Abdul Wahab Saleem – Embracing Quran – How Can a Regular Person Ponder The Quran

Abdul Wahab Saleem
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to cinema Rasulullah hamdulillah 100 new Athena who is iida ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine Olam, Alabama in federal now in front of him and then Tana was in our Amen. Yeah, Kareem Robbie Shara Saudi recently silly Emily melissani of Cabo poly or obesity or obesity and obesity Allah, Allah Masha Allah Masha Allah who Sarah.

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Sarah, welcome to another episode of embracing Koran. And what we are discussing now is the idea of the seed. And what does a regular person have to do with the idea of the double?

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On the Koran pondering the Quran, we spoke about pondering the Koran he spoke about during the defeat of the Koran. And those are some really deep waters that we spoke of. So some people might feel that well if they're dot deep in terms of information in terms of being informed before you end up undertaking the process of deceit, and undertaking the process also of pondering the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So then what do I have to do with pondering the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. Right? That idea might come about in the mind of some people, but we say that a loss I know Allah, He gave this commandment as a general commandment to all Muslims around the world. Allah

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subhana wa Tada. In fact, all people around the world, not just not just Muslims, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that Leah double it so that they may ponder versus so this is not a ruling specific to Muslims. This is not a ruling specific to the the people who happen to be elite scholars or who just happened to be regular scholars or learned students of knowledge, etc. Now this is a ruling, or this is a an encouragement for all of mankind and humanity all together. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala, sent the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as a messenger for all of humanity. Hence the book that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him the message that Allah gave is also for all of humanity as

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well. So how do we then understand the concept of the double, or the seed or all of these things? If they happen to be so deep? And we need to know so many different things, to be able to understand the depths of the Quran? How do we understand the Quran for just a regular person, right? There isn't even room to do that. In reality, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah made the Koran at different levels in terms of the meanings that it renders, that's also amongst the beautiful natures of, of the Koran, the beautiful, you know, facets of the Quran, that Allah subhana wa tada has placed within it a mechanism to render meanings which all people can understand. The old, the young, the

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person who has a very strong cognitive ability, the one who doesn't have such abilities, and so forth, right? So Allah Subhana, WA tada has placed within the Quran a mechanism for all people to take whatever they possibly can from this book. And to this effect, we have a famous famous tradition of Israel ambassador, the amount of Iran and it's also raised to the profits on the long run, he was seven but it's not authentically raised to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If you're a boss, however, this is authentic, he said that at the Pharaoh, Allah, Allah to him, that they've seen is at four different levels, okay? So even though we gave all those conditions, and so

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on and so forth, one may say, Well, you know, what, I can't really accomplish that it doesn't look like I can, because I don't have time I don't have, you know, I'm working and so forth. So we'll say, that's fine. If you feel that you can achieve that there is a level of deceit Allah Subhana Allah has placed for all of us to understand. So if you're a boss, he says, That was when daddy foodora min charania there is one level of the feed, which people who happen to be Arabs, in terms of language, they are able to grasp that through their language through the depth of their language. Now this happens to be a very deep understanding the depth that the Arabic language renders for

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people, right.

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And sometimes it's so deep that even some of the greatest scholars in fact even some of those habit, in fact that the the one who's considered the scholar of the Quran, Hebron, mythology, matter Koran, even about some of the low data, even he didn't understand certain things, you know, because perhaps he wasn't able to grasp a certain word, perhaps his, you know, try didn't use a certain word however, and other tribe use used that word. And remember, we said that the Quran was revealed to accommodate the different dialects of the Arab so everybody feels comfortable when they're reading the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So over here, even Ibis despite being a great scholar, we have

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this tradition that he said that I didn't know when to laugh.

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Lima, Peru sumati Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah Fatah Al hamdu, lillahi Fawlty somehow it was early January the melodica, to Sudan,

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Sudan, that Alhamdulillah all praises due to Allah thought that is somehow what the one who happens to be the, the Creator of the heavens of the earth, but he thought that a semi was the depth of this word I wasn't able to grasp, right. I didn't know what that word meant. Until one day, I saw two, two veterans they were arguing, had their attorney Arabi and they were two veterans that came to me and they were they were arguing and they had a dispute yasim and fever. They were arguing about, you know, they were arguing about a well, okay. And as they're arguing about the well, they started to say one of them said NFR to her, and the other one said NFL talk to her. Right. So one of them said

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I was the one who made it for thought to her. Right. And the other one said, Anna fatale to her and some engineers and up to that to her I'm the one I was the one who made it come You know, I was gonna began it almost I was on the started it off. As in before that, there was no Well, I was the one who dug it up. And when I dug it up, the water started to sprout out of that location. And so hence, I am more worthy of this particular well, so it's not a bad asset. From that point onwards, I started to understand what the word faulted is, somehow it would have meant and that is that Allah subhanho wa Taala brings the heavens and the earth into existence from the very beginning, as in

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there is no mold. It's not like Allah subhana wa tada is taking, you know, products or equipments that are already made, and just molding them together and placing them together and organizing them and then you've made a product the way we do it, right. When we're making something. The computer that you see here, the table that you see here, this is glass, it has to come from somewhere, right? This happens to be a little bit of metal, it has to come from somewhere. There's a lot of different mechanisms in the computer there has to come from somewhere.

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It doesn't just come out of nowhere, right? So Allah subhana wa tada However, when he makes something, he Allah subhana wa Adana, you do, ha, he's the one who starts it off. So before that there is no matter in existence. Allah subhanaw taala brings things into existence, whilst they are non existing. Right? That is the power of the word father, and he wouldn't understand that it is essentially, but Allah subhanho wa Taala bless them to hear this, and also conveyed on to the oma so that we will be able to understand it without having to look through the words of the herbs and baths himself, he used to say that a share of the wine without that the share of the poetry is like

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the place where the Arabs have preserved their language. And he would further say that, when something a meaning in the Koran becomes ambiguous, we don't understand the meaning of something within the Quran, then we end up simply going back to the deewan that Allah subhanho wa Taala had used to preserve the language of the earth and hence the meanings of the Quran as well we ended up going back to the D one lerab, which is the shirt which is poetry. And we search for a word used by one of the early Arabs that would be the same as the word being used in the Quran and through that we can understand the meaning that Allah subhana wa tada is trying to get through this on right. So

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the shared poetry then is that the one out of it's the it's the it's where lots of data is preserved all of the Arabic language so that we will be able to understand the book of Allah subhana wa tada the Koran and also allows us to understand the Quran at the level that the Arabic language renders ignore basswood have a common practice that he would, you know, help other people understand the Quran by mentioning a line of poetry along with the ayah as he is doing it, all of this falls where

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all of this falls within the first level. Because we said there's four levels of understanding the Koran. Why do you want daddy foodora bouwman karamea a wedge, a angle of understanding that the feet of the Quran which the Arabs know from their language, so if my bass is going back to the language of the Arabs to understand the meanings of the Quran, but there's another level as well and that level is to understand the Koran to know the halal and haram within the Quran, okay. Not all the detailed halal and haram. Right. But to understand the primary meanings that Allah subhana wa Taala is placing if Allah subhana wa Taala says do not you know feed off of Riba lotta coolibah so that

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means don't eat Riba don't involve yourself into transactions which happened to be giorious don't involve yourself within them. Why? Because they're impermissible. Allah subhana wa tada is directly addressing the creation telling them to cut it out. Stop involving yourself in interest based transactions, right. So

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That is considered impermissible. That is a clear commandment from Allah subhana wa tada almost anyone who reads the Quran can feel that Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling them so long as he's used to regular interactions in society he can, he can understand from those words that Allah subhana wa tada is telling them to stop transacting in usuarios transactions, this is quite clear. So that level of understanding which is the serum, now you are go ahead and be Shahada at a level of understanding in which nobody is excused, right? That level of understanding almost everyone can understand you don't even need to know Arabic to understand that level. Right? Even if you pick up a

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English translation of the Quran, no problem, you can pick up the English translation of the Quran and read it and those meanings which are very, very clear, glaring meanings of the Quran, those are known to everybody in almost every single language, right? And those are by the way meanings that people are not excused not at all right. And that's very important to know. Sometimes we think that okay, the Quran came to us, we just have to follow this that the other and then and then that's it, we don't have to worry about anything more, anything less a loss. So kinda with Allah centocor are not just for the Prophet, Allah subhanho wa Taala said Lee at the bottle irtg we keep going back to

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that verse, there's a plural, you know, pronoun in there, that so that all the people may ponder these verses these iaat, the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala, that includes you and I write, and so that since it does include you and I we can safely say that the Quran is addressed to you and the Koran is addressed to me the Quran is addressed to all of us and Abbas is adding that there is an aspect of the defeat of the Quran, which none of us are excused, not enough. That zero lie will go ahead on the journey. Nobody is given an excuse in the court of Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, that those clear, glaring meanings of the Quran you didn't pick up and understand by

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simply reading them. That doesn't require much seed. It doesn't require a deep understanding. It doesn't require a lot of Arabic. It doesn't require any of those things right? all it requires is simply picking up the Quran, the raw text the beautiful words of Allah subhana wa tada or the translation of the meanings of those words and reading through them. Right so at least you understand what is it that Allah Subhana Allah is addressing humanity with when we come back inshallah tada after the break, we'll continue to discuss the other two categories, which Allah Subhana Allah has placed within the Quran. And Allah subhana wa tada has placed the levels of the

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seed within the Quran. Join us after the break to learn about the last two categories of the deceit of the Quran.

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Sierra de la salatu salam ala rasulillah Welcome back to your viewers to embracing Koran.

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We left off at the discussion about the four categories of defeat.

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The third category of defeated bass rahima, along with all the unknown mentioned in his tradition, he said what they've seen on the moon and another type of seed, which is only known to the scholars, right, so this is a higher grade of 50. This is a grade where the scholars have already encompassed the Arabic language or at least understood a great bit of the Arabic language, where they've already understood a number of the tools required to understand at a level we're where the scholars are deriving rules from the book of Allah subhana wa tada where you're literally deriving rules. This is hard. This is hard on sometimes even using ontological reasoning, sometimes using other you know,

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proofs and evidences to compile together a proper study of the Quran. This is a level of understanding known to none, but the aroma and those who end up learning it from the early modern scholars of Islam. And last but not least, is a level of understanding that only Allah Subhana Allah knows yes, even

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though Allah Subhana Allah had sent the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to explain the Quran. There are aspects of the Quran that only Allah Subhana Allah knows no one other than Allah subhana wa tada has the knowledge of these aspects of the Quran. So there is the final two categories then. One of them being the knowledge that Allah subhana wa tada has granted

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To the scholars of this ummah, and all of the conditions that we mentioned in the previous episode, all of the conditions related to the manifested all of the conditions we really we mentioned related to the person who is allowed and permitted and encouraged and all obliged also, to help people understand the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala by doing that, the seal of the book of Allah, but as a theologian, all of those conditions, and qualities are related to a person who wants to do this level of deceit, that the seal of the Ummah, where you end up looking and delving deep within the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala, to look and derive meanings, and so forth, right. However, the

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first level of deceit, or rather, let's put it this way, the second level of deceit, because that's the order within the Hadeeth. The second level of deceit,

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that is a level of depth seen, which no one is excused in. So to answer the question that we asked earlier on in this episode, and that was that, how about a person who doesn't have all these tools? And it doesn't have all the detailed knowledge of all of the different sciences of Islam and so on and so forth? What is he to do with the Quran? How do we ponder the Quran if we don't have all of those tools, but we say that the second level of the feed is available to every single Muslim, every single person, no matter what their racial background is, no matter what their color is, no matter what their gender is, no matter what their language is, even languages yes, even if you don't

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understand the Arabic language, that there is that level of pondering the port on, which is simply the glaring meanings that Allah subhana wa tada has placed within the Quran that is open to every single one of us. Okay, so that is where we ended up pondering. Now, if we increase ourselves in knowledge, perhaps the knowledge of Arabic, perhaps the knowledge of, you know, syntax, perhaps the knowledge of morphology, perhaps the knowledge of rhetoric, perhaps the knowledgeable student, perhaps the knowledge of other, you know, perhaps Hadeeth CLR, so on and so forth. As we increase in our own knowledge from these other angles, we can accommodate and understand a little bit more, a

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little bit at a time, from the Quran, of the meanings that Allah Subhana Allah has placed within his book. So to answer the question, the glaring meanings within the Quran are meanings that all of us have to know. And Allah Subhana Allah has placed it within our capacity to know those meanings as well. What I want to do now is just come and speak of a few more points inshallah Tada, before we get into the long awaited sort of medium, and at the sea of sorts, Miriam. You see, my dear brother, my dear sister, when we look at the Koran, we have to look at the Quran as a guidance to us every single day as we stand in Salah 70 regattas at least right we ended up praying to Allah subhana wa

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tada within that we say it enough Salatin MR CLEAN guidance or a lot of it was added to the straight path. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala repeatedly for guidance to the straight path. And as we're asking Allah subhanho wa Taala repeatedly for guidance to this trade path, we fail to notice that Allah subhana wa tada just in the very next page told us that the guidance is right here. It's right before you Valley can kita boulardii Buffy who that

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that is a book or this is a book, there are no doubts within this book and it is well then it has got a guidance for the people who happen to have God fearing this within them and piety, and God consciousness within them. We're conscious of a lot of positive agenda. So there are no doubts in the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. And the question that you're constantly asking Allah subhanho wa Taala, day in and day out, time in and time out again and again, multiple times a day, 17 times a day, through your life for years on end, you've been asking this question, the answer is right there right before you staring you in the face. And that is that Allah Subhana Allah has placed the

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guidance within this book. So when you're looking at the Koran, you're looking at a book of guidance. And so whenever you look at anything within the Quran, you your primary thought process should be How can I deduce benefit in my life right now, from the book of a lot from the words of Allah Subhana without at this very moment, as I look at what a lie saying, how is it going to benefit me directly. So that's the first point I wanted to mention. The second point is a point we are already discussed and it's important to re discuss this and that is that come into the book of Allah subhana wa tada as you're reciting the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. As you're learning the

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meanings of the book of Allah, without preconceived notions, all of the ideas that you have put them aside, don't let the ideas that society has enforced upon your mind to become filters in terms of the thoughts that you have towards a product. Don't allow the society to be a filter for the quality

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Rather allow the Koran to be the filter that filters the actions and statements of society. So when you come into the Quran, come without preconceived notions and Allah Subhana Allah will allow the blessings Allah Subhana Allah will allow the light to illuminate your heart. From this book I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to illuminate my heart with a book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I asked Allah to illuminate your heart with a book of Allah subhana wa tada I mean a little bit about me.

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Also, when you're looking at the Quran, look at the Quran as a book that is that is addressing you directly, okay, you look at the Quran, and you look at the Quran as a book that is directly addressed to you specifically, right?

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It is addressed to you specifically.

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Because what happens to us at times is we end up we end up looking at the Quran as a book that is addressing other people, right.

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So you're reading the book, and there's a passage coming before you it's staring you in the eyes, you're staring it in the eyes, and you're reading it, and you're envisioning someone else in your mind as you read this verse. When you envision someone else perhaps someone made a mistake. Sure, you saw it happening. It happened to you it was your colleague at work, it could have been, you know, your, your classmate at school, it could have been a friend of yours or relatives, so on and so forth. Right? It could be any one of those. And they made a mistake. Okay, they made a mistake. I admit you admits he admits everybody's admitting that there was a mistake made. But when we are

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looking at the Koran, we're not looking at the mistake of others because the Quran is supposed to be addressed to us directly. So when you're looking at the Quran, stop thinking about other people start thinking about yourself, leave off pre preconceived notions, start thinking about yourselves, and look at the Quran as an address from Allah subhanho wa Taala for you specifically, and recognize that the Koran supersedes everything. Okay, that's number four. The Quran supersedes everything. No matter what isms become popular within society, they will always come down if you just think about it right now, as we speak, within the lifetimes of our parents, perhaps our grandparents, perhaps

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their parents, if you were to just ponder. And if you were to read a little bit of history, perhaps, if you were to ponder and read history and look at how people went from one ism to another, to another, and to another, I mean, just over here, as we're speaking, right? There was the the idea of Marxism that became really prevalent in certain parts of recent history within within North Africa, right and within Egypt over here, but then it ceased to exist after that, right. Similarly, other ideas, they became really famous, and so on and so forth. And they cease to exist today, right? And similarly, the ideas that we're up against right now, they used to tell us about, you know,

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liberalism, and so on and so forth. And now a lot of the variations they used to lecture the Muslim nations about liberal values and so on and so forth. They're starting to go towards fascism, right? Whether they see, verbalize, verbalize it or not, the Actions speak louder than words. It's clear fascism sometimes right? Why is that because that's in Islam, it's going to come to an end. But the Koran is what Allah subhanho wa Taala says Al hamdu, Lillahi lavey and Santa Ana de Al Kitab.

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That all praises due to a loss of kinda went to another one who revealed upon his slave, the book and he didn't make any crookedness within this book. And then what is the day he made it a human?

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He made it a game you know what a game is? A game is almost a guard. Okay? Allah subhana wa tada has made the Quran like a guard or a game. What does it do? whilst everything in society is going every single direction every 1015 years, a certain style a certain fashion a certain ideology prevails and other one doesn't. Right? And other becomes suit. Another one supersedes and so forth, right? The other ones end up disappearing or they're oppressed and they are hidden away in the corners or shoved under tables and so forth, right. The Koran will always remain super superseding throughout the Koran will always remain above because Allah Subhana Allah has made the Quran a guard for this

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religion from being lost. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow us to make the most of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala I asked Allah subhana wa tada to grant us the practice to convey Docomo credit for listening. Allahu Allah CD now Mohammed Ali he was such a big man was said I'm welcome.

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