Fajr Dars Az-Zukhruf (Verses 31-35)

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Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam Guernica, you know, have you been hanging on earlier savage Marine?

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jell o keep it at 30 minutes. For some reason I did bad math yesterday and I looked at the clock and I thought it was 30. And it turned out to be 40. So I'm sure we'll keep it at 30 minutes for the night out on the weekends.

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Today, inshallah we continue with the sort of sort of, we stopped yesterday at

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number 30. In shows they do it number 31. I'll just begin. And I

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think it's important. Now the reason that I'm at the beginning of each of these

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had occurred before I start kind of explaining the sooner I take a moment and try to remind you of what the purpose or the theme of this sutra is, because

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it makes it easier to understand the surah if you have an idea of where it's going, what is trying to talk about, or what or what message is trying to convey to you. It's just easier to comprehend. And I think the earlier generations of the Muslims

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had a command of the Arabic language that was strong enough to the point where this was bread and butter for them. It just just made sense. They didn't need they didn't need this to be pointed out. They didn't talk about this a lot, but I believe for our generation, it's a little bit different because our command obviously is much,

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much weaker. So kind of pointing out that this aura exists amongst a group that are talking about something similar and that the theme or purpose is to warn us from a certain way of thoughts, which in this case is a very materialistic approach to the world and to life itself.

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And we started at number 38 a few verses afterwards and then Alex we inshallah I will be laying him in a shape on your body will call hula hula and Zillah

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module in mineral Paul reality in the homeopathy moon, metal big national customer, Boehner who Marysia whom feel higher dunya will offer another boy whom phone call back when they are Roger to tell either Boom 123 year road map to a bigger hole your own mean Yeah. Now who are these two I add these two verses. It talks about the the issue that Allah subhanaw taala has pointed out here again after he gave us a few examples with either auto bend their problem with with with women and he talked about

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the E which is just following Yanni. Whatever the forefathers did, regardless of whether there was sense to it or not just based on the financial benefit, and they gave us example of Ibrahim Ali Salaam and his struggle with his people who had the same problem. Record New Zealand had Al Quran Allah Julian Toby attaining Alvin and their problem was one of the problems of or ratio that people have with them is that they said they said Lola music only only if the Quran was was descended upon Roger didn't forget to call the attain basically are the two towns the two towns are a coalition of five or so people who was in the neck as a second town i'll leave it was you know at this point I

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only have this decline is great but only if it was revealed to someone who was ugly Salalah Holly here earlier so have you seen him who will help him with me hopefully okay levels of Hannah who can who is already human who were who have really human whatever our culture and one a common and the human who said Allah Allah you

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don't feel unity? No one has any comes comes remotely close to the status of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in any form or manner. And yeah, this is before the mighty serum was even created the value salatu salam status was written on the option of Allah subhanaw taala in Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, so Allah Salam, but this is what they said, Only if the Quran was just revealed to someone who who had a greatness, although that's the word that they use. And the question becomes, what is what exactly is does it mean to you since you're saying this If so, that is basically what you're saying is the client is great to Allah. That's tough. That's nice. But we can't we're not going to

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follow someone who likes wealth and status and and male children, which is the three things he likes that Allah Allah said live in his life. He didn't he didn't have you wasn't a king. He wasn't the leader of of Quraysh. You're not someone who had a lot of wealth. And he wasn't someone who had a lot of children son, Elijah lamb, Yanni, that's what they call it. They actually had the audacity to say, and use that word and even when describing him, so Allahu Selim, again, it just shows you the same problem. Is this United Uniden

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International way of seeing things. They are judging greatness based on one metric just it's just one metric. Do you have wealth? No. Okay tell us then. How is this that's why the I after a homeopathy Munna, Raj Mehta robic, they're the ones who are going to judge me how the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala either grants people is worth and they're the ones who is going to get the ones who are going to we're going to give value to what Allah subhanaw taala grants His creation, this is this is up to them Nanoka seminar but you know whom Aisha whom to hire dunya we just lost one it's like myself I just divided sustenance provision no wealth amongst them in this in this life. What I

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found out that no one thought about leaving God yet. And yes, I gave one person more than the other person in certain domains. The definitely the valuable imbalance so Korea, though each and every one of you can benefit from the others to Korea means benefit benefit service.

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So Korea is mockery is to make fun of something so free Yeah, no, it's a Korea is the sphere is for someone to benefit for someone else Musa who meaning is created or exist to serve. So Allah subhanaw taala is explaining explaining what what they think is the only metric for any for, for value for Islam for for status, and for importance, which is wealth. And you say going to wealth is just something I distributed differently amongst people. So that one of you so the one who has a lot can give the one who has less than the one who has less will work to help the person who has a loved one. And there's actual orchids, if we all had exactly the same amount of everything, who was just,

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you know,

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equally distributed amongst us everyone had the exact same same amount, there would be no reason for us to say Marhaba to each other, we would never speak to one another at all. There'll be no social, you would have started social distancing way before COVID. Because there would be no point why would we? Why would we care to speak to one another, if I had everything I needed, I would just wall up in front of my house and I would never ever care who is next door and we would just live in small little bubbles from the beginning. But the reason that we don't is because I need you.

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And sometimes you need me and that need that necessity. It dictates a specific relationship to be built so that we actually start talking to one another and dealing with each other.

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This is the basis of how this is how Allah subhanaw taala views wealth in the world. He's explaining how it's how this works. You don't get to a duck symbol of metopic you can divide the or distribute the mercy and the compassion of Allah the provision of Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala he's the one who divided wealth and he divided it so that a doctor is going to need a mechanic and the mechanic will need the doctor and they'll both need a teacher and the teacher will need an engineer and the engineer will need a lawyer like Haitian and the lawyers inshallah but

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no need. You need these people as you go through life. You're going to need different different people with different professions. And it's just a part of being alive. You talking about bow guns to Korea but other than beltless Korea or Rama to rob big and this mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala claro Minaya Gemma own is better than whatever it is that they're accumulating in terms of their wealth. He says, I know what Allah is redefining what value is based on he's it's not as if he is redefining for them. What value is and how you judge success and how you judge status. It's the law firm of Allah subhanaw Dez whatever Allah is a part of this bestows upon one of his servants in

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terms of his companions, terms of the knowledge in terms of the closest in terms because the value of Serato Sam, you look at him ethically, you look at him. Well, he just saying, when he came running down the mountain and the company that we came running down the mountain sort of nod, he said, No. And he got very scared. He was shaking. He was so scared, some of us and it was okay to say that because he was scared. It's fine. I think I saw to send that night of course, he was going to be scared. You just saw something. You just met an extra terrestrial creature that he without any preparation whatsoever in terms of what he was going to see. So he came down and so scary was

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shaking was so cold, then literally the theory so she covered him. And then she asked what's what happened? So he explained anything he said Kashi to NFC.

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I was scared for myself. I was scared. What he meant was I was scared. This was Yanni I was going to be killed. I was going to die in an ugly way alone in a mountain, and as form of punishment as form of punishment as far as for my lack of Allah subhanaw taala wanting to punish him for something I thought it Killough hola hola. Yo, Zeke, Allahu Allah. Buddha said, No, Allah will never do that to you. You would never punish you for something in this life in that game that she started counting things indeed and let us know Rakim. What do you know? What were you know that her job was to kill? Or to lethal? Maloof? We're talking we're talking about Doom. We're talking about even she counts

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six or seven things indeed. You

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You, you strengthen the relationships of kinship with your with your relatives, you carry the one not figured linearly but sick figuratively, here, you carry the one that can't take care of themselves. Someone who can't seem to provide for himself, someone doesn't seem to know how to manage money. And as always just making mistakes and ruining their lives. You're the one who carry them. You take it, you take care of them, you give the one who has nothing at all. You make sure that they have you bring in guests and you take care of them. She started talking about the things he does

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with his life, and he does all the time and he and that's how he lives his life this way. This is before he became Muslim. This is before he became the prophets of Allah. That was his lifestyle. That was his lifestyle. And Allah subhanaw taala says that

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this is the home of Allah subhanaw taala and that's why he's prophet, but they're saying Lola newsy Raha the Quran, Allah Jude in Korea, Jamia we would have we would have followed if the right person was given, maybe it was released in the some Yanni some of the suburban zoo will point out what they said, you know, if it wasn't a deleted memory era, or what are the signs of Abdallah in over in a pipe, then maybe we would have followed this, but it was given to Muhammad, Abdullah Salallahu Alaihe Salam,

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it was given to him and he has he doesn't have doesn't he doesn't fit the criteria. It doesn't fit their criteria of what success is, which is a very silly one. So just to use was one but it's used today. It's still used today, and still kind of how we judge people's success is their bank accounts is what success they've seen in business. And is it based on how much philanthropy they do? It really, can you say, honestly, that that's how the success of people is judged? How much good that they do. Maybe I don't see it to be that. I don't I'm not sure like that would be great if people were seeing based on how much higher they do, how much time they spend serving other people and how

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much time they give other people from their own

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leisure time and from their own efforts. And that's what he did on El salatu salam was like the date that that wasn't that didn't mean to the people at the time that he was a successful individual. So they they had the I need the Euro the little Adam in the soil at the bad manage it say this is the problem. Yeah.

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I imagined the portfolio. So that was it. I'm doing the hour. The you know, it's great. But the problem you know, the problem is it's not what you're saying. Problems you

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were just we can't you know, we're based on what are we going to follow? What is it that you have

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sallallahu alayhi salatu salam

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said the Quran yesterday he read this earlier. So what was taught people this not to be them. Imagine when he when he reads this, recall you will see the how the Quran is referring to him or Raju liminal Korea, Jamia Lim, of course, Allah subhanaw taala is defending him. But that's what they're saying. hurts to hear that. Especially when you make a choice, a conscious choice, that money and wealth is not your goal, you're not running. That's not what you're seeking, you're not trying to accumulate a lot of it, you're not trying to put that together, you're not seeking going up that ladder of political status and political leadership. He didn't even care for the audio

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stilettos and wasn't interested in being saved to polish, even though his grandfather was minimal, call him and his uncle was we'll call him that wasn't his goal, though. Just not something that interested him later. So that was and that means he's not successful. That means he's not worthy of recital Salalah rd earlier. So have you said no, not at all. Or maybe in the eyes of again, the problem with the students trying to explain, if you're going to see the world in this very tunnel visioned uni dimensional metric, then it's going to be a problem, you're going to you're going to misjudge everything, you're gonna make a lot of bad decisions and you're gonna see people the wrong,

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you're just going to see them the wrong light. Because what are you basing, you're basing it on the wrong thing has nothing to do with goals nanoco seminar, but you know who Mm hmm. Phil Hyatts. In dunya, Allah is the One who provides then he provides in different levels to different people. It doesn't mean another thing I'm saying today, by the way, or in this whole surah is an encouragement of you to be poor, or not to have what you want or not to work really hard to achieve 90 A comfortable financial status in your life. Nothing I'm saying is, is directed towards that at all. What I'm trying to say is that the whether you have a lot or you have a little that doesn't is not

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the only or main factor of seeing whether you are successful in this life or not. That's that's what this is trying to say that there's more than that metric to judge it. There's more to value than just how much you've got and what financial benefits you bring to the world.

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What I do a lot bigger. So your marriage amount and the compassion and mercy of Allah, others better and whatever they're accumulating and putting together whatever they're trying to Allah, if you love him like Allah subhanho wa Taala if Allah subhanaw taala shows you His mercy within these ziani listed nights of Ramadan, if you are showing his compassion, genders in His mercy and he showers you with that, then it really there's nothing

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that you've missed, you missed out on nothing in this world and if that's not something that makes its way to you doesn't matter what how much wealth you have, you can continue to have it for as long as you want and actually what I'm saying right now is exactly what we're going to recite in the verses to come.

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Before I do that kudos Allah Allah Allah wa salam, I like this. How do you think it's a good place for us to narrate it before we do that? So Abdul camisa de ICER Abdullah Nila Teresa Abdullah Khalifa, Teresa

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Teresa Abdo Dino,

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very the slaver of

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money the slave of clothing the slave of wealth is very miserable ties this person and he is very unhappy

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so when tickets were either chic Evelyn Tosh recently so it was May this person be upset May this person never find any way to go forward? And if somehow a shortcut you know Chaka Yanni What is it the needle or Thorn, so if a thorn goes into him, mate, mate, never leave me this person. This is what he's saying I slept with him as a reminder and for this person to to realize what they're going through. Then he would say Uber, Aberdeen Erkki then zoom Howdy, Albury Aberdeen Erkki then be an early pharmacy

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I shadow routes to whom about about two pajama who is head is anybody who hasn't combed his hair in a while. And he's just he's he's dirty from from top to bottom, just filled with sand in kind of an electricity of Eros that you were in kind of yourself but Eve of itself kind of a server. Meaning if he's put on guard using his own guard, he was put to to give people to serve water, then he serves water wherever they put him wherever this person is put to serve, they go and they do their job. To provide as I was in Florida level, this is the this is the person who's going to be happier. This is this is the right person that the person who had to be I need to see this person took their horse

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whether they're a camel and went FISA beat Allah and is struggling with with all of what comes with that and wherever they eat, this person is put to serve they serve for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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You just think the difference there are those who are gonna run after money. And there are those who are going to go and and find that where their piece of the puzzle fits and in the service of this OMA and they're going to dedicate themselves to serving the OMA in that fashion in that matter. Sometimes the way that you're going to serve the OMA is through wealth. Sometimes it's going to be through wealth, meaning Allah subhanaw taala gave you a lot of money, and you're going to use that money to build things for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala, just like the Sahaba did, just like this, you know, most of the names that, you know, were not poor, per se, like they weren't people

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who didn't have wealth. No, most of them actually did what they were talking about, oh, man, not even Oh, they had money. And the story of

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say that Rebecca robiola one who

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when he went on it, he was a businessman, so he went on his caravan. When he came back. It was a time where it was very, it was just was people didn't have a lot and Medina wasn't doing well. So what are the Allahu I know, when he came home, people started coming and asking for you know what? Asking for sadaqa is basically from what he brought. So before he was able to go inside, and I mean, people were waiting at the door and begging him for any help or so he started to give you started, okay. And then there were so many people asking that he ended up in the Allahu Anhu giving everything that he had brought back like literally his whole tiara, he gave it away, plus the camels

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that the digital was was carried upon. He entered his home with nothing, he enters his house, he closes the door before he can go inside and change someone knocks on the door. So he goes and opens the folio Sahiba Rasulillah 70 Give me something I see people walked away with something, give me something but I'm not about the end. I literally have nothing I sent everything away. But like I told you, sir, you're gonna send me back with nothing with your fellow worker. So we looked at what he had inside in terms of groceries, we gave him the clothing that he had since I inside of his house. This continued to happen for the next 15 minutes until he gave away all the clothing he had

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inside his house. And finally, we had nothing left he went into have something to eat and a shower. Another person knocks on the door. Same thing happened. Give me something. So I had Rasulullah and he gave me something. He said I have nothing left. I literally have nothing left. At that moment you would think? Well, no matter how Chateau Dusa Illa you're going to send you would never send anyone back with nothing. But if 100 colonies or one of your loved ones we took his off his own clothing and give it to improve the door and he had nothing left to where he goes in someone else knocks on the door this time they're not asking this time is better Alibaba saying to Allah it also the law so

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as the prophets Allah wants you, he's waiting for intimacy. Nepali Oba, tomorrow will be second find anything to wear. But why should there be be Jordan? You know, a haystack. So he found that haystack, so he wore a haystack and it was very common for Bedouins to where he succeeded. People were so poor back in that day, that if you saw someone why

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Looking around in a haystack, it wasn't like, Oh my God, I need to take it. No, it was just this is this a lot of people were haystacks. It was very common, but it wasn't common for Robocop to wear a hairy Speyside to see him like that was very uncommon. So he and the Prophet Alia psychosom called upon him and he wasn't Yeah, if the prophets Allah Selim does, come, you're going to go regardless of whether you have something to do, we're not gonna go to the brothel someplace. So we were the second year into the valley of salatu salam, ala Madonna, Mr. Hagen enters the masjid and he's very conscious or self conscious of the way he looks and how he's dressed and in haystacks don't really

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cover the outer properly, so he's barely Yanni.

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So he says beside the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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the Prophet alayhi salatu salam turns with Acharya Abubakar, Allah in a Gibreel But Attorney Opole in Rebecca, rather than Anka fear Sunni like whoa Booker, Allah Subhana Allah says you're basically telling me that he is happy with you with what you've done for hell and yeah, Abubaker rod in Arabic, how about your back? Are you happy with your Lord? Are you are you contented with what Allah has done for you? The full fervor for Becca Abu Bakr and he began to cry, the whole room or the Allahu Anhu? Okay for Allah, Allah, Allah Robbie, how could I not? How could I not be happy with what my Lord has given me a light in my life, and then the Prophet alayhi salatu salam began to

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recite some allies, salam from Surah Surah, Allah, also Eugen Naboo, Al Akbar, Allah, the de Mela, who yet as a woman earlier had in the home in met in today's elaborative or what do you hear up the wall so? Well, so for you, and you'll be and you'll, you'll be satisfied. If you're not if you don't, you're not dressed? Well, now, you'll you'll be satisfied one day, so I said no.

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And then I was totally in my mind, I was totally

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uncertain. So Allahu alayhi salatu salam, and this is how they judge themselves. This is another story I named, it seems to be brought something I might have enough fun later on. During the Khilafah Abubakar he also went on a caravan and he was someone who had a lot of wealth through the law and when when he came back, something similar Medina was going through a little bit of a financial hiccup. So all of the treasurer of the businessman, merchants of Medina came to his house and said ianya slash Ebola Sula, Viana, you need to tell us what you've got. So we can sell people because people are waiting they feel people need wealth. Give us before you do anything. Let's take

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care of this.

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So I thought I'd come come become digital when How much will you need to take take what I've gotten so far and I'll take an equilibrium. I mean, yellowhammer will give you any for each day. It will give you a profit of one for each dollar for dollar for everything that you have a call of duty to hire. I mean, how do I know this? I've been offered more than this.

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Cardinal Tikka deal, Khomeini then

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push it up to two. He says note that I have more 3456 and after six and seven o'clock Roman minha de la the Adela Aliko we're not going to John Medina Kalia who is the who's offering you more all of the merchants of Medina here the who is who is this person who's offering there's no one else to offer you more Nakata look at

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our Tony, Tony, because he did I mean Ashura I've been given with each Jerome 10. So match 10 and take it for like a theater. We can't We can't afford 10 But then they understood what he meant. So the alarm clock, he wasn't talking about a merchant of dunya that he was looking into Takada and if I do have to hurry Muslimeen I this is a this is a hippo This is a gift to the Muslims. So they took the full caravan and they distributed to the people of Medina I'll be Allah Han Omar why? It's easy to be generous. If wealth is not only the ultimate or only or main goal of why you go and you accumulate it, but if it is, that's a different story. And that's why they said the profile is also

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what that's what they said about him what they said, though, that New Zealand had the Quran, Allah Allah Julie middle Kalia teeny. It was given to someone who had greatness so Allah is Allah woman, Allah woman who sort of most of them but they just that's their own. That's their own loss. And and the beauty of this is that it shows you also the following, that if you somehow have this

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skewered judgment, you lose, like you lose out on something beautiful. They lost out like they missed the opportunity to follow him some of the highs and because of this bad way of seeing things, so it's not just that you're harming the person and people are being judged in a wrong way. But if you see things just based on wealth or just through materialism, then you actually miss out on opportunities. And how many people have come up how many young men come forward above a person? And they say no, because he doesn't have wealth and they're missing out on the gym. Now many men Yaniv judge a lady based on the way she looks and they don't go and ask her and they miss out on someone

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who would have would have made their lives very, very good. Made them extremely happy given them a great life a great family a great

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because we're just judging them for using the wrong judgment and you lose you miss out you miss out on a lot of a lot of goodness and a lot of happiness and life so don't don't allow that to be the case for yourself and your life don't allow certain don't love that one factor to be the reason that you accept or refuse anything really or judge something in a way that is improper. We read the point after

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Coonan Natsume

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Haider Nigel nearly maniac for will be a Walkman nearly boo at him super mean feel one label your team so poof in fill botting region your whole while the blue team

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was so one ally Turkey EU now was over. We're in to the man at higher dunya will hear about when the big early majority

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will Hola, hakuna national or Makinwa Haida just leave that for a second and I'll tell you what he said after that. What it means is if it wasn't for the fact that the human race would turn into one OMA wasn't for the fact that all of the human race would turn into one oh man just all be exactly the same. John Lima yet for Obama we would make sure that everyone who just believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala so if you just if you just believe immediately you are given no W to him for your home SOCO famine filbur The roof of your home the ceiling will be made of silver. Well now it

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would be more than one level the house would be a couple of

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stories and you would have ways to actually elevate yourself and you like elevators now it just means elevators it is a time when the elevators weren't a thing but you would find elevators to take you up to the different stories within your home. What did we use even for your homes as well a boy was to run large any steel doors are still run in a lot of beds and and recliners. I love how you take even for you to for you to Yanni for your leisure and for you to lie back on and enjoy yourself was the roof and a lot of shiny things that have no insistence to them was a lot of shiny stuff. And a lot of things you can plug into a wall and make a worrying noise. You know that stuff that we like

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and just a lot of appliances and a lot of it just looks great. It means nothing but but a lot of it is there was a roof. We're in Kaluga Lika. And indeed all of that material dunya is only just the enjoyment or the pleasure of this low life not dunya and higher dunya and there's a difference in the Quran is important difference between a dunya and an hayati. Dunya dunya is the world and the world is not a negative thing. Dunya is not a horrible thing. Without dunya we wouldn't have where else. Where else is the Quran going to be revealed? Where else there's Mohamed Salah Ali, who said I'm going to live don't do this. What do you have? It's not it's a higher dunya that's negative to

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live a life based on lower instincts and just living by just living to eat and drink and reproduce and enjoy provision instead of the other way around where this is you're just using this but you have a you have a purpose that inshallah is higher than that, but I did dunya is where this is the goal of life.

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So what does he mean by and if it wasn't for the fact that the human bait race would become one OMA, you would have done this.

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What it means is that if it wasn't for the fact that everyone would perform for the full human race would just say Husqvarna then we get this is the deal. You give us beautiful and fildo superfan Noma Ira Joseph ROFR we were all these things if I don't die, then unfortunately, the way that you think

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prevents me from doing this. If I knew that, you know those, there was enough people who had the right judgment, I would have said okay, everyone can take as much as dunya as you want. Just fill up what you need. Why man big homes are big goals. Want a couple of stories and a lot of shiny things you prefer. It's not that look nice and take it but if I said that everyone would just perform Cofer and no one would believe in Allah subhana wa Tada. So those not offered that way. But that's what he's saying. So I know it's out of here. That's the problem is because Because unfortunately, the majority of people, the majority of people, this is this is there isn't Zaldy look at the world.

00:29:34--> 00:30:00

Having a nice big houses is the only metric of success is the ultimate goal. Having something right now that you want is more important than maybe waiting a little bit for what's going to come next. For the for the next fees are what Allah subhanaw taala has hidden for you or for any form of pleasure that will come your meal piano that is much more meaningful, but a little bit different in nature than what you can get in this bill.

00:30:00--> 00:30:02

Yeah, but that's literally and this is where the word zoom,

00:30:03--> 00:30:30

as you, as you could see, came in the Surah Surah was named after the word or you know, because of this concept, but this is what he's saying. Subhanallah what's the problem is your human beings were just too taken distracted, preoccupied with this as a whole. With all this CRT for shiny stuff, having a new car and big house is owning things, possessions and materialistic, tiny, it's just what we want. We just that's what we want.

00:30:31--> 00:30:59

And Allah, I think I, if it wasn't for the fact you would all leave I would have given it given here. Just take it, take it. It's a it's an endless pit. It's an endless pit. There's no fulfillment in it at all. There's nothing in it. It's sort of it's it's shiny, but but as senseless as there's no essence in it. And when you take it all in, it's meaningless. And it grants you no fulfillment at all, you are not happier if you have more.

00:31:01--> 00:31:42

Studies today, and this is not like one is something that you just make multiple studies today, I've looked at the fact that after a certain an annual salary, money offers you zero improvement in quality of life. And the number isn't, isn't crazy, like it's around 7075 80,000 tops. Of course, with inflation, maybe it's a little bit more now, but but it's still less than a six digit number. After a certain amount of money, that's it, no matter how much you add, your quality of life does not change. I mean, they've looked at, you know, they've looked at a large number of the population. And the more money you give, people don't seem to be happier, we'll look to see if we give maybe if

00:31:42--> 00:31:58

it's the millions, then remember, Kobe maybe has hundreds of millions, but I'll give it a billion. They're not happier, these people are just as miserable as the next person. The What is it after a certain amount of money, you know, it doesn't bring you happiness was that certain amount, that certain amount is is

00:31:59--> 00:32:34

is to have enough, is to have enough to take care of yourself to take care of your family. So you're not hungry. So you're not you know, in debt, you're not waiting for someone to give you some things that you can have ends meet. If you have enough, then everything after that is not making you happier. It's an endless pit, it's empty, it's empty. Y'all have that Jonnie the whole inside of us that just keeps on asking, and he has the values that I'm studying, I know can I let me earn them? Or where do you may have put them in your corner? Who idea if you're the human being who's given a valley of gold, a full Valley Valley, you know, not the only a middle

00:32:35--> 00:32:41

trunk in the in the hidden in the backyard, a full valley of gold, you would have wished there were two of them.

00:32:44--> 00:33:10

Isn't the human being just we want we want more and more and more and there's no end to it. There's no end to what how much the neffs wants, it wants everything wants to own all of what God owns. Allah, that's what you were, that's what's inside of you. Imagine the, the potential of this creature that is so ambitious, that it wants everything, everything, not one or two, everything.

00:33:12--> 00:33:50

This is this is the reality of the human being. So you tame the beast. And that and you you teach this, there's no there's no fulfillment there and doesn't make a difference. And you weren't created for that. And that's not where you find value. And that's not where it's going to make you happy. Even though it may seem but then if says follows the follows that what looks shiny, even though on the inside is meaningless, then F doesn't know though. The soul doesn't know that it has no way to know because it's, it's it's building itself based on instinct. And it's making these judgments just based on, on on on instincts. Look at all the mammals, you'll find that neither creatures will

00:33:50--> 00:33:52

anything that looks good on the

00:33:53--> 00:34:28

I'm not going to go into the walls and the different studies they've done with with creatures, but if you show animals things that are a bit shiny, that look good, they can't see the difference. Animals don't have the ability to differentiate between what is real, what is unreal, if it just looks good enough or look similar enough they get and a lot of examples of this statues of animals and you'll find any male animals thinking they're females and trying to mate with a statue of it's just a shiny statue of something that looks similar similar to what they're because they don't have the ability to see the difference. And the NEF says the same thing. We're you know, it's mammalian,

00:34:28--> 00:34:48

it's very simple. So it follows everything that shines and things everything that shines is gold, and it thinks that gold is the most important thing and that's what you need, but it isn't and you know that because the human the person we know it's not you know, it's, it's knowing we know whether you have the newest phone or not. It's not going to make you a better person. It's not going to make you a happier person. It's not you know that but you want it anyway.

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

It's okay to want it but there's a difference between wanting something and valuing yourself based on whether you have it or not, and valuing others based on whether they have it or not, and then building all of your life goals based on making

00:35:00--> 00:35:08

Ensure that you have it, when really you should live should be planned for, for a different reason with the hope of achieving something difference.

00:35:10--> 00:35:17

We cannot deny that spiritually we have plummeted over the last century, you cannot deny that like it's

00:35:18--> 00:35:58

we cannot deny that we don't have that anymore. We've lost our spirituality, we've lost our connection to Allah subhanaw taala. By far, like the general level of connection to Allah subhanaw taala has come down significantly within the OMA very clearly, very obviously, amongst amongst the large, larger population, because there's so much substance, there's so many possessions, and people are so distracted and preoccupied with them, that they stand in prayer, and they just can't, they can't function they can't connect the right it's all based on time you're hearing I have to do eight has to be eight like why eight I don't know why it's so but again, it's just a materialistic way of

00:35:58--> 00:36:32

judging it Salah is seen based on a number has to be this number of like it was more just eight doesn't matter if it's if the eight takes a very bad way of judging again, same problem. You're judging it based on number of records? Why not based on essence, why not based on what you were able to achieve in those little gods and what closeness you had to Allah subhanaw taala we have we have come up we are far away. When you look at the Muslims and how they lived with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and how connected they were to Allah subhanaw taala and how meaningful everything he said to them. So Allah is Allah was and how do you continue to thrive on that and how that was so

00:36:32--> 00:36:57

tiny, we're far away from that. And what in the end, the reason is just too much of the whole of too much growth and too much value in Zoho in our eyes and too much pursuit of Zoho the pursuit of Zakharov. Maybe that's the name of our movie. The pursuit of what you're after something that's not there's nothing, it's empty. It's a mirage. You just keep on following it and then there's nothing at the end.

00:36:58--> 00:37:43

You get there and Medina CAFO amalgam Keisha Robin BPR Sabu Luma Hatter EDA who let me add who say, Well, why did Allah in the Hoover, fairway Serb the disbeliever there, the way they live? Their life is like Khasab Is it a mirage in the middle of a desert. They think there's water, they keep on walking after it and keep on pursuing it, pursuing it. And they come to it and there's nothing there. But they do find God, they're waiting for them. And then he judges them and tells them what they did. Allah said he already has a sermon. It's a quick judgment. Because the whole the whole basis of the life was wrong. It was all built on a false and a false philosophy that didn't that

00:37:43--> 00:37:57

didn't mean anything that wasn't valuing things the way they needed to be valued. And that's what he's saying supine or whatever that is at the end of these verses. If it wasn't for the fact that you would all leave the deen Hamdulillah that he didn't do the subhanaw taala hamdulillah

00:38:00--> 00:38:40

yeah, there's there's quite a difference. There's even the word Xena doesn't exist here in many incidents is awful, but it's not talked about because Xena has not looked at something on the negative but she says to pilots as well out of Pullman have Zenit Allah him that the accordion Eva de prata you bet in this scene, it means all the beauty, it has essence to it. So the word Xena has some degree of essence, because it has beauty to it and that beauty whether it's any visible or auditory or it's an even something that touches the soul, none of that is going to be held on Zoho there's a specific word that just is referring to something that literally looks good, but has no

00:38:40--> 00:39:15

essence meaning it's just it's just distracting. And these two words are very different than when how they're using the Quran. And you get to you know, you can assign whatever you want. Yeah. Are you going to sign what you think Xena isn't? What you think Jani is Oprah is but this this is why he didn't do a subprime mortgage. That's why the Catholic doesn't have a lot of wealth. Because if he if every Catholic was given, well, then most people would choose that way. But he didn't do it that way, so pounced on it with the hope that people will realize that in Kulu, Valley column, Mattel hayati dunya, this is all just enjoyment of this low instinct based life. If you can just realize

00:39:15--> 00:39:52

that you will end up bickering with Janine that the the hereafter in the judgment of Allah subhanaw taala as far as Allah azza wa jal is concerned is going to be for the pious is going to be for those who ethically and behaviorally and in terms of their connection and mindfulness of Allah spang are the ones are going to be successful Yeoman piano and that's the how value is going to be distributed on that day. I'll start with that and we'll continue with child learning next weekend. So pica low hum diction of Allah in a in a stolen field go to booty ko Salah who was sending them about like I'd be you know, Muhammad while early he was talking about akala t consider Mike Rahmatullah.