No one can Harm you or Benefit you

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recognize in the most supreme dhikr of Allah, La ilaha illa Allah, when we say that word Allah, all power, all might, every form of unlimited infinite power that Allah has the Infinity Allah has it is in that inner La Ilaha there is no one that has Illa Allah except for la zona La ilaha IL Allah puts me in a stage where all once I know all of this, I know that no human can help me.

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No human can benefit.

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No one except if Allah wills the hadith of Timmy is very clear when Rasulullah sallallahu Hussmann spoke to Abdullah bin ambas for the Allah HANA on a conveyance, and he told him said Yeah, who lamb Oh, young one, I'm going to teach you in me or I live Mooka Cali Mads, I'm going to teach you certain words. And he told him know that if the whole world came together, to benefit you, everyone in the whole world comes together to give you somebody's not one community. This is not one group of people, we're talking about the entire Western Australia, entire Australia, all on your side, they all come to benefit you the whole of the continents of the world of every person wants to now do

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something good to you. But Allah does not want that good to happen to you, then you can make it happen. And Allah's messenger says the opposite if the whole world was to come and be against you. Imagine this whole community is against you. This is the person of Lightline Allah what He says, if so, and so is against me so and so is against me, but I'm with Allah, and the entire parts of Australia and parts of the world, or maybe the whole world as useless Allah horseman says, they want to harm me.

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And Allah decides that I'm not going to allow anyone to harm them. Nothing, nothing at all is going to come my way and that is our faith in La ilaha illa which is he is the one and only empower