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2017 9 7LMM After Maghrib

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Bismillah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala proceed you know have you been on Muhammad in early he or so have your domain or bad grammar declared first of all, I'm sure next year everyone will be on autopilot they can have each other with their families like to see your so we're going to continue to call from where we left off we didn't Allah to Allah today we'll finish Ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba sorry which is the chapter of purifications regarding like waters and how to make we'll do it how to make them them how to do listen and what not just and what's what's pure, religiously pure, and when religiously impure and how these impurities impurities work with one

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another now, today, there will be a lot of comparative

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whether I like it or not. The issues that are going to come up today are gonna be a bit

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I guess prickly and difficult people are gonna have a lot of questions. So so I don't have to answer a million questions. I will just myself explaining each and every

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concept or topic that comes up that has more than one opinion regarding it and Java to make it easier now we're where we stopped off last time was I'm not sure

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We it's Willa euro and Chi Minh in the desert. That's where we stopped off laughter last time, I'm not sure which page it is on your you find it when I refer you been going a bit so it's page 25 That 25 there. So page 25 Right in the middle. It says when you offer your offer and she in Nigeria 30 No, no, I have here Inelia, Ceylon Mina Demi well, and then nothing from the impurities from the jetset and anything that just is impure

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examples, examples would be urine, feces, blood, pus, right, these are impure impure substances, which means none of them

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no amount of impure impure substances are forgiven when it comes on your clothing or on your body in order for you to be able to pray in order for you to be able to pray to do it to perform Salah you need not to have any impact on you as well. So, you have to have purification or purity by performing will do or listen, but you can pray with urine on you right. So what this sentence is saying is that there is no amount of

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there is no amount

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of impure impure substances that are forgiven, except Luc, except very, very small amounts from them and from both blood and pus, right.

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Why am I net? Why am Allah Neff Sarah who says, and I'll explain that a second. And living things that don't do not have amounts of blood in them like insects when I learn of Salah Husa meaning enough's a spirit. So you don't mean that has fluid in it that has blood in it. So this is basically talking about insects, different types of insects, is our fill in a warmer Taffy in a hula hula juicer in insect falls into a jug of water and dies in it, it doesn't turn that jug of water tonight just in the water is not necessary. There's a dead fly in water, you just throw it out if there's a dead cockroach, you know, you're not gonna get it? Well, you throw it out, you can still use it for

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will do at least so you don't have to get rid of it. You got to throw it out.

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So where did that? Okay, so yeah, so this is where they differ on the really big matter. The Shafia. Yeah, which is what we're studying right now.

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They will forgive small amounts of blood and pus specifically, if it is smaller than a deal humbly, though it says it's a reference and old reference of a type of a coin, but basically this big. So if the if the spot is less than this, for HIV of blood or pus, then that is McAfee and who you can, you can pray for the 100. Via that is complete, if if less than a quarter of your garment, less than a quarter of your garment has been in Plus, you can still pray more than a quarter you can't. So that if you have a bigger margin, that anatomia and Molokhia don't accept that at all. It has. They don't forgive any amount of blood and pus out on

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a limb of the garment or any garment as a whole garment. And they differ on that. Usually, so don't ask me about the difficulty is really different. It was in the middle of Hanafy. They differ on what what they mean by garment, and how big a garment can be and how much it can be. But that's their general ruling that is less than a quarter or a third, then they're okay with you praying with it, but with a lot of differences within the method itself. They're Malkia and they don't forgive any amount of dumb

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blood and pus urine and feces at all. So if it's there you have to you have to get rid of it even if you're not sure, even if you got to see it now

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Shafilea regarding urine and feces regarding urine and feces. They forgive anything that cannot that is not visible that you can't see. If you can't see it, then then it's forgiven. Right? That's nothing to do well, what would happen if the color of the if I'm wearing something yellow and there's urine honest, I can't see there's no meaning that if it was a different color and the drop of urine that's there is so small that you can't see with your eyes, right then that is forgiven for the for the for the highness via right. They are okay with with Ron Burgundy as well. So the Anivia when it comes, they have a larger margin. So if you have urine feces, less than a coin size, then

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you can then you can then you can pray with them. So they they forgive a larger amount of of urine and feces if they're on if they're on your your garments that were to come from you know, so let's say let's No no, no. So let's say that you're walking in, and someone splashes urine on you, right. So if it's less than a coin size for the NFL, you can pray, you don't have to do anything. Right. For the FAA, if you can see, you have to remove it. Right, for the honeybee to even see it, you know that you were sprayed, but you can't see it, you still have to you have to go clean the garment. So let's say you're walking, and you're sprayed by an adjuster, right? For that for the hunt via as

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long as it's smaller than a coin, it didn't make us a spot bigger than a coin, or all the accumulative spots, don't make something bigger than a coin, then you can then you can pray for the area. If you can see it, you have to remove it. Right? You're only forgiven for somebody who can't see for the high nabina if you're sprayed, right, and then you look you know that your spray, but you can't see anything. You still have to you still have to clean the garment all over again. Yes. So my question is like, if at the drop of P comes out, yeah.

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That was good. No, I'll come to that in a second. That's what the point of doing this today.

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I'm assuming that for the border that's for like other than urine, and you select Blood, blood and pus, which is basically what we talked about the beginning so blood and pus. For the chakra. Yeah, as much as a coin is acceptable. More than that no other than a VHF is a CT, as long as less than a quarter of your garment, the medic can handle very strict on the on the existence of any type seven, the jetset on your garments, and they're very, they're very difficult. But regardless, it's just just how it is how they view it. Now, the point that needs to be brought up is dribbling. That happens commonly, you know, to make it to men, and sometimes, sometimes to older women, which is

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dribbling after your you go to the bathroom, if you go to the bathroom, as long as you put in the effort to try and empty the urethra from.

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From urine, then you've done your job, if anything comes out, right, as long as you as long as it's smaller than that did harm for the NFU, you're fine. But HIV as long as it's not seen something that can't be unseen, but you're not required to put in extra effort to cut to rid yourself of urine or feces. So So Islamically speaking, there is no evidence that you need to do anything specific and trying to get rid of upsetting up and down and which is good. You can do that. If you're if you want if you know that it works for you. But you're not required to do that. You just need to with a simple stroke, to push out whatever is left, anything that comes out after that, as long as it's

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less than

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that amount for the 100 view, then you're fine. Because this is not because not this is not actually your name. This is just something you can and that can lead to loss and who's called something you cannot you cannot dodge it's just a

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fact of how we exist further Govt. If it's if it's visible, you have to you have to you have to clean it off. Yeah. And by leaving it, you actually have to like, wring it out? Or can you just put water. So you can just sprinkle water, you have to actually rub it with water. So you have to like take some water and then rub it with water once or twice and then wash your hands. So that's how you get rid of it. So you don't have to wet rinse it. You don't have to rinse it out. No, but you can't just spray water on it. That's not enough, you actually have to kind of rub it with your hands. Okay, so that's I know, I'm sorry, but it is it is what it is. This is regarding a problem that is

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quite common, which is after you go to the bathroom, sometimes you feel that there's something may have come out, right? You're not sure of it. You don't need to be sure of it, it's fine. If this is no problem. And even if you do find something later, as long as it's less than 20, then you're the Hanafi you're still good. And I would take that I would take that photo for this because it's just, especially today. I think there's a I think there's a lot of changes on to the human biology today. And this is more common than it ever was. Well, I think one of the reasons is the fact that we don't go to the bathroom on Arab old Arabic bathrooms, which is of course you know the difference if

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you're coming if coming from the Arabic country or Indian country or Pakistan or any of the you know, Western countries or countries. We don't sit down like kings to go to the bathroom as we do here. And then do it in Michela clean and pure water. Sometimes we go to the back that we should think about that. We do our business and water that is cleaner than most people around the world drink.

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Subhanallah it's a very it's a Yanni I don't know, I don't believe but in different parts of the world they sit down right so when you sit down actually the pressure is higher so you get rid of more urine and more feces, from your from your system, and it's less likely for you to dribble but the problem is you

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It's not enough to do that once or twice, it has to be a habit is how you're supposed to go to the bathroom long term. So you don't end up with that little dribbling. But for the Hanafi, as long as it's less than a coin, then you're good to pray or regardless for the Shafia. Yeah, it's it's a matter of something, Is it visible? Or is it not visible, you're not required to put in too much effort into trying to empty the urethra as long as you've tried, you've done the normal, the normal, yada yadi stroke, then you're good. And then you can get up and you can do your thing. But you should wait. If you know that there's something coming. Like you know, that takes you once or twice,

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especially for elderly men who need to who the whenever they go to the bathroom, it takes some time for them to get rid of the the flow of urine, and they should be a bit more patient when they're doing that. Yes.

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What about repeating in this case?

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What do you mean?

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I was

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talking about a person who like wrote the day it happens, you know, you don't have to repeat. No, and that's the Hanafi again, right? So the anatomy and mitigate don't accept that. So they are much more strict on the on the issue. I don't think I've because this issue is not common. So you don't find it in the books of word for word I had to actually come up with these answers. We had to we had to ask like why didn't you have to ask actual scholars who were living to tell us with them and have looked at it most of the most current scholars today don't have a problem with the dribbling especially when it's when their marks is very small, especially when you have no control over it

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they do given an example of maybe putting a tissue or something so that if anything comes out it soaks into the tissue and and into your clothing and then you throw it out before you pray. There's a few ideas that they have but generally speaking I'm just giving you the basic idea as long as it's smaller than a certain amount then you're good and Charlotte to bring it I think a lot of them they say that sounds like it's time for prayer. Maybe we'll do like if you lose it in the process it's fine. Yeah, exactly. So some of them when if you're someone who has a issue of

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competency in competency in your own you can hold it then then you then you should make will do before every prayer right even if you didn't go to the bathroom just make every pair before every prayer that that is it. Yes. What can I do for you? Number two Speaker I told you so far. Yeah.

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But let's

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guys, maybe next time inshallah thank you so much, but I will I will. So next is like a look at Alright. Alright. So the next. So that is regarding what is what is forgiven from the mountains of majesta. All right, so for that for blood and pus for the Shafee as long as it's less than a coin, and for urine and feces, which is an adjusted Mohalla, which is a higher level of impurity, then it has to be something unseen.

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Many can't be seen, but if it cannot be seen has to be removed for the Anivia they have a different they have a larger margin for blood and pus as long as it's not a quarter of the garment and for

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urine feces of less than a coin.

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If it dries, yeah, is it more good not to wear that clothing? Anyone? Not just just

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just Oh, you mean after you after you wash it out? Yeah, you're fine. No, you don't need to do anything. Yeah, yeah, you can. Yeah, definitely. That goes for underwear as well.

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Again, not the nicest thing to talk about, but if you're, if you're wearing underwear for a long time, and you you're you wash it quite commonly, but if there's any stains in it, that you wear it, you're fine. Like there's no reason for you to you know, get rid of it or get something new. Of course get rid of it get something new if you can afford it, but if not, then you can still pray with that no problem at all. Okay, yes, after watching it, of course. Okay. To answer the

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the way, Persia

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either way, like so it's not called plus plus is never clear. If it's clear that it's not post it's a fluid it's just an accumulation of fluid is not actually plus.

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Yeah, so pimples is using post has to have some white element or some has to be frothy. It has to be frothy. If it's if it again this is not the but if it's fluid and it says that it's water it's not it does not consider this bus at all. Especially if you have a burn let's say you have a burn so it kind of

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it's not doesn't turn to white but at the beginning just turns into like a little bubble of water. So that's not seen as blood or pus Alright, he's not gonna look it okay then we move on to the point after that this is just to explain what is okay when it comes to impurities on clothing or on yourself what amounts are okay with our mouths or not okay, what halen who could live without her and all animals are pure. All animals are pure during their lives while they are alive this is talking about something that is live and breathing right death is a different thing. So when hyaluron hula hoop are here now whenever you you'll find for the Shafia Yes

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Yeah, so of course

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so for the trophy Yeah, every time that comes up with HIV you will immediately see Enlil Kelby Wilkins here so therefore the HIV everything is pure except the canine and the board or the or the biggest

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is that every part of them Yeah, so for that matter, well let them in Houma. Oh mean Hema, and everything that is born from them, or from one of them. So let's say that there's in

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for racial marriages within the cane Animal Kingdom like there is between donkeys and mules and horses and whatnot. So there's something like that for for dogs or for boars than anything that comes from one of them is going to be not just for HIV as well. Their bodies are indigenous. And there is also not just their

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saliva is not just for the Czechia right now, I'm gonna have to of course explain this as well because this is a matter of importance here in these in these countries. For the Shafia Yeah, and the henna Vita, and the gem Hula, hula and everyone else, they will see all animals to be pure besides the boar and the canine

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their bodies here and saliva, the honey via see that their bodies are bought here, but their saliva is not the medic ESA the canine and the boar are both butter, bodies and saliva. That makes sense. So when we understand the different opinions here, so the Jim hornish and other scholars as well, they see the canine and the bore to be just to be impure both body and saliva, right, and how the VSA that the body is bobblehead for the canine in the border but the saliva is not the medic ESC pa her both ways. I mean, they don't see you know, just stuff for the canine or the boar bodies nor saliva, but they do believe that it's haram to eat them. Obviously, that is not changing. So It's

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haram to eat to both the boar and tell him to be a dog as well as both Yes, but with HIV, uh, yeah, which is the Jim hood, then the boar and the canine are just both bodies and saliva. Now, I would consider with with the Medicare and Hanif ESA, regarding the skin or the bodies of dogs, specifically when you're living here, because it's sometimes very hard for you to sometimes you're in an elevator, or you're walking on the street and a dog, you know, rubs up against you. And if you believe that his it's not just that you have to go and wash this up and wash your hands, it becomes very, very difficult for you to to function. So you can take the Maliki and the Hanafi because they

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both see the body to be thought here. Now when it comes to saliva only the medic er still see it to be heard. And they don't see us on the saliva of every other animal. And they don't because it's a long argument and debate between scholars. It was why it seemed to be nebulous and why it seemed to be part of a quote why why is the body and saliva seem to be impure or pure, I'm not gonna get into the into the detail of the of the delille and how they say they have their arguments and they have their their reasonings and they have their understandings for why they see what they see but this is what they see this is how they see it so you have the ability to take that and also if you want to

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make specifically if you're living in a place where it's quite common for you to be you know rubbing up against dogs or you have no choice to do it then you can use us to be still be able to to pray maintaining your purity understanding that some scholars are half them at least see that the body of the canine in the board to be able to have Yes, is there agreement and the mother had an animal dies if it wasn't slaughtered or wasn't Yeah, that's a different thing. Yeah, yeah, they all agree that the use of that animal is not like allowed if it wasn't going through that means it slaughtering Yeah, so the the use of the meat you mean yes. Oh

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yeah. So that yeah, so they all agree that it's not slaughtered? It's not slaughtered any one way or another, then it's then we cannot use the meat at least. So we got you for for consumption. Yeah. For other things. Maybe.

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That means like the meat of a

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pig or a dog. Is that animal?

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midges? No, that was not in the gist. But if the meat of the pig are they still in the mouth, and the saliva will be nudges until until he swallows it and goes away. But no, they won't be in it just by

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your and so so lips, your lips, your hand or your clothing. So you have two opinions here you have the gym holder that say that this is the just that you have to clean it off. Before you pray. You have to wash your hand or washer. And or you can take with the Maliki essay and that this is thought out and you can pray immediately you don't do anything right. I would wash it off. I would wash it off at that point because it's just Murata animaljam who so you stick to what the gym will say regarding that

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ruling but there is a bit more of what we'll talk about that in a second.

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So you know again, always go back to what takes away will do if you forget to go back to the beginning. Only a couple of stuff take will do away right know them and that's it nothing else takes will do away anything else you just need to remove if you're causing undigested remove that and if something you don't need to repeat or if someone needed the feces or in your hand you don't need to make will do it again if you have to just wash it off and then go ahead and and prayed often they will do again know what invalidates your will do and invalidates your need or makes you need a mandatory hosel not know what the market is only a couple of stuff, know them and then everything

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else you just remove whatever the desta has come your way now.

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Well major to Lohana DISA and everything that is dead, like brother Emanuel pointed out not slaughtered in the beehive proper way, at least in to a certain extent where there's some level of slaughtering. There's some level of blood

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being released from the body before before it dies. Ill assamica well gerada Well, except for three categories, fish to everything in the sea.

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Right so he's a fish back then this is a text written very long time ago but he was rich I lost my honey on him Ola. And back then they didn't really know the different types of living things that existed in the ocean. So they didn't know they were mammals and there were fish and they didn't that wasn't clear to them. So for them anything in the sea was a fish like a whale was a fish back then. So anything that dies in the sea, that is a that is a marine, mammal or or a marine animal. So a marine mammal or a fish then then it's not just so if you find a fish floating on top of you can pick it up and you can eat it. So it's not just it's not it's not impure. We're talking about the

00:20:47--> 00:20:54

onslaught. Yeah, so we're talking about anything that dies that is not slaughtered in the property that we have and of course, you have to slaughter

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against slaughter anything you have to Yeah, we're talking about when we talk about slaughtering, we're talking about a couple of types of of livestock, talking about cows and goats, sheep and camels. These are the stuff that you slaughter and becomes it's not just after that but everything else it's doesn't it doesn't apply so there's no other way to slaughter a lion because you know, you're not gonna have a line for food but if you need to, then that's a whole different story. You have no other there's no other food and mashallah you're Tarzan and you can slaughter the line and go ahead slaughter before eat it. But besides that, I can't think of another example where this

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would apply at all. So the first thing is Semak anything in the sea will Gerrard is grasshoppers and this is referring to insects. So because he already talked about insects a second ago that if an insect falls into a jug of water, or a cup of water doesn't make any difference even though it's dead, like that makes sense. Like it just falls in dead it doesn't make your cup and it just because it's an insect insects don't have blood. They have a circulatory system in them, but it's not enough blood for it to be considered.

00:21:53--> 00:22:11

Has fluids in it. So any any insect any small insect is still so up to a grasshopper it's acceptable. Spiders, cockroaches Of course not the mega cockroaches that we see in the Middle East but the small ones that we have here something like that, you know are not just if they're dead, and well me and the human being so the human being never is not just

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when he dies as he doesn't turn into an agency still by him when he when he dies right so those are the three categories of things that will die that will not become they just when they die, but other animals will be in a just so I mean you shouldn't if you if you pick one up you have you need to wash your hands after that or if it's have anything from it on you then you need to wash it off from me okay. We also will you know, mean will you will kill me well NZD Saba rotten if the Hoonah bit Rob. And if an inner if a if a container

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has a bar or a canine drink from it or eat from it, then it needs to be if you if you are to use it, of course not. If not not for them to use it. But for you to use it again, then you need to wash it seven times one of them needs to be withdrawn with with the stand mean you have to stand it up one of those times. So you watch it seven each time with water, dump it out water again, dump it out water again, one of the times has to be with the tool. Now, not everyone agrees to this now obviously the Medicare don't see this at all because they don't see the the saliva of the dog or the board to be in there just to begin with. So that's that doesn't apply to them at all. And the Hanafi

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don't accept that specifically mean they yes, they see the saliva to be nudges. But you don't need to do it seven times. It's just one time. Right. And again, I'm not going to get into the why part of this because this will turn our study into a tertiary Jonnie

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tech study maybe it'll take forever us to finish if I'm going to going to go through all the edits Inshallah, the next step of these types of these, the series of of Halaqaat when we're done like all the other small text, add them, we will study in sha Allah, something that has comparative cleaning as a part of it. Yes. What can I do for you coming from? I need somebody to call. Okay, God will help you. I'll give you a heads up you do have a call. Make a phone call.

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Anyone that catches

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that along?

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So the show if you

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see a difference between Kelvin with Rob will calibrate him with Rob so they see a difference between a dog that is used for hunting a hunting dog and a non hunting dog and maybe they don't, or some of them do actually, this guy is kind of middle range and we're not that will come up sometime in the in the in the text later on to talk about but they do differentiate between a stray dog and a hunting dog that you have prepared and trained to actually do do the job. And that's why the mannequins Anivia are much more loose when it comes to issues of dog saliva because they say what the Quran says for Kulu me ma'am, second Alikum this was Quran surgeon and you're giving me a hadith

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that Abu Hurayrah himself didn't even follow and he was observed not following a number of times. There's other Hadith that also go you know the Hadith that talks about it

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If that if you if a dog drinks from Nina, then you should wash it seven times. But there are a hadith that the dogs would walk into the masjid in and out and drink again didn't think so. So it's a matter of this is where if these were filters

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that would take all this evidence, and then they would discuss it. And they would debate it, and they would come up, and they will come with their own understanding. So when I give you the understandings I'm giving you they're standing up scholars who looked into the evidence quite deeply. Right now, I'm not trying to look into evidence with you, I'm trying to give you different opinions, so that you can choose what you guy you knowing that when all the opinions that I'm giving to you are valid, you can choose one of them, you're fine. If you want to say no, I don't feel comfortable, I want to stick to the more strict opinion on this, then you have you're allowed to do

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that. And if you want to take the

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lenient opinion on dogs and boys, then you can do that. You can do that as well. I believe it comes to, you know, to circumstances more, meaning it's more based on your circumstances. If you're someone who's working daily with dogs and bores, then you need to take what the medic ESA on this issue because there is a level of leniency in the in the issue. And if you're someone who barely ever sees a dog or a boar in his life, then you know, you can stick to the with the analysis. So it's basically kind of it's it's more on what what your circumstances are?

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Say again, can you want

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a guard dog? Yeah.

00:26:21--> 00:26:22


00:26:23--> 00:26:54

Wouldn't be ninjas. So for the chef, he wouldn't be in for some of the Hanabi they wouldn't be in for the Hanafi and medica. Yes, it's not just at all, if it's if it's a trained canine, my understanding of all this, if you want to put aside like, all the different opinions, my understanding of it, Allahu Allah, and what I see is that the Prophet Muhammad like said, when he was talking about the majesta, of a dog, he was referring to stray dogs, dogs, and we come from a rural part of the world, where there are a lot of stray dogs, dogs that just run in the mountains, and they usually have they have rabies, they have a lot of different diseases, they're very, very

00:26:54--> 00:27:30

dirty, like they're just, they're filthy animals. So talking about the profits, I'm probably was talking about that type of dogs. And he was referring to dogs who were pets, or who are guard dogs, or hunting dogs, or he was talking about that, because you do have the ability, a dog can be trained to refrain from certain activities, and from eating certain things, or from doing certain things will keep him from away from impurities. So Allah who I am, this is the way the differences, opinion of opinion exists, but have these opinions that I that I shared with you, right, so you can feel free to choose or to follow whatever when you feel. So does this procedure go for other artists as

00:27:30--> 00:28:01

well? Was it just the dream from one from any container, so if they if they lick any container, right, and that's what you need to do? Right? You need to wash it seven times. This is what the Shafia you're saying. And this is what the Hanabi will also accept that you watch it seven times one of them has to be with sand, the amount of Fiammetta you don't see that at all. And if you say you have to, you have to watch it once because they still see this alive, but to me and it just and the medication has not been adjusted. Also you don't have anything like the Medicaid for them. The dog is just like a cat, they don't see a difference. And they believe that the hadith is taboo Yes.

00:28:06--> 00:28:06


00:28:10--> 00:28:43

No, no, no. So of course, that's a different issue. This is they have they have a different opinion on what you do. If a dog was to fall into a well, or any dead animal, because once it's dead, because it's gonna be dead don't after. So when it's dead, they're all the same. It could be a dead cat, a dead dog, a dead horse, anything if it's dead? And it's not just and it's in the well. So what are you supposed to do? So the scholars have different opinions, the Hanafi, they have an interesting comment on this, they say you would take out a certain amount of water, so you would get rid of I think they're, I think it's 200 liters for them, which is cool. Let's say they get rid of

00:28:43--> 00:29:12

that amount of water then the after that you can start using it normally for the wealthy for the gym, or you can just use it the same there are some things I tell you to close down the will and that of course, of course that doesn't work in places where this is the only source of water that people have and we're not closing this dude, we're gonna use this because we don't we're gonna starve or we're gonna die from from thirst. So but there's different ways of looking at it. And there actually was a hadith where there was a well, where there actually was known that Jasmine Rossum permitted him to continue to use it. So that gives more strength on attain if there's at

00:29:12--> 00:29:13

least, maybe 200 or something.

00:29:15--> 00:29:17

Yeah, there's like, Okay, so that's yes. Okay.

00:29:22--> 00:29:54

So, so basically, what you take from what I said, is, I didn't talk about whether it's okay to own or not, well, we'll come to that Inshallah, later on in the text. What I did talk about is whether it's religious or not religious, right, so I told you what the gym would say they see the Santa Fe and Hanover, they see that the body and saliva are not just the hand if you say the body but not the saliva, but not the body is not just and the metagame say nothing about it isn't as us. So when you say Can I can I own a dog? Right, then you're gonna go by one of two things. Either you're accepting the Medicare's understanding of what canines are, or you're accepting with the Shafia Yohanna fee.

00:29:54--> 00:30:00

And how about the 100 below accept to be trained dogs, right because they have an understanding of trained dogs, but still you

00:30:00--> 00:30:29

You know, it's, it's more it's more of a cultural problem with dogs than it is a religious one. Certain things are more cultural than they are religious. I personally do not want a dog in my house ever for no reason. There's no real there's nothing you can tell me that will make me want to have a dog in my house. I don't care if you know, you've been pampering this dogs and today it was born and you feed it with you. I don't care. Don't bring it close to me. I don't want to see it. Don't want it touching me. I didn't don't like dogs. It's just a cultural thing. I grew up in a place where dogs were not something I was comfortable with. And still I'm not comfortable with like, I won't get

00:30:29--> 00:30:56

into an elevator when there's a dog. It's not racism against dogs. I just don't like being around dogs I have, I have no problem. I love the animals. I just don't want them around me. It's just, you know, it's just, it's a cultural thing. Your parents will never be okay with dogs. Do not try to bring the dog into your parents house. And if you do, don't come crying to me because I won't defend you. I don't like I'm not gonna tell you what the medic he is. I'm not I'm not gonna do it. I don't care. It's your problem, don't because there is a difference between understanding the film club stuff. And then what is practical for cultural sensitivities I want you to think about if you're

00:30:56--> 00:31:26

young, remember, memorize these two words and keep them in your mind. cultural sensitivities memorize those two words. These are things that are important. They matter to your parents, they matter cultural sensitivities, I don't see it for example, any problems with haircuts, my understanding my understanding of haircuts, I don't care if you walk in here interior with rainbow mohawk on your head, I don't it doesn't matter to me released I don't see a problem with it. But your dad will literally have a heart attack if he sees you, you know, shaving the side of your head. It's cultural. It's just how it is. You can't help it happens to me as well. Like if I see someone

00:31:26--> 00:31:58

with a certain haircut, I cringe my stomach kind of hurts. I don't know why it just I'm not used to it's culturally I'm not accustomed to it. Some things are very cultural. And some things are really sometimes you make the mistake of of trying to get the dean or the religion to side by our cultural, you know, desires. And I don't think that's fair. Like when there's more than one opinion, we should be open to the opinion because we can't walk around saying that no, no dogs are all No, that's not true. There is a very strong there is an opinion that is not about that is respected within the rules of jurisprudence that doesn't see them to be you know, you can agree it'd be nice just you can

00:31:58--> 00:32:19

agree with their opinion or you can disagree you have the right to do both, but it's still there their opinions still exists and it has some merit and it has you know, is deserved it deserves to be heard. Right? And then if you find it, it makes sense to you and you know, then you can go ahead with that and follow it but when it comes to owning dogs, that's a whole different ballgame. Okay. We go in Charlotte, we also inserted in the GSAT mandala 10

00:32:21--> 00:32:23

tip with within Eartha to affable

00:32:24--> 00:32:38

and then from every other every other type of majesta so ball urine feces, blood pus any other type of urine then you you wash my rotten dirty it just once just one time and Hadith that

00:32:40--> 00:33:13

raised about a widow who decided that is Hassan. Where he says kinda started to come see there were 50 solid will look stupid engineer but he said but I'm euro and you would do hosted from Genoa seven times. Well, most of us will already say about Milan and you would watch from urine also seven times for lemoncello Sula, he some Allah is the FIFA had thoughts on it, similar to Clemson in the private schools and kept on asking Allah to either make it easier until prayer became five will assume an agenda but it was too late, you know, and also became one time Well, first of all he wasn't there will be will be a what will be my button, and then to wash. urine from your garment garment also

00:33:13--> 00:33:31

became one. It's a hadith that some people say like But anyways, that's what they use for this. So everything else you just do. You just do one with fidelity to Abdol and 83 is better and you have no evidence for that. It's just a matter that everything the Prophet SAW Selim did in his life, if he could, he did it three times. So maybe this is something you should do a few times but don't have evidence for it. Yeah, maybe they would just assume because when he woke up in the morning, he was lost. There you go three times. Yeah.

00:33:34--> 00:33:44

Exactly. And everything. And everything. When it comes to cleaning the jet set? Is the debate between whether it is booty, or it's Helcom. Is it a ruling? Or is it is it

00:33:46--> 00:33:59

a general ruling? Or is it just a ruling of job would mean you're just it's an act of worship within incense, and that's where they kind of differ. I'm not gonna get into that right now because it's a more of a philosophical point than it isn't. Like, there is a clothing that has like,

00:34:00--> 00:34:06

I don't have to watch it in the washing machine few times. Yeah, you can do it once. Right? We just wash it once but wash it few times in your washing machine.

00:34:08--> 00:34:18

Please have mercy on everyone. Yes. Walk you through times, you know, washing machine, but it's better to have a look but three is better. Okay. Wait a little hombre to BFC ha ha rot.

00:34:19--> 00:34:41

Another type of majesta is alcohol, right? Alcohol that is there for consumption, not the stuff that they use in the hospitals for you know, cleaning wounds and sanitizing one's right. We're talking about actual consumable alcohol so that alcohol isn't just so if someone pours alcohol comes on you they need to wash that off and you have to take it out before you break it, isn't it just

00:34:43--> 00:34:46

it could lose a bottle beer wine.

00:34:48--> 00:34:52

That's not consumable alcohol, you can drink it and you can you open a perfume or you die.

00:34:55--> 00:34:56

So so there's

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

alcohol. Yeah, so it's like

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

Alcohol. I mean, is isopropyl is it considered? Yeah, so that's the thing. The thing is that alcoholic compounds are very different what Islam talks about as haram for consumption and not just in its nature is the consumable type. Right? It's not it's not the stuff that is used in medicine in medicine. It's not the perfumes are not anything else. This is just the stuff that is consumable that is intoxicating, even meaning to even be more specific has to be intoxicating, as well because there's other there's other

00:35:28--> 00:35:51

compounds or things that have certain levels or certain amounts of alcoholic compounds in it, but it is not. It's not intoxicating, it's just it's just a part of what it is. Regardless that that's a bit more of a that's a bit deeper than what I'm what I think we should go into right now. What we're what the text is saying very simply, is that the Hello let it what is the what is the translation have to handle it in the English translation? What's what is it? What are they using? If it so what?

00:35:53--> 00:36:30

So what is that? What is the translation there? I just, I'm just interested to know what them Yeah, exactly, because I'm gonna say pickled, but it's not gonna be pickled, has, like, turns into anything. Yeah. So alcohol can lose its its characteristics. And it can go from being alcohol to being vinegar. soaked. Yeah. So it can turn into vinegar to be I think, vinegar iced. I don't know, maybe maybe that's a road, maybe it's not, but it can be it can be turned into vinegar. So if alcohol is if you add water to it, or if water is taken over, you're left in the sun, there's different things that can happen to that it can turn into vinegar. So if that happens to it on its

00:36:30--> 00:36:35

own, meaning it just left for a while, and then it turns into vinegar, then it still has no

00:36:36--> 00:37:09

denatured because it's when you weigh the original, there you go. denatured. But yeah, I know that there's a word for I should know, because I studied chemistry is I can't remember the word. Alright, I know anyway, I don't know if English, but so it changes it goes from being alcohol to be in vinegar. And when it does that on its own, then it just started meaning the vinegar itself is back to being it's no longer gonna just anymore. We're in holiday that we thought he in the lung doctor, and this is the again, this is the opinion of the chef. Yeah, yeah. So let's say that it turns into vinegar, not on its own, but by putting something in it. So you put something in it, and then it

00:37:09--> 00:37:14

turns into vinegar, then it's not going to it's going to still be in the just why? Because the thing that you threw into it.

00:37:15--> 00:37:47

It when it entered, it touched something that just so it became there just right. So yes, the turn into vinegar, but it's still not just that thing, right. So that thing that you've put into it is stillness. So now you have a small container of vinegar that has something that just in it, which means this whole thing is stillness. So that's how the Shafia you look at it. Other scholars have very different opinions on this issue, actually, every month is kind of divided right in half, even the Shia, you have many opinions within them that say that it's not an ageist anymore. Yes. So if you add a catalyst would be allowed, if it's fear is something like some of them have that have said

00:37:47--> 00:37:49

that you can't add a catalyst whatsoever.

00:37:51--> 00:37:52

So they don't

00:37:53--> 00:38:31

say that most of them not all of them just has to happen. Yeah, most of them, but some of them, there's other opinions within the shamans hub that see that if something is capable of purifying Come on, then it cannot be turned into it cannot be made impure, like like soap, right? So it was not not just because you touched it with your you know, grubby hands or whatever it is your washing off, right? So it didn't because it is capable of purifying yield, right? So the same thing goes for whatever it is you put into the alcohol and turn it into vinegar. So that's it. So some of them accept that. And I think that's more makes more sense. Yeah, maybe related. But what is your selling

00:38:32--> 00:38:37

alcohol and you make money from it? Is that money? Haram? Definitely. Yeah.

00:38:40--> 00:38:54

Yeah, so don't have alcohol, or cigarettes or lotto tickets, or shisha or muscle, or you know, any of that stuff, just don't sell stuff that have sugar in it. Right? If you are pork, as a Muslim, you shouldn't be

00:38:55--> 00:39:31

dealing with these things directly. Now, he says you ask the question. So if you're working at a place that sells sometimes pork or meat, then you can if you're definitely a delivery person, then you're fine. You can you can you can deliver it, it's not a problem. You can actually cook it as a Muslim, you shouldn't be cooking meat, pork, when it comes to alcohol, no, you can't cook it, you can't use in your cooking, you cannot consume it, you cannot carry it, you can't deliver it. You can't handle it at all. Meaning so if you're gonna get a job at superstore or at Laos, or you're getting a job there then you need to be very clear with the person you're talking to that I don't

00:39:31--> 00:40:00

handle alcohol. If they're not okay with that then find different ways to work. Right just find a different way that doesn't make you work with alcohol because you have a right actually from a religious point of view here in this country to ask for that that I don't I religiously, I cannot touch alcohol at all. I don't carry it. I don't put it in the bag. I don't do anything. I don't touch it at all. So you know and stand up for your rights. If you're gonna work. You know, you have the right not to have to deal with that garbage. So ask for that whenever you're working or you can't work. So you can't cook it. No, you shouldn't be cooking it if you deliver

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

or like a pizza with pepperoni. That's fine. You can just It's lamb it's actually its meat. So it's halal we actually had on before that he so It's haram with it's it's an extension of meat that's haram but alcohol is haram with its origins is halal all of everything about it so you shouldn't be dealing with it in any form. And that's I know that's a bit hard here. But actually the Canadian laws allow for easily meaning you have the right to ask when you go to the employee not to work with certain substances, and especially for religious reasons, and inshallah if you don't get a job but you know superstore to get a job elsewhere insha Allah and you'll be able to work at

00:40:32--> 00:41:16

LG, there's no reason I wish there were actually that would be a good allergy to spread amongst the world anything, fix all problems, you're allergic to alcohol that that'd be awesome. Anyways, so that's the first one a new chapter within the within the pirate. We are called human allergy to Dima and there are three types of bloods that come from Vonage from the basically the reproductive system. So we're not talking about leaving this is for women specifically. So we're going to tell you right now, it happens to ladies during during that time of the month, and what happens after birth. Right. And then something else that happens if there's a medical condition. So three types of

00:41:16--> 00:41:52

blood will leave a lady from her reproductive system. Dan will Haley when you first see what is the halvah so Hayyan which is the menstrual period blood and in the first is the after, after giving birth, the blood that comes after giving birth. And let's Dalva is basically blood that comes in between periods. So in between are in between or periods, it was not the time for a period and blood comes out right? So these type view types of the three types of blood are important for the lady to know how she's going to do her prayers and if she can faster if she cannot fast and whatnot. So for how you do who had done well, how did you mean thumbs up? Man? It is me the Saudi man the lady said.

00:41:53--> 00:42:31

So menstrual blood is the blood that comes out of her in her natural healthy status without having given birth to anything with anyone who asked for them to do that. And it has a certain color is dark black. Color is women know when it's a menstrual period blood so they know what it looks like when they know what it what, what the texture of it is, when the facile with them will hydrogel it but it will add and after birth, there's blood that comes out for a certain period of time as well. When it's you have to have a demo. How did you feel at a young man Haley when he first and then as to how there is blood that leaves lady that is not her menstrual period and it's not after birth. So

00:42:31--> 00:43:02

it's just in between periods that sometimes she will have some amounts of blood leave her now. Well I'll call Haley yo woodenware Leila and the smallest amount or the shortest amount of height of a menstrual period is a day and a night work total who have SATA, I shall not human and the longest or the will be 15 days, people who sit to know somewhere the most commonly six or seven. Now, a lot of we're going to read the next page or issues that medicine today have nailed down but it has nailed down to the

00:43:03--> 00:43:15

to the detail. So medicine now knows exactly what is you know, menstrual period blood and what is not. So everything that you're reading is not shallow. It is it comes from another or from

00:43:16--> 00:43:50

any, it's stuck right here. So observations and basic knowledge or common knowledge that existed at the time when he was writing this text. So they're from from their observation, the least a menstrual period can be is a day and the longest can be 15 days. Now today, there's a bit different numbers. So if it's 15 days, you should go see a doctor, like there's probably something there that's that's problematic within the lady's period is less than one day that she also goes should go see a physician, it should be between you know, three days to around nine days before anything less or more, should she she goes to the physician. So this is not

00:43:51--> 00:44:01

set these aren't set numbers and yes, and most of them are that are the same numbers, by the way, like most of them will have had the same numbers because that was where did they get these numbers from the shoe who wrote these texts?

00:44:03--> 00:44:23

They got it from medicine from medical doctors at the time like they asked okay what is the you know, the least amount of time that a higher petropia can go and they would tell them they would write write it down. So today we have these things understood in much more detail. So we use you can you refer to medicine here, a lot of these things are going to refer to medicine. If medicine tells you this is menstrual period, then you don't break. The lady doesn't pray doesn't doesn't.

00:44:24--> 00:44:45

Doesn't fast. And if you tell them it's not messed up here then she goes ahead and she prayed and she prayed and she fast. So a lot of this is going to be answered by medicine. And this is an example where worldly knowledge has become a part of become a part of of jurisprudence, Islamic jurisprudence. Because you need you need you need medicine to tell you what's what's going on. Well, Colin Corleone fasci law and the shortest period of

00:44:46--> 00:45:00

afterbirth blood is a moment just like one stream of blood work federal who sit next to Naomi and the longest is 60 days. We're gonna label who are bona human and most commonly is 40 days. So it is most commonly for you to even if it goes to six

00:45:00--> 00:45:32

See, then she should be seeing a physician, it's probably mean that she has some inflammation or some infection side and this is could be very, very problematic for her. Well, I can look over in banal haggadot, tiny Concetta, Asha, young woman, well, I had that he actually he, and the shortest amount of time between two periods to two menstrual periods is 15 days, and it can go as long as you want. Because yes, sometimes a lady will not have a menstrual period for years. For years, she can go without a mystery period, right? When she hits a certain age, there's no more periods at all. And sometimes she's pregnant. And that's like nine months where there's no periods at all. So she can go

00:45:32--> 00:45:48

for her for a very long time. Like she could be she could maintain religious purity for very, very long time for Salah, but the least amount of time is 15 days. So that's the least amount of time between menstrual periods just make up a prayer. No, never. No, don't make up anything. Yeah, she makes up her fasting.

00:45:51--> 00:46:06

loserman into a routine and the youngest age for a lady to reach menstruation is nine years. Again, this is all based on what the need is, this is based on their observations of the time. Again, medicine answer these questions like if you want to know of

00:46:07--> 00:46:13

nine is not that weird number, even here, like it's not it's not that uncommon, but nine years old, if a young

00:46:14--> 00:46:15

girl or young boy

00:46:16--> 00:46:23

hit ministration that you should or you know, the hit puberty, then you should take them to see a physician. Because there may be there may be some

00:46:24--> 00:46:40

endocrine, endocrine problems, they could they could have something that needs to be taken care of. So the idea here is that a lot of these things are based on on observations and medicine today answers most of these questions by all Tuesday even doesn't work and will happily sit at a show and the shortest amount of time for

00:46:42--> 00:47:15

for pregnancy is, is six months, right? And that is pretty accurate. Even today. Even today, the shortest today is different. You get to see everything and you know, there's someone following up, you know what's going on, but six months is actually a lady couldn't give birth to a baby that that has the ability to live. It's not very common, but it happens. You know, every every full moon walk through Otterbox Dineen and the longest period of pregnancy is four years. Now I don't know where they got that number from, I really am interested to see the lady who was pregnant for four years and what she gave birth to like an elephant or a guy, I'm not sure what they gave at the time. But

00:47:15--> 00:47:17

again, this is all you know,

00:47:18--> 00:47:38

apparently, some lady back then was a pregnant for four years or now I have no idea how that works. But again, again, medicine fixes a lot of these things. These are just their limited understanding at the time of you know, of biology and medicine. All right, well, volleyball water is just too short and the most common number is nine is nine months.

00:47:41--> 00:47:47

And the Quran actually gives us the number of six months for the for the shortest amount of time of Hemin have a normal handle of a normal

00:47:48--> 00:48:25

pregnancy, because so it let's say the lady gives birth after five and a half months. Now the fetus may live but it's going to need an incubator for a very, very long time as be very, very ill for a long time as well. If she gives him a birth, that six months, there is a possibility that this fetus can live on its own. It's a very, you know, very slim chances but but the chances exists like me live and the Quran kind of came from the Quran how So Hamlet, who was the soil who write that if you want to shahada and the pregnancy and the time that you're going to spend breastfeeding this child is 30 months? Right? Well, if you saw a little goofy I mean another is is and the breastfeeding

00:48:25--> 00:48:28

period are two years, two years how many months or two years

00:48:29--> 00:49:09

24 So take away 30 months from 2424 From 36 months so that's the shortest period of time that a lady can be an MIT alum I know he caught that at a very known in a very known story. All right. Well hold on Well Bill Haley when you first see them earlier to Russia and what what comes with comes haram to do when you have when your throat when a lady is going through when you first and hey, I'm going through a menstrual period or after birth, bleeding out Salah to so she cannot pray while so and she cannot fast walk the Quran and she cannot read Quran but hold on to that for a second. Well, Mr. Mousavi Ramu and touching the Messiah for carrying it where the whole mess God and then entering the

00:49:09--> 00:49:20

Masjid. What powerful and then don't go around the Kaaba while you walk over and intercourse with with her husband. Now what is Tim? Tell me my opinion as to what he will recover? And then sexual pleasure between

00:49:21--> 00:49:31

the the navel and the knee. All right. So let's talk about what is agreed upon and what is not agreed upon. So that this is the this is clear. So yes, you cannot beat upon that you cannot pray and she cannot.

00:49:32--> 00:50:00

Fast. Now it's not me to find that she cannot read the Quran. Now, there's actually a lot of different opinions regarding that specific topic. And I believe that the closer was more close closer to the to be being correct in this issue from address Putin point of view is that she's allowed to read to read Quran. But but the Shafia do stick to that opinion that she cannot recite the Quran during her menstrual period. But that's not that's not that's not the consensus among among scholars.

00:50:00--> 00:50:00


00:50:02--> 00:50:10

there like, so? There's a hadith narrated by even manager that indicates that

00:50:12--> 00:50:27

Quran so I'm not saying that you shouldn't be reading Quran, the job and also someone who was gentleman, someone who was hailed and of course, there's a hadith that contradict that and are stronger than it and this hadith is understood in its own context as well. Yeah. Curiosity if someone

00:50:29--> 00:50:31

pray during that period

00:50:33--> 00:50:56

so the prayer doesn't count. Definitely. And you don't have to repeat your prayer. If you're she doesn't have to repeat her prayer during that time anyway, so he doesn't really do anything as far as reciting a Quran. Like I said, there's more than one opinion here anyway. So the Shafi are very strong on the fact that she can read but others don't and it almost within them they have there's a there's a division and each month regarding this specific

00:50:57--> 00:51:28

this specific ruling now when Western was talking about Hamlin touching the massage and carrying it now touching the massage and carrying it we'll talk about it here and then we'll talk about it again in a second when we're talking about the you know, because the you know, meaning someone who who's has Genova who has religious impurity, high or major release impurity, meaning after if you guys remember after intercourse, or after ejaculating or after death, and one of the one of those three things which causes you to have major release impurity, you'll find it almost the same stuff. So most of us have you were hammered or touching the most half and carrying it

00:51:29--> 00:51:45

and this big and this is a very No, no all them to my knowledge, don't see it okay to carry the most have in touch the Quran when you're when you have when the lady has hailed when she's in her menstrual period or when a man has an agenda. However,

00:51:49--> 00:52:25

the evidence that that they use for that has been debated heavily in the last 30 or 40 years. And they've talked about it a lot because the only evidence that they have for that is in the Holy Quran, Kareem global Catholic Italian Maknoon Nyan a su Elizabeth Mahone only touches those who are purified, and it was argued many times that the purified hear it does it is it talking about the physical purity? Or is it talking about spiritual purity? So what is it talking, talking about human beings? Or is this talking about magnetic altogether, so, it was heavily debated among scholars and there are a lot of opinions today that support her carrying reading the Koran and carrying the most

00:52:25--> 00:52:40

have during her during her period. And I tend to kind of side with those opinions a bit more than what the what the traditional Maga had have given as fatawa regarding this specific issue, where therefore the lady during her menstrual period, or whether for the man during his

00:52:41--> 00:53:02

or her name, Janaza Bozo and he wrote like maybe like 3040 Page treaties on this, he basically said that all the Hadith that talks about like a person not being able to potentially quote and recite the Quran, there's weakness of all of it. And we also have somebody used to remember a lot in all states, and therefore there's no clear evidence to see absolute prohibition. And you

00:53:03--> 00:53:23

and I tend to disagree with that a bit more as well. The the ones 12345. So 1234 Yeah, so five with the hula Masjid. Now entering, entering the masjid, so entering the masjid is a bit of a different, it's a bit of a different point here. So

00:53:26--> 00:53:37

there is an aeration from your Muhammad. And that would have already been hasm. And a number of other scholars, Sophia and authority and a bunch of other scholars don't see any problem for entering the masjid and listening to

00:53:39--> 00:54:16

the prominent position within the middle of even the for the 100. Below for the Shafi as well is that she shouldn't enter the Masjid. Right, and that goes for for the unit. So you're gonna find that the gentlemen that have had the same, almost the same rulings. Now I tend also to decide by the other opinion of her entering the masjid because the reasoning behind her not entering the masjid back then, was the fact that there was fear of blood, because things back then were much more didn't didn't have the lot of luxuries that we have today. So there was always the possibility that blood would come on to the masjid and then make an address on the ground. So today that's not even like, I

00:54:16--> 00:54:41

don't think that happens like very often at all. So and there are there are opinions are there is there evidence piece of evidence that contradicts the concept of her entering of entering or not being able to enter the message so there is a half of the Hanabi acceptance and a lot of other scholars that are not part of the media have also accepted as well. But the prominent position within the form of that is that she she doesn't enter the masjid during her menstrual period. So is that why it's

00:54:43--> 00:54:46

so it's the narration from Imam Ahmed and if it hasn't

00:54:47--> 00:54:59

already, well that would have already and 30 Allah Allah and those are the ones who side with this and there's others as well who do the same. And everyone else yeah, the gym. Yeah, the gym, the gym or doesn't

00:55:00--> 00:55:23

doesn't improve it. All right? Well, of course the wife is pretty much agreed upon because it's like because the wife is like prayer. Prayer is equivalent to philosophy not love to pray and that is something that is agreed upon and you're allowed to do and what which is intercourse and that is clear during the menstrual period of a woman. intercourse is not acceptable at all. It's haram and there's some there's actual there's punishment for both and in the IRA for both men and men for doing

00:55:27--> 00:55:37

all this Okay, let's let's leave that until we study hard you because when you when there's when you're not allowed to pull that off, I think a lot of us will hedge and doing that, you know, this becomes we have to talk about

00:55:39--> 00:55:45

ferrata and Charlotte, we'll talk about that when we come to Hashmatullah. Now, the last point would have seemed are being a squatty

00:55:46--> 00:55:54

which is sexual pleasure between the, the navel and the knees. So let's say that you're

00:55:55--> 00:56:09

she's in her menstrual period, and he's married and she fooled around with her husband. So is it okay for them to float around within that area? Or is it not okay for them to fall under the Shafi? I don't accept that but the others do. So it's, it's it's pretty much

00:56:11--> 00:56:46

it's almost just the Shafia Yeah, I believe. I'm thinking that the HANA Villa also don't accept that but I'm not sure but I know that Hanafi and Medicare are okay with this meaning they're okay with this data, maybe in some of the work maybe in behind means that there's there's clothing so on top of clothing, so it's not there's no no skin on skin, it's just a topical idea. Of course, those of you are not married shouldn't be listening to any of this should act like they didn't hear it until they are married and you can ask me again cello and you are but for those who are married and this is something that matters with hfpa they have a very strict opinion on it does it is haram for this

00:56:46--> 00:56:54

now my understanding of the madhhab and some people will will differ with me is that this what the man is saying here

00:56:55--> 00:57:03

pleasure between between these two points he's talking if it's skin on skin he's not talking with with with clothing, so with clothing

00:57:04--> 00:57:11

the if that's if that's the case, then with clothing all of them are that hyper okay with that type of

00:57:13--> 00:57:34

sexual pleasure that can happen so on top of clothing where there's where there's no intercourse happening yeah, so if this is because here there's there's a difference that within this text itself, what did he mean? What did he mean with clothing without clothing? So if he meant without clothing, right then with clothing everyone is okay. All for All right, so so it's a matter of just understanding what what did he mean by mahalo when he when he said that

00:57:41--> 00:57:43

I don't wait for the dinner. I'm gonna wait for dinner

00:57:45--> 00:57:46

for you, then we're gonna start.

00:57:49--> 00:58:20

We'll finish and Sharla slept. Well hold on why that movie comes to Russia. And there are five things that are haram for someone who has Genova. So someone who a man or a woman who have just had sexual intercourse or ejaculated, and then there are five things that are that are hot on here. Number one is fuller. Obviously you're not allowed to pray you need to go and have Listen, before you can vote, you can pray Makayla to Qurani. Well, my son was happy what humbly who? So the same two things that we talked about a second ago for release, so it's not haram for him for you to have cm.

00:58:21--> 00:58:39

This is something that I find people to, to mix up a lot and I always enjoy the questions because there's no there's no there's nothing. So let's say that you are married and you are not you sleep and you have a dream and you forgive me and you wake up before first of all, and you have you have you never know what do you do?

00:58:41--> 00:58:43

You just have your hood and that's it.

00:58:44--> 00:58:56

Yeah, you start your day. And then you have your you have a shower to pray. So you don't have to have bajada to to fast like now what happened? No, no, the problem is if during fasting, you intentionally

00:58:58--> 00:59:08

ejaculate or have intercourse like intentionally if you let's say it's three o'clock during the day? And it's one of those summer any Ramadan's

00:59:09--> 00:59:16

the I imagine it was 10 o'clock and it's three o'clock and you can't even see it in front of you because you're so hungry. So decide to take a nap you sleep and then you wake up and you have a dream so what

00:59:18--> 00:59:51

if you just have a shower so you can pray your your CRM is fine. So none of this does so if you're sleeping you wake up and say you sleep at night? Yeah, and you do you don't wake up for force. And that's I'm Allah may Allah forgive you didn't wake up for failure at all. You woke up at 10 o'clock and you have a dream. So what you'll see is fine. There's no problem with you'll see him so it's not how long for a unit to have to fast. It will break your fast if you intentionally do it, do that during during our fasting that will invalidate your fasting. Okay, just to make sure that's clear to everyone in sha Allah. Now, the same thing we talked about the lady who was mistreating when it

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

comes to caring, reading the Quran and touching the Quran applies to the person who is you know, by meeting Oh, not everyone agrees to this. The Shafi

01:00:00--> 01:00:22

I have a very strict opinion on it, meaning I don't have shouldn't read the Quran, but the opinions that existed even within the Shafi method, see it to be permissible, even in the champion by them, they still see it to be permissible to read the Quran touching the Quran. Most scholars don't accept it, like I tell you that it's been debated lately. So there are scholars who have seen it to be acceptable, but still most scholars don't accept touching the Quran if you don't have most of them don't accept you're touching the clock and

01:00:24--> 01:00:56

like most scholars don't accept that as either. But I find that to be a bit too strict, because there's evidence that the use is not too strong, and it's very figurative, and it's not decisive meanings. It's more based on interpretation than it is on unclarity of what of what is mental lawanna Because the reason being that the Quran in his form meaning the book didn't exist during the time of the Prophet summarizing them so it is almost impossible for us to draw perfect analogies because the Quran and the way it looks right now like in a book with thing didn't that wasn't what it was back then. The Quran was knowing the sequence of and the sewers were all they're written on

01:00:56--> 01:00:57

different pieces of

01:00:58--> 01:01:07

different boards here there but the Quran wasn't gathered into the form that we have right now being in one book until after he died by a number of years. Yes. So you can read that.

01:01:09--> 01:01:39

You can recite the Quran without will that's fine. They're just talking about touching the most half so many scholars, most scholars don't accept that. So if you don't accept your reading Quran, well you have Genova. So that's why for the Shafia you should have a shower immediately after this happens the moment you're done, so that you can go back to reading the Quran, but not all scholars agree to that and they'll have different opinions. Actually, the majority of scholars in the middle when it comes to reading Quran with Ginebra is you're fine with that it's touching the Quran that they don't accept and they differ on can you test the Quran with the cloth or with something I don't

01:01:39--> 01:01:44

even like going down that that road is too much of a it's too complicated of an issue

01:01:49--> 01:01:55

so in the Quran, we have seen and if it if sorry, say it again. The point of that lie was

01:02:00--> 01:02:00

say the opinion

01:02:02--> 01:02:08

is that this is actually exactly a quarter and in the heavens, it's actually not

01:02:10--> 01:02:10


01:02:11--> 01:02:47

so freaky to add in mcloon in a in a preserved protected capsule or book capsule. Now that didn't exist even during the time of the Prophet so I said I'm never gonna he never He never did like and during this time it sought to set up. So it is like he said, Well, I'm referring to something that exists in the realm that we don't have access to right like I'm a student lobotomy has not observed by touchback as Miss also has literal meanings that figurative meanings as well so it can also mean that they don't have access to it and they're allowed to, you know to understand or comprehend it or or practice except those who are purified from the incitement of spiritual purity will allow them so

01:02:47--> 01:03:17

there's different when you look at the deceit of the if there's more than one way to understand it when to begin with. But they say this what they see they don't see is permissible to touch it or to read it during Geneva during you know, we have Ginebra are doing during menstruation and that's the opinion of the Shafia Yeah, and you can take the other opinion if you want to, but that's what they say. Alright. What both of course, like you said, you can pray then you can do a follow up because too often prayer are equivalent. We're looping through the message God and then hanging around in the masjid. And that the same thing for the ladies during menstruation applies to men with men and

01:03:17--> 01:03:45

women in Geneva if you have general but not all agreed to that actually the majority of scholars say it's okay for you to have gentlemen to be in the masjid right they say that you go in you and you get rid of your generic because you want to be pure when you're when you're in the masjid. What are you doing? You're either praying or you know, what are you doing an investor does one of those two things you shouldn't have Ginebra for those stuff, but you know you should be okay. Staying up at the Met with the FAA say that you shouldn't lose meaning spending time walking through is fine but spending time they don't see that to be permissible if you have Janelle Bucha go go go to Austin and

01:03:45--> 01:03:46

then come back

01:03:47--> 01:04:08

while you're home while DC the last two and there are three things haram for someone who has minor religious impurity. So major religion religious impurity is Ginebra is basically injecting meaning or intercourse and for the ladies adding to that is if you remember when we study is hailed as the first meaning of menstrual periods or bleeding after after birth. Yes.

01:04:10--> 01:04:45

Can you just clean the area? No. So water has to touch the whole body. Yeah, so what you do today is go home and then look at the lesson before this lesson. And because one of the the chapter before this is explaining everything about Western Alright, so you're gonna listen to all of that you still have questions I'll answer it for you enjoy because it goes into detail about like what's what are the obligatory actions of Austin? What are the Sunnah actions of Austin and how you lose when you need to have go somewhere you don't need to go so we'll look at that if you still have still not there then inshallah I'll help you out with Natalia. So three things are haram for you if you if you

01:04:45--> 01:05:00

let out some here like there's three things you cannot do. Number one, obviously salah. Right and in power because they're equivalent, right? We're missing the most heavy or humbly who touching the most I think carrying it so really Shafia if you don't have to hit haram for you to touch them as well.

01:05:00--> 01:05:33

If they don't see it to be okay, the most of them don't accept it even with a cloth or with something that's not touching, not dashed to it, but they have different opinions. I don't necessarily I see, I believe that there's differences regarding that, not in the middle here, but outside of them, meaning that they have a pretty much stuck to that like, honey for Monica cheffing I would have the reverence that they had for the Quran, there's a level of reverence and respect that they had for the most half that they wouldn't see to be permissible for you to touch it, carry it, read it, if you didn't have the proper purity, that that allows you to do it. And I think I

01:05:33--> 01:05:45

think that's, that's admirable, right is very admirable i the point of respect for the Quran, but from a jurisprudence point of view. And I believe that there's, there are other opinions out there, and I tend to kind of side with them specifically, especially if you're,

01:05:46--> 01:06:16

if you're someone who needs to commute long, for a long time, like they say, you have to sit and sit in the car or a bus and then go for like an hour, and you want to read the Quran, and you don't have to, or it's hard for you to maintain your look for the whole time. So if you just wake up at seven o'clock, and you were eating food at night, so you're not going to be able to hold your dough for too long. And you want to read the Quran. So this is I believe it to be I accept the lenient a bit more lenient opinion on it to allow them and I think for the job, no, you should, you should, you should get rid of your genetic before you touch the Quran, Allah Allah. So I think I think that's

01:06:16--> 01:06:32

more, that's more proper, proper. Now again, even if it's on a table, you just want to move it. So even that so even that they would take unless unless it was going to be, you know, it was gonna fall to the ground was going to be mistreated. So that's this is what the opinions aren't regarding any,

01:06:33--> 01:07:07

regarding dealing with, with the most ha for someone who has a genetic or someone who has minor religious impurities, right, so this is Kitab Behala. This is the chapter of purities or purification. What we'll do next time, inshallah is that I will do a quick review of everything that we covered, I'll write it down in shall on the board now for a review of everything that we covered in the chapter of purification. And then Inshallah, after that, we'll move on to the second chapter, the second chapter is going to be salah. Now, this is important, if you're not come to this, this is very important, we will, you will finally understand how to do salah, within the understanding of

01:07:07--> 01:07:20

one might have properly everything that they talked about. And I will do some comparative fit for you as well, because there's certain things that scholars differ upon. And you'll see how there's more than one way to do things within within Salah itself. Any questions before we wrap up and show me a good example of somebody

01:07:22--> 01:07:24

rushes for crystals,

01:07:25--> 01:07:35

Crystal Lake more bristles, and really, the brush itself has more bristle toothbrush. Wow, really? I know I've never heard that before. And that's interesting. So your

01:07:37--> 01:07:38

balls out.

01:07:39--> 01:08:00

So here's here's, here's what, here's what you're stuck with. So if you if it was 10 properly, it was 10 Probably which they are most of the time that the skin has taken his time properly. And his deposit which we talked about at the beginning, it happens. So for the Haemophilia, right and amalickiah This is for her and this is no problem. And with HIV and the 100 below your your you know, you're brushing your hair with an adjuster.

01:08:02--> 01:08:09

And there's no way there's really no way around it. So it depends on what school of thought you're going to accept when it comes to that.

01:08:10--> 01:08:48

I would I would again, this is why I think it's important for you to understand comparative climate, specifically when you're living in a country in Western countries where a lot of the common you know, the popular culture or this the basic norms of life don't put into consideration anything that is sacred or you know, difficult or you know, quickly for us so we need to to be able to access a lot of the all the factors that exists and all the different opinions that are valid and are acceptable and take those that are you know make our lives easy, you know more easier for us to live here and I think I think for that so I wouldn't again I signed to be honest with I say with the

01:08:48--> 01:09:25

Hanafi on the on the on the boars and dog thing I believe that the body itself was not and they just I believe the saliva is and my understanding of that being is that both pigs and dogs eat feces, they eat feces they eat it. If you haven't seen it before then please see it because it'll make your day like you'll enjoy seeing that it'll be the funniest thing you'll see during the day is disgusting. They actually eat it so their saliva will lower item is is just not it's not by HUD because of the fact that they eat most other animals don't eat feces, they eat different types of meat, they eat different fruit but they don't eat actual remnants or you know, feces of another of

01:09:25--> 01:09:54

another of another animal so I kind of side with the Hanafi specifically specifically on that topic because I believe that it just doesn't here doesn't make much sense so if a dog brushes up against me, I won't do anything but if it looks my hand I'll go and wash it out. Well Who am I just I think again, someone said sorry, someone said so that's the right way to or not the right way that's the way that I find to be easier but again, you can when it comes to these things you can choose whatever you want to choose and you have the right if you if there's bristle boar bristles

01:09:57--> 01:09:59

Yeah, you can ask them if you're if you're stuck. I don't want

01:10:00--> 01:10:07

Do you want it you want to take the more strict opinion or a bit more conservative opinion? Then ask them and tell them to use something else if there's but I personally don't see any problem

01:10:09--> 01:10:10

with that, anything else

01:10:13--> 01:10:27

that would work for any animal because the Hadith itself has roots from all animals make an exception for exactly that we shouldn't the Maliki argument regarding bores and canine is canines is very

01:10:28--> 01:11:04

it's very interesting, very intriguing. Meaning they have a very very strong argument it's not it's not a weak one, like yes damage them who don't take it. Yes, the majority of scholars don't see it but when you listen to the Maliki arguments, and they break down things you will find it to be quite quite intriguing quite interesting. So So I don't think it's too foreign. And that's why I think I kind of had if you haven't midway like the the kind of middle in the in between both opinions, so I find it to be the least the least. It makes it makes life easier, I guess to a certain extent and they have they have good evidence to support a lockdown.

01:11:05--> 01:11:07

Okay, you're not gonna have to McCullum hamdulillah

01:11:08--> 01:11:11

Muhammad No, I heard he also his main vocal logical logic. We'll see you next week.