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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The title "Art of the tongue" is important for the creation of a magical elixir that keeps the body alive. The speakers discuss the importance of remembering the title and the need for the concept to be repeated. The use of "remedy" in the title is noted for the sake of repeating the concept. The importance of remembering Allah's words and actions is also emphasized, as it leads to the loss of the physical aspect of the concept. The need for a daily practice of not allowing too many time to be spent on one topic is also emphasized.
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Bill Alameen Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad quite early he also had to he, as you may know, but your email was telling me that you will be January he was 30 he said no so here at the Library most of all the Allahu Akbar Peter a collection of both Timothy and his sunnah or Jana, and you know, in his Muslim and it has been authentic generation. And he was so heavy but anyhow, Abdullah had been boosted. And he tells us the following. And this is the final Hadith within the theme of mindfulness of the tongue. I think there's number 14 or 15, I don't know. But that's the number of guy we did, we did a, a couple of them. And this is just to kind of

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conclude this series. And tomorrow, we'll start talking a little bit about it. We'll start with hydrogen Shala. We'll go through a hadith about hydrogen until hydro is over. This is what he tells us. This is one of my favorite Hadith I think generated in this Masjid after a shot before I think I have I may have not I don't know. But it's definitely one that's worthy of kind of always every once in a while just waiting for people to remember and remind myself and yourselves as well. By now, Joe, is what Abdullah and Gustavo says called Roger Stone and they beat us to Allah Allah, Allah just like to send them a man came to the Prophet SAW Allah Azza wa sallam, an engineer he sent out

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all the so regardless of someone who came with the

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specific intention of just asking the Prophet Allah, your site to send a question, that's what we benefit from him saying something like that. Because if he said, if he's always the name of the person, right, then it couldn't be just a conversation. But when he points out all of your origin, you say that this person traveled with the intention of just coming in asking the Prophet What are your thoughts on my question, and then he's gonna go back from wherever he came from. So this one he came and said, gotta yell rasool Allah, in sha Allah Islam Me gusta la Talia for the learning Allah she atomistic obey. The laws of Islam are too many.

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Your deen is confusing, too much too much knowledge too many things. I don't I'm I can't I can't handle all of it. I can't I can't digest all of it. Just give me something give me just like if I had to choose one thing give me one thing to hold on to get me get me to the finishing line. I just want I because I can't like I again, every time I come. There's like drusen loom and all these. I don't understand what they're saying. And there's apparently it's important, but I can't comprehend of it. And I'm getting very tired and it's getting distracting. Give me one thing. I am a very simple person and what one thing I've taught them and maybe it is so similar that he smiled but Bada

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is what he said very simple.

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Yes, sir. Loli sir no karate, Bambi the gorilla. In court six words. He said some Allah Hi CIBJO Salam.

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Nari, his May is a little bit both are acceptable. Some linguistics scholars will disagree but both are fine. But law yes sir Julissa Anoka Ultimen be decreed mega tongue continuously be moist with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. And of course this is a Yanni a linguistic complex that has a lot of it's a figure of speech and there's some degree of, of imagination that is required to understand it. It's as if to say that your tongue without the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala will become dry it will dry out. So you want to keep it moist with his remembrance soprano Tada I mean, never stop. remembering Allah never stopped speaking of Allah subhanaw taala supplicating

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Allah invoking Allah subhanaw taala, to speak, whatever it is never stopped. The moment you stop and your tongue dries out, you're in danger. But as long as your tongue is continuously remembering Allah says if again, he said, the Autobahn which is moist, and that's obviously not the case. Yeah, and that's not the physical aspect of it. It's more of the spiritual one, because if we can, it is spiritual. The vicar of Allah subhanaw taala is the the is, is the liquid is that elixir that the soul needs, just like the water is just like water is the is that secret elixir that you need is a magical one to keep the body alive. The vicar of Allah subhanaw taala is the one that keeps the soul

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alive, and the soul will dry out and die if it if you if it does not, if that's not happening, so is he saying so so Allah as I was saying him yesterday, Allah and God began confusing, but if you're always in a state of remembrance, or you at least make sure that the interval of time between A Moment of Remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala, and the other is not far enough to the point that you become dry, that you dry out, you'll be okay. Just make sure that it doesn't get too far. And that's why the scholars of Islam have always have always taught the concept of the wizard, where you have to remember Allah at least at least once or twice a day, at least at least that's like getting the

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bare minimum that you should be able to have two times in your day where you sit and you remember Allah subhanaw taala after fajr after maghrib giving yourself depending on your on your daily Yaniv system, but you have to have a time where you sit down and you perform is to vote or to speak or you need to Helene or Salah Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Hoca or Hezbollah or whatever, whatever they could have done actually is meaningful to you. And then the image obviously the diversity of different ways of remembering Allah subhanaw taala is almost endless, but you have to have something of it's to have none it nothing of it is basically you're drying out there, the dryness that's

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occurring within you that

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You don't even notice you don't even know what's happening. There's something on the inside that's dying, that's so thirsty, that it's suffocating. It's basically slowly dying. And you don't even know that it's happening because it's not your body because you've become so disconnected from our spirits. And we don't have any in the we're not sensitive to their to its needs anymore, that we don't even know that that's going on.

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And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam gave him the bottom line.

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Don't need all this gibberish that I just said, Look, just make sure your tongue continuously remembers Allah is always moist with his remembrance, and you'll be fine. And everything else that you'd have to It's fine. If you don't attend all these doodles and you become a scholar, not just just make sure that Allah subhanaw taala is on that time, every day, all the time, you don't allow a couple of hours go by except to you, you speak of him subhanho wa taala. Because the remembrance of Allah, I think it comes in different forms. By the way, it's not just needed to be heard, as important as those are, as I think everyone I have talked this before, he should, at least at least

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the 500 600 a day, they should be divided into into groups in the morning and in the evening, or your early part of the day later, probably you have to, I don't understand the concept of a Muslim being a Muslim without a husband. And a word that a little bit of Quran does recited daily, a little bit have to be had that are done daily. Without those two, I really don't understand how that works. Like I don't know, I don't know how you function as a Muslim, you really need them. And people who struggle, they struggle, because I think that piece is not established from a young age and it's not taught, and then it takes it's hard to do that later on. And then it's hard to stick to it. And in

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those because whatever how you're gonna fluctuate as much as you want in your email that happens. But you have to have that, that bare minimum, you have to have that that base that never goes away. And that's the base he's talking about. So Allah is like, your tongue is always moist in there, remember some of your Lord. So this gentleman took that and walked away with it.

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He took that one by the Colossus good Subhanallah and hamdulillah Illa Illa, Allahu Allahu Akbar. And if his if his tongue is capable, if he is capable of just repeating that throughout his day, you'll be fine. You can because you can't say those and feel you got to say those and commit, you can't. Like it doesn't work. If you're if you're saying that you can't.

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You're gonna go look at haram. As you're saying Subhan Allah Hamza, it doesn't work like it doesn't, it doesn't fit one of them, you have to either be quiet or stop doing it. You can't, you can't. If your tongue is saying Subhanallah and hamdullah. You can't be gossiping. Your tongue can't do two things at the same time. And it doesn't make sense for you to gossip and then go back to your thinking again, like it's, it's like the amount of cognitive dissonance that's required for that to happen. The amount of schizophrenic Yanni the cognitive effect is just too heavy that human brain and soul can't handle doing that. It's just too much. So if you're continuously remembering Allah

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subhanaw taala you're pretty safe, you are producing. And I think that's something that's worthy of Jonnie of sharing with you, and at the end of this theme, I thought it'd be like the nicest thing to kind of talk about that tongue of yours just make sure it stays moist with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala because that's what's really keeps it that way. That's what will keep it alive. That's what will keep it any healthy and hopefully, something taking you in the right direction. May Allah grant us the ability to do that. You already Mm hmm. Tell me Do you feel any heal? Mm hmm. I do. Female study Hebrew center, the Asahi Han Abdullah Abdullah oncologia Roger Stone in a Nabi

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sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling them for kala ya rasool Allah, International Islamic authority Allah ye for the learning Allah che in atomistic V for Carlos Allahu Allah, you also have your solemn

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duty sir nucar Autobahn with the grill. So the colossal Buddha is Allah awesome Senator swagger 100 islands of Lake wa sallahu wa Salam wa barakaatuh Vina Muhammad you

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