Adnan Rajeh – Matn Abu Shuja #07

Adnan Rajeh
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salam ala Sayidina How have you been a Muhammad, he also have you had your manual bad. So what I'm doing what I did last time and when I want to do today is a revision of,

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of Kitab shahada of the chapter of purification or purity. It's an important chapter it talks about issues of glue. And the different topics surrounding we'll do like Macedo Fein, wiping over slippers and over casts, talks about Wilson, pure factory, showers or washes. And it talks about what is pure in general, what is not one of the types of majesta that leave the body and when it's okay to pray when it's not. So it's an important jurisprudence chapter to know. And it's very specific to

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rituals and to daily practices. So we stopped last time, after we, the last thing we studied was a look at the salah Thomas Nuna, the recommended purify factory showers. So

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there are certain situations you have to have a listen. And we talked about the different reasons, make sure you revise them, make sure you remind yourself of what causes you to have to have a listen. And make sure you know what the obligatory actions of a vessel are. And make sure you know what the recommended actions of a vessel are. And to go back to that if you find yourself, you know, go back and listen to the DS recordings and go back to the text until you are 100% sure on what the follow on what we're going to be reading some stuff. So maybe it's better for you to be able to see what the obligatory actions of listen are and what the recommended actions of OCR now, today we're

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gonna start with fossil, the chapter when Misko I will who Fany Jaya is with a lotta t shirt and wiping over the slippers, or over leather socks is permissible. With three conditions, you need three conditions. First, let me write this down. Because I'm trying to make maybe a few you can use this as

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a summary later on.

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So this is an important part of Bata, we go through this almost every day, I'm going to talk about of course, I'm not going to go into the details of the different model here, because I did that in the first in the first time around. So if you want to know what the different schools of thought said about this, and if you want to know if there's more opinions around certain issues that make it easy, go back to that and you can find the details. I'm just going to explain what the amount of shots that he said right now because that's what we're studying. So this is permissible, but we have three conditions.

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Conditions for this to be permissible one and you have the loop several

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Bahara right, the conditions number one

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where are you wearing them? The leather socks wearing them?

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After completing

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that's the first one.

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So you wear them after you complete your will do you have what do you just made? What do you wear them? Number two, when you're cool now Sati Laney Lima, Haley was still firmly middle codomain. And for them for the socks to cover the obligatory part of the foot four that needs to be washed during blue. So it has to cover from the ankles to the toes. None of none of that can be a parent to camp and none of that can be exposed if if you're wearing a leather sock, but you can see your toes are out there or your ankles are apparent, then that doesn't count. You have to take them off altogether. So you have to some types of socks. I've seen them. Like they're really there. They kind

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of start from here. Like I don't know why that people even buy them. They don't even seem to do it.

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Yeah, so that doesn't work. That doesn't count. Right?

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That does because it both ankles are covered. Well, maybe maybe not. Maybe the other one is not. Yeah, so that probably wouldn't work. No. And of course, for the shaft. That doesn't work at all, because that's not even a leather sock. That's a regular sock. But now we're talking. Of course when we talk about this, we understood that Muhammad has a different opinion regarding socks themselves. And that's a lot of people take and I'm okay with that. But I'm talking about Mr. Musharraf he talked about and

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none of them except regular socks. They talk about leather ones, meaning that they cannot water can't go through them but Mr. Muhammad had a different understanding of the issue and I tend to side with that understanding or I take that

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as long as you meet the conditions. So the second condition is it has to cover

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Foot ankles

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to toes.

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That's the second condition. third condition when you're gonna MIM young kinome, terrible mushy la Hema.

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And you have to be thick

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enough to walk to walk with

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me, they have to be something you can walk around with and they're not going to tear. They're not made out of material that will tear if you just if you walk with the media meaning they have to be basically from fabric that we have that we have right now, meaning that the socks that you wear from fabric that will not tear when you're walking around with it, and they shouldn't have a tear in them themselves. So the idea here is that they're thick enough to have a damn meaning no tears.

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Okay, so this is what Shafi accepts as the looks at the conditions of her home Dauphine. And for him, they have to be the concept of morphine. For Him. The word profane for the young chef and Abu Hanifa and Malik is that they have to be leather, we have to be from material that does not permit water to go through them. And we had a little discussion about how, to what extent that is, but But generally speaking, right, so what we're doing right now, if you put water on it, it will it will go through water will go through, it'll touch your skin. So for those who are that's not, that doesn't count. Remember Muhammad because he accepts the concept of Joe Rabin, which is which are socks.

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That's why there's a rock solid there's an permissibility of us doing it on these stars, but but not for the right way I'm suffering multimo Yo, Manuela, when we send you the letter to Yemen be Layali hinda. And the person who was was not traveling will will wipe over his slippers or leather socks for one day and night for 24 hours, almost exactly 24 hours or for five consecutive prayers.

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Right? And if you're traveling for three days and three nights for 15 consecutive pairs, all right. And I explained how you calculate the timing I spent a lot of time doing that. So if you go back to the go back to the videos if you want to understand exactly how to calculate the timings because a lot of questions regarding that and I answered a lot of them and want to go through it all of it will take a long time. Yes. Good.

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Yeah, so we talked about whether if you take them off, do you lose your window immediately? Or do you or do you lose the ability to do mess on them so the gym whore or with the opinion that if you take off the socks, now you can no longer do mess over them now I accept the I accept the the more current issue however the modern if you had that if you take them off, but you don't lose your will do and you wear them on again then you can take continue wiping on the but only for the actual for the original period that you put them on the first time not not this time. I'm okay with that. But that again, that's not what the gym holder sees. Some, some scholars it's exactly for them. If you

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take off the socks, then you actually lose your will do immediately for some of them. But again, this is there's a lot of opinions, go back to the videos and listen to them again if you want to go more detail, but

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Shafi you if you take off your socks, you take the slippers off then you can't wipe over them again that's where the Imam Shafi that's the method that's what the McDermott method that's what they accept in the middle but there are other opinions that are more moderate and they kind of solo I guess, you could say

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24 hours

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for non travelers

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three days

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for travelers, when does it start? When do we start calculating what do you do when you move the team min Haney you do the loop SEAL who feign so you start calculating from the moment you lose your model after you put on your socks. So you put on the slippers you have your will do right you start calculating from the moment you lose your will do and you have to you have to start wiping so from the from the salah that you you use it to wipe you start calculating from the first wipe so I made will do and I made a fool will do and then I wore my socks. I don't start calculating now because right now I haven't I haven't wiped yet right? Let's say I do that for free. You

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know I'm a you know self discipline guy. And I hold on to my will do all day long. I don't write I don't have to make will do again. So the calculation hasn't started yet. And then I sleep with my socks still on. And I wake up for fedora and I do my server failure. Then I started counting 24 hours, right? So you start counting from the time from from the time you lose your will do and you have to you have to wait over you're supposed to start from the moment you put them on. That makes sense because sometimes you will make fool will do it put them on and hold on to that will do for a couple of pairs. You start doing the calculation you start calculating a day or three days from the

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but you lose your window and you need to wipe over the slippers. Alright, so the calculation will start. I'm gonna start, where was the? Okay just

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so the conditions are clear inshallah. All right.

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So let's Yes, so you will wait from Toyota visual, but you won't, right, you won't wait for 5g And again, if you wait for 5g at once, you won't wait for 5g Again, that's the last time you will wait. Now if you're if for some reason, you wait for Asia, and then you're gonna you hold on to your will do intervention, that's fine, if you can do that, but most people can't do that. So you're gonna, but once you wait for if you're not traveling, you can only wait for each player once. Right? Okay.

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calculation for wiping

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starts after losing

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we'll do

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after wearing the socks,

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that's when you start calculating 24 hours or three days, right?

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In Mr. Hatfield, how * so myself, Oh, must have a salary, some calm, autonomous hammock team. So if you started wiping when you were not traveling, and then you made a decision, we're going to travel in the middle of it, you don't get three days, you only get that 24 hours. And you have to do a complete redo after it. Right? If you were traveling. And then in the middle of your travel, you didn't you stopped you let's say you started wiping this morning, we're traveling. So we started wiping this morning, we have three days, right. But then before those three days were over, you stopped traveling, you only get 24 hours, you have to start. So let's say that you've been driving

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for two days. And then you're not you stopped traveling, what do you do?

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You're training for hours already up, you take off your socks and you make four we'll do the only time you could do three days in a row, if you start wiping during travel, and you can continue to travel for three days or more. Right? Anything any breaking of that. And the exception to that rule means you just do 24 hours.

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Is that clear? Is that very confusing?

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Sure guys understood that. So

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you can only do you can only you gotta go to the lowest common denominator. Yes. So basically, there's any time that you are a resident, then it cuts down. Exactly. So if you were a resident at the beginning, when he became president, somewhere in the middle, and you're not traveling anymore, you go back to 24 hours, you can only do three days in a row. If you started wiping during traveling and you travel for more than three days. That's the only or you will kept you were a traveler for more than three days. If you were if you go to Quebec, and you're staying there for a week, then you're a traveler for the whole time you're there. You can do three days, right? And you don't have

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to be actually traveling for three days. But as long as you're on travel, travel, the concept of traveling for more than three days, if

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you're about to embark on a big trip, can you make

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just likes on

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your drive driving?

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Cars, you're on your truck? So yeah, so the moment you decide you're going to travel, you're traveling. So the moment you make the travel, like Okay, I'm leaving Mako, and put on your socks. This is travel because you're leaving and you've already made the intention of leaving. Yeah. People that go to Lebanon for a long time. They're there, they can do that. Just for three days, two or three days at a time. So after the end of three days, he has to take it off and make Yeah, yeah, exactly. You can do that for if you're going for him and that's fine. That's no problem. Yeah. Okay.

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Continue, we

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were able to refine, we're able to mess up the data to share and three things will invalidate your mess.

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Do you think it will make wiping over your slippers or your socks? Invalid invalid, you can't do it anymore. Number one, because whatever the Sharpie, like I said, taking them off will will invalidate it immediately.

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So the validators of wiping number one

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taking socks off.

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Like I said, this is for the gym holder. This is what the gym hold. There are opinions that and I do entertain the idea of if you take it off and you don't lose your will do during that time and you put them on again, there's no thought here. And you can continue for the duration for the original duration of the 24 hours. And I'm okay with that with that opinion. Because because the logic is in sync with with with the whole concept. Well, people are eliminating

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end of the period so that whether it's

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24 hours or three days, time's up, so you have to take them off. Now you have to make a full third when you listen

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to me anything that causes you to need to listen

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to anything that causes you

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You need Wilson then that you can, you have to take them off and you have to do with saliva so you can have muscle with your socks on and that's not going to work. Okay, so those are these are the three and validators of wiping over is

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like I do.

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At the time I decide to

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you only get a day.

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So that way like I tell you only because you started when you were a resident, you started as a resident now, it doesn't matter if so, you continue for 24 hours, and you have to take them off and have a full lesson. So if used,

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yeah, so, you have this, like I said, you have to if you want to do it for three days in a row, you have to start Wait, you have to make will do and put them on during travel or with the intention of travel there. You have to be on your way. If you're started as a resident or you end up a resident at any point, then you have to go back to the legacy, the lowest common denominator, which is 24 hours, okay? Yes.

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No, so you don't lose, we'll do it for the chef aim for the jumbo, but some scholars say you do, but most of them say you don't, but you lose the ability to wipe over them anymore. That's the Shafi and like I said, there's another opinion I entertain, as we talked about, they go back again to the to the more detailed explanation of this in support of the jump for the majority opinion because there's no if there's no hate nothing to indicate that we'll do is loss than the evidence is that they can't bring anything forth. And there's therefore there's no Nullifier Yes, just because they don't have enough minutes and we presume that we still have lost unless there's a specific no yes,

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when you go back to what are the values of Hulu right go back to the invalid is not one of them is not taking off your socks, I'm doing my so I should make it easy job. All right, well, shall I go to a to come to a share. So now we're moving on from this tutorial again.

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To implement something we don't need that often. But sometimes we end up needing to perform so at Diem which is basically

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it is defined as dry ablution.

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So Tim, or what's called dry ablution has five has five conditions. So there's five conditions for doing

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or doing demo

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number one, we're shut down when it comes to a shout We do do the rosary we suffer in O Murghab. So the first condition the existence

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of an excuse

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of travel or illness

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that's the first condition number two what to hold over

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the entrance

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of prayer time so you can't make to him

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without the intention to make prayer immediately then so we'll do it you don't have to there doesn't have to be a reason for you to make do doesn't have to be necessarily a prayer right then and there for you to make although we can make you do anytime you want. But there has to be a prayer that you want to you want to perform right that there has to be either boyhood entered or also removable for you to actually be able to meet him and to begin with number three. What

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are what are the rules generally?

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Number three is

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searching for water

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so you actively have to look for water. So you have to put in some effort in trying to find water somewhere you can't just say well I don't have it right now on me. So I will go look for water you may find it somewhere so you might have to go look for it. What are those down early

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not being able to use it

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so finding water but not being able to use it. What are examples of not being able to use it?

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So either

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sickness or sickness or maybe maybe the water itself doesn't qualify as pure purifying water right because there's different types of water some water may not be able you may not be able to purify yourself with that type of water right? Or it's contaminated with something right yes, you're traveling in the desert and the amount that you have is just small There you go. So it's not enough you don't have enough to you know you need you need what you have to drink. You're gonna You're gonna die if you don't drink this. So yeah, we I was

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not finding any water or not finding enough

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or not enough.

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So these are the five

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conditions of fuel doing timber. Alright. Alright, well find out about Russia. So this is, again, this is just a revision, all of this was explained in detail if you if you missed any of it and you feel like it's just too quick of a piece of revision, go back to the videos, and you'll find that we went through them much, much slower pace and a much slower, much slower pace, we'll find out about Asha and there are four obligatory things you need to do in order for them to count. Right. Now actually, I'll leave that up, I'll just put it somewhere else. So here are the four

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obligatory actions, what are the obligatory actions of them?

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So you have four stuff.

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Number one, and Nia, right. Always, it's always if you don't know what you're doing, then you're not doing it. So you have to make sure you know what you're doing. So it's always in the beginning. And you'll find this to be for rituals. And for everything that you hope to get a Unifor score is going to be the number one things you'll find it everywhere. Number two

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is home allergy and wiping the face.

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Number three, will your daily management for cleaners?

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Like water? Like what about water temperature, like if the water is too hot? Yeah, so so not being able, not being able to use it. I didn't I didn't, I gave you I gave some examples. But there are many other examples of boiling water, you're going to,

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obviously, you're not going to use that or if it's too cold. And that's what and there's an example of that in Sierra right where they told him to wipe over his head, even though he and he had a

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there was an injury in his head. And he wiped, you know, he did full we'll do a wipe over his head and the guy died. And it was the prophet says I got very angry. He said Cthulhu they killed them. They called them with the lack of lack of common sense to be honest, as well, like not knowing when to draw the line between you understand that these are rituals, these are, you know, religious actions that are not there to threaten your life. If anything of that nature preserve it. So if something is a reason for you not to use it threatening your life threatening the least life threatening, then obviously you don't do it. So that there's examples of not being able to use it,

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there's a lot of examples if you're not a bit not being able to use that. Alright, well, we'll add one more, okay, and then wiping arms

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to elbows up to elbows.

00:22:29 --> 00:22:31

And number four, with Dorothy

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So we're doing it and this sequence is the is the final, if I love to give direction. So for exam, you have to do it in that sequence, you have to do an ear, then what you do is your your, your hit your with your hands on to rob and we'll explain in a second what type of of dust or type of sand or soil and then you wipe the face. And then you hit again and then you wipe, you can start you should start with wiping your your, your right arm than your left. So I'm going to say that you start with the with the right on the left but this gem holder is on doing the right before the left. So you hit the wipe yet again then you want you wipe your your arm and then you wipe this arm so it's very very

00:23:16 --> 00:23:21

simple. It again you may ask well what is the you know the where's the logic in doing any of this.

00:23:22 --> 00:24:03

These are religious, pure factory washes their religious, pure factory washes are not physical, pure factory washes. Physical pure factory washes is when you have an adjuster somewhere on your body and you wash it off physically brings water and you clean it that's physical that is you don't need any money there's not much regarding that because it's pretty straightforward if you haven't adjusted anywhere on your clothing or your you wash it off period. Now these are religious washes meaning here is the goal is not strictly physically actually making it sound physical is wrong because this is a matter of its has a spiritual aspect to it. It has a concept of obedience to Allah subhana wa

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Tada. So doing this you say well, what's the point of it's really just, it's a ritual that you do before a ritual and it doesn't have to be physically cleansing for it for it to actually count but of course you're not going to use an adjuster for it, which is you know, so the between the religious and the physical there are over there's a lot of overlap. But there's also sometimes exclusivity there are some issues that are purely religious and some of them that are purely purely physical alright

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sequence Yes, yeah.

00:24:34 --> 00:24:36

Cool. potentially make

00:24:37 --> 00:24:38

sure you have enough finish

00:24:40 --> 00:24:45

now for the Shafia Yeah, and I talked about that for loose enough. Fair enough. I will do my example was that was for listen.

00:24:46 --> 00:24:59

Alright, was it Friday we'll do but that works for will do for the other mother had been FHFA because they see tough team to be funneled, not not everyone. Not everyone does. Yeah. And the text that says that it's worth muscle than the obligation of Todd to do

00:25:00 --> 00:25:02

Get it sequences drawn it's no longer a condition

00:25:05 --> 00:25:06


00:25:10 --> 00:25:20

shallow but you're gonna go back to the videos you'll find the full description you'll find the full discussion so there because because all this we had you know we had gone through in detail I won't be able to choose to finish it and start sooner.

00:25:22 --> 00:25:26

much sooner I knew that I had to share the recommended actions of

00:25:28 --> 00:25:28

up to

00:25:31 --> 00:25:33

the only three things was the first one

00:25:35 --> 00:25:41

that's always just me right? You'll find me Muslim always in sunnah. It's a Bismillah before anything you do.

00:25:42 --> 00:25:49

Especially if it's a religious action number two, we're definitely more Yamuna, Andalusia right before before left.

00:25:53 --> 00:25:55

Number three Well, moolah.

00:26:01 --> 00:26:17

consecutively so doing things consecutively meet me not leaving long periods of time between one action and the other, don't. And then go have a chat for 15 minutes and come back and do it consecutively. But for HIV, as long as it's not too long, you're good. It's so nice, not fun. Well, have you played with them on

00:26:19 --> 00:26:24

a ship, there are three things that will invalidate them. So the validators of dama

00:26:26 --> 00:26:29

which will make Tammam no longer possible is the first one.

00:26:33 --> 00:26:34

First one will do.

00:26:36 --> 00:26:40

Right, anything that the validators and validator

00:26:46 --> 00:26:50

so anything that invalidated will do invalidates the hammer. That's first number two.

00:26:52 --> 00:27:00

Yes, so number two, don't go to Maui for you lady walk to finding water magician here in the face.

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Outside of prayer time for the Shafi if you are praying and then you look for water you tried your best you didn't have and then for some reason you know water is presented someone brings and you're praying Do you leave your parent you have to make up for the fact that you can continue your prayer name but then you always have to make will do after that. But for this prayer, you don't have to stop it other than without actually telling you you have to sell them and go make Hulu right so with HIV AIDS, you don't have you know, number three read the

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ABI if you're not a Muslim anymore, then it doesn't apply to you. So that so they're all right.

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I need to make the diagram then you

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commit apostasy then your damage was gone.

00:27:46 --> 00:28:15

But, of course, the you know, we smile but but the will take time and thinking about these things, what will cause you your tam will no longer be valid and they would go into quite a lot of detail. So even if it didn't make you like how, you know how likely is that ever happened? They will still call it out if they feel that even there's a small possibility of that happening. All right. We're at a young man Oh, sorry. We're not there yet. Oh, so Hebrew Jabba at young Sahel Isla and the person with a cast will wipe over his cast, right.

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And then he makes the Yemen where you saw Lee, Willa Lee he in kind of Allah Allah, he doesn't have to repeat it if he has worn the cast with bajada to begin with, that's the shot videos with him, meaning the sheriff etc is that if you have a cast iron, but when you were to cast you didn't have to do that you have to repeat all the prayers after you take it off. So they check here you see it No, that's not how everyone sees it. And I started of course with the with the other thing is that because it's a cast and you don't really have much control over how it's gonna be put in you're probably in a lot of pain at the time. So you can't really think about that. So but for the checker,

00:28:47 --> 00:29:20

you can catch all of them with a hammer okay with your wiping over the cast. Sometimes before it before and we'll do the short video okay with you performing actually just to specifically if water is going to end up damaging any you know, causing any any actual harm to the to the limit self. Some of them prefer that you do will do on every other part and then leave the part that part out. But the chivay are okay with you being tambem meaning you can't make wudu because there's an injury, you have a cast, wipe over the cast and then do to emblem and pray. And if you haven't, if you weren't with blot with purity or Tahara to begin with, then you don't have to repeat and you have to repeat

00:29:20 --> 00:29:56

if you didn't, but that's only for the HFA yeah, there's most of them are that don't don't see that. Okay, so that's regarding wiping over casts with the MMO liquidly for EBA. And you have to make the emblem for each funny. Hola. You can't make TM Moon for more than one prayer followed the prayer that is so if you made TM for a Muslim, when a time comes you have to go and you have to look for water again. And if you can't find water and you meet all the conditions, then you make Dammam again. But you can Google where you saw leaves me take a moment where I had my shirt I mean an overfill however for Sunnah prayers, you can pray as many as you want with one TMO. So let's say you

00:29:56 --> 00:30:00

make the emblem after it for Aisha because you didn't find water. Now you

00:30:00 --> 00:30:30

Want to pray the center of the Russia and maybe some piano Leyland in winter? Right? Can you do that? Or do you have to make the animal for each tour like Ah, no, you can pray with one two mm as many Sunnah prayers as you want, but for each fuddled, you have to go and meet the conditions for tame them all over again. So if you'd like what are the conditions of Dammam? Go back to the text and find out what the conditions of the MMR are the ones that we just had up a second ago. So the conditional family we have to meet them every time now to make sure that there's no water, you look for it, you can't use it. Right, all the travelers will mix system.

00:30:32 --> 00:31:10

So for that, specifically, they allowed for you to use 120 mm and some of the champion scholars and for many others know you will make the emblem for the holder. And then you look for water again, even though it was only like two minutes, but you go work for it and do it do it for again, do it again and then make the emblem again and pray. So there's two opinions regarding regarding that specifically. All right. First one now another chapter. Well, Coloma encouraged Minister Delaney nudges, ll money and everything every fluid, sorry, that leaves the Sabina in the two exits of the body, not just is, by default, impure, Ill many expect except sperm, it is not impure. So it's not

00:31:10 --> 00:31:30

impure. Sperm itself is not an impurity sign in the USA, is actually it's pure. And why we know that how we know that is that the Prophet SAW I said, there's a hadith that I Isha. There was some on the Prophet SAW, that's always garments, so she just scratched it off. Now if it was if it was niches, she would have had to wash it with water.

00:31:31 --> 00:31:49

And you're sending air and so if it was nudges, then you would have to use water to wash it off. But she didn't just scratch it out. That means it wasn't just to begin with. So if you had it's the same thing if you have you look at your shirt, and there's, you know, ketchup if you're eating or you know, you just it's it's no longer fluid, but it's actually its crust, and you can just scratch it out and

00:31:50 --> 00:32:05

you don't have to but it's this of course when you come into play, you're trying to look the best you can to scratch out anything, even if it's not just from your clothing. So if you just scratch that out and that's how we know that many years and of course, logically speaking it is the seat of life so if it's not just then you know three weeks

00:32:09 --> 00:32:46

doesn't work that way. You go on well, let's look me in Abu Ali. Well, our wealthy were given a bowl of Saudi a lady Lamia prom to know who your total Bella she'll lie and rinsing out or washing out is a better word washing out all feces all types of feces and urine from a clothing or garments or anything any or floors or any wherever it may be watch a bit this is obligatory action it's not doesn't have to be for Salah meaning if you have you know clothing or you have any there's there's an adjuster anywhere in the house or on anything that you're wearing

00:32:47 --> 00:33:22

19 from then you need to swatch it for you to wash it out. And that is physical purity is an example of what physical purity means. There's just washed it out, go take water and wash it until it's no longer there anymore. You have to get rid of it. This is what happened regardless of whether you're going to pray or you're not going to pray doesn't make a difference in level of study except the the urine of a infant male who has not eaten any food yet meaning he's only he's strictly breastfed he's only drinking his mother's milk and there's a few Hadith that talk about something like that and I talked about the difference of opinions regarding that and that for the female go back to that if

00:33:22 --> 00:33:40

you want to know more details but that but you can for that you can just rinse you can just spray some water on on wet on it and then you should be good. You should be good to continue. But there's more details of that if you want to if you want to go back and listen to it. What I got offer and she in millander Jessa T il Lilia Ciara Amina Danny will

00:33:42 --> 00:34:07

when Allah NF SaLuSa Illa and we don't forgive and no amount of impurities in the jest that are forgiven meaning are are left as is or you can pray with them being there or you can just function normally within be there. Except very small amounts in the UFC have small amounts of blood and pus. So with HIV Yeah, as long as it's smaller than any basically this much.

00:34:09 --> 00:34:42

Thanks. So basically anything smaller than that or area of blood or pus your good more than that then you need to you need to go in and wash it out. Right even though blood and pus are not just but you still you still have to you have to if it's less than that then you can pray. If it's more than that then you can't Well Marla enough said of course there's a lot of different opinions regarding when it comes to urine and feces and the amounts and I went into as much detail as I could want to explain this the first time around so go back to that if you want to know more about that inshallah. Well, Milan, Estella, Hussain, ILA

00:34:43 --> 00:34:44

and anything that does not have

00:34:45 --> 00:34:59

blood in it or a significant amount of blood. So any creature we're talking about insects here that don't have as much as as a circle of blood in them to begin with. If they fall into a pot of water or they fall into food then they don't

00:35:00 --> 00:35:09

Can I just write so flies and any type of insects and cockroaches they don't they don't make anything they just if they fall into anything water or or food

00:35:11 --> 00:35:43

you eat well McDuffie even know what I'm gonna do so so like I said if flight falls into a pot and dies then it make it not just write because he or she wants to all animals that die without being followed properly or not just and This fly is should be not just dead in the water should be in I just know anything that doesn't have fluid blood or fluid to blood within them like insects they don't count as as nebulous and they don't make anything that they touched notice either. All right, well, hey Allah no Kaluga here and all animals are boy they are pure by nature.

00:35:44 --> 00:36:03

And for the year immediately you will see in local Wilkins ear will matter well let them in Houma Omen howdy Hema except the boar and the canine then they are any anything that is born from both of them or from one of them. Whether Yeah, anything that has canine in its ancestry or abhorrent and then it will also be it will also be not just

00:36:04 --> 00:36:44

and this of course, is the Shafia Yeah, and the HANA betta is how they see boars and canines and I talked about that in more detail as well I'll quickly remind you the Hanafi for them the body itself is spider and the saliva is not just for the mitochondria neither the the body nor the saliva isn't just and of course that kind of something you can consider living living here in the in the West when it comes to dealing with with dogs all the time. Well, Mater to Kulu hanergy Sir, and dead animals are all are all impure all of them experiment, except the ones that you do to Ischia. Meaning if you bring a cow or a sheep and you do proper slaughtering, then it's not but besides that

00:36:44 --> 00:36:59

it dies and it's it's not just illness semoga well gerada will add me except for fish meaning everything in the sea. So everything dies and everything that is a marine animal, any marine creatures, they are not just when they die in the sea.

00:37:00 --> 00:37:24

And Gerrard which is basically insects in general insects are not like we said are not just any human beings. So you don't become nervous when you die. As a person you are fired during your life in your home. After a few days Well, we're gonna sell in a min Hulu will kill the welcome zerene Saba Mr Ratan if there wouldn't be to rob so if a dog or a boy or a pig come and they drink from a pot of water or the eat from apart,

00:37:26 --> 00:38:01

then you need for the chef. Yeah, you need to watch this pot seven times with water one of them with using sand mixing it with with some clean soil from the earth. Okay, and that's where the Shafia Yeah, the Hanafi you don't see that you should wash it, but not seven times, and not one of them with withdrawal. And for the Medicare that's not not the case at all, because they don't see the saliva demeanor just to begin with. So that doesn't apply to them at all. So the shock variant the NIV are the ones who accept this ruling of seven times one of them withdraw but the Hanafi and the Medicare have a different approach that altogether we also don't say it in the USA T Mobile AT and T

00:38:01 --> 00:38:22

ie with the data available and from every type of majesta that you find you should wash once with full with water hits the actual place of where the ingest is and cleans it out. And you were doing it three times it's better because and of course the evidence they have for that is that everything the prophets of Allah Allah Allah Selim did, he did it three times. So they they took that the FAA took that as a

00:38:23 --> 00:39:06

draw an analogy to do it three times as well. But doing it once is also is also enough. All right, well, he that little camera to BFC help a whole lot. And if wine or any type of alcohol turns into vinegar on its own, then it becomes because wine or alcohol any types of alcohol are just by nature, right? So if they if someone if for some reason, for some reason, you're at some celebration and alcohol goes flying and it hits your clothing and that's nice. You have to wash that off. Okay. Now if that alcohol by itself turns into vinegar, then it becomes by her in holy that we thought of a che in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh if your ear if it turns into vinegar by putting something in it, then

00:39:06 --> 00:39:31

it's not bullhead that's where the Sharia Yeah, all right, for the other women that have they have different, they have different opinions. So if you turn alcohol into vinegar by putting something in it, then it doesn't become fire. It has to turn into Vinegar Vinegar by itself, just by leaving it for a certain period of time. Okay. And of course, we'll talk about that a bit more in a different section. Inshallah. We all felt a gene that Eartha to Lima. And what leaves the

00:39:32 --> 00:39:37

reproductive system of a lady are three types of blood.

00:39:39 --> 00:40:00

Daniel Haley, when the Pharisee what is the HalBer? The menstrual period blood. And what happens after she gives? She gives birth after birth blood and it's the halva which is blood that leaves the body between in between periods that aren't period but meaning just something that happens in between periods. Right. And we'll explain

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

Initial each one we were supposed to do for when it comes to the menstrual period, who had double hydrogen

00:40:06 --> 00:40:43

atom in radiotherapy really. And this is something that is a type of blood that leaves her body and not because she's ill. And it's not because she gave birth it's just the normal biological cycle of her life. When only Westwood monitor the moolah, and it has a certain texture to it, it's usually dark and close closer to the black color. And it's not it's nice to have bright color red, and is of course just of course, medicine today has way more details on these issues that and it's a matter of health, health education that every lady should haven't even mentioned should know about these things understand them. And of course, of course, if the lady walks with a second, if that's certain

00:40:43 --> 00:41:14

that she does not pray, right, you pray during those those days, when the first one will hardly do it, but you will add and then the first is blood that leaves the lady's body after she gives birth Amelie for 40 days around on Fridays, whether it's the holiday and like I said, it's the holiday we're done. We'll hire you if you're at a young man Haley when he first and it is the blood that leaves the body that is not after she gave birth and it's between menstrual periods. Well, Carly will Haley Yeomanry Leila and the shortest time for menstrual period is one date. 24 Hours Worked out it will come Sasha Yeoman, and it's the most is 15 days, volleyball sip and

00:41:15 --> 00:41:51

most likely six to six or seven days. Now. This is not based on religious evidence. This was based on medical evidence of the time. So this doesn't apply today. What knowing these things is more is going to be through your doctor through your physician will tell you if this is this, he will tell the lady if this is a menstrual period butter if it's not, so when they usually got means or something actually abnormal with it, he should go see a physician ever. So if it's 15 days, you should also go see a physician because that's abnormal as well. Anything less than four days and more than more than eight or nine is considered relatively abnormal. Now a colony fast the lava and

00:41:51 --> 00:42:22

the shortest time for post or after birth bleeding is is a moment just some blood leaving work through to Nyoman and the longest is two months 60 days well valuable. What about a woman and most likely is 14 days. So it's most likely four days I just drew. As far as the other timings. She has to go see a physician. These are not religious timings. Right. So certain things that we read here aren't based on release evidence they're based on physical they're based on on medicine and and what the scholars knew at that time from medicine being the norm of of the knowledge of the time. All right.

00:42:23 --> 00:42:44

Well follow up already banal. Hi, Latini Hamza, Tasha, Yeoman when I had the directory here, and the shortest time between menstrual periods is 15 days, and there's no limit to how long a lady can go without a menstrual period because sometimes they will hit a point where there'll be no more periods anymore, right? It'll be the end of it. But again, these things are fixed and looked at and prescribed by physicians and by doctors.

00:42:46 --> 00:43:01

Aka loserman into Hido filmora artist Rossini and the youngest age for Mr. remonstrating is nine years for Lady and of course again that that's all none of this is religious this is all just medical Welcome to the family situation walk through our vaccine and the lowest time or the shortest time of

00:43:02 --> 00:43:27

carrying an infant is six months of pregnancy and the longest is four years and of course I've never seen for years but again that was just the knowledge of the time that's what they understood based on what they saw on what physicians told them at the time today we stick to whatever physicians tell us love it but we just had a shortage and most likely is going to be nine months as as we know it to be almost exactly nine months. Well hello Bill Haley when you first see the man year to year and there are eight things that are haram

00:43:29 --> 00:43:37

with hail and the first when you when she goes through menstrual period or after birth bleeding There are eight things that are haram now what about STL? But what about

00:43:43 --> 00:43:44


00:43:50 --> 00:44:26

so tomorrow Milgrim is 725. So in Sharla 625 will start now that is this is probably if not the last week, the before last week, because after that I'll shift the motive Halaqa to after Isha, like my amount of after my my Arabic halacha Tafseer will go Dr. Aisha and then we'll do the Arabic halacha between Maghrib and Isha. So we'll start that's what we start doing next week or maybe maybe another two weeks or so. And then we'll go back into that and show because six months is a bit early. I'm not sure anyone is going to show up tomorrow. We'll see. I mean based on what I see tomorrow photos are only feet before people show up. Then that will be the last week and I'll switch it the week

00:44:26 --> 00:44:35

after inshallah if you guys can still put up with maybe a few more weeks of showing up. That would be nice because the other halacha pushing it after nation is a bit too early to push it back to Asia

00:44:36 --> 00:44:59

because of the times you know we'll see it yeah, we'll stick to a demon with the time change we'll stick to it. I usually SIP shift my Halaqaat after Isha like the other ones that I do. Once the most he has like around 830 So it's not too late. But right now if he shifted then the HELOC was gonna go into after 10 which for a lot of people is not it's just not easy. So try to make it to the next couple of weeks before making up an hour and

00:45:00 --> 00:45:05

He just put up with that and then inshallah we'll fix it right when the time becomes a bit more permissible okay

00:45:06 --> 00:45:09

so there are eight things I want I want to finish this I guess I just need to finish

00:45:12 --> 00:45:18

this this revision so we can start with Salah salah is a lot you'll find something to be very interesting and shalom you'll learn a lot of stuff maybe you know

00:45:19 --> 00:45:20


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Maybe every two or three chapters we'll try to do a revision or put out again just keep on listening to this stuff and try to keep up with the material inshallah

00:45:33 --> 00:45:36

sorry. So what

00:45:37 --> 00:46:10

actions that are haram when when when the lady is going through halal or any festival she is going through Hallo neophytes now regarding St Alba, which is the bleeding between the two periods, she doesn't stop praying for that and she doesn't change anything for that if a lady bleeds a bit between the menstrual periods, nothing happens so you can read our clients you can do her parents totally normal. She should see a physician however to make sure that that's not something that needs to be checked checked out. But during the menstrual period and during after birth, bleeding There are eight things that are haram one of Salah, so she cannot pray. Number two a song so she cannot

00:46:10 --> 00:46:15

fast. No, she doesn't have to repeat her prayers, but she asked to repeat the days that she lost for fasting.

00:46:17 --> 00:46:21

And of course reading Quran and that is something that is different. I talked about it in more detail.

00:46:22 --> 00:46:29

Time before last time. There's difference of opinion regarding scholars whether it's whether it's okay for the reader, not to me, so there's more than one opinion regarding that.

00:46:32 --> 00:47:05

Yeah, so for Highlander first, these are the things that she cannot do. Well, my son was heavy hemlo carrying the Quran and reading or touching the Quran again, there's difference of opinion regarding that as well with the hula MSgt and entering the masjid and there's also different opinion regarding that. So those three things specifically, there's a difference of opinion regarding them among scholars, whether it's haram for I tend to side by the other opinion of it being permissible for these three things, what the wife and doing thought anything that makes Salah haram to Office Haram as well, because Salah and toa are synonymous and they did the same thing. Well, what which is

00:47:05 --> 00:47:32

basically * that's haram, what is deemed to be nothing in a sorority Raka and then sexual pleasure that is taken that is between the navel and the knee. And of course, that's also a difference of opinion. And this is here regard for the Shafi what he what they mean is with with no clothing being worn. Now, if he's on top of clothing, that is fine for all, but without clothing for the chef AC to be impermissible for others. There's there's different opinions regarding regarding that as well.

00:47:33 --> 00:48:05

Because that's important for married people. If you're not married, don't look don't listen to it. asked me about it later when you get married. And when it comes to Asha and there are five things that are haram for someone whose job so for a man who has had * or *, then number one is Salah. You cannot pray until you have listened to Quran you cannot read Quran against there's a difference of opinion regarding reciting Quran for the job. Well, my son was happy with Hamlet and touching the must have been carrying it. Also, there's difference of opinion regarding that as well. What belief is that if you can't pray, then you can't do it too often that is agreed upon, will look

00:48:05 --> 00:48:07

for full mastery and then hang around in the masjid.

00:48:09 --> 00:48:39

If you have, if your dream should go, you should go have lunch and then come saying the message is also a matter of differences of opinion as well. Where the theme ferrata to share and there are three things that are haram for someone who does not have someone who just doesn't have all the money just leaked some gas or woke up from sleep and didn't make will do. So there's three things that you cannot perform. Number one, obviously, number two power, like I said, Whenever you see a solid throw off is the exact same thing, when this one was happy or humble and touching the most often carrying it or opening and reading with it. And again, there's a different difference of

00:48:39 --> 00:49:00

opinion regarding that as well and Inshallah, in different sessions or in the future, I will go into a bit more detail about, you know, what the scholar has said and who said what and how it all kind of comes through. But for now, I just want you to know the basics. So that's the end of the chapter of purity or purification. We will start in sha Allah, we do have 10 more minutes. If you guys want to leave because you're tired. Yeah.

00:49:01 --> 00:49:02

You can.

00:49:03 --> 00:49:08

Yeah, so for the Shafi of your journal, you can't read Quran, you can hold the Quran and you shouldn't hang around the Masjid.

00:49:10 --> 00:49:31

So there's different go back to the videos, and you'll hear the difference and the breakdown of the opinions because when we get into a bit more detail, and in the last number of times, okay, we'll stop, we'll stop with that. We'll start fresh and show next time with with the chapter of solar. Now I will do when we start with me, we start with the chapter of summer data, I'll go into a bit more detail regarding current meaning

00:49:33 --> 00:49:59

and the different opinion of schools of thought and their opinions. Because because this is a very important issue of meaning. When it comes to Salah it's important that you know as much as you can about it, it'll make it'll make it quicker for us when we study when we study. When we study the other side when we study and other texts, you'll find that okay, we've already covered most of this so we can go through it quicker. But I will take some time to make sure that you guys are all kind of on clear on what the mother had to say regarding solar specifically, because I think it's very important and it's something that we should all have

00:50:00 --> 00:50:04

Have a wide or a broad understanding of the different opinions that exists regarding an

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