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The speakers discuss various topics related to contemporary issues, including relationships, marriage, hyperinflation, climate change, and addictions. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging one's own actions and highlighting them, as well as the struggles of addiction and addictions, including the prevalence of teenagers admit to being addicted to certain games and video games. The speakers also address statistics about boys and girls in gaming, as well as the benefits of gamer thrombosis, including helping people live healthy and achieving their goals. They emphasize the importance of listening to others' emotions and not blaming them for their actions. The trial of the family of the late person is also mentioned, and the segment ends with a mention of a book called "ugma's Kulu" and a news segment about a woman named Hope.

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she had one

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right shadow

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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to stay you know who want to study he want to still futile who want to stun Cyril.

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When will we learn him in short order young fusina Women say Dr. Molina

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you had in LA who fella moldy Lola woman yo, Lil polenta. je de la Hui Walia Murshida

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y shadow Allah Illa Illa Allah who was the hula Cherie Keller Isla Hanwha hidden hidden sama. Let me get Turkey the saw herberton Walla Walla Walla Mia Kula who one had

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watch her do unknown Abby Jana Avi mana Mohamed Abdullah he was to wasafi you whom in healthy he will Habib Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine are bad. The whole Jalla Jalla Allahu Fimo kami Kitabi Allah mu animal higher to duniya la Ibu Allah who was in whatever horombo Unicom water cast room filled with

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mesothelioma ease in Jebel Kufa. On to Maya here you will find our homeless fella who may Akun or full time working here at either guna Shaheed when elfia To Allah he will one woman HYAH to duniya illa Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and sort of in headin summarizes for us the story of this life when he says, All life really is all this how to duniya all the low life really is meaning the life that is based on nothing but instincts and whims and desires. The Life of Mammals meaning

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life that has no meaning or purpose to it. All it really is is game play.

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distractions, the whole Xena adornments, luxuries leisure,

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seeking some form of hierarchy to follow hold on begging, seeking more of all that you want to go through and family will overload.

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It's just like rain.

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When it comes down from the sky, the farmers are happy with it. They're happy with the green that comes from the earth because of it. And that green that seems so

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useful and strong and beautiful and filled filled with life pretty soon becomes yellow. I'm going to dies this time

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by the wind,

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it's lost forever.

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Life is that fragile, and that's simple. In the orchestra, it's either a severe punishment, or a beautiful forgiveness and compassion from the Almighty.

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And this life is nothing but an illusion.

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A lot of has happened this week, and I will address Inshallah, a number of

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issues that are that have occurred and are occurring. But I do want to go through the hotbar that I had planned.

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The contemporary issues series that I began at the beginning of the summer that will continue to fall to the towards the end of this month or mid of next month.

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I've talked about a number of topics that I think are important for us as Muslims during these times. And I chose things that maybe 100 years ago, hopefully wouldn't have to get on a gimbal and talk about, so I'm calling in contemporary issues. I talked about relationships and marriage, I don't think 100 years ago, the hotel about how to talk about it as much as I did, I gave like four or five hope was on the topic. And apparently a lot of people don't even aren't even happy with with the with the addressing of the issue. Because people had clarity on what relationships were based upon and how to actually maintain a marriage. We didn't have a lot of problems that we have today. I

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don't think 100 years ago, talking about climate change would have had any meaning to it whatsoever.

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Talking about hyper sexual exposure would have been meaningless 100 years ago. And I think digital addictions would be just the same if healthy 1930 got on the mend and started talking about digital Addiction Addictions, people would look at him and wonder if he had lost his mind. But these are contemporary problems. We are living in a time where things are very different. We're facing it. dilemmas that we don't really have good solutions for.

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Allah subhanaw taala left us with a beautiful beautiful system of life the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his legacy is magnificent. As he would say it is slow to ascertain the Hadith Dyneema Muhammad, the Buddha Odin others without authentic generation, the luck to come. By Allah lady Hi, can I hurry holla z one ha de la Erlich left you on a on a pure sheet to pure page Pure Leaf?

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Isn't it clear? There's nothing that

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day and it's night or equal mean, you see clearly through both.

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You only distract or go astray someone who does not want to walk the straight path that I have left you. And I feel that's what we're struggling with a lot of these problems come from the fact that we just stopped being Muslim.

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Like a lot of these problems, a lot of these contemporary issues exist, because at some point, we just decided that we you know, it's nice to have the name of the word on a piece of documentation. Maybe not even that it's a part of your if you just became a cultural, you have AIDS and Ramadan, you eat a lot at night and stuff like that. But to actually live, live the legacy that the Prophet he says I'm loved us wasn't, it became lost. We all know that. I'm not sharing with you anything that you're hearing. For the first time, we all know that we did that we did that consciously all of us, we all consciously decided to put his time the back seat, and pick and choose what we liked from

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it, and leave the stuff that we don't.

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We cherry picked for a very long time, all of us, as individuals, as families living in the east and the west, in the center, old and young. We all did this. We are all we are all accountable and responsible and guilty of this for all of us. Wallahi. I think that it is very therapeutic for everyone here to admit that to themselves. Just admit that to yourself, and you will feel so much better when you do. You will feel so much better when you admit that you have been cherry picking about Islam all your life, that we've been doing this all throughout existence, that we take the thing that works for us, and we let out the left the piece that doesn't mean I don't like that

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I have a chef who says that we don't have to do that one.

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There is a there's an imam somewhere on YouTube who said that's not important. All right, I don't have to do

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that cherry picking.

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But nonetheless, these topics still have to be talked about digital addictions. I addressed the hypersaline hypersexual exposure piece a few years ago. That's not what I'm here to talk about today. Actually.

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I'm here to talk about something a little bit different.

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50% of teenagers consider those addicted to their phones. 12% admit that they're addicted to video games that those who admit to it. 12% admit to it. Understand how hard it is to get a teenager to admit to anything 12% of them admit to be addicted to video games 12% times that by four by four full

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If you want to know the actual number, people look at their phone 96 times a day, if you're awake for 16 hours, that means once every 10 minutes.

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That is the behavior of someone who's addicted to a substance. Something that you think about every 10 minutes, that's that's the closest we have to being addicted, addicted to a substance.

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Seven hours of screen time daily is the average, seven hours of screen time. Think of that seven hours. These numbers are not I didn't there's no I didn't make them up. You can go look this up seven hours of screen time.

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I'm gonna need help with the projector if someone can.

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There we go.

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Here are the basic types of addictions. I'm not going to talk about the porn addiction. I've already talked about that before.

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And I pointed out the internet addiction and talk a little bit about the gaming addiction.

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Here are some of the side effects. Here's some of the people are withdrawn. They're isolated socially, they're not enjoying their relationships anymore. And they can't get work done on time. They're anxious, they have a lot of depression. There's a lot of rage.

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It's not good for your health, etc, etc, etc. It goes on and on and on. I'm gonna tell you a story. Mid 80s, mid 1980s, there was something called the Atari shock. You may not remember this, if you're young, it was called the Atari shock. The only video games were called we call it an attorney. If you lived in the Middle East, you know the name because yeah, it was a name that existed. It was a company. The Atari shock is when that video gaming

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company plummeted in its revenue from 3.2 billion 200 million in two years. It lost 95% of the only time that video gaming says ever suffered economically was not time in the mid 80s. But they learned Oh, they learned when that happened. They learned quick and they brought in fun failures. Know what that is? They brought in variable reimbursement or reinforcements ratios. Were here, you when you got to the next level, here's a box, open it up. You may get nothing, you may get something you may get everything. Who knows? Just open the box.

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Hierarchy of stages, clan cultures, you know what these are? These are algorithms taken from casinos.

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These are taken from casinos to maximize time spent playing to make sure you do marathon gaming to play on the addictions that you have. You're not playing the game, the game is playing you. You're not playing the game. Well, look, you're not the game is I'm not here today to curse how gaming. I'm not saying that every aspect of it is wrong. I'm not even here to tell you to stop doing it completely. But we have to be clear on what this industry is and what it means to us. We have to be clear on that.

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They know, they figured out and that goes for social media as well, by the way, that's clear, obviously social media, they'll show you the pieces of news that you agree with. And they'll continue to reinforce that. Why do you scroll because they know what to show you next like No, no, I don't want to see everything. They you're not smarter than the algorithm. I'm sorry. I know I think I'm not smarter than the algorithm. The algorithm is way smarter than me. Yes, they'll show you something everyone's not that you don't want to keep on scrolling. So you look because if it's easy, then there's no fun failures anymore. Everything you want is right there is too obvious. And then

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the brain that conspiracy part of you start to ask questions and No, they'll show you some stuff you don't want. So you have to actually look for what you want. And you feel like you did something, you feel like you're actually weeded through stuff to find what you want know they know it. You understand they know it. They know that that's how you're behaving. And they're banking on it. And that's why we're spending the time we're spending because the algorithms, they've outsmarted us, and you don't know it yet. We don't know yet. But

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a lot of the behaviors

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affiliated with Internet gaming and with social media have now made their way into the DSM.

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Meaning they are seen as psychiatric diagnoses.

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They are looked at as addictions as legit addictions today. You know what the average age of a gamer is?

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That you have an idea.

00:14:23--> 00:14:25

33 years old.

00:14:26--> 00:14:30

33 years of age is the average game of an average age of a gamer.

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We know that kids in their 50s and their teams are gaming. That means there are just people in their 50s and 60s are gaming. Do you imagine what the world would look like? With a bunch of elderly people who want the game all day?

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I'm not going to call out the game a month after they released this document is 600 million hours of game time. 68,000 years

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68,000 years were spent

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going like this

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with the headset.

00:15:13--> 00:15:15

60,000 years of youth

00:15:16--> 00:15:17

of youth.

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How was that? How was that not alarming. And by the age of 21, a young man would have played would have spent 10,000 hours playing video games, and 10,000 hours, you can learn anything you want, you can walk away with a full skill set, you can learn a new language, you can have a craft, you can master a sport, you can master a discipline.

00:15:44--> 00:16:14

And by the age of 21, what this has proven to us is that we have the ability by the age of 21, to have mastered something outside of going to school, and having a degree and all that stuff. Everyone does that, at least I hope, I hope so. Outside of all that 21 By the age of 21, you could have mastered something meaning you're so good at it, that you can write a book about it, you can actually start innovating, you have the level of knowledge of a PhD in something

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I'm not here to demonize it Wallahi I'm not, that's not the goal of today's

00:16:22--> 00:16:23

or to demonize social media.

00:16:24--> 00:16:31

That's not what I'm doing. They've listened to me very clearly, it's not what I'm doing. I'm saying that it's designed

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to get you addicted, it's designed to keep make you keep coming, is designed to it's working against you. So if you're going to use it, you have to be aware of that. If you're going to actually use it, if you're going to be a part of the gaming society, if you're going to use the social media of the internet, then you have to be aware of how they're operating so that you can protect yourself. It's about protecting yourself. It's about making sure that you're utilized. Why Why? Why does this matter? Because these these are statistics about boys and kind of this, I'm talking about boys.

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Let me tell you these words, this is what's happening to boys. These are Canadian statistics, just to boys. These are the numbers I have about boys specifically. I don't have numbers about girls.

00:17:20--> 00:17:26

They're less likely to get a BA less likely to graduate more likely to drop out.

00:17:27--> 00:17:30

Two out of three of the special ed are boys.

00:17:32--> 00:17:59

Do you think I'm upset? Because girls are no, that's not why I'm saying this. I'm just saying there's a problem. Because these are the breadwinners. And these are the supporters of families. If we hope to have families that are going to function, then we need people who are going to do their jobs, if they can't do their jobs and boys can do their don't understand what they're here to do anymore. And they're losing focus because of spending so much time gaming, or so much time on social media that we're looking at a problem. We're looking at a real problem here.

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So what do I have to share with you, here are a couple of ideas, take some long breaks, take some nice long breaks, a couple of months, a couple of months, three, four months a year, delete it all, get rid of it, try it. I do it all the time. I haven't had it for just like third month now. Doesn't matter. Three, four months, get rid of it, delete, Facebook, Instagram, all of it, just delete it all. You'll be fine. You'll pick up your phone, you'll stare at it like that. And put it down again, because there's nothing just press pick up again. Put it and then you'll start picking it up because nothing to do anymore. And then and then you may take a look over there. There's something and you

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remember what it's called. Thank you think they used to call it a book.

00:18:46--> 00:19:33

Laura, gunk all over it. Remove all the garbage that's been sitting on it for a couple of years. And you blow all the the dust on it. He may read a book or maybe or maybe open the door and take a walk outside or go visit someone or do something different. Take a long break. Monitor your daily quantity of use quantity. How much time is being spent monitor that? I'm not against the use of it? No, there is there are pros for having social media. There are pros for having him there are actually positive effects of these things. But you have to monitor the quantity. You have to monitor the quality, in my opinion is more important. The quality of use. What are you doing online? What

00:19:33--> 00:19:33

are you doing?

00:19:35--> 00:19:57

What's happening? What are you spending? What are you getting out of all of this? What are you benefiting? Is it is it helping you in any way? How is this? How is adding to you as a person into your well being into your goals to your longevity? What is it doing for you the quality? The time that is spent is you ever heard of gamer thrombosis? This is a medical diagnosis.

00:19:58--> 00:19:59

Gamer thrombosis where they

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Sit for so long playing that o'clock rose to their London they die

00:20:05--> 00:20:10

there's gamer rage is to diagnosis will like look it up I'm not making this stuff up

00:20:11--> 00:20:16

gamer rage where they lose they break everything they break their computer and they break ever seen that before?

00:20:18--> 00:20:30

Why? Why would that be the case? How is this virtual How is this a reality being misconstrued? How How are you? How is it happening? To some there's something seriously wrong.

00:20:31--> 00:20:45

There's something seriously wrong and then build better habits. Lesson all that and substituted with better habits. Habits are healthy for you healthy for your spirit. Brothers and sisters for your spirits.

00:20:46--> 00:20:48

You still believe you have spirits don't you?

00:20:49--> 00:21:12

Go out walk around the world people don't. They don't believe it anymore. They don't talk to you at all inside of you. Right? You have to take care of it. Gaming and internet kills it. Dribbles away, slowly, dying, dying in the drought and the emptiness of that blue wall.

00:21:14--> 00:21:18

And that open meta matrix that's out there it's dying.

00:21:19--> 00:21:20

Take care of your physical health.

00:21:21--> 00:21:23

Take care of your relationships.

00:21:24--> 00:21:28

Here's the four pieces of advice I want to offer you Millennials are watching

00:21:29--> 00:21:32

the oh my god so Malcolm and Emmanuel Rocklin.

00:21:34--> 00:21:35

And if many of Lacombe

00:21:36--> 00:21:42

will Kalia also has Kalia Culebra Hillel is celebrated Akela Allah the CCO club

00:21:43--> 00:21:46

cigare let me call Ammeraal yes to Hepple Hadith and

00:21:47--> 00:21:56

nama Quinto Teflon makan Amen mom on your side remember and you have to have this and I miss Ella tiene que hace Islam token Mozu that and Arsalan Willem we are currently

00:21:58--> 00:22:01

lacking helium l Kulu. Yalom ALLAH.

00:22:02--> 00:22:04

So he says all on our key Barona

00:22:05--> 00:22:11

hotel Kivar the Hello feeder worm it is Maria Raqami hotel Kiba

00:22:12--> 00:22:25

una telephone it him Was it him? William Runa la HERSA Tim Polina Yes Tim your own ADA Torah what were your who funa Fiammetta hertz el colonial foreign

00:22:26--> 00:22:44

is a no whom can also fully automatic Palmiotti phone I paid for your heartfield Luna i enago do an acre multiple super tiny beam although nor an allele to smell who who and how that can go home now you smear unica Elana to Hibou to

00:22:46--> 00:22:48

you smear Ohnaka Danica lady to

00:22:49--> 00:23:04

was on the hit mail it's on a no mana format to help out of who taught you how to take a CRC it shows you how to take a CRC at our Dini well rule well rule here either he does whether you smear Ohnaka

00:23:05--> 00:23:06

Oh Ha

00:23:07--> 00:23:10

ha ha Mila and Java kelela haul

00:23:11--> 00:23:20

off all my desk and I know I'm a hottie Jenna I don't know if we'll keeper go to Hulu now I know you know I'm in Abu Dhabi demand. I know it's Felina

00:23:22--> 00:23:24

let's fight Shabaab and was she been

00:23:27--> 00:23:29

an ally No. And now you have the hill masala

00:23:31--> 00:23:41

Anita alum who are now who the hot water on Sahelian hot water never we are 10 by thaton and heard

00:23:42--> 00:24:08

and heard a lot we want her to live. And then he also Allah Allah Allah sabio Salam Monica, Anna yella and you'll be I mean as a man he fernea I turn all the Iceman Anna besar it will be seen scene number two era shots in Western Europe column in the US meanwhile, Johann him in June Akula Holyhead our soldier, Allah howdy, welcome festival if you know who your fella come. Yeah 1000 was stealthily in Istanbul Allah

00:24:22--> 00:24:37

hamdu Lillahi wa sallahu wa salam, O Allah, Allah may Allah be about early he was so happy to hear Manitoba and Jehovah. That was a summary of today's hopefully it was honestly much longer than that. But I want to address a few things. The number one issue

00:24:40--> 00:24:45

I think contemporary to the city, the trial that is going on regarding

00:24:49--> 00:24:54

the absolve family. May Allah have mercy and compassion upon their soul. Germaine Allahumma Amin

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

that is going on in Windsor is a very, very

00:25:00--> 00:25:01

difficult thing to watch.

00:25:03--> 00:25:14

I don't even know if I should be advising you to listen into it. There are ways for you to go there are places for you to go and go downtown to the courthouse and you can be tuned into Listen,

00:25:15--> 00:25:18

I don't know if I should advise you to do it is very hard to listen to.

00:25:19--> 00:25:29

It's hurtful on every level. It reminds us of a time, in my opinion, that time was one of the most difficult times that we went through as a city and a very, for as long as I've been here.

00:25:30--> 00:25:45

So if you do feel like you want to go, and you want to support that family and support us by by attending, make sure you're in the right place, mentally, make sure you're in the right place emotionally, and go with a friend or two.

00:25:46--> 00:26:08

And you can go down to the courthouse and our information that will be shared with you to where to go and how to access it. But make a lot of DUA and if you need to grieve, grieve, and if you need someone to share with make sure you have people to share your feelings with especially if you're close to the family and you and you recall and your call and detail what occurred. But it is going on, it'll be another it'll be for a number of weeks to come.

00:26:10--> 00:26:37

And I'm just finding it very difficult to process a lot of what's being said and how it's going through. So if you feel the same, then know that you're not alone. And if you're like I can't deal with it, don't feel bad, that's fine. Stay away, stay away until it's over. No one will blame you because it is difficult to to be subject subjected to all of that. The second issue is what occurred in Morocco in Libya over the week. Billahi heart wrenching

00:26:38--> 00:27:25

just some of the most difficult images. It remotely took 19 for for a Syrian you to see that I think it took me back to things we saw is very difficult. May Allah have grant them strength and perseverance, and grant those who deceased Rama from from Mila don't who Subhanahu wa Taala I think that when these things happen, it's an opportunity for us to remind our brothers and sisters that they are not alone. That as a Libyan or a Moroccan whether if you are grieving and if you are feeling pain, and if you're feeling fear, that you do not stand alone, you do have brothers and sisters who share your pain, who share your grief, who share your fear, who stand by you who make

00:27:25--> 00:27:43

dua for you who were a part of your OMA and I think we are offered by Allah Subhan was out of these opportunities so that we can practice that as a group that no is you're not you're not in this alone, you don't stand alone, you don't grieve alone. You agree with us as a group.

00:27:44--> 00:28:03

And it's just been very difficult to watch the imaging the images and what happened, the earthquake and then the and then the ongoing flooding that's happening these parts of the world. So, today inshallah after Juma we will have sadaqa on all of the victims and both if you would like to stay and attend that and if any of the brothers and sisters from these parts

00:28:05--> 00:28:42

family in those backgrounds require help then reach out to us and we will try and help inshallah with with arranging for whatever help we can we can offer inshallah Tada, the the lmm and the Mac both have have set up ways for donation for their brothers and sisters in Morocco and in Libya. So you're welcome to access that and there's action for humanity and Islamic Relief. They all have a campaigns now for their brothers and sisters in Morocco. So please, you know, donate if you're actually going to talk about our financial status. We're not going to do that for this month we're going to completely postpone that whatever you want to offer offer it for brothers and sisters who

00:28:42--> 00:29:26

are suffering overseas and Charlaine and make sure that you put your donation so for them forgive me for taking too much time. Well, I didn't want Allah um, I don't know the embedding I'll even call in Hola Hola, Mila. ecotel Julio Soluna Alain de Yeah, you Hola, Mundo Salalah he recently moved to sliema Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed como Selita Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim barbaric Allah Muhammad in wider early Mohamed Kamal Barak Dinah Ibrahim Ibrahim El Amin in Naka Hamid Majeed. What are the Allahumma and Autobytel hola that Ilona for the backhoe whoa mount all our man our ally what are the Allahu man as YG he on May 13 What meaning one early hit by you being Akbar hit in one

00:29:26--> 00:29:59

Sahaba to heal her in my mean Juanita elementary our home BSN era yo me Dean. Well I know my homegirl Mochica Yahama Rahim Allah hum melphalan Muslim you know and mostly not well meaning you know what me not Allah here Amen whom what I'm what Allah who my favorite whom and Muhammad Amin when a fiscal Ruben mk rubine Wodify look I'm not a mean qualified carbine in mk rubine Allahu mustardy model blah. Now I'm not going to Muslimeen wi fi movie Talana when we buy a Tesla and Muslimeen Allahu modifie Melchizedek our hobo Buck I know and Jimmy I mostly mean

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

Hola Hola Hola Kalina and we still do it you know when manku Being in Philadelphia eBay Libya Allahumma featheredge Houma home when our fiscal Aruba home what our la Mora home while hunger for home Allahu MCSA Raja home Yahama ra I mean, we are going on mica Jaco. Melaka Amin when I will

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leave about Allah in Allah He

00:30:21--> 00:30:26

certainly won't eat either Korba when honey fascia you will Moon curry well Belleville