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Medina Allah Allah He was so happy here as you may know, but we are really Malmo Muslims here so hey here and Abdullah him Yamo

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of the Allahu Anhu I'ma call Colin Nabil Allahu Allah Who early you send them the Hadith tonight eCollection a Muslim write to us about Abdullah and Alan Laos. And the theme is still

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Riba, satisfaction or content.

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And I'll probably write tonight, and then next tomorrow, and then we'll move on something different. It's an important Islamic, it's a main Islamic value. And for sure, as a Muslim you need it. So anybody could be is an act of worship that is internal. So it's something that it will have external implications for sure it has applications and it can be, it can be seen going in the positive and negative direction but if something happens on the inside, and this hadith is a very short one, it's really it's really nice Hadith in general, it's a kind of a generic one that you can for sure benefit from regardless of whether you comprehend this concept or not where he said it is Salatu was

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Salam. But Alpha men s lemma, what is the Apocrypha for Roxana Avila who be Mirta indeed,

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the following people are those who will be successful in this life and the hereafter and Fela is success in both and the life that you are living right now and in the hereafter and the jar has just

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its success in this life doesn't necessarily mean you'll make it after you pass away for now has both. So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is encouraging basically that certain types of people are those who are going to achieve fella and he points out three things. Number one might Aslam those who submit to Allah subhanaw taala will give the shahada Illa Illa. Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, they accept Islam, they're Muslim. So those who figured out the story behind this world, and what they're here to do and what they're going to do with the time that they have, that's what SLM means they haven't caught, they have clarity in terms of their perception and where they're going.

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And then he adds two pieces out of his salatu. Salam, that are obviously this is Islam is a huge concept. But then he has two pieces that are more specific, and really important, said, what was the Apocrypha fun, and was given enough to fervent in microphone, thank you, for your words in Arabic means enough, what you have what you require.

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So what was it like a first time you were provided in your life that was you require, you weren't in a state of need, that you didn't have to go and ask people for help, because you couldn't make ends meet. You weren't in a position in your life where you could not take care of yourself and your children, for example, no, you had enough. You never didn't require people carry their aid or their support, and you work and you're making enough to take care of yourself. That is called Luca Fef. It's a big deal. By the way, Islamic Lee has its own chapter within, within Islamic books, they talked about that, being able just to make ends meet, and maybe maybe sticking to that in your life

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in your life. There are some issues here that obviously need to be discussed. But the concept is important. But what was it like a Fairphone walk on now hula hoop, and Allah subhanaw taala granted him the ability to be satisfied, and to have being content with what he was given.

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Not to continuously feel that emptiness towards that, towards wanting more, there's no end to how much more you can have. And there's no end to how much more you can desire. If there's no end to it, like there's nothing that will ever be enough. If, if you're not listening to Divine Wisdom regarding this, then go turn your intention to reality. And if you can't seem to see the reality, then turn your attention to history. If you can't, if that doesn't do, we're now going to turn your attention to biology. There's never enough, the way that we are designed that we will always want more, there is no end to how much we can want. And we don't need it. But we want it we want

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everything we want all of it.

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And is understood and known.

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But that doesn't mean that has to drive your behavior doesn't mean that I have to drive your ambition. It doesn't mean that has to drive your values. It doesn't have to ruin your ability to be happy and to be kind and to be open and to be generous. And to be humble and to be selfless. The he's saying all these sorts of you want to achieve success in both lives. First of all, you have to be Muslim. So let's put that aside. And then if you are lucky enough, this way, saying what was it like if if if you are fortunate enough to be provided with what you need.

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Then be happy with what Allah subhanaw taala gave you you'll make it where you're not continuously disgruntled and upset and looking forward to just getting more on a selfish basis. This has nothing to do with your ambition towards doing height for others. It has nothing to do with you working hard trying to make an impact in the world. This is about your self consumption. This is about you. Your use has nothing to do with your ambition to grow, to grow wealth to make sure that you support people around you and do it for you

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OMA, this is about your self use your your consumerism is you are you able to be happy with what he gave you some kind of what to honor. And if he gave you all that you need, you have what you need, you have enough to eat enough to dress you have a house yet you have the basic needs, are you able to be happy with that? Or is it always going to be, but there's more, but it could be bigger, it could be better, it could be brighter, it could be shinier, it could be longer, it could be fatter, taller, MC whatever it could always be, can always be,

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can always be I guarantee it to you, I can give it to you that that the billionaires sit around and they complain, I guarantee it is my I swear to Allah Who loves him that they sit together and they and they complain about how expensive it is and how difficult it is to make money and and no matter how much money you give a human being if they don't have this piece will always be something to complain about to be scared about to be worried about to be working against. And that said, this just turns into this world hole in this vortex that just keeps on taking you and take any bite. And by the time you figure it out, you're too old. It's hard to fix it anymore and you can't get out of

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it. By the time you figured out that this is not a way to live. The sometimes the happiest people in this world who are just have enough. And they've they've accepted that they're happy with that they do well with they got

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this is not I don't give this a hadith to make you all want to aspire to being poor, or aspire to being with no that's not if you understand that then you're not you're not comprehending what I'm saying. The prophet Isaiah saw Sudan was never poor, he was deserted. It wasn't poor, he had wealth, he just didn't consume a lot of it. He only consumed what he needed. And then the rest of it he makes sure he put to work he put to work, the others would benefit from it because that's the point of being alive. And that's that's this hadith to be in content to be content to be happy with what Allah subhanaw taala gave you and then it makes it easier for you to work harder and to aim farther

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and because you're now you're not doing it for yourself now you're trying to make more but you're not doing it for you. It's not about your value it's not about your own capital in your worth your net worth you know that's the garbage word that we came up with net worth net worth will let you figure it out people's net worth

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is what are we doing why am I even sitting here if you figure it out people's net worth I thought that was something God did but apparently is not gonna be configured off people's network there is no such thing no such thing this net worth does that's the amount of questions you're gonna be asked you want that's all that is. That's just how much you're going to be questioned about what you what you were given in what you were offered. Your kudos on Allah Allah, Allah for the Hadith Allah Yahweh no Muslim

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for you so hey, I only Sydney Malik and oh god Allah here Salatu was Salam ala ha man as lemma Maroussi are tougher for open na hula hoops, sort of close to Allah. Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah. Allah wa salam O Allah, like, I mean, I'm gonna I'm gonna be talking about lithium, two minutes and then I start my highlighter. So if you're praying more than two minutes