Adnan Rajeh – Islamic Core Value – Incorruptibility-Istiqamah #10

Adnan Rajeh
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Let's increase your follow up on the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and all good deeds. Yahweh Imam Al Bukhari you already know Muslim Quran for you so hey here

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are the Allahu Anhu kala Kala and the views of Allah Allah you earlier Selim. The hadith tonight a collection of both Imam Bukhari and Muslim narrators wherever Herrera and this is the final Hadith that I'll be talking about the concept of st karma, we're incorruptibility, right take corruption, also start a new theme and Sharla next week.

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It is a very known he doesn't use the word is to comment in it. But the concept is the idea is implied very clearly. There's a very famous Hadith and it's important that if you if you don't know it, it's not long, so you should be able to memorize it. And when he says Ali sauce, there was a falling apart. I told you doing a nurser Mallard in Kyoto home filled Jaya hilly yet you follow Him fill Islami? That's a cuckoo. So the first part of the Hadith he said, I used to love to Samuel find people to have natures to have my identity, my identity is a middle.

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So when he says my origin, you find people to be mad and you find people to have specific innate natures. Meaning they're what they're made of. We use this in English as well. What are you What are you made of? And is it a gold or some other? Some other useless? Is it Tim?

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For us to use this type of this concept is used almost cross culturally, in general. And it's the Arabs used the same and the Prophet Allah Isn't this what he meant in his that people have innate natures criado, whom fungi at the best of them during the time of Jay Helia ClearONE for Islam, either of Hakuho will be the best people in Islam if they learned if they educate themselves understand the deen because if they're not surely have good ethics, if they're good people in general, maybe they figured out the ethical code. They figured out how to be for example, righteous, or just or was ducking, for example, if they figured that piece out and figured out these basic core

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values, then it if they accept Islam, it'll only make them better they'll become we just we know that we know that that Islamically when we look at this aha, but we know for sure that the people who work excellent during Jehovah, those who accepted the spell amongst them more, were way ahead even if they accepted late. If they came in a decade later, they still wouldn't they would still make it make it a head because because of the fact that they had those innate good nature's good good qualities that you will not say my husband Carolyn Fisher Helia declared on for this time. What did you do wanna hire a nurse if you had a SHINee I shut down home level Cara here. You'll find the

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best of the people with this Muslims in caring if you haven't shut and what he means and caring. The dean and dalla are the ones who hated it the most initially, I said the home Lucara here.

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He's like, Well, what was? Because you're thinking about this, this makes no sense. No, it makes a lot of sense. Actually, it makes a lot of sense, because the person who didn't like it up front was committed enough to make it clear, they didn't like it. They were committed enough to theology, they were committed enough to ideology, they were committed enough to the seriousness of religion, that they were willing to openly be against it. So when they accept Islam, they're willing to openly be with it. They're not indifferent. They're not that great group of people. Forgive me that useless group of people, that completely useless denominator demographic within society, that aren't too

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with it to do anything to play it or to against it to do anything bad, just the indifferent people who are just floating around with no not really adding to any group. They don't add to this side, they don't add to that side, there's nothing they're just not no the profit or they just saw the value in someone being openly against this man. Because if they're openly against that means they have conviction, they have belief, if they if they find the light, Illa Illa Allah, they will switch, it will switch to commit to that which now they believe is correct. Some people you don't hear their voices, whether when they're not Muslim, you don't hear their voices, if they are Muslim,

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you don't hear their voices in general, because they just don't care enough that this is the important piece, the product I didn't see the opposite of commitment of Islam to be to be CO for it started to be to be reflected in difference. That was the that's the opposite piece. That's that's, that's where you lose it all. Those who just don't care, because I can't fit at least cares. Maybe you can reach them even on on on the combat battleground. Sometimes other battleground, you can reach them, and they will switch on the battleground and they'll and they'll change and don't see the light and they'll turn around people who don't care. There's nothing you can do. There's nothing

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you can say there's nothing you can offer that will make them see because he's not looking they're not looking to see if you have to look they're not looking at all.

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What did you do with them shall run as if he had that armor, and you will find the worst the most the worst people within this whole issue of Islam that Elijah Hain yell at her older Abuja, Abuja, the person who was two faced, they come to this group with a face and they're good with the face. The ones who lack integrity, the people like us to karma. They will. They don't, they don't. They don't have integrity. They don't have commitment to anything. They will just go with the flow, whatever, whatever the moment dictates that's what they'll be. Whatever is cool or popular at the moment, that's what they'll do. Whatever suits the people that they're in contact with, and that's

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what they'll sing. That's the song they'll sing. They'll dance the dance just

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telling me what the rhythm is. Give me the beats and I'll dance for you. It doesn't make a difference shall run us the worst people for this Dean, then we'll chain the person who has no integrity. There's no comma. There's no path they're walking on. So just what is it that you need? What's popular now? What's cool? Now? That's what we'll do. What is it cool to be a part of today, then that's what we'll talk about. That's what will belong to that's useless. That's useless.

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When you're when you're not principled, there's no point. Islam is only useful to people who are who see it as a principled social movement of reform. If you don't see it like that, and are willing to take the principles and live by them, regardless of what's happening around you what was going on in the world that there's really not much to it is not nobody Muslim, the prophet Isaiah didn't say that they're not Muslim, play with us shut up and ask if he had to shut and the ones who are the least helpful to people who cause the most problems, then would change the person who's just two faced,

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put on whatever whatever face is needed at the moment on your front of others. And that's what it's your karma is not. That's the beauty of understanding is to come and be principled, to be principled, is one way to I want to kind of end the series with another way of looking at it can be incorruptibility was also to be principled, that this is how it is how you make your decisions. You're not swayed, you're not, you don't compromise, you're not tempted by you're not pressured. You know what's correct, you know, what isn't, you walk that path, and you pay the price for it. But you walk away, always knowing that you are stuck in and you have integrity. And that is the most

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valuable thing you'll ever carry. And that will allow you to sleep at night allows you to wake up in the morning feeling that you have value allows you to continue to live your life well. Like the moment you compromise something, something changes inside of you something changes. It's like a poison that runs right through you. It takes a while for you to get out get rid of it later on if you decide to get rid of it, because it takes away your ability to have that principled approach almost in everything. That's how you teach kids not to cheat in the small exam because if they start cheating in those small exams, it's only time it's only a matter of time before the they're given.

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They're given some degree of authority and then they Yeah, yeah, there's no you can't you can't divide this undividable your other principle in general or you're not either it's the comments the comments were everything there's no it's the comma and then over here, I can be a little bit No, there has to be something that that you'll live by next. And if I if I just I used to be beautiful and explains that piece and I hope you find it to be beneficial. Beneficial Yahweh Lima Maria Bukhari Well, Muslim couldn't refuse so he and I behold whatever the Allahu Anhu called Coronavirus, Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam did you do wanna a nurse? Um, I didn't hear him kill Jia.

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Haleyville Jaya. Helia TPR openfit. Islamia, Cebu. What did you do wanna hire a nurse? If you had a SHINee? I said, the homea hookah here. What did you do when a Shaolin nurse if you have a certain you though, would Haney do it? Would it be would

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it be sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi.

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Wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah so you know, have you been on Muhammad Ali's like missionaries talking about loving them?

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