How to turn to Allah amid the crisis

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He will be as my, my brothers and sisters in Islam. The question is, how do we turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the middle of this pandemic during this crisis, my brothers and sisters in Islam, you're all aware that the massage at the mosques around the world are beginning to close their doors one at a time. And if that's the case, then we should all be informed that the door of Allah subhanho wa Taala remains open for all the door of a Toba the door of repentance, the door of laws, mercy and forgiveness remains open for all if the road from here to Makkah will Medina has been closed, and

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people are deprived from doing their Hajj and Umrah then you should be well informed that the road to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And to His mercy and to his forgiveness is always open for anyone, no matter how bad his past wants. These doors, the door of mercy only closes in two instances. One, if the sun was to come out from the west, then the door of a tober closes, finished. That's it, it's too late to make a tobei then and it's useless. And the second case is If a person's soul has reached the throat, and he's just about to depart this life to the next life. At that time, adobo repentance is always also useless. So now, to answer this question, that the door of a Toba remains

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open, how do we take advantage of it? And how do we turn to a most of

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my brothers and sisters in Islam? Let's answer this question. Through the story of Adam alayhis. Salaam, the father of mankind, when Allah azzawajal created Adam alayhis salaam, and then he created Hawaii, his wife, he allowed them to roam freely in the paradise and eat and enjoy whatever they want in the paradise then allows origin he forbid Adam alayhis salam from one tree. And he said to both of them fell out the polar bear heavy shahzada do not come need this tree. Do not eat from this tree.

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Bit by bit. Moments later, Adam alayhis salam gave into the evil spring of a blease and he was reeled into this tree and eventually he ate from it. And he disobeyed the law when he ate from this tree. A lot of Zoysia Lee says in solar power while also de moda bamboo follower, that Adam alayhis salam he disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah azzawajal call that disobedience. What did Adam alayhis salam do as soon as he committed the sin? And this is exactly what we're supposed to be doing when we're turning back to Allah subhanaw taala and the first step in an accepted tober when turning to Allah azza wa jal is that you stop the sin. Because when Adam alayhis salaam ate from the

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tree, he didn't continue eating from mystery, he immediately stopped whatever he was consuming. Because he saw the effects, he saw the consequences of the sin. And that was, as soon as he had the first bite of his COVID came off. And that was a bad consequence. And he immediately stopped the sin. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, the first step in and accept the total when turning to a loss of panatela is to stop the sin, especially when we have seen its consequence today, this virus that is around us, that has taken the entire globe, we can see its effect what it's doing to people's lives, and what it's doing to the conscience and the emotion of people. We're seeing the

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consequence of our sins. So the only logic thing right now is to stop the sins altogether. Stop your backbiting and the gossiping, and the slandering, slandering, stop the cursing, stop all the sins stop the hoarding. Stop the greed. Stop neglecting Allah subhanho wa Taala His commandments do what Allah wants from you. Stop the sins move away. Stop and Riba was Zina when alcohol all of this should be stopped immediately. When we see the consequence of sins, it should be stopped altogether.

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And the loser is the one who continues to sin. That's the the most evil of people down in North America membership of the Allahu anhu he says in Valhalla katakolon halakhah Ania mela OBC at Hainan azulon Bella or Hina octyl Bella the that the ultimate destruction, the worst of the worst to continue to do sin. When the calamities have come down when the tribulations have come down? For that's the first step to stop the sin altogether. Also, Pamela, what a time we live in, people are not only committing the sin, but people have made sins laws. sins have become laws. And if you speak against the sin, or you try to give advice to people against the sin

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Annie on human rights ground you cannot. It's not allowed, you become punished. There's a crime that you're doing. You can't even speak against the sin when I hold on to what the 11 law. So the first step, stop the sin altogether. Number two, when Adam alayhis salam ate from the tree, and he stopped the sin, Allah Zoysia brought him out of the paradise him and Hawaii and onto earth.

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And when he came to earth, he was looking for words to return to a loss or shall he was looking for a way how is he going to repent? What should he say? To ask a lot of soil for forgiveness? There was nothing there was nothing yet he was given no words for loss of Hannah what Allah knew his sincerity. And he seen his truthful heart and his honest, sincere heart that he wanted to turn to a lot. And he was remorseful and he regretted his sin. So allow social said for talakad Robbie Kelly met Adam alehissalaam received words from Allah Zoysia. And these words that he's going to say, are going to be the words that you and I are supposed to say, when we were when we're on our way to

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repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala he regretted the sin and that's the second step in returning to Allah azzawajal and in an accepted Toba that you regret the sin and Avi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Toba to another ama to Toba, that regretting is a Toba itself, just regretting the sin is a tober itself. So allow social give him these words. So the first step we said, you stop the sin. Number two, we said that you regret the sin. Number three is to say these words from a sincere heart. And these words that Adam alayhis salaam said or Subhanallah it's a mercy from a lot of Zoysia that he taught us how to make a Toba Subhana Allah and that a lot of Zoysia taught us these

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words for Tanaka, Adam, Adam was given these words in salt a lot of a lot of soil tells us exactly what Adam Allah has set up said and that is that human however they said or Benner, Valentina and Susana, are lm toffee Atlanta out of Hamlet, Lana coonan, Amina la serene. They both said that a banner, our Lord, You see Subhana Allah, our Lord, they ascribe themselves to a lot of social. They're acknowledging that a lot of social owns them, and that He is the Lord and there is so much mercy in this the crying the name of Bennett, the name of Allah is a powerful name. When you are seeking Allah azza wa jal His mercy and forgiveness or banner of unfortunate we have wronged

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ourselves. So Pamela, Yanni, when you see these words, you are acknowledging your sin. don't justify your sins. Stop where you are and acknowledge your sins. Save them now unfortunate, we wronged ourselves. At the end of last social he wants to see from you and I humility. humble yourself before a lost origin. acknowledge your weakness acknowledge your sins. Yes, Benny Adam, they fall into sin. But we don't just fall into sin and sleep over the sin and move on. It's like nothing happened. We make it over to Allah we acknowledge our sin, we say Valentina and fusina, or lm, Telford Lana water hammer, and then we show our need and our desperate need for loss or mercy and forgiveness. So Adam

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alayhis salam said, we're in Lambton, Finland our thomna our law, if you do not forgive us, and you do not bestow Your mercy upon us, Lennar, coonan, nominal ha city, we are definitely definitely no question about it. We are going to be middle horse city, from the ultimate losers in this life and in the Hereafter. On lucky we're in loss, if a lot of social doesn't forgive our sins, and the only way they can be forgiven. If you and I with a sincere heart, turn to Allah Zoysia in October, then akuna, nominal, ha city, Japan a lot.

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People today assume if you don't have toilet paper in the house, you're a loser. Or if you don't stack up a stock up on a few essentials, you're losing, you're losing, you're missing out. Now a lot of my brothers and sisters in Islam the big loss is if you do not earn a lot of soldiers mercy and forgiveness in this life before you leave, we should be worried about our sins more than anything else. worry my brothers and sisters worry about the situation and how you provide for your family how you look after yourself. That's a separate issue. But the greater worry and the greater concern is how are the scenes going to come off? How are you going to face a loss or shall we feel since so

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Pamela etymotic you said I'm eight from the tree. He committed the sin eight from the tree. He said that a benevolent and full Senate were in limbo Finland out of harmony and an akuna nominal has seen the result was that a loss or shall forgive him a lot of storage and sit for tabali in Novato. He forgave him, but you know, with

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any support along with a mind boggling

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point is,

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is that on the Day of Judgment, when we all as mankind, what allows origin to begin with the judgment we all go to Adam, Allah has said, I'm in the long hadith of Shiva, the hadith of intercession, we go to Adam alayhis salaam, and we say, Adam, that our Lord today is angry, and he has never been angry like this before. And he'll never be angry like this ever after. So can you please ask Allah azzawajal to begin the judgment? Can you intercede on our behalf? You know what Adam alayhis salam says, Adam alayhis salam, he says, He says, I committed a sin. I committed a sin. Go to someone else. Allahu Akbar. He's speaking he's referring to the one sin that we know about he

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did in his life, which was eating from a tree. And Allah had already forgiven him about it. But he's so scared on the Day of Judgment, even though Omar has forgiven him, how am I going to face a lot of social? What am I going to say to a lot of social? I'm not in that position right now to ask a lot of social to begin. And he said, and the Hadith goes on. It's a long Hadith. But the point is, even though Allah had forgiven him, he's still worried. That's where our worry and our concern should be my brothers and sisters is that for you make Toba with these words. And after this, you do not return to the sin. And if you did fall into the sin out of ignorance and every sin one commits is

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out of ignorance. Then be quick to make a Toba once again, and turn to a loss or shall Don't let the sin stack up on top of each other. Remove them clean them keep the slate always clean. A lot of Xhosa legislated a tober for us, so that when we fall into sin we 20 matoba that's why October comes from the word Dabba which means to return like you returned from the sin back to a loss of Allah died back to where Allah azza wa jal once you when Allahu

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Allah azza wa jal loves those who repent. For my brothers and sisters in Islam. This is the first way in how we turn to Allah azza wa jal via a Toba. And then after that, we commit to the obligations and the rules that Allah subhanho wa Taala has set for us after that follow the rules of law. So as you see, so Pamela, today, when the World Health Organization releases a guideline steps and rules that you're supposed to follow, to maintain your hygiene state, and what to do to lower and minimize the risk of being infected with the virus. So Pamela, we all follow it. We all follow it, and we remind each other of it and its importance and we release it and we share it. That's

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good. We need to do that. But my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah azza wa jal has also given us rules that are supposed to be followed more than anything else. Because if these rules are followed, they don't only save us in this life from calamity and destruction. They also save us in the Hereafter, when that is the only one time that you will ever need to be rescued and saved. For my brothers and sisters in Islam, wake up, wake up from this headless state, and realize and recognize that this calamity that is upon us, this virus that is upon us, it's a mercy from Allah azza wa jal as an AVI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, it shall be Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah made it a mercy for the believers. He needed a mercy. Why? Because we wake up, we turn back to him, we find the need of Allah social in our life. We recognize our weakness, we recognize our worthlessness we are nothing without Allah azzawajal a small virus has moved the entire globe into into the chaos that it's in. For let's Be the smart ones, my brothers and sisters in Islam. The Muslim has a long vision ahead, we have the hereafter to look for. And that's what we want to secure. That's what we want to make any as as as a beautiful residing place for ourselves. And that can only be achieved via Cincy on a stove that you refresh day in day out until the last social

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wipes are clean. And until we return to Allah subhanho wa Taala, free of sin. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to make it over. We ask him to give us the ability to make a sin see and an honest job. And we asked him subhanho wa Taala to forgive our sins. And we asked him subhanho wa Taala to protect us and to protect our families and to remove this plague from us. And we asked him subhanho wa Taala to look after a soul in the holy vehicle or the rally or something Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi COVID-19