How Do You Perceive the Mercy of Allah?

Abdul Wahab Saleem


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We're talking about the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And you know, a lot of these meanings that

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we all know the Mercy of Allah, the kindness of Allah, the

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the Wrath of Allah, the power of the law, the capacity of Allah, all of these meanings that, essentially over the years, as we grow up, we hear about them, we sometimes forget to actually stop at them and think about them more and more deeply. Because the more deeply you think about a meaning that you already know, you come to know of principles or think of principles related to these meanings that you never thought about before. And that's something that philosophers essentially do, right? Where they take the meanings that everybody know and then philosophize them. And so

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when you think of the mercy I want you to before I even start talking about the Mercy of Allah, I want you to think in your mind, about what you think of when you think of the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Because essentially, the meaning of Mercy of Allah azza wa jal for every single one of us will be different. And the reason for that is, because the manifestation of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal is, is variant, an unlimited, there are so many different types of

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manifestations of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal in our lives, that in every person's life, that Mercy of Allah will be different. So you might see something to be mercy that another person doesn't see, to be mercy as well. Another person may see something else, something to be mercy of Allah azza wa jal that you may not see to be mercy as well. Some person might consider something to be absolute torment, but in your life, that happens to be a mercy, right. And that's why they say, most likely will come in in the home info ad that calamities or one group of people they end up becoming. So it benefits for another group of people. So mercy is very personalized. This is the Mercy of Allah,

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it's very personalized, so you're in relationship with Allah, when it comes to the Mercy of Allah, it's a personal relationship, because you are going to perceive that mercy in a different way, I am going to perceive that mercy in a different way. So immediately, we know that this mercy is something very personal to each person.

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if you think about it, your relationship with a mother is a very personal relationship as well. And essentially the word it comes from the word Rahim, which is the womb of a mother, because the mother, because of that attachment through the womb, is so connected to the child, and such as the case with you and Allah azza wa jal and I and Allah azza wa jal, just as that motherly relationship between a child and her and his mother or her mother, is there because of how the mother

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is so directly connected to this child, so to is Allah azza wa jal directly connected to a slave, that physically so because of your relationship with Allah, because of your privacy with Allah because of your, your personal relationship and connection with Allah subhanaw taala. So, when you think of mercy, you will think of mercy in one way, when I think of mercy. I'll think of mercy in another way. That's the first point that I wanted to mention. Remember, everything you do every time we think of

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you think of thinking of a personal relationship and bond that you have with Allah subhanaw taala number two, and this is another very important point, by the way, this is when it comes to the mercy and this is when it comes to many of the others are thought of Allah azza wa jal as well. What you see to be what you see to be kindness from Allah may not necessarily be the case for another person, right?

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Because again, some people's calamities or other people's benefits, think about it. If you have a person who's going through a drought, and they have nothing to eat or drink, if you give them some food that will be perceived by one person to be perceived. But another person might say, well, I don't have this to eat or that date or maybe that food for that person might be mercy, but another person has, you know, digestive problems and they can't have that food. But one thing is for sure, every person is consistently going through the mercy of Allah Hassan. How do we know this? We know this because Allah has two attributes are two names for mercy for himself. And one of them is a man

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and a man is that merciful Lord, who is merciful to everyone is merciful to the young he's merciful to the old is merciful to the person who's who's going through difficult circumstances and times and that person was going through ease and a person who's going through comfort, Allah it has that luck map for every single person because Allah subhanaw taala is

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A man or a man who didn't you know, he's the person that is the man of the dunya and the hereafter and he's the person who's for the Muslim and the Catholic.

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But when it comes to the believers, Allah has another even more

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specific nurse.

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So yes, everybody is going to be a recipient of the merciful Mercy of Allah azza wa jal, but in some limits, there are those people who believe in Allah, they, you know, if you are a lot always has a greater example, but I'll give it to you like this. If there's a person you really believed in throughout his or her life, and you stood by his or her side, and you always were there for them, when the time comes, when they succeed, finally, they will be there for you as well. Right?

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Similarly, and Allah, of course, has a greater example, Allah subhanaw taala. His example is, well Allah Hill method, Allah, he has a greater example. Those people who believe in Allah, they trust Allah, they put their trust in Allah, they accept what Allah has sent. Do you think Allah will treat those people in the same way? No. And that's why Allah says what kind of believe me Nina Rahim, Allah is merciful with this very specific type of mercy to the believers and not everybody. So there's a little wasa because man is the raw material was the one who has this expansive mercy. And then there's a Rahim, the one who is the raw material was the one who has a mercy that reaches and

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achieves and goes and gets places. So that is the two different names. Those are the two different names of Allah azza wa jal within which this sliver, this attribute of Allah is their little method, while Sarah and the Ramadan, whilst

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now I want you to stop at those names and think about your attainment of this mercy of Allah azza wa jal,

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if I were to tell you, if I were to tell you,

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if I were to tell you that there is a fun, there's a fund out there.

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And I tell you that that fund is very expensive, it cannot be exhausted, it's very grant, and it's been granted to everyone who does X, Y, and Z.

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Obviously, you would do everything within your capacity to try to get a piece of that fund. If someone comes and tells you about this fund, and you say, Well, I like that fund, I didn't even apply for it, you'll say you're not an intelligent human being because essentially, you're an intelligent human being. And you would you were to be able to make sound decisions, the first thing you will do, especially if you're going through some sort of financial crisis, is go to that fund and apply for it and get a piece of it. Right. Why because it's a very easy to get very large not been exhausted, me conditions are there, you already know them, and it's still fillable as well.

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So the same thing goes to the Mercy of Allah. Right? What is that? Well, the Mercy of Allah is why I say it's very expensive. It's very grand. It's available to everyone. And that's

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right. It's available to everybody. And then on top of that, there's documented regime as well. And that Rahim is specific to the believer. So when you fulfill certain conditions, there are a group, there's

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a group of people who will be getting

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a lot of that font and a lot of that, because of certain conditions, they fulfill another group they get even more when they fulfill that quote, condition, or those conditions is not very hard to do as well. So obviously, any person with a sound mind would race to get that mercy because it's there. Any person in their sound, mountain sound, sound mind would go and race to get a piece of that fund as well. So we look at the mercy of Allah and try to apply this principle that we would apply in our day to day lives actually, when it comes to financial funds, right? Opportunity.

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When you do that, and apply to Allah azza wa jal mercy, that Allah has placed some conditions number one, Allah is merciful to those people who are merciful as well. Because we know within the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which is the Hadith and mussels a bit earlier this the first Hadith taught by Messiah and her lemma to their students, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in this hadith that Allah homeowner hameau homearama, that the people who are merciful, Allah is also merciful to so if you want a peace of the Mercy of Allah, then be merciful with the battle.

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That's the first condition. When you are merciful with the slaves of Allah azza wa jal, Allah is merciful to you, he will treat you in that positive way. If you treat the creation of Allah has origin in that positive way. So if you want a piece of that mercy, even the Mercy of Allah

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On the vast, encompassing mercy that everybody can get access to, what you have to do is you have to start treating people in a merciful way. So become a merciful slave of Allah to be a recipient of the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala have a hangnail to hammer home. The Prophet continued, and he said, You'll have more men feel out of the hem Coleman to somehow go and do be merciful to those people who are within the land and Allah azza wa jal will be merciful to you as well. So this is what

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number two is, if you want that very specific specified special mercy, remember, when you're applying for funds, normally there's like, oh, one access to everybody then number two, access to some people, scholarships, access to everyone, or most people, still or two, or tier one access to just certain people, right? So the same thing goes with this mercy of Allah, there's this general bank of mercy, everybody's who's nice and kind and polite, they will get access to it. Even those who are not, they'll still get a piece of it as well. But then, there is another level and that is the Mercy of Allah, which is the Mercy specific to the believers. It's really a gift. It's wa sila

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it reaches throughout this world and also into the hereafter as well. What do you gotta do, you have to perfect your belief. When you believe in Allah, Allah will give you Allah will grant you, Allah will hold your hand, Allah will take you by your hand and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will guide you to the right direction. Of course, metaphorically and not physically, Allah's origin, will be there for you, he will look after you. He will, you know as the prophets of Allah when he was sitting and he says he will become your hearing, that what you hear with you will become your eyes with what you see in the hands with which you strike and the feet with which you walk. Now this is of course a

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person who was a devout devout to Allah but one of the forms of devotion is your belief, that's the beginning of the foundation. So when you believe in Allah, Allah will become there for you, He will give you more from his mercy more from the hodza and more from those the treasure of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal than those people who are just general. Right? You might say, Well, I see in the dunya people believing but they're being tested but will lie in the hereafter. Allah has things saved for people that no one has ever seen. As we know, within the effort, that in the general, there is mana, you know what I'm saying? What a hopper Allah called revision, that in the agenda,

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there are things that the eyes have not seen, the ears have not heard and the hearts have never felt or even thought about as well. So when you get to the hereafter, there are things within Jana that will be from the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal that you just have never seen. You might have come across something like it what will do behemoth a Shabbiha there may be things in this world that are similar to it, but there was there's nothing exactly the same. This is genuine things that your eyes have not seen. Things that your ears have not heard about. Things that your hearts have never even thought about. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us from His mercy within this world and within the

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hereafter I'm gonna attina fit dunya Hassan off in Africa to Hassan fortina

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And I'll stop with these words in sha Allah. May Allah bless you over the Mercy of Allah