The Name of Allah Al-Tawwab (The Accepter of Repentance)

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the last lesson our Sula sort of job appears in 11 verses in the Quran and 11 verses in the Quran Allah subhanaw taala mentions this name a toe up and the TA and the well and the bath. This route

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indicates return. tope means to return. And so Toba means to return to Allah subhana wa Tada. It's to return from a state of sin to a state of righteousness it is to return from a state of sin to a state of righteousness. You to Butoh button on my tablet and for who attacked it with Toby geminal Toba myth. So he says that tob is their job is the repentance or it's the it is the gem gem is the plural for Toba.

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And Allah subhanaw taala calls himself Cadila Toby the accepted the acceptor of repentance. And we talked already about the grammatical forms of some of these names, that when you have a name, that has that stress on the second letter to what hub Reza, ca kahar indicates what

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does anybody remember?

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Yeah, repetition. So it indicates repetition. So Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is always toe up. He is always the one who is initiating Toba and he's always the one who's accepting Toba. That's what two web means. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who initiates the Toba for the servants. And then when the service makes Toba, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the one who accepts your Toba. So he's the one who inspires you to repent in the first place. That's the first level of Allah subhanho data being a toa where that's the first meaning of the name. Allah is the One who inspires us to give up since Allah subhanaw taala is the one who inspires us to return to him in the first place. And then

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when you turn to Him, and when you repent to Him, Allah Subhana Allah is the One who accepts your repentance. So it's a beautiful beautiful meaning from Allah Subhana Allah Tada and what this name inspires

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is a number of things. Number one, it inspires. It inspires Love of Allah subhana wa Tada. Love of Allah.

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Because Allah subhanaw taala is the one who guides you back to him. And Allah subhana wa Tada is the one who accepts your repentance. No matter how many times you fall, no matter how many times a person commits a sin, Allah subhanaw taala will accept the repentance every single time. And in fact, Rasulullah Salallahu Salam tells us in Hadith that's reported by Muslim and this hadith, I've never come across a more vivid description of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is happiness than this hadith Rasulullah sallallahu SNM says that Allah subhanaw taala is more happy with the repentance of his servant, then a person who's travelling in a desert. He has a camel, and on that camel is his

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sustenance, Scott has food, it's got everything. And then somehow he loses the camel.

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All he has is desert. Without that camel, he's going to starve. He's going to die. And so with this hadith I always imagined like a movie.

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He loses the camel, he's going through panic. And he's going to go through all of these stages. He's going to go through distress, and then he's going to frantically search. And he's going to go through anger. And he's going to go through the stages of grief. And then finally, halfway through the movie, or near the end of the movie, what do we say? The guy finally comes to the decree, he finally realizes that he is going to die.

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And so he gives up and he sits down and he's waiting for death. And in that moment, what does he see? His camel. Somehow it wandered back to him. He snatched life from the jaws of death. And so in that moment of happiness, he jumps up and he screams Allahumma Anta AD D word or a book? He says, Oh Allah, you are my serve. You are my slave. And I am your Lord.

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The province of Elijah send him says, I mentioned that in Farah. He got the sentences all mixed up. Because of how happy he was. Instead of saying, Oh Allah, You are my Lord and I am your slave. He says, Oh Allah, you are my slave and I am your Lord. But that is how happy he was. So this would again if this was a Hollywood blockbuster movie, this guy's scene would be incredible. Of his happiness of his jubilation of his job.

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Way, and yet the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is giving this incredible scene of happiness as a symbol of ALLAH SubhanA dialers happiness when, when one of us repents to Allah subhanaw taala. When we repent, we make Allah subhanaw taala happier than the happiness of that man. And so it is an act

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that makes Allah Subhana Allah happy.

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What at any one of us love to make Allah Subhana Allah happy, this Lord that we love so much. So what standing in between us and making Allah happy? It is this sin, or that sin, or this action or that action. And so the repenter

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I mean, at the end of Ramadan, it is one of the greatest actions that a person can do is to sit down between you and Allah subhana data and say, Oh, Allah, I'm giving this one up. I'm giving this thing up, helped me in doing it.

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One of a beautiful chef, he said,

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that he used when he was teaching young people to give up one of the most difficult things for young people which is Shuttleworth desires, base desires lusts. He used to teach them to make the DUA Allahumma in a turbo mean, how they were coverted women coolly held in Wakulla for in the hula how La Quwata illa avec Furqan how labor Qulity are hamara honey, okay, this is a beautiful day he says Oh Allah, I declare myself free of my ability to transform and my power. When you say hola, hola. Hola, como de la Vela. You're saying I have no ability to transform and I have no source of power except with Allah subhanaw taala. So he would say, we would learn to say or we will teach to say

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Allahumma O Allah, I declare myself free of my power and my ability to transform. I'm not relying on my skill, my intelligence, any program.

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I'm free of all of these things. I've gotten none of them. And I declare myself free of every source of power or transformation. I'm not relying on any of them. Because I have no source of transformation or power except from you. So you be my source of transformation and power. Oh, Most Merciful of those who showed mercy. I can't transform I can't become better. I can't give up this. I can't do anything without you. So you will be my source of transformation and power. Okay.

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is more happy with the repentance of his slave than that we said the first thing that it inspires, it is inspires Love of Allah subhanaw taala that you have a Lord who is willing to accept you every single day of your life, no matter what you've committed in your life, as long as you are seeking to journey to him. Number two, that it should inspire a person

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Hastin Inc, racing to Toba?

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If you know that Allah subhanaw taala accepts it from you. No matter how great your sin, no matter how consistent you've been performing it, no matter how long it's been, no matter how many times you've repented before. If you know that Allah subhanaw taala accepts from you today, and will accept from you no matter what you've done, then that person should not give up Toba. That person should not give up Toba. Number three.

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It should inspire a person

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to repent to Allah Subhana Allah in every stage of their life.

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You know, when I was

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sometimes we think that the old don't need to repent from anything.

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It's young people that do all the hard things. But that's not actually true. The haram just shifts and people's temptations and they just shift. The sins just change. They go from the sins of high school to the sins of university and they go from the sins of university to the sins of business and they go from the sins of business to the sins of ego and respect and power and

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they shift along the lines along a person's life. And so a person is always always required to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala but not only that, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says we're Tubu Illa Allah He Jamia and you have me known Allah Allah come to the hood in Salta. No, this is a Medini surah Allah subhana data speaking to the best of the best he's speaking to the Sahaba and he's saying all of you repent all of you

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to heal Allahu Jamia, are you looking to Philippine and he ties he says, Repent to Allah subhanaw taala collectively, all of you, and you help me know all of you believers Landler come to your home so that you may be successful. And so Allah subhanaw taala tied and he paired success to Toba. He paired success to Toba your success is directly related to your repentance to Allah subhanaw taala but not only

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that Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in surah, that her job is to amend lamea to for Allah ecohome avoid the moon, and whoever does not repent. They are the oppressors. And so Allah subhanaw taala divided the world into two camps, those who repent, and those who are wrongdoers. Whoever does not repent. They are a wrongdoer. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves those who repent. And in fact even the prophets of Allah they said and repented.

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Allah subhana wa Tada says, like a tab Allahu Allah, maybe Allah has accepted the repentance of the Prophet and the MaHA GDN and the onslaught. So the Prophet repents, yes, the prophet repents,

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and the prophets Allah, Allah do send them says that he repents to Allah over 70 times a day.

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So what sins is the province that Elijah send them repenting from? What sins is he repenting from?

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Even to me, it was asked about this question. How is the prophet repentant? What is he repent from?

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And he mentioned that, number one, the prophesy centum is forgiven for major sins and he's forgiven. He is protected from major sins and he's protected from minuses.

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But that being said, repentance the status of Toba is not just

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a something that is done from sins, it is perfection. And Allah Subhana Allah loves at the wedding, and he loves and Macapa hating. He loves those who repent and he loves those who purify themselves. And he mentioned and he says, like it is said that the good deeds of the righteous are the sins of those who are brought near to Allah subhana data. This is a concept that's beautifully articulated that the good deeds of the righteous or the sins of those who are near to Allah. Does that make sense? The good deeds of the righteous are the sins of those who are brought near to Allah. I gave you an example.

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Last night,

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Anthony Davis scored 13 points.

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Okay, was that a good showing for Anthony Davis?

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You don't know. You do know, but you don't want to answer. It's not at all right. But if I were checked into the game, and NBA playoff game right out of the mistake from ROIC, they took me to Toyota stadium to the center. The rockets needed a 12 man or whatever, and I took it to the game and I dropped 13 points.

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Would that be a good showing for me?

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It'd be amazing, it would be a lifetime achievement. I'd be on tour, the entire Muslim community would be touring me how I dropped 13 points in an NBA playoff game.

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It would be exceptional for me because I'm an average Joe. But for someone who's supposed to be an MVP candidate, and all star and blah, blah, blah, 13 points is unacceptable.

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The good deeds of the righteous are the sins of those who are brought near. So

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you might have a person who prays fidget in the masjid. Or you might have a person who just woke up for failure.

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They just happen to finally prefer it on time in their house. And because of that, they're like yo, this is the best. This has been the best Ramadan ever. I've prayed fed you at my house. I prayed on time, I didn't sleep through failure. But you can have another person who's way above that level. And so if they wake up, and they happen to pray Fudger at home, before the sunrise, that would be not a good deed that would be a sin that they'd be seeking forgiveness for Allah for. Because their standard is to pray for you in the masjid every day, or their standard is to wake up and pray to Malayala 4am and then go pray for it in the masjid. And so the good deeds of some people are the

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sins of other people. And so you can imagine with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, the level that he's at, he's sitting and repenting to Allah Subhana Allah data for things that may be good deeds for us. But not only that a person can even seek ALLAH SubhanA diatas forgiveness and can repent to Allah subhanaw taala for their good deeds from before.

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I look back at what I used to think was righteousness 567 years ago, eight years ago when I first started or what have you, and I'm seeking ALLAH SubhanA wa diatas forgiveness for little Madonna that I used to fast and what I used to do during the day in Ramadan, I seek ALLAH SubhanA Dias forgiveness for the salah that I used to pray, I used to see right when a person is ascending and ascending and ascending, they look back at what they used to do, and now they see the shortcomings in it. And so they seek ALLAH SubhanA data's forgiveness anyway, so

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without going too long,

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which I already did.

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Number three

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The last thing that I mentioned about this name at the web is the pairings that come it gets paired with the name of Rahim a number of times in nine verses so we mentioned that it's

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appears 11 times in the Quran. So in nine verses it's paired with the name of Rahim, the Merciful, what double Allah in Allah Azza wa Ibn Rahim Allah says in surah, that Hydrolat verse 12. And so the,

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this pairing, what it inspires as far as meaning goes, and Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows best is that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah inspiring you to toe but in the first place is a manifestation of His mercy, that Allah because he wants to have mercy on you, he inspires you to repent, and he then he gives you the Tofik to repent to Him, Allah accepts your repentance. And then number two, it gets paired one time with Al Hakim. It gets paired with the y's. Allah subhana wa Taala pairs it with the name of the wise at Hakeem insolate and more in Surah Noor and Allah subhanaw taala pairs in in verse number 10 And Allah says widow left to lay it from Ramadan Allah Tala when I came, and if it

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wasn't for the favor of Allah subhana Dada upon you and His mercy and Allah subhanaw taala is still Welborn Hakeem Allah azza wa jal, Hakim and why this pairing in sort of the note Allah subhana data knows best but that first page of sort of the note, Allah mentions a number of punishments immediately for Zina soon as sort of the new starts, verse number two, Allah starts mentioning these heavy handed punishments for Xena and ALLAH SubhanA. Allah ends the page saying that Allah subhana data is the weapon Hakeem Allah is to worship. Allah is talking about these heavy punishments, but at the same time, he tells you that he's told up whoever repents to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah no

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matter what sin that they've done, Allah accepts their repentance. And Allah is wise, that even as he is legislating heavy punishments for the person who commit Zina and those who commit slander and all of these types of things, that he is hacky, this is all coming from Allah subhanaw taala being wise, these, these punishments that are deterrence for the sin, that is so damaging to society is coming from a Lord who is wise, don't scoff at it, don't belittle it, don't think that this is too

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unjust or that is unjust in the first place. No, it is coming from the Lord who is wise, but at the same time he is repentant, to anyone who repents, no matter when and no matter what.

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And then it appears one time, and it appears one time.

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In sort of the newest loss of Hana data says how to sort of the nuts and you know, kinda wobba What's the verse

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we are going to read the whole sort of now aren't we? I said, Baby, I'm done. I'm because stuff, you know, kinda Weber. Allah says, For Sabir, so exalt the praise of your Lord and seek his forgiveness. Allah subhana died is the web. This is really interesting.

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We don't just seek ALLAH SubhanA status forgiveness for our sins, but we seek ALLAH SubhanA data's forgiveness for our good deeds.

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And so as soon as you're done with Salah What do you say? You say stuff that Allah stuff for Allah for Allah. Even though you just offered a pillar of Islam, you just prayed for it in the message and you said, you know you offered you offered salah, a great act of worship. So why are you seeking Allah's forgiveness? Why do you seek ALLAH SubhanA diatas forgiveness.

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Allah says, on the day of alpha when everybody's crying on that day, the day of Hajj, ALLAH SubhanA data system, a field woman, hey, fluff, all that nasty stuff that Allah, Allah says, then go forth for the people go forth and seek Allah's forgiveness. And in fact, even sort of the most sought after NASA is after the conquest of Makkah, and the province of allied SLM is being told to seek Allah's forgiveness. So why do we seek Allah's forgiveness in these great moments? Because at the end of the day, no matter what it is that you offer? Is it what Allah deserves? The answer is no. And so I offer what I offer and I'm seeking ALLAH SubhanA status, forgiveness for all of these

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shortcomings, these human deficiencies. Even the angels on the Day of Judgment will say to Allah, we didn't worship you like you deserve to be worshipped. So what about us then? So we offer our acts of worship, we seek ALLAH SubhanA data's forgiveness, as we do it. And Allah subhana wa Tada accepts, because he is the one who accepts our repentance.

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There are a lot of beautiful books that you could read on the topic of repentance. of them is my daddy just Sadie Kane by Nokia. My daddy just Sadie Keane is translated as the station of the Wayfarers. And he talks about different stations as a person is journeying to Allah. And if I remember correctly, maybe the second or third station he talks about the station of Toba, and he talks a lot about Toba and then even Kodama has a wonderful book called kissel said that even the stories of people who repent it and he just mentions, loads and loads and loads of stories of people who repented and one of them is reported by Timothy. The story of

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kiff, Eben Omar Abdullah, and he says I didn't hear this story from the Prophet one time or two times or three times. But I heard this many times from Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. And he said that al Qaeda was the man from many Islam, ill, who did not leave a single sin except that he committed, committed everything.

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And then one time, there was a lady who needed some money. And she tried to borrow it from NSF. And he said to her, I'll give you the money as long as you give me access to yourself.

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And so she agreed because of her need. And when I've carefully

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made the appointment with her, and when he was in position to take advantage of her, she started to cry.

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And he said to her, why are you crying? And she said, because I've never done this before. He said, Why are you doing it now? She said, Because I need the money. And so in that moment, he was shaken by her response. And so he got up, and he left the money. And he went, he said, keep the money. And then he said to himself,

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he said to himself,

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I am never going to sin against the law. As long as I'm alive. I'm done.

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That night, after he made that he

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passed away.

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And the next morning they found written on his door, Allah has forgiven and it

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could just be a moment. And I remember when I was reading Ivan Kodamas book.

00:21:33--> 00:21:35

So many of the stories ended with the person dying.

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So as Chef we read about this, it's like, share, it's like what's going on? Like, I'm reading immunodominance book and it's always like people dying people dying. It almost makes you not want to make Toba because it's almost like you're gonna die. Honestly, it was like I was like, what's going on? But I was I was misunderstanding it, because it's not that they made Toba so they died. It's that they were going to die and Allah who wanted to forgive them, so he inspired them to make Toba.

00:22:06--> 00:22:20

The Prophet sallallaahu Selim says that Allah if he this is a beautiful Hadith he says that if Allah Who wants good for a person, I Salah who he says, I Salah who he sweet in some acid is only he sweetens him

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and Slava said, Well, how does he sweeten it? He said, The Allahu Allah. He directs him to good work from Colorado, and then Allah subhanaw taala takes us so while they're doing it,

00:22:35--> 00:22:48

how many a person randomly goes to Omaha passes away there goes to hide passes away there goes to the masjid passes away there does some goodness. Allah directs them to that goodness and of the greatest goodness that Allah may direct the person to of course it's Toba.

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Allah Subhana Allah loves at the YB and Allah Subhana Allah loves those who repent. So this is the name of Allah Subhana Allah Allah to up May Allah subhana wa to make us have a baby

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we have five minutes there was another name that I wanted to go over but I'll save that for after federate, inshallah Tada but I think it appropriate the last day of Ramadan inshallah Tada that we make two so I'm going to make

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Say I mean I don't think we've had a drought in English yet.

00:23:19--> 00:23:22

We did have it we'll get ready we're gonna do it again

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oh Allah guide us amongst those you've guided and give us health amongst those you've given health to and protect us amongst those you protected and bless us and what has been given to us by you and protect us from any evil you've decreed your decree and truth and non decree over you. Oh Allah, you are the truth and your speech is true and your promises true and true meaning is true. And paradise is true and the fire is true and the prophets are true and Muhammad is true of Allah We believe in you and repent to you and seek judgment from you. So grants us forgiveness from you for our past sins in the new those hidden and evidence from all of them we repent and from those we forgotten

00:24:02--> 00:24:43

while you know, Oh Allah, the Lord of God aid and mica eel in his life, He'll guide us to what people have different and by your permission, you guide whomever you wish to the straight path, or Allah the Lord of Huberdeau eat and Myka eat and this live feed you judge amongst the people over that which they differ and guide us to the truth. You guide whomever you wish to the straight path or Allah we asked you for Paradise, our biggest concern and actions and speech and protect us from the Hellfire that will bring us closer with of actions and speech of Allah we ask you for good now and good later know you know to be good and what we don't and to protect us from all evil evil now

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

an evil later and what we know to be evil and what we don't oh Allah He asked you for the best of what the Prophet Muhammad Salah is and I'm asked you for when we seek refuge in You from the worst of what the prophets of Allah do send them sought refuge in You from Oh Allah accept from us our fasting and our charity and RPM

00:25:00--> 00:25:37

are a citation of the Quran or Allah accept from us our actions Ramadan and allow us to experience many more Ramadan is in good health and good faith with our loved ones Yahama Rahimi yadgir bar, fix our brokenness, fix our broken health, fix our broken faith, fix our broken relationships, fix our broken homes. Oh Allah make our tomorrow always better than our today and make the best of our days the day that we meet you. Oh Allah He complained to you that wounds of them have complained to you how many? Our wounds are Oh Allah we complain to you that numerous of our wounds so Allah we complain to you, our wounds in Iraq, we complain to you our wounds in Afghanistan we complain to you

00:25:37--> 00:26:17

our wounds in Kashmir we complain to you our wounds in Syria and Turkey Oh ALLAH he complained to our wounds and follow stain our love free and masjid and AXA are live free and Mr. luxol Lafayette Mr. De Luxe Oh Allah protect our family and Sudan. Oh Allah protect Sudan from conflict and from more. Oh Allah feed our brothers and sisters in Yemen. Oh Allah protect Muslims, over every earth and under every sky, oh Allah we complaints you are weakness and are insignificant amongst our enemies. But as long as you have no anger towards us, and we do not mind but we prefer your protection and we prefer strength, oh Allah. We ask you to

00:26:18--> 00:26:31

accept our fast and our charity or Allah we accept we ask you to forgive us or Allah you are forgiving. You love to forgive. So forgive us. O Allah, you are forgiving. You love to forgive. So forgive us. Allah, how many of us in we've committed

00:26:32--> 00:27:11

most of our sins we forgotten, but they're recorded with you. Oh Allah, we ask you to as you did not expose us in the dunya that you're not expose us. As long as we're alive and that you do not expose us on the Day of Judgment and that you forgive our sins. You are the concealer you love to conceal our faults. Oh Allah, there's nothing that allows for us to beg you except what you've taught us of your forgiveness of Allah. There's nothing that allows us to stand in front of you. And ask you except what you've taught us of your mercy. Oh Allah Who asked you to have mercy on our parents as they raised us while we were young. Oh Allah, those of them who are alive, grant them beautiful

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health and beautiful faith, grant them beautiful grant us the goodness of being there in their company. As long as we're alive. those of them who are non Muslim, we ask you to give us the sweetness of seeing them accept Islam. Oh Allah, those of them who have passed away we asked you to expand their graves as far as their eyes can see that you make their graves gardens from the gardens of Paradise, and that you reunite us with them. In Jannetty name the prophets and the martyrs in the righteous and the truth what excellent companions are those of Allah we ask you in this gathering, that you do not leave for us a sin except that you forgiven it, and no debt except that you've

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repaid it and no stress except that you relieve it and no need from the needs of the dunya or the akhira that is beneficial to us and his beloved to you. Except that you facilitated for us almost merciful to those who showed mercy. Oh Allah, we ask you to fix our families to fix our homes, to make them anchored by the Quran and Sunnah, that you make us all guiding and guiding of others, we ask You for Your love, and the actions of those you love, and the love of those you love. Oh Allah Who asked you to make the Quran, the spring of our hearts in the light of our chests, and the remover of our sadness and the repeller of our stress. While I teach us what we don't know and guide

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us what we forgotten and grant us the ability to recite throughout the day in the night. Oh Allah, we asked you to grant all of our students success in their studies and in their exams, and make it easy for them and grant them success in the dunya and akhira. Allah those who are single give them the ability to find righteous spouses, who will be the coolness of their eyes and the laughter of their hearts and who will anchor families for them that are rooted in the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu has ended up Oh Allah, He asked you for every goodness to be protected from every evil. Allah we ask you, that you do not place on us a burden that we can't bear and that you

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strengthen our backs, and that you make us of those who call to you and not call to ourselves. Oh Allah who he asked you for the best of this day and we seek refuge in You from the worst of this day. Oh Allah, we beg you We implore you that this month does not disappear except that we'd be forgiven. Oh Allah, He begged me implore you that this month does not leave us except that we've been forgiven, and that we've been removed from the burden of our sins and that we'd be written amongst the people of paradise. Oh Allah we ask You that we view of the people of paradise us and our loved ones. Yahama I mean, we seek refuge in You from the fire. Allah We seek refuge in You from

00:29:30--> 00:29:46

the punishment of the grave, and from the punishment of the Day of Judgment, from the punishment of the fire. Oh Allah, you have taught us that you are the most merciful and you have said call upon me and I will respond. And here we are calling upon you. We are raising our hands to you. We are

00:29:48--> 00:29:55

imploring you Yahama Rahimi, we ask You Allah for Jana to protect us from the hellfire. Some Allah Allah said, Mama do it Cyprus.