Abu Bakr Zoud – What is the reality of (Allahu Akbar)

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the implementation of Allah's commands and the use of his name in various aspects of life, including his wife's behavior and social media. He also talks about the importance of not repeating his words and keeping away from drugs and alcohol. The speaker suggests that if he takes these actions seriously, they will lead to great outcomes.
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I'm reading for you what the Sheikh Mohammed Al Amin is Shanti Rahim Allah said in his Tafseer concerning the AOA Kabir vutek below, in where Allah azza wa jal commanded us to declare His greatness intensely. He said Aya vim Jota women Shalida he said this means declare His greatness intensely

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way of Hello powerbeam Allah if you should that will have over the LMT fairly Emery UHD nabina he while Musa karate Illa coolamon your Lee

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he didn't said, declaring the greatness of Allah. It manifests in the strict adherence upon the commandments of Allah subhanahu wata, Isla and keeping away from his prohibitions and rushing to everything that pleases Him. Subhanahu wata Isla laahu, awkward. That's the reality of declaring Allah's greatness. When you say Allahu Akbar, it is a word that is emitted from the heart, then you see it on the tongue, and then he has a physical manifestation.

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When you

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engage in Allah's commands, when you implement Allah's commands, and your worship Allah, that is a person doing Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah.

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And when you keep away from the prohibitions, when you keep away from drugs, from alcohol, from smoking cigarettes and vaping when you keep away from looking lustfully at the opposite gender, when you keep away from Al haram, on tick tock and on Instagram, and so on, when you keep away from the Haram, that is you implementing and manifesting, Allahu Akbar

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say each other as though you've seen Allah is greater than what I desire. Allah is greater than what I desire. And Allah azza wa jal doesn't want me as a believer to do the haram. So you keep away from the halal when you keep away from the haram. You are now physically applying a technique you are applying Allahu Akbar, in your life. Imagine now a person that repeats Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, throughout these 10 days of Malaysia and he repeats it more than 100,000 times what is going to happen to this person? How connected with this heartbeat with Allah azza wa jal how alive and awakened would such a soul be after these 10 days? Allah He indeed this is why these were the

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greatest days on earth. Because if you take them seriously and you do the righteous deeds in these days, they will suffice you until next evolution.

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