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Friday Khutbah

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The speakers discuss the importance of taking full control of behavior and avoiding negative consequences. They emphasize the need for practice and practice every year to improve behavior, as well as the importance of fasting and learning to eat healthy. The speakers also provide advice on managing distractions and preparing for worship, emphasizing the importance of showing one's desire to achieve success in worship and bringing family members and friends to the church.

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Akbar or who?

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Or who Akbar Allah or who Akbar

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a shirred to Allah. Ila Ha, long

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as her do I love

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Isla Lulla all

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s shadow and Namo

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Rasul Allah or

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as Shadow and Namo

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rasuluh long all

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I allow Salah

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Are ya la sala

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are ya

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along at bottle law who act bottle

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love ILA her in laws all

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah enough Madhu who want to stay you new who want to study he want to still feel who want to stone Seattle

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when I will do bIllahi min short audio and fusina Amin see Dr. Merlino

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mejor de la who follow unmolding Lella oh man yo, Lil polenta. je de la Hui Walia. Murshida wash Hello. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Shetty killer EDA Hanwha hidden a hidden Summit. Let me attack it for Heba 10 One while I will Amelia Kula who went ahead, wash her do a Nana Jana what are we mana Mohamed Abdullah he was pseudo philosophy you home in Holika here Habiba Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine or bad yaku Jalla Jalla who can make it Yeah, you hola Xena, Manu, katiba and eco mausoleum who come Ikuti by Allah, Allah de Lavina Myung Polycom, Hola, como de goon, this is probably going to be recited on every member over the next few

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weeks all over the world.

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And it's the act of Allah subhanho wa taala, that when this season comes near,

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that certain aspects of Muslim behavior becomes emphasized. And we all come back to Allah subhanho wa taala, we start talking about the same things and we prepare ourselves with the same event.

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And today's hope by next next weeks is going to be with the intention of preparing ourselves for for this listed month. And what that's going to look like in sha Allah for all of us from our side, and then Sharla as well for your side.

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Ramadan is is my best friend. By far.

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I don't have a friend that I cherish and love more than Ramadan. And every time he leaves, I am upset and I can't wait for him to come back. And I joke about it. Sometimes that it's difficult and it takes it's not really it's not no matter how much time you spend during Ramadan, no matter how exhausted you are at the end of it. Nothing comes remotely close to the baraka that you find of this blessed month when you actually embrace yourself, embrace it and put yourself put your heart and soul into it.

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I am not aware, historically, or even personally, through experience of any real act of repentance, any change of of routes or a change of size that occurred outside of Ramadan that was actually sustainable. Any story of someone who actually found their way, who changed their turn things around and change their lives always was anchored somehow, within this month, and Allah subhanho wa Taala designed it that way. It's every year, it doesn't happen every couple of years. It doesn't happen once every year eight, it's over 8% of your entire existence. You spend it within this month, right? They're always there and it keeps on occurring and occurs at different seasons. So I

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It's time now it's in the it's going to be in the in the spring soon it'll be in the end in the winter it will keep on moving and it's all like that by design. So you have the opportunity to actually find your way back to Allah subhana wa Tada as as your life goes on. Imagine without Ramadan well like sometimes I take time to imagine life Imagine your Islamic Jani progression your your spiritual movement without Ramadan just remove Ramadan from the from the equation, bring it every two, three or four years. Honestly our status as Muslims will be very very different. I am a firm believer that one of the major reasons that Islam is still still exist in the way that it does

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that is still moving forward that the number of Muslims continues to increase is because of Ramadan. And then if you removed from Allah himself this season somehow was turned off if this season was somehow forgotten, and believe he is not for lack of trying. Many, many, many groups around the world have tried to make Ramadan something that it's not to turn it into a month of eating and month of watching TV a month of just it's Subhanallah

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no matter what you're trying to do Allah subhanaw taala is opening his doors. Allah subhanaw taala opens his doors and closes the doors of the hellfire and remove the shayateen and calls you to him. He calls you Tim to pound on every year, for 30 nights and 30 days he calls you Tim subhanaw taala and the mote in the majority of us no matter how far we are, no matter how much we're struggling, no matter where we are in our lives, find some aspect of response, some some response inside of us actually brings us back to Allah subhanho wa Taala which is what which is what this month is, is just are you struggling? You have to ask yourself these questions are you far from where you would

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like to be? Is your heart not where you know it should be? You will feel that there's more to you and then what is right now? Do you wish that you were closer to Allah subhanaw taala Do you believe that there is that you have the potential to actually achieve something like that? Are you able to actually ask those questions and answer them honestly to yourself? And if your answer is that no I'm not where I want to be. I'm not remotely close to where I would like to be I know that there's more to this than what is right now that I can be better that I shouldn't be better than this is this is for you. Then this month is is for you is designed for you take full don't be afraid of Ramadan and

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people are always worried about Tama going to don't What are you doing don't be afraid of Ramadan. This is an opportunity you are being offered an opportunity of a lifetime the motto that I want to bring forward this month this year in Ramadan that this message is going to be about and that's it I'm going to inshallah I sent you is make this Ramadan, the best Ramadan of your life. And look some of you already smiling. Yes, I said that last year and you know what to understand the next year and the year after and the year after every year if I'm alive before Ramadan, if I have the privilege to be alive right before Ramadan, that is the intention that I'm going to make that is the intention

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you need to make because you don't know if this Ramadan is going to have one after that you can make up for if you don't do well this time, you don't know if you'll live that long. And may Allah subhana graduate Long live so Saudi housing with good health say I mean, but you don't know you have no idea. Actually, technically speaking, you don't even know if you're gonna make it to this Ramadan. Technically speaking, I don't even know if I'll make it to this level done. But however, if I make a really good intention, right now, if I really make a good intention that even if I don't make it, then I'll still get the module because the intention will count.

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So the motto for you when for me, for all of us must be let's make this the best animal on our entire life. Just like the profit that you saw to Sam did every single year. You only live for nine Ramadan's out of his slot to Sam and no, he never got in the middle and said these words specifically, but he practiced them which is way more important, which is way more important than the words the words are meaningless if there's no practice to back it up. But the bravado starts with him backing up with practice every year the profit out of yourself and put in more effort. Every year he went one step farther. Every year, he brought himself a little bit closer he put it he

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spent more time he did something he didn't do the year before either you saw or you saw it was because he understood the value of what it meant to actually live in go through another Ramadan, which is what we're coming towards. It is the is fasting historically, in almost all cultures, almost all cultures, almost all religions, aside from one or two.

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But the majority of religions across the across the planet and all over the world have had some aspect of fasting somewhere in their religion, when he says to pan out adequately but Aliko mausoleum gamma cookiebot AnnaLena metabolism decreed upon you that you will fast just like it was decreed upon all of the nations before you

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there is obviously a truth to that because it's the word of Allah subhanaw taala but when you go and you take a look and you'll start to see that yes, although many other cultures many other religions have fasting with within their within their law, you start to understand, you start to look okay, what is the trend there? Most fasting that happens outside of our deen happens before a really important event. A life changing event. It's like it's like a rite of passage for young men when they hit puberty they have to fast beforehand because they're moving on to adulthood now they're going to be held holding responsibility and happens before a victory and before war. It occurs at

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the end of one season.

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In starting the other season, it's always symbolizing the concept of purifying your it's like you faster purify yourself from that which came before, so that you may move forward with a new mentality. So you may embrace this new time or this new part of your life with a certain degree of clarity. That's what fasting symbolizes was practice like in all other faiths prior to Islam. I don't think is that different for us? I honestly don't think within his time, it's any different. It's the same. You're given these three days here. How are the 11 months before these 30 days? Well, Allah healed up they were horrible. Forgive me, they were horrible. I didn't do anything, right.

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Everything I should have been doing. I'm not in everything I should not be doing I'm doing. And I'm so embarrassed of it. And I'm so ashamed that I'm not doing the right thing. Well, here's, here's 30 days, let's see if you can purify yourself. Let's see if we can turn a page. Let's say we can turn a new leaf with you. Here's 30 days where you're going to go through a bootcamp, you're not going to eat all day, you're going to pray all night. And you're going to elevate your status. So that right after that you can, it's a new start, it's a new beginning, you can walk outside and take a breath of fresh air and know that Allah subhanaw taala is going to deal with you from now moving forward.

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And all that happened before all the negativity, all the shortcomings, all the lack of commitment, all of the embarrassing mistakes that we're going to let them go, we're going to let them go, we're going to act like this relationship is new. Now.

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Imagine that, imagine the beauty within that concept, just alone, just that concept alone.

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Alone teaches us a lot of things teaches us a lot of things.

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I think, for me, the most important lesson that it teaches, it reminds us that what you want, what you need are not the same thing that you want. Well, that's based on whatever your neffs is doing on the inside. And the neffs is almost infinite in His desires, does wants everything. It wants everything. It wants it all the time and only wants more and never gets enough. And the more you give it, the hungrier it becomes. And that black hole inside of you gets bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually desires you what you need. It's actually very simple. You don't need that much. He proves it to you subhanho wa taala. It's not even through a lesson I don't I'm not told get

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on the member and tell people that they don't need as much as they want. No, no, you don't need to do that. I will prove it to them. How many of you right now when you think about it, as you go through your day, find that that 12pm Coffee is impossible to get through the day without that lunch hour is sacred. When staff does not give you that half an hour to go and get your lunch you get very upset because you want to go eat, you want to go drink, you feel like it's something that you cannot give up. And then you'll give up for 30 days straight. And you'll be fine. You'll be totally fine. And nothing will happen to you. And nothing will change. And actually you'll figure out that this

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was just a luxury. It was an extra thing that you were offered by Allah so that you get to enjoy, but you didn't really need it. Imagine that. Imagine the most important necessities of your existence, food and water, food and water. Now during the night doesn't it make more sense that we fast during the night when we're sleeping? When that'd be much more easier? Imagine imagine how easier it would have been for Ramadan if we could just fast from Maghrib to visual. And then during the day when we are working or outside. When your roofing or you're digging a ditch or you're seeing people or you're driving a car or whatever it is you're doing. You can eat and drink so that you can

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sustain yourself. And then at night you can go ahead and you can fast No, you're gonna fast during the day. I always imagine what the Sahaba must have heard but they're so first time the Prophet Allah useless to them told them you're gonna fast during the day. I always imagine the conversation. When

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from when to when? Oh, so you mean like, so what do you mean?

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Like nothing? Isn't that what you get when you speak to about Ramadan to someone who's not a Muslim? I fast also you don't like eat meat? No, I don't eat at all. So you drink, right? No, you don't drink you don't eat? Are you insane? No, I'm not. I'm not I'm being trained and purified by the Almighty himself supine, so that I may elevate myself to that I may take steps forward to a stop rolling in the mud for the rest of my existence, I can find that this is not really how life is supposed to be lived. And there's more to me than that. But then we choose afterwards, obviously, but this is what you're being given. This is our opportunity. Let's take the verses of Surah Baqarah

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where he talks upon we'll talk about five reasons of why we fast talks about five reasons. He gives us five ideas. Number one, what do you about Aiken? We'll see and we'll come up kuchibhotla Levine and public Kamala Khan that token number one this is the ultimate goal of all of the acts of worship which is achieving Taqwa she just achieving the ability to keep yourself in check. The ability to always remind yourself before you make a decision, before you say a word before you do anything. Oh, is this going to affect me later? Is this later on going to come back and harm me? Will this harm me short term long term

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From duniya, just the ability to keep yourself in check just asked that question, Should I do this? I'm not I don't think I think if I do this is going to harm me later. So you don't do it. That's all stuff. What is decoy is the ability to remind yourself, Allah subhanaw taala is watching. And when you do something, it may have consequences. So be very careful before you do it that you have in mind the consequences that may occur so that you can make the right decision. That's what Dakhla is. It's based on discipline. And that's what Ramadan does. It gives you discipline, because you're going to learn to wake up before to find out how many people wake up before every day, and eat or do

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anything for that matter. You barely make a professional, you barely just make trying to keep the steep going you pretty quickly so you can get back to and go to sleep. No, no, no, you're gonna wake up, you're gonna have food, you know, wake up, totally wake up, you're going to be completely awake, you're gonna have something to eat, to charge something to eat, that means you're good, you're good to go, and you're going.

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And then you're not going to eat or drink all day long, and you're going to be hungry, and you're gonna be thirsty. By the way, the point of Ramadan is that you're hungry and thirsty. Please stop trying to avoid that, if you don't mind. Please stop trying to plan it out where you're trying to avoid to be hungry and thirsty. Some people have figured it out. If you eat this, and you drink this, no, no, no, just drink water and have some time off and be hungry and be thirsty throughout the day. That's the point. The point is that you feel it. The point is that you experienced it, the point that you feel out, you figure out that you actually didn't need as much food as you were

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consuming. They could actually get through the day with less, that you actually have the discipline inside of you to do better.

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And it's such a hard thing to get around on the Day of Judgment is so hard. You know why?

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Because you prove during the three days of Ramadan, that you can be better. You prove it because you are better. For 30 days, you're a better human being. So when you decide not to be later, you can't say I tried and I know you didn't. Here's here, let me show you, your much. I'll show you the days where you were totally better. You were totally capable of being better. So why weren't you better afterwards?

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You have nothing. You have no comeback. Because you proven he make he gets you to prove to yourself that there's more to you than what is right now. He makes us do that every year. I proved to myself, I can do more. I'm not doing as much I can do more. So you push yourself after I'm trying to do more. Because I proved myself I could do it. If I failed and I started to break my fast in the middle of Ramadan I gave up and went. No, we all get through it. So we know we can be better. We know. I like them to Taco number one. Then he continues to partner with Allah. And he says we're into sumo highroller calm. And if and fasting is good for you. Hi, it means it's just good. In

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general, every aspect of it is good. It's good financially, it's good socially, it's good physically. Health wise, you lose weight, you're supposed to if you're supposed to lose weight and Ramadan. Please don't turn Ramadan to over eating at night. Don't turn Ramadan to where you just hold on throughout the day, living for the diamond motive Don't live like that. That's not that's not healthy. And that's not good. Don't live for that. And

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don't worship it. Wait for it to happen so that you can unleash what you've been holding back. That's not what this is about. Ramadan is about lessening your consumption, eating less, being a bit more healthy. Figuring out that your body doesn't need as much as you're shoveling into it every single day. We're all guilty of this. When to sumo highroller calcium is good for you. It helps you if you're ill obviously we'll talk about this later. If you have an illness, that's a different story. But Healthy People assume Ohio luck and when you fast, it's good for you. It continues to partner with Allah to talk about it. He says you read Allah who become a user, go back and read

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these verses today. And you'll find these you'll find these reasonings within the three verses of cm that talked about us with the buckler, you read Allah who become a useful Wallah, you really do become a loser. He wants ease for you. He does not want difficulty for you, is what he's saying. Allah wants for you is what is, then why your 30 days of fasting? Why not just that? Oh, yeah.

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Why not just 30 minutes after all, we, and maybe you can drop in on eating and drinking thing. But at least if you're gonna drop the eat, maybe leave the drinking piece because we get thirsty. Maybe allow us a snack or a vegan snack or something. You will need Allah who become with yourself. Don't eat and don't drink because he wants ease for you. Because once you figured out you can do that you understand how easy you actually haven't? You see, you cannot actually understand ease. If you don't experience difficulty. We don't have the ability as human beings to define something if there's no opposition to it. If there's no opposite experience, that experience cannot be defined. The only

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reason life is valuable is because it's can we can define the opposite of which is death. If there is no death, that life wouldn't even be a thing. wouldn't even give it a word. Imagine that if everything was alive, life itself would not be defined anymore. It wouldn't have a definition because there's nothing there's no contrary there's no opposition to it. The only reason that we you appreciate a certain flavor is because you've tasted the opposite. The only reason that you understand you appreciate your wealth is because maybe you went through a time where you didn't have it. You cannot

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appreciate something if you don't understand the opposite. So he says, you read the logical use all he wants is for you. That's the one difficulty for you, you're doing this. So you will learn to do this so you can learn about what you got what you actually have in life.

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You fast, based on will, others fast based on coercion, on necessity, on having no other option.

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So when you fast and you realize that you become much more compassionate, much more open hearted, and you understand that you're actually living a life of a lot of ease. Because yes, all of my stress and my problems and the deadlines and the disputes and the difference of opinion and the problems with my family and the problems with the wife and the children and

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there's nothing when you compare it to hunger,

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when you compare it to hunger, when you're hungry, and you're thirsty, all those pains become meaningless. All those struggles that we think are important don't matter that much anymore.

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And he's telling you Look what you have what you need, why take it easy. Take a deep breath and take a step back and zoom out you need to allow Holy Communion so he wants ease for you here 30 days if you struggling with something simple so you can appreciate exactly what you got

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continuous, supine, or what to do when he took me to lead. Well it took a biller

00:21:23--> 00:21:53

so that you may complete a decreed number of days that he wants for you, so that you may praise Him that He guided you, me a part of this is ritualistic. A part of Ramadan obviously, is ritualistic you're doing it because ALLAH SubhanA commanded you to do it. No one else can command you to do this. Think about that. Who on earth can tell you not to eat and drink your basic needs, your base your primary needs, the instincts that drive us to survive? Who can who would dare tell you not to eat non drink? Allah subhanaw taala

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is ritualistic he asked him not to do what you're not going to do it because he asked me no one else. If I stand here and I tell you don't listen, I buy a god don't listen to anybody. If you're going to do anything, do it based on your own understanding of it because you believe in it. But when Allah subhanaw taala commands you said yes, of course. Of course. You are my Lord. If you commanded me then I'll do it. What are you to come here Allah Allah Maha Doc can you do to Kabir because you understand that he guided you that he gave you these rituals, and if you practice them, then there's something waiting for you. And the fifth and last piece when I look on karoun, that you

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may learn to be grateful.

00:22:26--> 00:22:27

That's how the verses end.

00:22:28--> 00:23:08

The verses you'll see on the end with that one, what I like them to schoolrooms so that we can learn all of us we can be grateful. Be grateful for what we actually have. Gratitude is not just a feeling forgive me. Gratitude is just not something that happens inside the heart, where I feel, Oh, I'm so great. No, no great gratitude, actual gratitude transforms into action. You take what you're given, and you start using it for the service of those who aren't as fortunate as you are. That's what gratitude is great use of force. It's a very powerful force that moves you to the direction of actually utilizing that which Allah subhanaw taala granted you to serve others. This is the point of

00:23:08--> 00:23:10

Ramadan, that you learn to be grateful.

00:23:13--> 00:23:30

The Prophet Allah usato sermon whenever it's a hadith we'll talk about in Ramadan shall hold on us to do fee it is cool movement is a month, where the risk of a movement will increase. I don't think any of you are going to make more money in Ramadan. I don't think your paycheck suddenly just goes up based on Ramadan. But what happens is your appreciation of it does so it seems more

00:23:31--> 00:24:07

so it doesn't have to increase physically materialistically but your your perception of it does it can you start to realize I have way more than I need. I have a lot. I have so much. Why because you've been hungry for the last couple of of weeks. Because you've you've experienced hunger and you don't have to meaning the moment Milgram goes off you have food in the house to eat. It's not that the lack of it. Do you start to appreciate what you have or when you appreciate what you have more it seems like it's more it seems like it's more and that's what you said is going to increase but not maybe in the amount but in the way that you see it.

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I was talking to Allah Helene welcome festival a few we have a Camilla Fosun mustafina Sophie Roma.

00:24:28--> 00:24:37

hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah may Allah and Abby Yabba early you are so happy, where many who who are well worth.

00:24:39--> 00:25:00

I want to motivate all of you and encourage you all to make this Ramadan the best one of your life, to take time and invest in planning for it. I'm gonna give you a few things to deal with this week. And I'm gonna ask you next week when you come back to have a plan because I'm gonna share with you next week our plan here and I'm gonna give you a suggested plan in case you didn't

00:25:00--> 00:25:39

build one. But good things happen when you plan it out appropriately. I'm gonna give you a few things to think about. Number one, make sure you enter Ramadan with a clean heart, meaning if you are right now in the midst of a dispute, if there are people that are important to you that you haven't spoken to a long time and there's some degree of negativity, or there's patrulla, somewhere severing of those relationships, if there's some cleanups real tiny difference or dispute that occurred in your life, take a moment and for the next 10 days, work on fixing them and to Ramadan with a certain degree of purity. Don't enter Ramadan with any grudges left inside of you, and try to

00:25:39--> 00:26:13

remove any grudges from the hearts of people around you. Very important piece, very important for Ramadan to work for you that you actually invest in doing that, and trying to purifying your heart and others around you from any field, the prophet Allah, you saw those and we'll do this. The reason we don't know what that exactly is because Muslims didn't do it at some point. And that's why we before Ramadan, we have to take some time and do that. So make sure in the next week, you think about it, who is it that I'm not on good terms with that I shouldn't be that I definitely should be and go and work on that and find a way open a new turn a new page, and show some forgiveness and ask

00:26:13--> 00:26:48

for forgiveness. So they entered Ramadan, and that clear because Allah subhanaw taala refuses for you to do something like that and he not do it back to you. You cannot be more generous than God. So if you decide to forgive and you seek forgiveness, then he will offer you exactly was that which you offered others and exactly that wish you sought. Number Number two, start getting rid of distractions, there's a good time to start planning out how you're going to remove certain distractions that exist in your life. Whether it may be on that little black box that we carry in our pockets, or it may be a specific life habit that we are a part of right now or is whatever it

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is, start planning out how you're going to remove from your day.

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The distractions that will cause you not to be able to enjoy Ramadan appropriately to good time to do it. Too much social media will make it impossible for you to actually benefit from Milan from Ramadan. If you have bad daily habits too much time spent watching TV or you go to certain places or you spend certain time in certain in certain environments and you engage in certain activities that you're going to distract yourself during Ramadan start to plan how you're going to start planning out removing those things from your daily life for the next 30 days. And find alternatives for them something that you can feel also excited about something that you can enjoy. And I can tell you for

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sure that if you invest in Ramadan, you will enjoy the actions that you perform in Ramadan, you will actually enjoy not always and you'll enjoy prayer and you'll enjoy reciting the Quran you'll enjoy the gatherings of hope that you'll be a part of way more than anything else you were doing before. So number two make sure that you start removing distractions I cannot emphasize this enough for my younger brothers and sisters go home today to open your phone and start deleting just start just go in a frenzy and just start deleting a lot of stuff that you do not need in this month you know and get used to not having it so that was Ramadan starts you're not struggling so you can continue to go

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through the month and really just focus number three, prepare the list of repentance. Prepare your list for repentance for Toba figure out what my honestly what sins exist inside your heart that exist inside of you that you love that you continue to to practice because a part of you likes them start to figure them out and say yeah, I want them out of My Heart by the end of Ramadan. I don't want to like them anymore. I don't want to want them anymore. I want to be able to fully and practically and properly repent from them prepare your list this won't happen naturally. It won't happen organically you have to do this you have to go home and say this is what I've been doing

00:28:38--> 00:28:52

wrong. These are the things I have to stop and I can't I've failed too many times before. Why do you think Ramadan is here then? What do you think the point of this month is so that you can do it because you can't do it it's hard to do it outside of Ramadan. Ramadan comes in and gives you a a system

00:28:53--> 00:29:08

that organizes your day and organizes your night it lessens the it decreases the probability and the possibility of you actually sitting so you want to get rid of a sin now come up with this list of don't share it with people but that have that list with yourself knowing exactly what you're going to get rid of number four

00:29:10--> 00:29:45

prepare your list of dua all the Sahaba did this almost have a historically did this before Ramadan who prepare what they're going to speak to Allah subhanaw taala about what they were going to ask Allah subhanaw taala for what their true fears were, what their hopes were, what the desires of their hearts were but they weren't willing to share with other people they prepare a list and they prepare a specific way of saying it the number of in the memorized it towards Ramadan started every session in every locker, and every time they had an opportunity not before and after. And so they were turning to Allah subhanaw taala asking him

00:29:47--> 00:30:00

supplicating and starting a conversation that should never end prepare your list of idea. Please do that one that's really important. Even if you fail to do with the rest of them. Just do that one because that will make the world of difference for you and do

00:30:00--> 00:30:23

Ramadan, number five, make the intention and plan out how you're going to do for them your worship. What are you going to do for work? How are you going to do bad? Ramadan is the time of each jihad in a bad day where you're going to push yourself when it comes to the rituals made closest to Allah subhanaw taala? How are you going to do it? Where are you going to pray for you? What rules are you going to attend? How are we going to pay tarawih? How are you going to do the you know, the quick?

00:30:24--> 00:30:26

You know, what, Are we late?

00:30:28--> 00:30:57

Diet Tarawera or zero or whatever? Are you going to actually pay appropriately? You're gonna actually come you're gonna commit your time and you listen to the Quran and hold it. You're gonna listen to the man reciting the Quran and read the whole thing with them. You have to plan that out to what time you're gonna go to sleep. If you do that, what time you're gonna get up. How are you gonna get a nap during the day? You have to plan these things. You can't just say, Oh, well, I have to wake up at five and six. So I got to be No, no planning. No, no plan. No, no. So you can pray that? Oh, what is this? I see young people who come in, they pray and they leave? Well, I am. I

00:30:57--> 00:31:37

mean, you shouldn't even happen from an older person. For it to happen from a younger person. You stand there you stand until the end you stand. You stand in line longer to pick up a burrito. You stood in line to get your driver's license, you can stand for it that Oh, yeah. Why? Why are we so why do we not care so much? Why is the pleasure of Allah so? So? Why is it cheap to us? Why doesn't it matter? He's opening the doors. It's so disrespectful. Well, like there's like, my Allah, He's opening his door. Come to me. Everything is here. Just come to me and you're not willing. Don't give these excuses. These lame excuses don't mean anything, Stan. We all have work. We all get up early

00:31:37--> 00:31:53

in the morning and go to jobs figure it out and stand and if you get tired, sit, if you get even more tired, lie down, but you stay. You stick to it. Why? Because you want something. At least I hope you do. You want something there's something that he has that you want. So you're gonna stand there until he gives it to you.

00:31:54--> 00:32:31

When you just don't and you walk away. It's like I like it. But you know, if you give it to me good if you don't give it no, you do that with a person you do with another human being who you want something from but not with Allah, with Allah, you want what he has to understand what he has. you comprehend exactly what he possesses, that you do not. And that you you understand that you should really want this. But you can't do that your success in this life in the hereafter depends on you getting it. May that be practiced. May that be apparent in the way that you practice, stand and read and recite. To plan it out. Plan out your facial and your tone all week and plan out your Quran

00:32:31--> 00:33:01

huntsmen plan out your thinking and plan out the times you're going to attend lessons, plan it out, so it doesn't interfere with your work doesn't interfere with your daily priorities that you have to take care of. But don't walk into Ramadan blind and say, Well, I can't do it because I have this No, no, plan it out. This is the time to increase your worship. When are you going to increase your worship? If not now, when? Telling me honestly, what is the time? Okay, not this your fight? What's your, what's your telling me? What's your, let's say? Let's say somehow somehow you and I have knowledge that you're gonna believe here for 40 years? Fine. We're not we're gonna put that telling

00:33:01--> 00:33:33

me what's here? What is What are you waiting for what's going to happen? Well, I'm retired, really, that's the only you're going to go turn to Allah subhanaw taala. When you're old, you're going to you're going to, you're going to waste all of your useful years and not stand in front of Allah subhana gonna show him your desire of what he has, so that He guides you. What I mean, university what you think after university, things become easier. You think having a job in a family makes it easier. You think the kids grow up, it becomes easier, and nothing becomes easier. Nothing. Everything just becomes more and more complicated. I'm sorry to pop the bubble. But that's how it

00:33:33--> 00:34:04

is. What you have is right now, that's all you got. You have no guarantees on anything else you have now, show what you want. Show Allah subhanaw taala that you have that intention that you have that commitment, and he will give you what you want. He'll give it to you, we'll give you that which you didn't even imagine you could be given. He will bless you with things you didn't even know exists you didn't even know existed to begin with. But just show a little bit of that. That desire that I want. I'm willing to go the extra mile. The final, final thing to do.

00:34:05--> 00:34:38

Plan out what other extra acts of worship you're going to do. Whether it's socket, whether it's better validate whether it's solid, or whatever it is, you'd like to smell, hoof, whatever it is, think of acts of worship that you haven't been doing for a long time and then jumpstart them in Ramadan, begin them and make Ramadan, the anchor for you to start all of these acts of worship so that you can later on turn them into habits we'll talk about that next week. So you can habitual eyes them later on. Because a lot of acts of worship exist and we're not doing them. We just We just are not a part of our daily routine. We start planning what we're going to add in Ramadan and extra

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

asked about the Prophet Allah He started with the most generous and Ramadan. He was the most caring and Ramadan. He was the most giving in Ramadan. He didn't use it as an excuse because he had to you need to nap all day. No, he was he putting the most effort in his life out of your SolidWorks im during the month of Ramadan because you understood if you did it then it will continue with you and show later. These are the six pieces of advice I have for next week for you. I want you to make sure

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

To enter Ramadan with a clean heart, go work on that to make sure that you prepare to repair any broken relationships that need to be repaired in your life. Very, very, very important and I cannot emphasize that piece enough it will make a world of difference for you if you do it early on before Ramadan, that's number one. Number two, make sure that you have the list of your repentance. Make sure that that list of the things you want to repent for you to remove from your heart you have it ready so that you can actually work on repenting. Number three, make sure that you have your list of dua you know what you want to ask ALLAH SubhanA number four, remove distractions make sure there are

00:35:32--> 00:36:01

no distractions around you start removing start planning or turning and get them out of your way so they can actually embrace them a lot appropriately. Make sure that you plan out your worship which How are you going to worship Allah subhanaw taala and then make sure that you figured out what new acts of worship we're going to do with Ramadan. These are the six things I want to share with you. We are going to next week and shall I'm going to share with you our plan here in the center and I'm going to suggest a plan for you in case you don't have one and then we're gonna work together to make sure that we achieve our plans that Ramadan and that we at the end of Ramadan, we have elevated

00:36:01--> 00:36:37

ourselves and we are closer to Allah subhanaw taala we sustain it moving forward. We will be three sessions of pre Ramadan PT Ramadan Ramadan preparation sessions. The first one will be this Sunday after maghrib and then the other two will be Saturday and Sunday after after motive as well so you're welcome to bring your kids into come and listen as we inshallah plan it out. This tonight after salata, Aisha. Today, we're going to have a mental health, basically discussion, we have some specialists, we have a panel it's open mic so you can come in you can you can share your struggle you can talk about whatever you want to talk about you can listen you can ask questions, I encourage

00:36:37--> 00:37:07

you that if this is something that matters to you or you have family members or friends that this matters to them, bring them we have to further this conversation this conversation about our wellness or mental wellness needs to happen because we are not doing very good very well on that front. It's happening chocolate tonight after after after Asia and the sessions for Ramadan. Insha Allah for preparation will be the Sunday and then Saturday and Sunday after that. That'd be the night out I hope that was of benefit for you forgive me for taking too long while I move and Allah I'm gonna be I'm Marina Lehmann Faqad in Allah Who am Allah eco who you saw Luna Alain de vie. Yeah,

00:37:07--> 00:37:16

you know Salah Ali he was suddenly moved to Sneem Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed the masa later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim barbaric

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early Mohammed Gamma DR. Ibrahim Ibrahim Villa Isla Mina in Nikka Jaime Majeed what are the Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah us that eluna for the battle well Omar or man our ally what Allah Who mines oh god he imagine would mean one early HIPAA up and upon hitting one on Sahaba to Hill holding him or her Jolene Juanita been in elementary at home BSN in Isla yo Medina one my homegirl Hermetica hammer rocky mean Allah whomever was getting any Muslim in our Muslim out well meaning me not Allah Yeah Even whom well I'm what Allahumma featheredge whom Allah Muhammad Amin when a fist screw but in a cruel been what if I mean what if I Goldmine in lovely will mean what happened Dima and our Dima

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animals cleaning Aloha model domestic Ilaria have been Muslim in Allah homologue Danna Jemaine Alico at you know Dini God ninja Anita autobuy Lena I'm in Jimmy reason OB natto but then also Allahumma LivingDNA LG Marina Ramadan Well, Philippa now if he you know sia and you want you to TM we're gonna hold them the bustle you are heavily listen when my daddy garlic Allah who maybe is ease with

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you Allah you know about Allah in Allah yet Moodle will suddenly when your son what he will call by when hanging fascia it will move very well building you're able to come to the Kuru nothingness.