The Glorious Names of Allah – The Unfathomable Al Azeez

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Something better than a CD no have you been want to be you know, muddy water early, so heavy ah man you know but

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name that I will speak of today in sha Allah

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if understood properly,

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walk out of here, much more confident,

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feel much stronger as a person,

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happier, powerful

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feeling you have more abilities than you previously believed that you did, walking in

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the intellectual state for today Insha Allah, Allah and disease.

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Unlike last yesterday's knee that only existed in the client twice, is mulighed disease in the Quran 95 times.

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It's a very large number in comparison to other names.

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The word is rooted in the concept of is

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is selfs meat in itself means integrity. It means glory, it means glory. It means pride. It means vanity, it means excellence. It means strength, means power,

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using different ways within the Arabic language. ISM Allah Allah Aziz has four meanings that make the name extremely unique in the usages within the Quran, and talk about the four meanings and I'll give you examples of shallow the first meaning meaning will a valuable lead the law

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is the invincible Subhana wa Tada. Unbeatable, unreachable.

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Who will let Ilan it della who hears the unparalleled subhanaw taala. No one is like nothing is leaking. Who will realize alumni afar? He is the one who's unquestioned regarding what he does.

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But who will live the lie you druk when are you happy to be here? And here's the unfathomable Subhana wa Tada.

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No one is like him.

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No one questions him.

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We do not have the ability to comprehend and understand everything about him Subhan Allah Tada. And he is the unbeatable, who has ultimate strength. That's the name of it. It is it's 95 times in the Quran.

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It is paired up with 11 different names, which is the highest number for any name of allah Santos paired up with almost all the names that are commonly used in the Quran. When you look at the pairings, it is paired up with the name with four names the most. So there are four names that are that take up more than two thirds of the pairings, because all most of Allah Subhanallah as names come in pairs, right? So as Eason Hakeem, that's the highest, so 47 times as even Hakeem. Let's see, what's the second one? Who can give me a guess?

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Lolly redeems 14 times. There's two more let's see.

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Well, I mean, six times is one before it.

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No, but

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probably only seven times and then exists with other names as well. So you'll find with a file and we'll have many other names that are paired up but these are the four highest and we will look at the meaning is paired with Hakeem because the one who was unfathomable, who's unquestioned was unparalleled. Who was invincible. Is he reckless? jelajah Allah Harsha, who gets asked the question, will he be reckless because this is unbelievable power. He is beyond everything. subhanaw taala. So is he reckless? No, he is the all wise. So he's in Hatim. So every time that even disease comes is paired with an Hakeem just so that you don't you don't fear? You don't feel recklessness? No, no,

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he's very wise. It is paired with a Rahim.

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Because when you think of this, of these four attributes, you fear maybe, maybe he is cruel, but he is not diligent Allah who is extremely merciful.

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And then in other situations where he was talking subhanaw taala about his power, where he's talking about beating the enemy, he will pair ICS was a weak because what's the point of being unquestioned or being with high integrity unfathomable and and paralleled but you're weak? What's the point of that? It brings nothing. Strength has to be paired with that you have to be strong. Toby subhanho wa taala.

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if he's going to be all of that, and he is

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is he ignorant? How shall he is the All Knowing Subhana wa Tada. So he will use all this strength for the best of in the best way is

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when we look at the usages in the Quran, after every victory after every victory that is spoken of in the Quran, you'll find immediately the usage of the name it goes through. So

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Today for talking about the fight or the Battle of Berlin and Berlin and amongst choice at the end after Allah subhanaw taala goes through all everything that happened to us Chico has

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one major Allahu Allah, in Bucha Allah

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il Bucha Allah Koon when he tells me my inner Kulu goombay The issues of the melodica and the rain and people falling asleep for 15 minutes before so they stronger and changing the places so that these people have mud on their boots and the other ones don't all of that is just bull* is just good news. It doesn't change anything.

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When he dealt with my inner political convenience or your hearts find ease, woman no suitable victory is exclusively men and Allah, Allah ZZ lucky, it comes from and Allah subhanaw taala analyzes your unbeatable jelajah invincible when he speaks of Monaco 135 As you go through the two pages and a half at the beginning, at the end of it he comes to the last year before he moves on to something new subhanaw taala in the Surah wallet dilla who lives in a Kaffir will be oily him Lemina to Hydra and he sent back those who came to Medina trying to destroy the place be Leila him in their anger.

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And in their failure let me another new hire they found no good when they did this work if Allah who made enough data and Allah subhanaw taala he saved the Muslims from having to fight what kind of Allah who poleon ICs and Allah subhanaw taala is the most powerful and he has an ICS and as he is the one of the names that you cannot, you cannot translate with one English word. Unlike yesterday's name and Fatah is easier. It is you cannot do it. There is no translation. It has four meanings within it. They have to be clear in the mind as you go through the ledger. With the prophets Allah Allah made it against all odds he made it some of the Hadees and I'm from Mecca to Medina

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and Illa don't sue who? Salah hula hula de Anika Rosa Aeneas name is pneumophila if you're curious la Hibiki la Jackson in Aloha Marina for NS et Allah was Akina to him are they he was a Yoda who was using them to Roja wotja Allah Kelly Matilda de Anika follow Sophia were Kadima to Allah He had earlier wala who I season Hakeem Allah subhanaw taala I season hacking for talking about the use of the tool that talks about the act of healing and how Allah subhanaw taala granted the Prophet sallallahu ala Nossal victory being able to actually to actually make it look at the beginning of sudoku Monica, we all memorize when you come to that question that no one knows how to answer a

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question that philosophers have been spending the last 10,000 years wondering about why are we alive? What are we here for? Why are we so different than every other creature around us? Why can we stand up and look at the stars and wonder and think about thoughts and wonder about wondering why can we do that? Why are we Why do we have better cognition and no one else does. I love the hierarchical motor we'll hire Leah beluga calm or you can Massimo ama he created death and life so that he will put you to a test to see who will form the best where Hua Allah Azizullah for because you don't know why. You can never understand why don't attempt is not going to work. You can never

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understand why he did it. subhanaw taala Why did you do it? He has an ICS that's why he did it. He's an ICS every single Surah that starts with Saba Are you sub Biru Subhan Allah He might be some Allah Subhanallah he might be some other word to you. Well, you said de la Hema is similar to your muffin. Oh, everything in the in the heavens, in the skies and on Earth is continuously exalting Allah subhanho wa taala. At the end of the day, you find what Allah Aziz, Hakeem and Aziz, because when He is exalted subhanaw taala How are you exalted yellow by things that we don't see? How are you? How is it done? Elias is don't ask, you can't ask. He's unquestioned and he is unfathomable. subhanho wa

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taala. And I'll give you an example I personally enjoy Allah.

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When you look at are you Sally said we recited them yesterday, the sutra man eat and when he's talking, when he's being questioned by Allah subhanaw taala did you tell people to worship me Raisa? Did you say that? Sorry. He says no. He said I understand there that day and defend something he told people not to do that was attributed to him doing imagine that level of repression, you're oppressed to the point where you're being accused of doing something that you specifically told people not to do? And you have to answer for it. So he's answering for it. So Ali has Salatu Salam is telling Allah subhanaw taala ma il M L Martin EBV and Abdullah and at the end of it he says into

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as they were home for in the home Eva do you punish them they are Your servants. So in total fear level and if you forgive them, now you think who's gonna come next? Finn Nica and right before Raheen so you think is gonna come next but no, for in that can tell Aziz Hakeem. And the question is why? I came here there's no it doesn't matter if you forgive them. You see if he forgave them, he is forgiving those who did not believe in Him subhanho wa Taala

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Correct. He if you're going to forgive them, He's forgiving those who committed shirk and committing Cherokees. Something is under for bigger, unforgivable, but if he does forgive it, well, he can

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Do it. Who will? Who are you, me? You and I to question him and say you're a boy you forgive them who said you wouldn't? That's none of our business. He al Aziz Subhana wa Tada. You can forgive whoever he wants whenever he wants to imaginary. That's why it's easy again, because we don't get to question that. That's not up to us. When Ibrahim Ali said, I'm asked to Rob I want to see how do you bring things back to life so he tells them what to do.

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When they get to Nicaragua, and then call them they'll come to you Well, I love them and they know and Allah Aziz and Hakeem and know that you'll never know how you'll never know exactly what happens to him. You cannot break down this molecularly and scientifically to understand how I resurrect something dead and bring it to life you don't you can't do that up his disease Subhanallah that is beyond that one point. He's when he's beyond that one point.

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Is there is a subpoena which I understand that there is no answer without him. You will not find is without Allah subhanaw taala if you look for it elsewhere, you're gonna be you will fail he says subhanaw taala mankind What do you do?

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For in the visitor Lila he for the law he is to Jamia He who is looking for is he is looking for integrity, for strength for power for pride that know that Allah subhanaw taala has all of us that's all his Yeah, you already know hermano logic if you will caffeine earlier. I mean, do you mean Oh those who believe don't go to the enemy ask you them to be your allies out of fear. Are you ever to homeowner and the homeowner is are you looking for is with them for in another is utterly Allah He Jamia is all for Allah subhanho wa taala? Why are you looking over there when it's within subhanaw taala? Why would you do that?

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You may say well, I know a lot of people who don't believe in this, and they have this right? Not really, anyone who searches for is outside the zone of ALLAH SubhanA which it doesn't really have it. You just can't see it. You just don't see where his humiliation falls. It's in the Quran as well. So this is in the Quran. There's a man in the Quran called Al Aziz. He is called Al Aziz, the guy in Egypt, and he was the minister of Yanni of commerce or he was one of the leaders of Egypt. And he was called at ICC. He was literally called the name he is the one of integrity and pride. But when his wife tells him that he cheats, you tried to cheat on him.

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Like it was so funny to them, but you just don't don't use the card on how they don't speak of that it gets to whatever the saloon PBT he is, he is humiliated in his own home, in his own home he has no he has no pride. He has no integrity in his own relationship with his with his wife. What could he possibly have outside? So don't be don't be fooled. Don't be fooled by appearances looking for is outside the will of Allah and the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala is impossible. How do you live with this name? So I don't think

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living with Finnick number one, live with ESA

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Mithuna. Besides HRC isn't Omoto integrity, live with integrity or die with honor? live with integrity? NACA couldn't have done more. Don't say I'm just I'm just a soldier. I'm just the the servant of some. I'm just a servant to follow his commands. You are not doing more you are Abdulaziz. You are the servant of a disease soprano die. So when you walk, walk with your head held high. When you ask for something, ask for it with your head held high. Yeah, who knows that Allah Allah said I'm gonna Hadith narrated by by you have the center that has an Mantova liaison Ian livina, who for the herba su 30. And he he, he who who will humiliate himself in front of a rich

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person just because they're rich, hoping for money has given away two thirds of his religion just by doing that. When you ask for something you asked with integrity, you show integrity because you are the servants of Aziz subhanho wa Taala you serve him and if he is an ICS then you should show some of that in your in your in our own conduct and behavior. That's the first thing live with integrity. Do not be afraid we're afraid of what's of death. What is there to be afraid of?

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Poverty, afraid of disease. It is all within his destiny Subhan Allah which I live with his is the number to show him the oleation just show it to him if he isn't it Subhana wa taala. Then when we asked him, How are we supposed to ask him one of the sleight of hand us to make Allahumma in the Iluka the exotica Weatherly go Hinako factory robotica wala Fie, I asked you with your ESA and my humiliation you might humility. How did the Prophet saw myself make dua Allah saw to Islam

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when he when he made dua, you would after he made will do he will sit towards the tibial plateau you talk to yourself and put his head down like this person may have argued that he

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had done our biology Bill taking sometimes you could see any parts of his armpits because

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you have the key to the cow to do more of them in the head. He follows us and you can see the tears dropping from his beard on here so to

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speak into the ice subhanaw taala live your life with integrity when you speak to him don't you're speaking to the ICS himself.

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So bring yourself down number three, grant those around you as

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a mental Landerholm Walkman or who have audio there's a hadith of the prophets, I said a mandala and the whole movement. Allah Allah three. Allahu Allah, Allah Allah yo Millepied he who witnesses a movement being humiliated does not stand by him does not grant committees that at the moment that he could will be humiliated in front of all creations on normal piano grant others is as well. Make sure you don't allow people to humiliate themselves in their life. If you see someone from killing themselves, remind them that you know, you know and to Abdulaziz you are the servant of the disease. Hold your head up and walk with your head risen and chin up and feel the fact that you are you are

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the servant of Isaiah Subhana which i There's no reason for you to humiliate yourself to anyone but to him subhanho wa Taala and that is the name of Allah subhanaw taala and Aziz, I hope that was helpful. Subhanallah we

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will go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam O Allah galaxy, you know, have you been one early US