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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he Amma Baldo for we begin today's class Shala. I want to apologize to the community, everybody who came out last night for the long session that was just today. I had no idea that we had gone that long. And I am vehemently opposed to those kinds of long lectures.

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The companion app do lead me to my school, when he used to talk to the people they used to encourage him come out, we want to hear you every day. He was a scholar, they wanted to hear and take directly from him, the religion and he told them that the Prophet sallallahu and he was sending them cannot get to her Winona benmore either Rasul Allah used to give us these talks here and then he didn't talk like that, and leave us for a long time every day. He's given us these long lectures, and an authentic hadith the Prophet sallallahu it was sending them praise a lot of Fajr with the people. And after praying Fajr he got on the membrane and he talked to them from budget time, all the way to

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the Yvan ofour they made the then of the Lord and they prayed so not the VOR he went back on top of the mimbar and talk to them until Serafina ASA

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they praise him out the answer he got back on the member. And he talked to them until so Latin Muslim.

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And he told them everything that was going to happen until your piano and the people memorized and they learned. So that's a case of the strength of the companions, Ridwan ally they him and the knowledge that came from the Muscat and the number of the prophets of Allah who had him send them. So he did that with them. But that's not the norm. And that's not something that we're going to do. Nor are we going to use that as an example and say, well, we should be able to do two hours. No, we're not going to say that. It's a matter of fact that Heidi's rarely from you or those who run the people away in a minute come O fi come when a feeling I think that's applicable. I don't want to

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fall into that categorization in that description from you people who give dower are the people run the people away from Ellis map. So because it was a lot of people he had Hamdi law, and no one got up I'm really tired now offer no excuses. But no one got up and left during the people started getting up to leave a few here and there three four people it was already two hours or something like that. And then when brothers say oh, it was too long, and that's why the microphone got cut off. That's when I said wow, so I want to ask you guys my little button forgive me and you feel you should feel the right to be able to raise your hand and say give me some kind of 10 B. Today

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inshallah we come to a tremendous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he has its connection to the talk about Abu Bakr Siddiq yesterday. May Allah be pleased with him

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a companion companion by the name of God ibn Abdullah Al bedgebury. May Allah be pleased with him.

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He said that the Prophet said in this hadith Salah what he was selling that consists of two words out of boo, Musa Musa derpy come out of do Musa DP come make the Musa dippin, your Musa keen, make them happy and pleased then we'll set the call Cohn are those people come and collect as a cat from the Muslims? The Musa dip

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and this is the importance of the Arabic language the Musa dip make them please our boy whom from Roddy Allah, Arab ah make them please don't make them angry, don't make them upset. And so on in this word, the Musa dip is important now.

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The Arabic language is very rich. Just now the Imam is set up in a shy read surah Al Hadid and from what he read is the statement of Allahu Taala in animals such as the Akina well Musa depart

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Accra doula Carleton Hasina, you die I follow him well, whom agilon Kadeem? He read that just now. Very little Musa do clean and the Musa Deckard. Those men who give sadaqa and the women who give sadaqa and those people who loan into Allah a good loan, they will get their reward, and they will get tremendous rewards. So Allah call the ones who give sadaqa Musab Deb with a shed shed over the sod and the shed the over the down Alamosa death.

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And then in the other item suited to zap, Allah called the people who give zakat. Well remoter sub bikina well Mutasa Decart

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was saw Amina was saw Emad will have within Allah will have to do the full Raja who were happy that was that getting Allah because he or was that cara de la hola whom MK Farah Tim what I do not Vemma so Allah called them el moto sub de el moto sat down with the tap. So the one who gives the sadaqa is mu sub dip and muda sub dip

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as for them will sudden dip the Musa dip and Assad has no shedder the Musa dip that's the person who goes around and collects the Zakat. He's like the tax collector. So we mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa ani he was sending them when they come to give and take to take the cat from you. Give them this a cat.

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This hadith of the NABI SallAllahu it was sending them again is talking about one of the or can have Illa SNAM which is a cat and it is a pillar of this religion. So it's important

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and the people have been chosen by the NABI SallAllahu. It was setting them to go and get the Zakat he mentioned in the Quran. In nama sada card bill Fukada. Will Mr. Kim will Amina Ali,

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those people can receive as a cat or eight categories of people. And they are

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the Fukuhara and the Messiah clean. The poor people who are faqeer Fukuhara. They have nothing. They're the people who are in the dirt. They have nothing. They live day to day, no money, no property, nothing. They're always hungry. They barely have the bare minimum. That's the Faqir. The miskeen is poor but he's higher than the Faqir and so total calf with Heather and Musa there were a group of people who are working on the boat and they will misac King and the broke some of the boats so that the king Whitney come and confiscate the boat, and they will call Mrs. King, but they have a boat.

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They have a boat to do their hustle to make money.

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So the key here is lower than the miskeen many of us are Messiah King, but we're not focused on except that we aren't as Allahu Taala mentioned in the Quran and Tamil folk around when Allah all of you are Faqir as a relates to Allah, you're lesser than miskeen because you have nothing. So zcat It is given to eight categories is given to the one who is Faqir is given to the miskeen and is given to the Musa dip. The one who goes and collects does a cat he has a right to get the cat as part of his duty as part of his compensation. So he has an important role in the deen. So the Prophet told the people concerning them sallallahu alayhi wa it was setting them

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out don't do make them happy. Make them please. Now there's a reason why this was mentioned by the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa ala it was said

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when he used to get the Zakat from people like Abu Bakar and Nirvana, newsman and it and people like that they were freely give it to him with no problem. But they were people from the Bedouins, who lived in the BYD far away from an Medina and the Prophet said about them so Allah Allahu Allah, he was setting them in bed jefa anyone who lives in the desert, far away from civilization far away from the city, they're gonna be rough and tough. They're going to be course and their behavior.

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And that's just not the Arabs who are Bedouins, Africans, Pakistanis, Afghanis.

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People who are nomadic and even far away from the metropolitan areas, they are tough. They will sit in the Methodists like that. And if one of them wants to pass guys, he'll let it out.

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Because that's how they are men better. Jaffa the Hadith said anybody who lives in the baddie, mad bad idea in the desert, he's going to be rough tuffrey course. So come to the masjid and urinate in the masjid in front of everybody.

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He is that person and we can't be like them because they've been mentioned in the Quran and most of the time

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And when they mentioned in the Quran, they're not mentioned in a nice way. Allah who taught I mentioned about them and describe them and rob a shut Dooku from when he FACA were urged the RO Allah Allah mu Hadoo the MA NS Allah Allahu Allah Rasool de the Bedouins have more cover. And they have more hypocrisy, the fop. They worship Allah on the edge. If there's good over here, they'll get with the program.

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If there's bad over here and get up there, get over here. They're on the edge. Women are Nassima Jambul, doula and a horse. That's how they worship Allah. They're just looking for benefit. How many camels can I get? How much money can I get? What can I get to benefit me? He's thinking about me, myself and I. So you find them having Cofer. They're the ones who will come to the Prophet and say what they shouldn't say they're putting their hands on him. SallAllahu it was setting them pull faces suck their teeth, and so forth and so on. So Allah described them in this ayat that they have covered, and the fact that he should deed and they more than anyone else the isn, they don't know.

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And they don't understand what Allah has revealed on his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, whiny Chabad plenty, listen,

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the irob don't have knowledge, they're ignorant. And as a result of the Jackal, they do their to sort of effect and they act in a way that's inappropriate. We can be like them, and a lot of our Shabaab and a lot of Muslims, we are like the Arab, they're like the Bedouins, you will find the people who lack knowledge, they are the ones who don't like the scholars, a scholar will take a position. And because of his lack of knowledge, his lack of exposure, he thinks the little bit that he knows is a lot. He memorized 40 Hadith. And that's a little bit, it's a lot, but it's a little bit. The Scala is way beyond that. So the scholar says something that he doesn't understand. And

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with his little knowledge, he says that Scala was he talking about? So he criticizes the AMA. And it's like, man, ntrp, la Aleca. Who are you? Who are you don't have any follow you talking about. So don't be like those people. Those are the RR. The more knowledge you get, the more you can look at the scholars statement. And even if you don't agree with them, you will maintain respect. And even if you don't agree with them, you'll see his point of view. And even if you don't agree with him, you will understand why he said what he said.

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So when the scholar gives and renders a judgement, the Jew how they say scholars for dollars, that you have ignorant people say he's a cashier, and the man doesn't know much about a snap, don't be like Dr. Rob.

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And this is a problem that we have today. That is prevalent

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in our community. So the reason why this statement, be nice, be kind respect those who take the sadaqa is that when the prophet sent people, he SallAllahu it was sending them sent the Ummah and people were Amin trustworthy, the Ocala, people who know how to deal with people, they had good social skills, he will never sin, heart rough, tough people to hard, rough, tough people, because it's gonna be a clash. He said, People who know how to deal with them will as they love the Prophet of Islam, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a mean, if you will, the president during his time, you are trustworthy.

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If you're an individual that was given responsibility over the army, you are trustworthy. If you are one of the people who wrote down, that ye the revelation, you are trustworthy. So he told those people knowing their condition, knowing that condition of the irob the Bedouins when the people come to get the cat from you, give it to him. Why? Because the Bedouin will look at you when you come for this kind of thing. Why are you taking my money? I work hard for my money who you think do you think you are? No man and I take your money that money is Allah man okay me that money is Allah that's my money. And that's how the Bedouin is, he doesn't understand.

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So therefore, the Prophet was advising them sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to have gentleness and respect at took the deer and their arm, either. A Sir Don't be nasty with them. Don't be rough with them. Don't be tough with them. He said to us in an authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam into his companions main lobby pleased with

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them is that Jack Coleman Musa dip fell yesterday I will come, well who can come Robin, if the person comes to you people to get the cat make sure he doesn't leave you, except that he's pleased with you. So the narrator of this hadith, who was jarred, even Abdullah and Beji, Li, may Allah be pleased with him. He said, once I heard that hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us, when the people come to get this cut, make sure that they leave and they're happy. He said, they never came to me, except that I made it my business to make sure he came and he left him he was happy.

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And this part of the Hadith, the reason of the hadith is important. This is important. The companion derivative and Abdullah bin al beggarly, may Allah be pleased with them. He's like I was mentioning last night about Abu Bakar, the bad of the companions. And that many of them when they were here, something, a hadith once they heard it, when they married it that hadith, they would tell the people and I never left it after I heard it. Like in this case, I heard the Prophet say Salah while he was setting it up, if they come, and they ask you for this as a cat, give it to him, make sure they leave. They're happy, he said, and never happened after I heard that, except that I executed it.

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I don't even have any toilet. May Allah be pleased with him. He wanted to get for Fatima. Some help inside of the house because she developed calluses. The Prophet came to their house, and he gave him some advice. He said, I give you something better than someone who will help her to do the housework. He said every night before you go to bed, say subhanallah 33 times, say Alhamdulillah 33 times say Allahu Akbar 34 times every night before you go to bed. It said, once I heard that when I heard it, I never left it for the rest of my life. Live it up into this point. Someone from the audience heard and it said, What about the Battle of Sofia the night of Sofia, when you were having

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that fight? And the civil strife between you and the other companions? Aisha Radi Allahu, as if to say even in the rough time the rough nights, you didn't forget that. He said even in that night, I didn't forget it. Those are the companions. They he has something and that's it.

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Our mother, um Habiba. May Allah be pleased with her a woman. She said that I heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. Anyone who prays 12 rockhard in a day Sunnah prayers to for the fragile, two or four before vol two or four after two before us and so forth. If you pray 12 Sunnah prayers, know why Phil coming into the masjid, but you make 12 every day or any day. A house will be built for you on that day and Jana, she said when I heard that, I never left it.

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Never every day. Who does that? Who he is a Hadith, and then he sticks to it. Who does that? The Companion of the Prophet Applewood arrived the Allahu Taala and who he said that my friend Oh Sami Khalili, my bosom friend my allele Rasulullah sallallahu it was sending them he advised me to do three things. He advised me to fast three days of every month, he advised me to pray Salah to Doha, Salah to Baja once the sun comes up before salata Zohar, he advised me to pray at least two hours guys, every day of Doha, and he advised me to go to sleep.

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But to make winter before I go to sleep, he said I never left it once I heard it. And we can keep going on keep going on keep going abdulai Bing, Allah, may Allah be pleased with him. He heard the Hadith of the prophets of Allah while he was sending them anyone who has something that A should make a will see if you die, may Allah give us all long life Kulu I mean, he said if you owe money you have I will see you or you want your family know something. I owe them money. They owe me money. He said two days should not pass you by except that we'll see it has to be written. So you heard it today.

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Two days you have something I also want so many are also in so many.

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Abdullah bin a lot of said once I heard that Hadees my will see it was written with me.

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And that's the Companions Ridwan Allah He I need him

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and we can keep going. Someone should give a football about how the companions did this because Allah Allah

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examples, but we want to move on in sha Allah Huhtala we go to the point that's really important and that is

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the reason why the Prophet said this to the people was because some Bedouins came to him some Allah who it was sent him to complain. They say y'all Sula.

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The people come to get, I was a cat and they oppress us. They make room they oppress us. Rasul Allah. Allah will do Musa Dicky comb, no be good to the people who are taken as a cat, because his people who he sent to them without pressing them. That was the understanding of the headwinds that taken our money. So he said, to be good to him knowing that mentality. And it's similar to the famous ideas we mentioned many times here, of the man who used to work, and a mother and a son, that son used to work and his father was living with him. And the father used to take his sons money without his knowledge, while the sun was out, and he working. And as someone come back with a new

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money and realize, my father has taken my money. And he went to the Prophet to complain about something that really happened. Yato sulla, my dad is taking my money, and he was really taking the money, not like the Bedouins, it was a figment of his imagination, they were taking that he was taking his money, the Prophet said to him, sallAllahu, it was sending them

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your money, and you and to a man locally, or be you and your money belong to your father, you and your money belong to the Father, as if to say to the man, what your father did was not okay. But if it wasn't Allah for Allah, and then your father, you wouldn't be here, no, but your money be here. So handle this situation, manage the situation, don't punch a father in the face.

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Don't wrestle your dad, and put them in an armbar.

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Don't go to the pole pole, and rat your dad out.

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Don't treat your pops like that. You have to try to deal with them. And that's not just money. You and your children belong to your father.

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You and your children belong to your mother, and so forth and so on. So then they'd be of Islam SallAllahu it was setting them knowing their situation. And this is important for people giving Dawa. That you have to know the people you're dealing with. You have to be able to read the room. You have to be able to deal with the people know the intellect, like our children. I say well, Allah He Billahi to La he is it's easy to say our kids aren't anything, because they are very problem. Big problem the kids today 2023 Kids are problem 2023 The way we deal with our mothers and disrespect our mothers. That way we won't do and we won't pull our weight in the house. The kid your job is

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1213 1112 13 His job is simply keep the trash in the toilet in the bathroom or Kamala Kamala and the kitchen. Just always throw the trash out, you can't do that.

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You have to tell them throw the trash out, throw the trash out to trash out, as if you don't have enough to do already.

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And then when he goes to throw the trash out for an example, he throws the trash out. But the way he puts it out is not right brings the bins back in and he brings the build right in front of the door for an example, that kid on his own. He has to say, let me do this the right way. Now it's easy to say our kids are not nothing. They're no good.

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But that's not how we have to deal with people, especially our Chabad we have to deal with people in a gentle easy way. My people from America African Americans, they're not like you.

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So now the question presents itself and we bring this to a close in sha Allah azza wa jal what happens if the one who goes to collect his account and reality stills and oppresses he oppresses the people and taking too much Zika he takes more than he should take for an example. Or he takes when you shouldn't be taken and he'll presses them that can happen. Especially now. Instead of the people being sent around to get this account. We have people coming around taking taxes from us

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or we have to pay taxes taxing us to death in the Muslim world. And when you talk about the UK, the holder will pull what the 11 Vela.

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I have to say it again. I don't know how they want to get those Council taxes from me after the corona

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I say that in public, I don't know where it's coming from. Maybe I'll be like that man who put some money inside of the wood and throw it in the water. Because I don't know where they're gonna get that money from taxes up to here, many of us

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so if the person came, the Musa came, and he oppressed you this is a big sin. The Prophet told them will either be new Jebin may Allah be pleased with him, knowing that people in nicotinic democra, comb him and Al Kitab you are going to a group of people who are Christians and Jews know who you're dealing with. You're not going to mature to keen. You're not going to Sikhs and Hindus, you're not going to atheists and agnostics. You're going to a group of people who have some kind of fear some background, you have to know who you're giving dower to. What's his condition? Is he rich? Is he poor? Is he educated, not educated? Has he been abused? What does he have mental issues with who you

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dealing with? Is he a Bedouin, not a Bedouin, some of us we give dower to people the same across the board. And that's not Hickman Hickman is putting things in the proper place. You're going to give Dawa to someone and the same question that that person asked us give a different answer to a different person, as the Prophet used to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yarrells Allah. Can I kiss my wife when I'm fasting? Yes. You got also love. Can I kiss my wife when I'm fasting? No.

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Why yes to him, because he's an older man. He's 65 years old. He's 55 years old. Why no to him? Because he's like you 1718 He just got married three days ago.

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Can you kiss his wife while he's fasting? No.

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Don't come to that door. So we have to know that people Yeah, I'm live. You're going to the people from Albuquerque tab. Make the first thing you call them to La ilaha illa towhee. The Tauheed.

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One of the main reasons last night, we gave that talk Abu Bakr, Sandeep and the men had just said if he is because we find today, people want to talk about the Imani act, those things that make you feel good, and they have their place in Ellis lab. But we can't talk about that all the time. beruwala Ed, and in all of those Imani ad, is an E man with the towhee the Allah but people won't even address that aspect of Tawheed. If the people called you and said, Can you give a lecture? Yes, what's the title, they say? We want you to give a lecture how to fry an egg. You have to put Tauheed in that lecture.

00:27:44--> 00:28:02

You have to put the Sunnah in that lecture. You have to put one in the people of innovation in that lecture. How to fry an egg. Allah created that chicken, lay that egg. You have to put two heat in it now. Good Whitey Dane. That's all totally.

00:28:04--> 00:28:38

But the person only talks about it from the angle of your mother. She went through so much. That's so your mother. That's true. But what about who created our mothers? And who told us and this is what we find a lot of dewata doing today. Compassionate Imams, compassionate Imams. So in this regard, call them to towhee if they accept that, then tell them after pray five times in a day in a night. If they do that, tell them that Allah has made it Whadjuk for them to give them the cat

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wedges. And then the Prophet told them and this is the point some Allah who it was sending them

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what yaka what Cara and wanting him. But beware of taking the best of the money. Don't take the best of their money. avoid that. What does that mean? You're a man who owns all of these camels. And you have the fall of the camel, the big, fat, strong, meaty, metal camel, don't take those camels. Take the medium ones, the moderate ones. Don't take the worst of the camels and don't take the best of the man's money. Don't take the best of his cows, the best of his sheep. Don't do that. Take the one that the man is not going to get mad at you. The religion is telling him give me the best of what you have. Our religion doesn't tell us that. Our religion says give to the deen what you can do.

00:29:40--> 00:29:43

Don't put in people's heart hatred towards the religion.

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

So the Prophet told the Musa dip, don't take people's money and just the what if he you if they do that? What do we do? We have three things that we can do according to the keytab and the Sunnah.

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The first thing is

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you can complain to the leader, the leader of Ellis lab, from the men has said if he, we are not people who left in the community without any leadership, we don't want to sit in and live in a society and there's no leader. And yes, the leaders may be bad at any given time.

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But the self used to say 1000 years, under the authority of a bad leader, is better than one night, when there is no leader at all.

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And that's because when there's no leader at all, every time Dick and Harry from the criminals is coming out, and they're gonna run up in your house, and they're gonna kill you and take your wife and take your wealth and take your car, and they're gonna electrocute you and burn you. They're gonna split your head, they're going to take your organs and sell them. And that's going to be fitting in the earth, like it was with Qaddafi.

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Qaddafi was not the best leader as it relates to Al Islam. Even some scholars said he was a Kaffir, because some of the things he used to say and do. Saddam Hussein wasn't the best leader as relates to a snap. Some people said he was a Catholic. But they were too strong, powerful leaders in their countries. And the criminals were afraid to come out. And as a result of that, as a result of that, they had an economy.

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The Iraqis was some of the most educated people in the Arab world.

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They were educated. They were builders. If you go to Iraq, back then it was one of those places, you go say, wow, look what the Arabs are doing today. And Libya, the same thing, but when the non Muslims of America and other than them helped to overthrow those countries to steal our wealth and kill our people, Dinesh came out, and all these other people, not only Dinesh they came out until this very day, it's not safe to go to Iraq. It's not safe to go to Syria. It's not safe to go to these places. Because once the authority is compromised, the life changes. The Prophet told the people sallallahu alayhi wa sallam meant us per her. Ramona, fee syrupy, anybody wakes up and he has

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safety and security and the place where he lives more often free bed and he and he has good health. He doesn't have cancer. It doesn't have some crazy disease. And what did the pool Yomi he he found enough to eat that day. Three things that most of us have wakes up in the morning. He has safety and security. He wakes up in the morning. He has pretty good health. He wakes up in the morning, and that individual has enough to eat that day a bowl of cereal.

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He has enough to eat he ate something he wasn't *in he said

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he's at low who had dunya because fieri ha it is as if that person has been given all of the dunya and the reins of the dunya and we're walking around all sad because we don't have a lot of chatter. No, the Hadith of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lay Selena and kisses in the marina Rena knifes having wealth is not having a lot of money. Having wealth is having a good disposition

00:33:39--> 00:33:48

that you will with your babies and you will have a happy and you with your brothers and you you live in and after the Dulles we can all go to momos

00:33:50--> 00:33:51

people can't do that.

00:33:53--> 00:34:35

So what do we do? Number one, if they take your money, you can complain to the leader? Like the Bedouins did, they complain to the Netbeans of Allah who it was sent him concerning their perception. Yeah, Rasul Allah, they came in, he taken our money, they will press us, you go to the leader, we don't take the affairs in our own hands, killing people getting revenge, beating up people. Now we don't do that. This is common in South Africa. This is common in Kenya. You hear someone saying Weezy Weezy. And he's running down the street Weezy He's a thief. He's a thief. Everybody's going to try to stop them. And they're not going to ask questions. They'll stop them.

00:34:35--> 00:34:51

And once they stop on there, start banging him putting their hands on him. Or throwing a tie on a dude and setting them on fire. The judge the jury and the executioner all at the same time. That's not our religion. We have any man.

00:34:52--> 00:34:59

Where's his due process? The Prophet told us of the love while he was setting them if people were given according to the mere claims you

00:35:00--> 00:35:37

People will clean up blood in the lives of people. I'm in my store. Someone comes I don't like what he said and how he did I say, Wheezy. Oh easy. And he does what the African American does in America when the police comes. He's not going to stand around and try to explain that. Let him Wheezy because he knows people want to beat him up. He'll run just to try to escape. And that's the worst thing you can do. So the African American asked how he feels. The police come and you get nervous. You don't know what to do. Should I do that? He says no good to do cut to India. I'm not cutting the engine off. You better cut the engine off. I'm gonna put a hole in your head. That's how they are.

00:35:37--> 00:35:43

And most people if you're not trained to deal with that stress, you will make the wrong move naturally.

00:35:45--> 00:36:08

May Allah Tala help my people and guide them to Allah Sam, and may Allah deal with those police who would like that? Every cop is not a bad cop. Every cop is not a bad cop. But those people paramilitary folks that have been unleashed on us unleashed like some of those big dogs, you know, those big massive mean dogs, but those dogs call

00:36:09--> 00:36:15

nah man and big dogs like in Afghanistan and big big ones. What do they call

00:36:16--> 00:36:17

one person want

00:36:20--> 00:36:25

big ones? They real ferocious? They'll they'll bite the pit bulls head off.

00:36:26--> 00:36:29

They have big. That's how they got leashed on us.

00:36:32--> 00:36:33

Second thing what can you do?

00:36:35--> 00:36:55

Second thing that you could do is you give him Dawa you give him the see her you tell him you're doing this wrong? What are you doing? This is not allowed. Right. So let's say Jaco ACARA I'm Whitey nine. You can't take our money. Don't do that. You give them down with Allah. The third thing is you can prevent yourself from giving them you refuse to give them your money.

00:36:56--> 00:37:26

And hopefully it won't escalate. Hopefully. And where did that come from? It came from Abu Bakr Siddiq read the Allahu Anhu as a philosopher, when he had the issue with him bedouins who didn't want to give his account of apostate it. He wrote a book, he wrote a letter to the Muslim empire. And in that letter, he talked about Zakat and how it was formed. And sign Bukhari, this word, this hadith, this essence,

00:37:27--> 00:37:40

Abu Bakar being the responsible Scotland the one who's responsible for the community, he sent to the Muslim empire at that time, and the Arabian Peninsula. He said, Read the Allahu Anhu for a Min Soo

00:37:41--> 00:38:31

Min and Muslim in other words, he had failure T Ha, woman Sue either for kaha Furla your T ha. When they come to get you as a cat. If they ask for it by the Huck the right amount and everything, then you Muslims, give them this a cat. And if they come and they ask you for more than what is due, don't give it to him. So the man said Nah, you're not getting my money. Not getting my money, but we got to try to de escalate the situation. Because there is a Hadith men Cotulla doula Miley he for who was Shaheed anyone who was killed, protecting and saving his money. He's a Shaheed but that hadith has Fick. I wouldn't advise you for one second.

00:38:32--> 00:38:48

Being in your car at the petrol station, Allah forbid, and I'm giving this hypothetical about somebody else who's in Alaska right now. He's getting petrol and people roll up on him at the gas station and pull that guy down and say you know what time it is.

00:38:49--> 00:39:22

You know what time it is? If that said to you don't look at your watch so yeah, yeah, no, don't don't do that. He's not talking about that. You know what time it is. Man give up that chatter right now. You get it take take it, take it. Because what I have my life is more expensive than that. I have a wife. I have children. I want to stay on this side of the Earth. Take take it take it. But if I ever see you again, not that you tell him that but if you ever see him again.

00:39:25--> 00:39:26

So like if he was sent Amma

00:39:28--> 00:39:30

my son was shot like that in his stomach.

00:39:31--> 00:39:46

And I tell him right now you are a dead man. Walk in your dead man. Walk in, get yourself together. Allah gave you another lease on life. And he blasted him two times, African Americans.

00:39:48--> 00:39:52

For some chump change. Gonna kill someone for some chump change.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

So as a race to the Musa deck, if he asked for more, we want to press you you don't have to go

00:40:00--> 00:40:10

Give him the money. So this is what we wanted to present today in sha Allah to Allah. If you brothers have any questions about today's dollars, you can ask your questions Hi Linda come shake Anybody got any questions for today's guests

00:40:14--> 00:40:29

okay have a what's Allah Allah who was sending him about it and then the biggie now while it was hobby he Suhana coloboma, were behind the car. Well I shared when ilaha illa and stop Furukawa to even sell a camera to La he was about a cat