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AI: Summary © The Spanish flu is a devastating event that has caused a shock in people's minds. The speakers discuss various events, including the earthquake in Turkey and Cambodia, the floods in Cambodia, and the protests in Afghanistan. They also mention the use of different language and language references. The discussion touches on Islam's subesterday policy and the importance of finding only the organizations that work on the ground to help those affected by the virus. Finally, the community emphasizes the need for a donation to support the Muslim community in Turkey and Saudi Arabia and other countries where the virus has killed millions.
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People are asking about

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that as for Morocco Libya we'll do it after the masala Shah

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Long Long Haul

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oh oh

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How are ya

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come on

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Hina Amador water star you know who want to study he wants to school one or two boiler he wants to start Pharaoh wash headwall ilaha illallah wa The whole luxury killer la whole MOLKO hola hola hamdu you're here or you meet who are who are Laquisha in perdere wash. I don't wanna say you don't our Habiba Mohammed Abdullah who are sullo wasafi you whom in Hawaii, Lilo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. A bad Allah will see Kumasi betta Allah in Allah subhanho wa Taala all of metabolizes what Taku fitna tele to see Bonilla the novela Moming como hacer y Allah and Allah Harsha de dulay Cobb,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying what will

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be careful of be mindful of protect yourself from

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fitna and fitna is not we always think fitna is you and I fighting with each other and all that stuff. fitna is any calamity any type of test that tells us about who we are when it comes to our deen our iman our hearts. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Be careful, be mindful.

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That calamities tests tragedies will hits

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and it will not only hit those that ones that are bad. It will hit everyone.

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When it happens when bad things happen.

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When our society fails in so many ways,

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that punishment will come and will hit everyone.

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Rob Muhammad sallahu wa sallam

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telling about in when it gets closer to the day of judgment that an army will try to invade Mecca, and Allah subhanho wa Taala will make the earth swallow all of them and say that the harshest ask what if someone who had different hearts of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said they will always perish but everyone will be resurrected based on their Nia.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala in the Quran says blah Harold facade who feel bergerie Will Buhari be Baca Saba to aid in us

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and facade and facade is all the different bad things that nature of things all those calamities try these things and we notice these vast few months from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria to the earthquake in

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Morocco to the floods in Libya and all those different things that happen. Allah subhanaw taala says be maca Sabbath ad nice. There are all those things happen because of what people are doing.

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The Allah subhanaw taala says why Ludovica home Baba Olivia me Lulu Allah homeotic your own so that they will test taste sorry that they will test some of the things that the bad things that they have done so that they may go a repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so Allah subhanho wa Taala sends different things

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as reminders for all of us to get back to his deen

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and Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps reminding us and if we and if we don't pay attention

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just like Allah subhanaw taala never I says well, Ursula Isla uma min min public, for a hug now bill by Sir Roy Allah Allah home yet Oberon

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Allah Sahara hey we have sent

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to the nations before you all those bad things that happened to them so that they come back and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Allah for forgiveness, but they did not do that. And when fanola and Jah homebuy sunnah talara when things happen to them they didn't ask Allah

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well I can cuss at them their hearts became Harden was a yen Allah homie che thought oh my academy I'm gonna share upon mix whatever they did look good.

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Yeah, no, we can always find different explanation to what happens to us so that we don't associate it with the need to repent to Allah. Allah Allah subhanaw taala says fella man Asuma to cure obey. For Tana Allah you him above a cliche, but when they totally forgot about Allah, Allah gave them everything in this dunya then Allah took them suddenly.

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So some people will say,

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if these are reminders, why is it happening

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to Muslim countries? Right? What happened in Turkey and Syria is two Muslim countries.

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What happened in Morocco to Muslim country? What's happening in Libya to a Muslim country?

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Why is that happening there?

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And not everywhere else.

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But there are multiple answers to that. One, actually, it's happening everywhere else. But we as Muslims, probably we don't pay as much attention or we don't associate this past month, Maui.

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The whole island got burned. Right? How many tornadoes that that even hit this, this country? How many tornadoes two weeks ago my own daughter and Tabitha had to flee, to go somewhere else because the whole thing got flooded.

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everywhere and you see it you hear about calamities California, Europe this past year, so many fires.

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So yes, it actually happens everywhere.

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And Allah subhanaw taala sends a warning to ever he said don't they see that something bad is happening in their own countries or close to them? Everyone needs to be paying to Allah subhanaw taala saying

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They see that these things are happening.

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And they're happening more frequently nowadays.

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And some say it's really the sign of the Day of Judgment. Even those that don't believe in Allah the judgment. Geologist said these are signs that the earth is coming to an end this whole year. There are more

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earthquakes in the past year or so that has happened in a long time.

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And earthquakes alone this between Turkey, Syria and Morocco, go and all that more than 50 60,000 people have just perished.

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Huge numbers, and Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us time and time again. But it doesn't

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seem to register to a lot of people, especially non Muslims.

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of the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam

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warned us once

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he said later more honorable maruf will attend her will now anil munkar

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I will oh she can Allah I use Hello Ava alikoum a burden

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to murder owner who follows the job.

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Promo Homosassa saying you better that will be my outro for the hanker, tell each other do good and abstain from bad if we stop doing that, if we keep telling each other you know, Nevermind. Nevermind. Don't worry about him. Whatever yourself. Whatever yourself. Don't don't spend that energy. Don't do Dawa. Don't do this. Don't do that while asking for all this headache.

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Right? We all know the story in the Quran about the island

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of many shrine where, you know, because on Saturday, they don't fish. The fish come on Saturday. And it doesn't come on the other day. So what did they do? They come up with a fatwa. We are all good at Fat Boys. By the way, we always find a loophole.

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So they found a genius as far as they're thinking, a genius fatwa. Okay, we're not allowed to fish on Saturday. Let's throw the fish on Friday. And the fish will come the the nuts will catch them. And we take them out on Sunday. So what about fishing on Saturday? Right? It's the fatwa. So when it comes to use your rebar when it comes to doing this, and that everybody gives you a fatwa. There are a million factoids. And here they gave themselves a fatwa.

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And they got divided into three groups. The group that did it,

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group that said, Don't do it. And the group said, Don't bother. We're not do it. But why tell them?

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Just be let them be that Allah subhanaw taala when Allah subhanaw taala said the punishment and turn them into monkeys and pigs and all that, Allah subhanaw taala only so save those that used to say, Don't the to group the ones that did, and the group that was silent, they were all punished.

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We have responsibilities.

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Then a prophet Mohammed Salah salem said, even the best of you when these things happen, make dua and Allah will not answer.

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Actually, to be you know, before this whole thing happened, my plan for this hotbar was actually to talk about da but since I'm not gonna get to it, I'll ask each one of us to think this way.

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Da is asking Allah something right.

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Think back to yourself.

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A time when you were sick or somebody in your family is sick, where you needed money where you're desperate for something?

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How did you make that door? How was your heart? How did you come to Allah subhanaw taala How did you say your up? How's your heart when you did that?

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Right. Now let's take that example and apply it to our dua in general.

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How much of our dua with that type of passion with that type of fear Allah yeah Rob.

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That is about duniya vise about Asherah.

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When we make a since I mean, we make dua because we memorize it from the Quran or from the Sunnah we say it we say it we say but I

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I'm talking about whether your fit with your heart is 100% in it.

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How much of it is dunya?

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Actually, I want to challenge you some more.

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How much of you this passionate dua is not about you or anybody else that you know, but about the Muslim ummah. In general, I must say this Masjid the community or not somebody in particular, Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa salam used to cry making sujood say in the Arab Almighty Almighty, He used to cry worrying about the whole OMA, all of us till the Day of Judgment.

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When was the last time and I'm asking myself and everyone here that we got up in the middle of the night and made dua and we say, Oh Allah make this Masjid successful or that obey Allah forgive the obey Allah bring the Almighty God or Allah subhanaw taala do this for the community wouldn't or for this individual that needed something? When did we put our heart in a DUA? That was not about us?

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Now I'm not complaining in general because this Muslim community and I actually wanted to say it once.

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Before, I'm very proud and honored to be part of the Muslim community in Atlanta in general.

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Because you all have always hamdulillah come together, when there was a need. Even the family, the poor family, the tragedy, where they had the car accident and lost a daughter and all that. The people that commented the people that visited the people that help from this community from Mr. Jaffer, from everywhere that I was seeing all those WhatsApp messages and all those people made me feel so honored to be among the Muslim community here.

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We raised so much funds when the earthquake hit Turkey and Syria.

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And today, we're going to ask you after this Juma salah,

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would I get a stand and say donate this donate that no.

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You will have the boxes you have the Moorhead you have all that stuff that that's outside that you can that you can donate, we want to raise funds for both

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Turkey and Saudi for both Morocco and Libya.

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And we want to help those people and give.

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And actually this is another point that I forgot to mention why some of the stuff happened more and even worse to Muslim countries.

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If you take Libya, for instance.

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And this is according to what we heard in Al Jazeera and other places and all that

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they were warned five years ago, about the two dams. That was that failed. They told them those dams needed maintenance.

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They didn't do anything about them. Just a month or so ago. They told them that the floods are coming release some of the water from the dam. They didn't do that.

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In our countries, unfortunately, we are saddled with the worst type of governments that they don't want to do anything.

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They're busy filling their pockets with money, that even when we give money, try to give money to those countries, they steal it. That's why we have to find only the organizations that work on the ground that we trust, because those people don't really care.

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And you say why is that?

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And to be honest with you, the West talks about democracy, but they only want democracy here. They don't want democracy in the Middle East.

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Egypt, one year of democracy they throw overthrew the government. LG. They, they elected the Muslim government, they overthrow it. They don't want democracy for us.

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You get a nice good person in charge. They're gonna put him in general Killam

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it doesn't work for us as democracy the way they describe it. It only works in certain places.

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So we have to work even harder to help those people by finding only boots on the ground.

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And today, in sha Allah after Jamal salah, we're gonna do solid hype

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And absent tears for those words, how many 1000s of people are still under the rubbles

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both in Morocco and Libya and 1000s of people in Libya got swept into the sea by the floods

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there was no coffin they nobody buried them in a grave. Nobody prayed for them unless we all pray salata live on them, these these bodies are not even found.

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So we as a Muslim Ummah come together Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when in Nigeria she died and hamartia he prayed for him. So right after Jamal Salah it's gonna take only two minutes for that to be arrived at so please stay behind right after your Salah. So we do it we already had our Salah Liberty welcome Farah was suffering. We are done please move forward so that we fill the gaps is compliant

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah wash Illa Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, about Allah to Allah Allah Allah Allah Nabhi yeah you hola Dena Amen also lo Allah He was a limo to sliema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik y Nam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala at Beisa you know Mohammed who are allowed to be at home via Sunny Leone with Dean Allah who wants to really slam on Muslim in Allah hamara Leah Maulana kilometer Hector Deen Allah Humann Ara Debbie now we did in our fire and fellowship holy coolfire Amen Ara Debbie now we in Swan for who are the ICS in Moqtada Allah Who Allahumma Inanna the Oakley one in El Missouri Wafi Libya, Allahu Marham whom Ramadan Shami Ratan

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was shot and Yara balar Lamine Allahumma and condominium, Jennifer and woman Karna Minh home Maria Bonefish Shafi Allahu momento feta whom in whom for whom Huya or hamara Amin, Allah homophile Hama, well Rama will hazard Jaya or hamara Amin Allahu Maya How are you here? Are you Euro American history Yahaya you Euro American history? Yeah, how you consume your medical history. A battle light to Allah in the La Jolla Moto bulahdelah So anyway, Ty either CORBA went hard in fashion. You will monkey well belly Yaga Kamala come to the Coronavirus

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