort of man put most of his wealth for and the prophit. So it was 11 Sigma law, right man,

00:27:37 --> 00:27:48

oh, man do anything after this that would cause him to be to be punished, meaning he's done a good deed that so big that all his sins are going to be continued to be forgiven till the day he dies.

00:27:50 --> 00:27:55

Make sure you do do a good, do a big look for something big.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:35

Coming up, we'll come up with something big that you can say I did. I made a lot of mistakes. I did this for you, y'all. I didn't took all my life. It took a lot of my money to a lot of my effort. But I come to you with this with this big hassle. Find it figure it out. I don't know what it is for you. I don't even know what it is, for me. The last one. So far. Make sure that you perform a lot of stuff. I'll do although so far, a lot of the stuff I do write performance upon properly, meaning think about sins as you do it. Think about ways to improve yourself. Think about ways where you don't make those sins again, and make sure that you actually look at your life very accurately and

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delicately precisely find these things.

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I was proud to appreciate the effort that you're acknowledging and noticing observing that these that there are a lot of things that you haven't thought about in a long time. It takes a very keen ability to go above observation and will have a oneself of self regulation to see the small sins. Sometimes it is a paella, the the sins of the father Haim Lolita are we look at them as hazards. And I'll leave you with the students are starting to look like I didn't have to get finished. Go Go read, go listen to the Deaf COC without that I find it on YouTube or somewhere you'll find it somewhere and listen to it and see what the proper audio was, was held to what his standard was

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sold. I said that when he made a mistake, and you will see that what is considered a sin to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was considered a good deed for us. The higher you go, the more precise you become the smaller distance that you notice the more so far than you do. That's where the breath is long and I used to do a lot of stuff because he sent a lot. No, instead a lot. Here's the 100 He just had a much more sensitive spirit when it came to sins. Our spirits are don't down. We don't feel you only feel they're really big sins as a million other sins that were coming that we don't even notice at this point.

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The closer you become to God, the more sensitive the spirit becomes. And that's my advice for you. And may Allah grant us all of us forgiveness and he's nicer forgive all of our sins alone. I mean,

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so people have been having teaching and learning stuff. It was a week or so Allah was sending them over and I never, you know, somebody might accuse me. It's like come on people's money.

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